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Marqasu 34

  • CDLI P522579
  • Collection no.: 36.20.07
  • Primary publication(s): Marqasu 34


  • Provenience: Kahramanmaraş (Marqasu)
  • Archive: 099 - Miscellaneous

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian (Neo-Assyrian)
  • Genre: Legal Transaction
  • Subgenre: judicial document


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian
  • Reign: Sin-šarru-iškun (ca. 626–612 BC)
  • Dated: yes
  • Date: 623*-I (Nisannu, eponymy after that of Kanūnāyu)

Marqasu 34 [judicial document]

o 1o 1

de-e-nu ša mSUḪUŠ-dPA

(1) Lawsuit that Ubru-Nabû filed against Nabû’a, (saying): "Nabû-šezib committed a crime in Sidon, concerning the women of Nabû-šezib, whom you took from the house of Abda’a."

o 22

TA* mdPA-u-a id-bu-bu-u-ni

o 33

ma-a mdPA-še-zib ina URU.ṣi-du-u-ni

o 44

iḫ-ṭá-ʾa-an-ni ina UGU .MEŠ

o 55

ša mdPA-še-zib TA É mab-da-ʾa

o 66

tu!-še-ṣu-u-ni mab-da-ʾa

(6) Abda’a (says the following): "Ubru-Nabû is the surety of Sumusumusum. He came to Marqasu and they filed a lawsuit."

b.e. 7b.e. 7

ma-a mSUḪUŠ-dPA ur-ki-i

b.e. 88


r 9r 9

ina URU.mar-BAN it-tal-ka

r 1010

de-e-nu id-du-ub-bu

r 1111

mSUḪUŠ-dPA uk-te-ía-ni

(11) Ubru-Nabû testified, (saying): "I am not the surety." May the lawsuit regarding (these) women (thus) be resolved and the blood money for the women be sufficient. Nabû’a has paid ten shekels of silver to Ubru-Nabû. There is peace between them. Whoever in the future, at any time, violates (the contract), shall pay ten minas of silver.

r 1212

ma-a la ur-ki-i lu de-e-nu

r 1313

ša .MEŠ za-ki MÚD.MEŠ ma-ṣí-i-u

r 1414

10 GÍN.MEŠ .BABBAR mdPA-u-a ana mSUḪUŠ-dPA

t.e. 15t.e. 15

u-sa-lim DI-mu bir-tu-šú-nu man-nu

t.e. 1616

ša i-bal-kàt-u-ni 10 MA.NA .BABBAR SUM-an

t.e. 1717

IGI mla-qe-pu IGI mḫa-am-bi IGI mdPA-ZÁLAG

(17) Witness: Lā-qēpu. Witness: Ḫambi. Witness: Nabû-nammir.

t.e. 1818

IGI mḫa-di-a-nu

(18) Witness: Ḫadiānu.

l.e. 19l.e. 19

IGI mse-e-ma-ba-ʾ

(19) Witness: Se’-maba’.

l.e. 2020

IGI mḫa-ía--nu

(20) Witness: Ḫaya-kānu.

l.e. 2121

IGI msa-na-ni ITI.BARAG

(21) Witness: Sanānu. Month Nisannu (I), the year after the eponym year of Kanūnāyu.

l.e. 2222

lim-mu EGIR mITI.AB-a

Adapted from C. Günbattı, S. Çeçen, L.G. Gökçek, and F. Akyüz, Kahramanmaraş'ta Bulunmuş Yeni Asurca Tabletler, 2020, by Jamie Novotny and Poppy Tushingham (2021) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The text was lemmatized by Jamie Novotny and the English translation was prepared by Poppy Tushingham. The online edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as