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Til-Barsip 15

  • CDLI P522606
  • Excavation no.: T 15
  • Primary publication(s): Til-Barsip 15


  • Provenience: Tell Ahmar (Til Barsip) (Pleiades ID: 658410)
  • Archive: 001 - Hanni Archive (House C1)

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet, envelope
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian
  • Sealed/Marked: yes
  • Seal/Mark Type: stamp seal

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian (Neo-Assyrian)
  • Genre: Legal Transaction
  • Subgenre: debt note (silver)
  • Debtor: Liphur-ilu


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian
  • Reign: Sennacherib (704–681 BC)
  • Dated: yes
  • Date: 683-X-01 (Kanūnu 1st, eponymy of Mannu-kī-Adad)

Til-Barsip 15 [debt note (silver)]

obeginning broken away
o 1'1'

[...] SAG.DU [...]

(1') [...] capital [...] according to the <<...>> mina of Carchemi[sh], belonging to Turiki [...], at the disposal of Liphur-ilu.

o 2'2'

ina <<PA?>> MA.NA ša URU.gar-ga-⸢mis

o 3'3'

ša? mtu-ri-ki [...]

o 4'4'

ina IGI mlíp-ḫur-DINGIR

o 5'5'


(5') Month Kanūnu (X), 1st day, eponym year of Mannu-ki-Adad.

o 6'6'

lim-mu mman-nu-ki-10

o 7'7'

.BABBAR a-na 1/2 GÍN-šú

(7') The silver shall increase by fifty percent per shekel.

o 8'8'


o 9'9'

IGI mAN-DAN-x-[(x)]

(9') Witness: ....

o 10'10'

IGI msa-lam?-U-U

(10') Witness: Salam-Dada.

o 11'11'

IGI man-qa-me

(11') Witness: Anqame.

o 12'12'

[IGI] mda⸣-si?-a?-di-ni

(12') Witness: Dasiadini.

rest destroyed
env 1'1'

[...] LUḪ? KUR x x x [...]

(env 1') [...] ... [...] mina of Carche[mish]

env 2'2'

[...] x MA.NA ša URU.gar-ga-[mis]

two stamp seal impressions
one stamp seal impression
env 1''1''

IGI mlíp-ḫur-[DINGIR]

(env 1'') [Witnes]s: Liphur-[ilu].

env 2''2''

[IGI] mna-qa-me (blank)

(env 2'') [Witness:] Naqame.

env 3''3''

[IGI] mda-si-a-[di-ni]

(env 3'') [Witness:] Dasia[dini].

env 4''4''

[IGI m...]-e?⸣-mur-an-[ni?]

(env 4'') [Witness: ...]-emuranni.

Adapted from Stephanie Dalley, “Neo-Assyrian Tablets from Til Barsib," Abr-Nahrain 34 (1996–97) pp. 66–99, by Jamie Novotny and Poppy Tushingham (2021) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), which is funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The text was lemmatized by Jamie Novotny and the English translation was adapted by Poppy Tushingham from Dalley’s translation. The online edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as