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Marqasu 14

  • CDLI P522559
  • Collection no.: 2007/90
  • Primary publication(s): Marqasu 14


  • Provenience: Kahramanmaraş (Marqasu)
  • Archive: 099 - Miscellaneous

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian
  • Sealed/Marked: yes
  • Seal/Mark Type: stamp seal
  • Seal Owner(s): Sîn-kēnu-uṣur

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian (Neo-Assyrian)
  • Genre: Legal Transaction
  • Subgenre: sales document (person)
  • Seller: Sîn-kēnu-uṣur
  • Buyer: Ubru-Nergal
  • Creditor:


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian
  • Reign: Sin-šarru-iškun (ca. 626–612 BC)
  • Dated: yes, but date partially preserved
  • Date: 613*-[...]-15 ([...] 15th, eponymy of Nabü-tappūtī-alik)

Marqasu 14 [sales document (person)]

o 1o 1


(1) Seal of Sîn-kēnu-uṣur, son of Arbailāyu, from Ḫasiana, the owner of the female slave being sold.

o 22

DUMU mURU.arba-ìl-a-⸢a

o 33


o 44


3 stamp seal impressions
o 55

fd15-tak-lak GÉME-šú

(5) Ubru-Nergal has contracted and acquired Issār-taklāk, his (that is, Sîn-kēnu-uṣur's) female slave, for half a mina of silver.

o 66

ú-piš-ma mSUḪUŠ-U.GUR

o 77

ina ŠÀ-bi 1/2 MA.NA .BABBAR TI-!

o 88

kas-pu gam-mur ta-din-ni

(8) The money is paid completely. That female slave is purchased [...]

o 99

GÉME šu-a-te za-ár-pat

(rest of obverse missing)
rbeginning broken away
r 1'1'

[kas-pu ina 10.MEŠ ina EN].MEŠ-šú

(r 1') [He shall return the money tenfold to] its [own]ers. [Should he litigate in his lawsuit, he will not suc]ceed.

r 2'2'


r 3'3'

[ina de-ni-šu DUG₄.DUG₄-ma la i]-⸢laq⸣-qe

r 4'4'

[IGI m... .GAL-ki]-ṣir

(r 4') [Witness: ... cohort comm]ander.

r 5'5'

[IGI m...]-x

(r 5') [Witness: ...]

r 6'6'

[IGI m...]-nu

(r 6') [Witness: ...]

r 7'7'

[IGI m...]-x

(r 7') [Witness: ...]

r 8'8'

[IGI m...]-nu

(r 8') [Witness: ...]

r 9'9'

[IGI m...]

(r 9') [Witness: ...]

r 10'10'

[IGI m...]

(r 10') [Witness: ...]

r 11'11'

[IGI m...]-x

(r 11') [Witness: ...]

t.e. 12't.e. 12'

IGI [m...]

(r 12') [Witness: ...]

t.e. 13'13'

IGI mdŠÚ-⸢x⸣-[...]

(r 13') Witness: Marduk-[...]

t.e. 14'14'

IGI mdPA-DI-GIN IGI [m...]

(r 14') Witness: Nabû-šulmu-ka’’in. Witness: [...]

l.e. 15'l.e. 15'

[ITI.x] UD-15-KÁM

(r 15') [Month ...], 15th day, eponym year of Nabû-tappūtī-alik.

l.e. 16'16'

[lim]-⸢me mdPA-<tap>-pu-u--DU

Adapted from C. Günbattı, S. Çeçen, L.G. Gökçek, and F. Akyüz, Kahramanmaraş'ta Bulunmuş Yeni Asurca Tabletler, 2020, by Jamie Novotny and Poppy Tushingham (2021) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The text was lemmatized by Jamie Novotny and the English translation was prepared by Poppy Tushingham. The online edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as