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SAAB 17 087 22

  • CDLI P481183
  • Collection no.: ZTT 22
  • Excavation no.: ZT 13284 + ZT 13285 + ZT 13286 + ZT 13287
  • Primary publication(s): SAAB 17 087 22


  • Provenience: Ziyaret Tepe (Tušhan)
  • Archive: 001 - Lower Town, Building II, Rooms 9–10

Object Details

  • Object type: tablet
  • Material: clay
  • Script: Neo-Assyrian

Text Details

  • Language: Akkadian (Neo-Assyrian)
  • Genre: Administrative Letter


  • Period: Neo-Assyrian
  • Dated: no

SAAB 17 087 22

o 1o 1

[a-na .IGI].⸢UM EN⸣-ia

(1) [To the treasur]er, my lo[rd]: yo[ur servant], Mannu-kī-Libbāli. [Good] health to my lord!

o 22

[ARAD]-⸢ka mman-nu-GIM-URU.ŠÀ-URU

o 33

[lu] DI-mu a-na EN⸣-ia

o 44

ša KUR-MEŠ gab-bu .⸢A⸣.BA-MEŠ

(4) [O]f all the horses, Assyrian (and) Aramean scribes, cohort-commanders, officials, craftsmen, copper-smiths, blacksmiths, those who scour the tools (and) equipment, carpenters, bow-makers, arrow-makers, weavers, tailors (and) those who ma[ke] the repairs­ to whom should I pr[ay], what [should I say], what mo[re] should I do?

o 55

KUR⸣.-šur-a-a KUR.ár-ma-a-a

o 66


o 77

.EN-pi-⸢qi⸣-ta-te .um-ma-ni

o 88


o 99

ša a-nu- GIŠ⸣.til-li-MEŠ

o 1010

i-kap-pa-ru-ni .NAGAR-MEŠ

o 1111


o 1212


o 1313

ša bat-qu i-ka-⸢ṣa⸣-[ru-ni]

o 1414

a-na-ku a-na man-ni [up-ni-ia]

o 1515

la-ap-te mi-i-⸢nu [la-aq-bi]

o 1616

mi-i-nu lu-ra-[ad-di]

o 1717

ki-i ša .[x x x x]

(17) Just as a man [...], everything is possi[ble ...]. Our [end is] one. (So) am I a[lone] going to die? [They pay] a[bsolutely] no he[ed to me]. Nabû-[kēnu-uṣur], my associate [...] entered [...] (and) has been put [in irons] in [...].

o 1818

gab-bu ta-ri-[iṣ x x x]

o 1919

in-nu-u 01-en [x x x]

o 2020

a-na-ku-u ú-[di-ia]

o 2121

a-mu-at la⸣-[áš-šú]

e. 1e. 1

la-a i-⸢šá⸣-[mu-u-ni]

e. 22

mdPA-[GIN-PAB ša]

r 1r 1

i-si-ia [x x x x x x]

r 22

e-ta-rab [x x si-bar-ri]

r 33

šá-ki-in ina [x x x x x]

r 44

ina UGU ši-iḫ-[li-ia x x x]

(r 4) As to [my] secon[d-best man ...] the work [o]n the [...] containers, the bandage boxes [...], even that of the accounts [...] of the month Tašritu (VII) should be prese[nt ...]. Nabû-kēnu-uṣur should be [...].

r 55

dul-lu ša GIŠ.⸢É⸣-[x x x x]

r 66

GIŠ.É-ki-ṣir-MEŠ [x x x x]

r 77

ša NÍG.ŠID-MEŠ-ma [x x x x]

r 88

ša ITI.DU₆ lu qur-[bu x x x]

r 99

mdPA-GIN-PAB lu [x x x]

r 1010

ú-ma-a 01-en ina ŠÀ-bi-šú-⸢nu

(r 10) Now, not one of them is there. How can I command? Nobody (mentioned) in this letter that I'm sending, not one (of them) is there! There are no “third men” to supervise the chariots. Who will make the muster instead of this one who is being kept in irons [...]?

r 1111

la-áš-šú a-ke-e a-qa-bi

r 1212

me-me-ni ina ŠÀ ši-pir-ti

r 1313

an-ni-ti ša áš-pur-an-ni 01-en

r 1414

la-áš-šú ⸣.03.U₅-⸢MEŠ

r 1515

ša IGI GIŠ.GIGIR-MEŠ me-me-⸢ni

r 1616

la-áš-šú man-nu re-e-šu

r 1717

i-na-áš-ši ina ku-me

r 1818

an-⸢ni⸣-e ša si-bar-ri

r 1919

[x x x] x šá-ki-nu-u-ni

r 2020

[x x x] a-šá-par-u-ni

(r 20) [The lists that] I sent [...] ... are not at my disposal. According to what can they collect [them]?

r 2121

[x x x x x x] x x

l.e. 1l.e. 1

ina IGI-ia la-áš-šú ina pi-ti mi-i-ni lu-si-pu-[šú-ni]

l.e. 22

mu-a- ina ŠÀ-bi il-la-ka la-a 01-en [ú-še-za-ab]

(l.e. 2) Death will come out of it! No one [will escape]. I am done!

l.e. 33


Adapted from Simo Parpola, “Cuneiform texts from Ziyaret Tepe (Tušḫan), 2002–2003,” State Archives of Assyria Bulletin 17 (2008), 1–113, by Willis Monroe, Jamie Novotny, and Poppy Tushingham (2020–21). Lemmatised by Jamie Novotny and Poppy Tushingham. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as