ARRIM 1 (1983)

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Table of Contents []

'Director's Report' []

'Assistant Editors' Reports' []

1. DONBAZ, V., and G. FRAME, 'The Building Activities of Shalmaneser I in Northern Mesopotamia' [] (pp. 1-5)

2. FRAYNE, D., 'A New Sulgi Text in the Royal Ontario Museum' [] (pp. 6-9)

3. GRAYSON, A.K., 'A Fragmentary Inscription of Adad-narari I' [] (pp. 10-11)

4. GRAYSON, A.K., and J.N. POSTGATE, 'Two British Museum Fragments, Possibly of a Royal Decree' [] (pp. 12-14)

5. GRAYSON, A.K., 'Antiquities from Ashur: A Brief Description of Their Fate with Special Reference to the Royal Inscriptions' [] (pp. 15-18)

6. LEVINE, L.D., 'The Royal Inscriptions of Mesopotamia and the Computer' [] (pp. 19-20)

7. MELTZER, C.D., 'Clay Tablets in the Collection of the National Postal Museum, Ottawa' [] (pp. 21-22)

8. SWEET, R.F.G., 'Sumerian Tablets in the National Museum of Man, Ottawa' [] (pp. 23-26)

9. SWEET, R.F.G., 'Sumerian Tablets in the Walker Collection, Laurier House, Ottawa' [] (pp. 27-28)

List of Abbreviations []

Download a complete PDF of ARRIM 1 here [].

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