• LAOS 4, 04




  • Old Babylonian
  • unclear provenience
  • Literary
  • Love literature
  • Monologue of a man


A. R. George, CUSAS 10 10

LAOS 4, 04 [Love literature]

o 1o 1

[e-ze]-⸢e⸣-er la mu⸣-se₂-⸢ep⸣-[pi-tam]

(1) I scorn the girl who does not adore (me),

o 22

u₂-ul a-ḫa--ši-iḫ la mu-ka-⸢zi⸣-ib-tam

(2) I have no desire for the girl who does not play up to (me),

o 33

u₂-ul a-na-ad-di--ši-im i-ri-mi

(3) I shall not give her (my) allures!

o 44

a-ša-aq-qu₂ el-ša

(4) I shall stand over her!

o 55

da-ba-bu-um a-na la ma-ga-⸢ri-im

(5) Talking in order to disagree - why does it exist?

o 66

mi-nam i-ba--⸢ši?

o 77

a-šar li-ib-bi ek-le-[tim a-na]-⸢an⸣-di-in ra-mi

(7) Shall I give my love where the heart of darkness is?

o 88

u₂-ul u₂-sa₃-an-na-qa₂-⸢⸣-[šu/ni ma-am]-ma-an

(8) No one can control [me/it]!

o 99

ḫu-uṣ-bi ez-bi ta--⸢ta⸣-[ak-ni?] qu₂⸣-li

(9) Break off, leave! You ma[ke me speech]less,

o 1010

la ma-gal da-[ba-bu-um]

(10) (there is) not much to talk (about)!

o 1111

qa₂-be₂-e qa₂-bu-um-⸢ma [x-x-x-x]

(11) What I said is said and [...]

o 1212

u₂-ul e-⸢ni⸣-[a-ak-ki]-⸢im

(12) I will not ch[ange it for y]ou!

o 1313

ša a-na si₂-in-ni--⸢tim [ip-pa-ra-qa₂-du]

(13) The one who [lies down] for a woman,

o 1414

sa₃-ma-an du-ri-im [šu-u₂]

(14) is (nothing but) a weevil of the wall!

o 1515

šum-ma la it-[ku-ud]

(15) If he does not th[rive],

o 1616

u₂-ul a-wi-lum mi⸣-[ḫi-ir-šu]

(16) he is no match for a man.

o 1717

ma-⸢ra?-at pu-ḫi wa-⸢al⸣-[da-ti]

(17) You(f.) were born the daughter of a substitute,

o 1818

i-na [la] ši-ri-[ik-tim]

(18) with no dowry!

o 1919

ti-ši-i li-⸢pi⸣-it-tam [i-na] pu?-tim

(19) You have a mole on (your) forehead!

o 2020

a-di tu⸣-qal-la-⸢li ta-[ab]-⸢ta?⸣--ši

(20) As long as you show no respect, pu[tting yourself] to shame,

o 2121

lu-uq-bi-ki-im ša -⸢ri⸣-[ki]

(21) I shall tell you where your (right) place is!

o 2222

u₂-ul te-še₂₀-em-me-en-ni at-⸢ti

(22) You do not listen to me, you.

o 2323

wa-ar-ku li-ib-bi-i-ki

(23) (By) following your heart, mounting the clouds,

o 2424

u₂-⸢pe-e ra-ak-ba-ti-i-ma

o 2525

ru-u₂-ʾa₄-am tu-uk-ta-na--ša-di

(25) You keep chasing lovers away!

o 2626

et?⸣-qe₂-et a-li bu-ur si₂-ḫi-i-ki

(26) This goes over (the limit)! Where is the source of your rebellion?

o 2727

uṣ-ṣi-i-ṣi pa-ni-a-tim

(27) Ask the previous women!

o 2828

ki-ma A.ŠA₃el id-ra-ni-im

(28) (You are) like a field of salt,

o 2929

[a]-ḫa-ad-du-u₂ ka-la-a-ma

(29) (can I) be happy with all (this)?

o 3030

aḫ!⸣-du-u₂ in-ba-am

(30) I was happy with the fruit,

o 3131

[a]-⸢ḫa-du-u₂ ka-la-[a-ma]

(31) (can I) be happy with all (this)?

r 32r 32

u₃? [...]

(32) and [...]

r 3333

pi-a-⸢am [...]

(33) mouth [...]

r 3434

ra-i-mu-⸢um [...]

(34) The loved one [...]

r 3535

la ta!(ŠA)-ta-⸢ak⸣-[ka-ni x-x]-x-nu-um

(35) You should not put [...]

r 3636

a-na pa-ti-i-⸢ki ma-ma-an [u₂]-ul i-ṭe₄-eḫ-<ḫe>-ši

(36) To your canal no one will come near it!

r 3737

be-⸢la?⸣-ki e-ep-ši-e-et-ki

(37) Your lord, your task

r 3838

i-na ṭa⸣-ab-tim la ta-ša-ak-ka-ni-<ni?>

(38) do not place (them) in the salt!

r 3939

A.ŠA₃-ki! ḫu-uk-ku-um

(39) your field is all too well known!

r 4040

ša la tu-ub!-lim i-na sa₃-as-su₂-ri-i-ki

(40) The (fact) that you did not bring for me (good) news from your womb, as a baby of men should I swallow (that) potsherd?

r 4141

ki-ma še₂₀-er ni-ši ṭe₄-e-ma-am

r 4242

a-na-ku -ḫi-il-ṣa-am a-la-a-at

r 4343

ka-al-ba-tam u₂--ša-ar

(43) I will release the bitch!

r 4444

la-i-im ab-nim a-na wa-ša-ri-i-ki

(44) One who bolts down a stone in order to release you

r 4545

ma-ti qa₂-ba-a-⸢šu li--ku-un

(45) when would he have his word?

r 4646

šu-ur-ru-um-ma at-ti i-nu-ma iq-ri-ba-⸢ak⸣-[ki-im]

(46) Verily, you, when (somebody) came near [you],

r 4747

ki-ma dbi-li-li ta-⸢du⸣-um-mi

(47) you were convulsing like the goddess Belili,

r 4848

ta-su-ur₂-ri ša⸣-at-tu-u₂-ri

(48) you were dancing at dawn (instead of) sleeping.

r 4949

a-na ṣa-la-li-im

r 5050

te-em-mi-di ni-zi-iq-tam ra-ma-⸢an⸣-[ki]

(50) You are imposing grief on yourself!

Edition and translation by Nathan Wasserman for the SEAL project. Prepared for ORACC by Yigal Bloch