1880-07-19, 093


  • 1880-07-19, 093
  • British Museum Collection Online W_1880-0719-93
  • CDLI P335300
  • Acquisition: Excavated by H Rassam
  • Provenance: Nineveh > Kuyunjik > Southwest Palace >


  • tablet
  • 7.6 x 4.4cm


  • Archival - legal
  • Neo-Assyrian script
  • Neo-Assyrian

SAA 14 177. Remut-Nergal, Eunuch of the Manageress, Buys a Vacant Lot (ADD 0356) [via SAAO/SAA14]

o 1o 1

[NA₄.KIŠIB mre-mut-tiDINGIR]

(1) [Seal of Remutti-il], son of Hari-[..., owner of the] vacant [lot] being sol[d].

o 22

DUMU mḫa-rix+[x x EN kaq-qi-ri]

o 33

pu-ṣe-e SUM-[ni]

seal impression

(seal impression)

o 44

[kaq]-qi-ri pu-ṣe-e ina URU.na-ṣib-na

(4) A vacant [l]ot in Naṣibin[a]

o 55

ú-piš-ma mrém?-ut?dU.GUR

(5) Remut-Nergal, eunuch of the harem manageress, has contracted and bought [for] 8 minas of copper from Remut-ili.

o 66

.SAG šá .šá-kín-te

o 77


o 88

TA IGI mre-mutDINGIR il-

o 99

kas-pu ga-mur ta-din

(9) The money is paid completely. That vacant lot is purchased and acquired. Any revocation, lawsuit, or litigation is void.

o 1010

kaq-qir pu-ṣe-e šu-a-tum

o 1111

za-ar-pu la--ú

o 1212

tu-a-ru de-e-nu DUG₄.DUG₄ la-áš-šú

o 1313

ina ur-kiš ina imma-te-ma

(13) (Whoever) in the future, at any time, whether Remutti-il, or his sons, [o]r his brothers, or [his] nephews

o 1414

lu-u mrém-tiDINGIR lu-u DUMU-MEŠ-šú

o 1515

[lu]-u ŠEŠ-MEŠ-šú lu-u DUMU-MEŠŠEŠ-MEŠ-[šú]

b.e.b.e. blank

(Rest destroyed)

rbroken away

Adapted from Raija Mattila, Legal Transactions of the Royal Court of Nineveh, Part II: Assurbanipal Through Sin-šarru-iškun (State Archives of Assyria, 14), 2002. Lemmatised by Melanie Groß, 2010–2011, as part of the FWF-funded research project "Royal Institutional Households in First Millennium BC Mesopotamia" (S 10802-G18) directed by Heather D. Baker at the University of Vienna. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as http://oracc.org/saao/P335300/.