Using the Corpus

You can explore the texts individually or grouped by the sender's place of origin by clicking on the "Browse the corpus" link. This link takes you to the project's main catalog. Here you can either search for an individual letter in the search bar at the top of the page by entering the siglum EA followed by the three-digit text number (e.g., "EA 071" searches for EA 71). Or you can use the sidebar to navigate the texts by the sender's place of origin. At present, these locations derive, with occasional adjustments, from the "historical corpus" of cities as determined by Juan-Pablo Vita in his 2015 publication Canaanite Scribes in the Amarna Letters. For instance, our aim is to group letters with rulers under the primary location with which that ruler is associated. Consequently, EA 136-138, sent by Rib-Addi, ruler of Byblos, while he was in exile in Beirut, appear in the sidebar under "Byblos" and not "Beirut." For discussion of the historical and linguistic geography, see Vita's Canaanite Scribes, mentioned above, and the literature cited there.

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