Translation Languages

Work on ATAE is still ongoing and users should be aware that not every text currently has an English translation. In such instances, the righthand column of the edition will be blank or will have a French translation (in the case if the Ma'allanate sub-project), a German translation, or a Turkish translation (in the case of the Marqasu sub-project). This might be (1) because we have not yet converted and uploaded the English translation from the source publication or (2) because we have not yet translated the published French, German, or Turkish translation of the text.

For texts not originally published in English, French, German, or Turkish translations accompany the transliteration. If there is no English translation available, the default translation will be the French, German, or Turkish translation, even though "English" might be set as the translation language.

If the text was originally published in French, German, or Turkish and an English translation is displayed, the translation language can be changed by selecting "French," "German," or "Turkish" in the translation language dropdown menu.

For texts originally published in English — for example, those published in the State Archives of Assyria series — there are currently no German (or French or Turkish) translations for those Neo-Assyrian sources and, thus, the righthand column of the edition will be blank.

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