Staff and Acknowledgments

Jacob Lauinger (PhD, University of Chicago) is Associate Professor of Assyriology in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of Following the Man of Yamhad: Settlement and Territory at Old Babylonian Alalah (Brill, 2015) as well as scholarly articles on a variety of Assyriological topics. He can be reached at jlauing1 at

Tyler R. Yoder (PhD, The Ohio State University) is Instructor of Humanities in the Department of Humanities at Culver Academies. He is the author of Fishers of Fish and Fishers of Men: Fishing Imagery in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East (Eisenbrauns, 2016) and scholarly articles that cover topics ranging from the Amarna Letters to the Hebrew Bible. He can be reached at tyler.yoder at

Special thanks to:

John Huehnergard for archival materials.

Shlomo Izre'el for the electronic transliterations that became the basis of our editions.

Jana Mynářová for bibliographic help.

Eleanor Robson for getting us started.

Steve Tinney for much-needed savoir faire.

Juan Pablo Vita for sharing numerous photographs of tablets.

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