• LAOS 4, 15


  • CDLI P305850
  • YBC 04643
  • LAOS 4, 15
  • J. van Dijk, A. Goetze and M. I. Hussey, YOS 11 24



  • Old Babylonian
  • Larsa
  • Literary
  • Love literature
  • Different voices (woman, man and chorus)


J. van Dijk, A. Goetze and M. I. Hussey, YOS 11 24

LAOS 4, 15 [Love literature]

Column i
o i 1o i 1

[a-na -še₂₀]-⸢tim ša-tim a-ri-a-tum it-ba-la ḫi-ib-ši

(o i 1) (Chorus:) [For the n]ew year, the pregnant (women) carried the ...

o i 22

[e-re]-⸢ma⸣-am zi-ib-ba-su₂ il-te-qe₂ mu-di-tum

(o i 2) The love-charm the expert (goddess) took its tail.

o i 33

[dUTU ši]-it-mu-rum ḫi-ta-pu-ut e-li-ia

(o i 3) (She:) The vigor[ous sun] keeps overcoming me.

o i 44

[ši-mi] me-ḫi-ir! ṣi₂-ḫa-ti-ia i-na su₂-pi-im i-li-a-ni-ma

(o i 4) [Hear] the resound of my laughs of delight! They rise to you in supplication.

o i 55

ta-ma!?-ṣi₂ ra-mi la ta-qi₄-ip-pi₂-šu

(o i 5) (She:) Are you able, my love? (Chorus:) - do not trust(f.) him!

o i 66

da-an-ni- ta-ma-ḫi la ta-ta-ka-li-šum at-ti

(o i 6) (She:) You are so ecstatic! - (Chorus:) do not put(f.) your confidence in him! (He:) Would you only be my one and only! (She:) You have heard, Oh my beloved(m.), you have listened to me.

o i 77

lu-ma-an -ti-ti te-eš₁₅-me-ma ra-i-mi ta-qu₂-lam

o i 88

te-el-qe₂ un-ne!-ni-ia li-ib-<ba>-ka li-ip-pa--ra-am

(o i 8) (She:) You have accepted my prayer, may your(m.) heart be satisfied.

o i 99

i-na pu-uḫ₂-ri-im <ša> a-li u₃ ni-⸢ši ba--tim

(o i 9) In the assembly (of) the city, and among the people of consequence you(m.) have mentioned my good name and honored me, my lord.

o i 1010

šu-mi dam-qa₂-am ta-az-kur-ma

o i 1111

qa₂-qa₂-di tu-ka-ab-bi-⸢it be-li₂

o i 1212

ki ma-ṣi₂-ma-an tu-ša-[qi₂-(a)]-an-ni

(o i 12) How much more could you have exalted me?

o i 1313

i-na i-in ta-ap-pa-ti-[ia e-li] ša pa-na; e-⸢qi₃-ir da-an⸣-ni-

(o i 13) I have gained so much value in my girlfriends’ eye!

o i 1414

an-na ni-sa-nu-um ša ni-nu <<nu>> ni-ik-ta-na-ra-bu-šum

(o i 14) (Chorus:) Indeed, it is (in) the month of Nisan that we regularly give blessings to him, praising his appearance (since) ancient times in order to see him:

o i 1515

a-na a-ma-ri-šu ni-za-me-ru -tu ul-lam

o i 1616

u₂-mi ma-du-tim a-na da-ar ba-la-<<ṭu₃>>-ṭam

(o i 16) ‘Numerous days, life for ever (it = the month of Nisan) carries joy of heart to Rīm-Sîn, our sun!’

o i 1717

na-ši me-le-eṣ li-ib-bi-im a-na dri-im-dEN.ZU dUTUši-ni

o i 1818

a-na ša-tim -še₂₀-tim ka-ra-nam

(o i 18) (Chorus:) For the New Year, he poured wine for her, (with his) right (hand) which oozes.

o i 1919

i-qi₂-a-ši-im-ma ša ta-ṣa-ru-ra im-ni

o i 2020

al-kam lu-un-ne-ed-ra-am ki-ma li-ib-bi; iq-bi-a-am i ni-pu-

(o i 20) (She:) Come to me! I want to be embraced as my heart told me. Let us practice the work of lovers all the night, let us not sleep!

o i 2121

ši-ip-ra-am ša mu-ur-ta-mi ka-al mu-ši-im; e ni-iṣ-la-al

o i 2222

lu-uḫ-ta-al-ṣa ṣu₂-ḫi- i-na ma-a-a-li-im; ki-la-al-la-ni

(o i 22) Let the two of us clinch(?) passionately together in bed!

o i 2323

i-ta-ab-la-al e-li in-bi u₃ da-di; ba-la-ṭam et-pi-ir

(o i 23) Be mingled over fruits and desires! Provide (me?) with vitality!

o i 2424

i-na ṣe-ri-ia ṣu₂-ru-up la-la-ka

(o i 24) Burn your craving upon me!

o i 2525

ta-bi-ik-kum ra-mi ta-ap-ḫa-ra-am; li-qi₂ ma-la ḫa--ḫa-ti

(o i 25) My love is poured on you(m.) entirely. Take(m.!) as much as you desire!

o i 2626

ia-tam u₃ ša ra-<<i>>-mi-ia ku--di-im

(o i 26) (He:) Reach ‘mine’ and ‘that of my love’!

o i 2727

ša-li šar-ra-tum dna-na-a

(o i 27) (Chorus:) Rejoice, O queen Nanāya!

o i 2828

u₂-ta-ak-<<al>>-ki-la-an-ni u₂-ul i-li-kam

(o i 28) (She:) He has encouraged me (but) did not come

o i 2929


(o i 29) to his awakening.

o i 3030

[ra-i]-mi-i! at-ta ra-ma-a ka-ši ni-a-tu

(o i 30) ... ours.

o i 3131

[x-x-x-x da-di]-i-ka u₃ i-in-bi-i-ka

(o i 31) [...] your [des]ires and your fruits.

o i 3232

[ba-la-ṭam te]-e-pi-ra-ni šu-la-a-[ku? x-(x)]

(o i 32) [Pro]vide me [with vitality], [I am(?)] happy.

o i 3333


(o i 33) ...

Column ii
o ii 1o ii 1


(o ii 1) (She:) If I could only pray to him, to my master!

o ii 22

a-na be-li-ia

o ii 33


(o ii 3) (erasure over the whole line)

o ii 44

da-an-ni- kam-šat u₃ qu₂-ud-di-x-x; <<li>> i-ša-ak-ka-na-an-ni a-ḫi-tam

(o ii 4) (He?:) She kneels and prostrates (?) a lot. She will put me aside.

o ii 55

at-ta at-tu-li-im ma-aḫ-ri-am; ta-ṣa-al-ma

(o ii 5) (She:) You fought against an opponent for ...

o ii 66

tu-ša iṣ-ṣe₂-ri-ia su₂-up-pa-am te-li-ia

(o ii 6) assuming (wrongly) that you could pray in my presence.

o ii 77

ma wa!--ra ša-ap-ta-ša ub-lam ṭe₂-e-ma; <<u₃>>-<<li>> u₃ le-ʾu₅-tam šu-uk-lu-la-at

(o ii 7) (Chorus:) Indeed, her lips are relaxed; she carries (good) news. She is perfect in her competence!

o ii 88

zi-mi-i-ka iṭ-ṭu₃-ul

(o ii 8) She looked on your(m.) features.

o ii 99

ir-te-ed!(DA)du-kum la ta-ka--ši-ṭa-an-ni

(o ii 9) (She:) They(m.) have escorted (me) to you(m.). Do not cut me off!

o ii 1010


(o ii 10) ...

Edition and translation by Nathan Wasserman for the SEAL project. Prepared for ORACC by Yigal Bloch