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BATSH 6 199

  • X660209
  • Collection no.: DeZ 21059/02
  • Excavation no.: SH 98/6747 II 246
  • Primary publication(s): BATSH 6 199


  • Provenience: Tell Shekh Hamad (Dur-Katlimmu) (Pleiades ID: 893991)
  • Archive: 003 - Red House

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian (Neo-Assyrian)
  • Genre: Legal Transaction
  • Subgenre: judicial document


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian

BATSH 6 199

obroken away
r 1'r 1'

( faint traces )

r 2'2'

[i]-⸢din⸣-u-nu [x x x]

r 3'3'

[IGI] msa-[kip?-]-šur

r 4'4'

IGI mman-nu-ki-arba-⸢ìl

r 5'5'

IGI mku-[x x]

Based on Karen Radner, Die neuassyrischen Texte aus Tall Šēḫ Ḥamad (Berichte der Ausgrabung Tall Sēh (Seh) Hamad/Dur-Katlimmu 6), 2002. Adapted by Poppy Tushingham (2018-2020) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as