ARRIM 2 (1984)

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Table of Contents []

1. GALTER, H.D., 'Der Tempel des Gottes Zababa in Assur' [] (pp. 1-2)

2. FRAME, G., 'A New Wife for Šu-Sîn' [] (pp. 3-4)

3. FRAME, G., 'An Index of the Royal lnscriptions from Nineveh Copied by R. Campbell Thompson' [] (pp. 5-20)

4. WALKER, C.B.F., 'The Šamšī-Adad I Inscription from Nineveh' [] (p. 21)

5. HARRAK, A., 'Une Inscription Royale Assyrienne' [] (p. 22)

6. FRAYNE, D.R., 'Notes on a New Inscription of Šar-kali-šarrī' [] (pp. 23-27)

7. FRAYNE, D.[R.], and V. DONBAZ, 'Hammurapi and the Wall of the Cloister' [] (pp. 28-30)

8. STOL, M., 'Fragment of an Old Babylonian Royal lnscription' [] (p. 31)

List of Abbreviations []

Download a complete PDF of ARRIM 2 here [].

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