Burmarina 37 [judicial document]

o 1o 1

[de]-nu ša mKU₆-li-i-di

(1) Lawsuit which Kubaba-līdi, the cavalryman, led [against] Adda-rāmu, the (king's) confidant.

o 22


o 33

[TA* m]IM-ra-mu .qur-ZAG

o 44

[i]-⸢gur⸣-u-ni 01 MA.NA KUG.UD SAG

(4) He took and gave the capital sum of one mina of silver. He [...] the silver from Sēʾ-usnī. [...] He will give [... minas] of silver.

o 55

[i-ti]-ši it-ti-din

b.e. 6b.e. 6

[KUG.UD] TA* mse--us-ni

b.e. 77


b.e. 88

[...] 30 [...]

r 1r 1


r 22

ITI⸣.GU₄ UD-18-KÁM* lim-mu mban-ba-a

(r 2) Month Ayyāru (II), 18th day, eponym year of Banbâ (676 BC).

r 33

IGI mi-ka-ru *.šak-nu

(r 3) Witness Ikkāru, the governor.

r 44

[IGI mx]-⸢a⸣-a .3.U₅

(r 4) [Witness ...]āya, 'third man.'

r 55

[IGI mx-x-x] .mu-kil-KUŠ.PA.MEŠ

(r 5) [Witness ...], chariot driver.

r 66

[IGI mx-x-d]15 .šá-IGI-de-na-ni

(r 6) [Witness ...]-Issār, supervisor of lawsuits.

t.e. 7t.e. 7

[IGI mšum]-mu-PAB.MEŠ

(t.e. 7) [Witness Šum]ma-aḫḫē.

t.e. 88

[IGI mab?]-⸢da⸣-a IGI mu-ba-te

(t.e. 8) [Witness Ab]. Witness Ubāte.

l.e.l.e. Aramaic label in ink

Adapted from Frederick Mario Fales, Karen Radner, Cinzua Pappi, Ezio Attardo, The Assyrian and Aramaic Texts from Tell Shiukh Fawqani, in Frederick Mario Fales and Luc Bachelot (eds.), Tell Shiukh Fawqani 1994–1998 (History of Ancient Near East Monographs 6/2), 2005, by Poppy Tushingham and Jamie Novotny (2018–2021) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The text was lemmatized by Jamie Novotny. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as http://oracc.org/atae/P522650/.