ATAE Downloads

This page contains links to download ATAE files. This is the public repository for ATAE and all of the data here is distributed under the CC0 or Public Domain license.

For the texts that are edited on the LMU-Munich-based State Archive of Assyria online (SAAo) [/saao/index.html] Project, further downloads are available on the SAAo Downloads [/saao/saaodownloads/index.html] page.


For further information on Oracc Open Data, click here [].

Click on the links below to download the most recent ATAE JSON exports.


TEI versions of the ATAE corpora can be downloaded from the downloads pages of each ATAE subproject. Click on the links below to access the ATAE downloads pages. The file name of each TEI ZIP file contains the date that the dataset was generated. For example, file was created on August 23rd, 2019.

C-ATF transliterations

For further information on Canonical ATF (C-ATF) format, click here [].

Click on the links below to download the most recent ATAE C-ATF transliterations.

Jamie Novotny

Jamie Novotny, 'ATAE Downloads', Archival Texts of the Assyrian Empire (ATAE), The ATAE Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2022 []

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