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SU 1951, 036

  • CDLI P338308
  • Collection no.: AMM —
  • Excavation no.: SU 1951, 036
  • Primary publication(s): SU 1951, 036


  • Provenience: Sultantepe (Huzirina) (Pleiades ID: 9249509021)
  • Archive: 099 - Miscellaneous

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian
  • Genre: Administrative


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian
  • Dated: yes, but date partially preserved
  • Date: [...]-V-24 ([Ab]u 24th, epony[my of ...])

SU 1951, 036

o 1o 1

[NA₄.KIŠIB mna-šuḫ-si-ri-ni?]

(1) [Seal of Našuh-sirīni, son of ...-b]asall[i, the owner of the female slave] being sold.

o 22

[DUMU? mx-x]-⸢ba?⸣-sal-⸢li?

o 33


stamp seal impression

o 44

[fx-x-x-x GÉME]-šú 03 ru-ṭu

(4) [...], his [female slave] of three span, belonging to N[ašuh-sirīn]i Sēʾ-rapâ, son of Sîn-zāqip-kēni, has contracted [and] acquired (her) for four shekels of silver. Y[ear], (when) 2 sūtu (of barley was worth) one shekel (of silver). That (female) slave is purchased and acquired. Any revocation, lawsuit or litigation is void.

o 55

šá mna⸣-[šuḫ-si]-⸢ri⸣-ni

o 66

up-piš-[ma] mse⸣-[e]-⸢ra-pe-e

o 77

DUMU m30-za-qip-GIN ina [ŠÀ]

o 88

04 GÍN.MEŠ KUG.UD ina MU.⸢AN?⸣.[NA]

o 99

šá 02 BÁN ana 01 GÍN TI kas-pu

o 1010

gam-mur ta-ad-din

o 1111

ARAD šu-a- za-<ár>-pat

o 1212

la?-TI tu-a-ru

b.e. 13b.e. 13

de-ni DUG₄.DUG₄

b.e. 1414

la-⸢áš⸣-šú man-nu

(14) [Whosoever] breaks the contract, whether Našuh-sirīni or his [so]ns or his grandsons (and) starts lawsuit or litigation against Sēʾ-rapâ, he shall pay ten minas of gold to the god Sîn (and) shall return the money tenfold.

b.e. 1515

[ša] GIL⸣-u-ni

r 1r 1

lu mna-šuḫ-si-ri-ni

r 22

[lu] DUMU⸣.MEŠ-šú u DUMU-DUMU.MEŠ-šú

r 33

ana mse-e-ra-pe-e

r 44

de-e-ni DUG₄⸣.DUG₄ ub-ta-u

r 55

10 MA.NA KUG.GI a-na d30

r 66

SUM-an kas-pu ina 10.MEŠ GUR-⸢ra

r 77

IGI mza-bu-⸢ú *.ra-⸢ak?⸣-[bu]

(r 7) Witness Zabû, r[ider].

r 88

IGI mqar-ra-ḫa-a *.e-[x-x]

(r 8) Witness Qarrahâ, ...

r 99

IGI ma-sa-ra-a DUMU mse-⸢e-DINGIR-a⸣.[a]

(r 9) Witness Asarâ, son of Sēʾ-[i]lāʾī.

r 1010

IGI mx-x⸣-ši A mse?-⸢e-DINGIR⸣-a.a

(r 10) Witness ...ši, son of Sēʾ-[i]lāʾī.

r 1111

[IGI mx]-⸢⸣-e

(r 11) [Witness ...n]ê, [... of] Huzirina.

r 1212

[x x] URU⸣.ḫu-zir-na

r 1313

[IGI mx-x-x]-ZU *.A-šip-ri

(r 13) [Witness ...]-leʾi, messenger.

r 1414

[IGI m]⸢se⸣-e-dàl-a

(r 14) [Witness S]ēʾ-dalâ.

r 1515

[IGI mx]+x-kil-URU.KASKAL

(r 15) [Witness ...]kil-Harrān.

r 1616


(r 16) [Witness ...]... Witness Ubru-ili.

r 1717

[IGI mx-x-x]+x-u-a

(r 17) [Witness ...]ua.

r 1818

[IGI mx]-⸢ri⸣-[x-x-x]

(r 18) [Witness ...]ri[...].

rest broken away
l.e. 1l.e. 1

[ITI].⸢NE? UD-24-⸢KAM lim⸣-[mu mx-x-x]

(l.e. 1) [Month Ab]u (V), 24th day, eponym ye[ar of ...].

l.e. 22

IGI msa-am-bi-i .[x-x-x-x]

(l.e. 2) Witness Sambî, [...].

Adapted from J.J. Finkelstein, "Assyrian Contracts from Sultantepe,” Anatolian Studies 7 (1957): 137-145, by Jamie Novotny and Poppy Tushingham (2021) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The online edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as