a [ARM] N (134x) Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Hellenistic, unknown wr. an; a₂; aa₂ "arm; horn; side; strength; wage, wages"

a [WATER] N (122x) Old Babylonian, Middle Assyrian, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Hellenistic wr. a; e "progeny; semen, sperm; water"

a aŋ [COMMAND] V/t (3x) Neo-Assyrian, Hellenistic wr. a₂ aŋ₂ "to command"

a bala [POUR OUT WATER] V/t (5x) Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Hellenistic wr. a bala "to pour out water"

a dug [IRRIGATE] V/t (1x) Hellenistic wr. a dug₄ "to irrigate (from canal water)"

a e [REAR] V/t (2x) Neo-Assyrian, unknown wr. a₂ e₃ "to rear, bring up (a child)"

a gi [DEFLOWER] V/t (1x) Hellenistic wr. a gi₄ "to deflower"

a ŋal [HELP] V/t (4x) Neo-Assyrian wr. a₂ ŋal₂ "to help, to assist"

a ŋar [DEFEAT] V/t (2x) Hellenistic wr. a₂ gaŋar; a₂ ŋar "to defeat"

a il [CARRY] V/t (2x) Hellenistic wr. a₂ il₂ "to carry"

a la [BIND] V/t (1x) Neo-Assyrian wr. a₂ la₂ "'to bind the arm', to bind"

a mah [STRENGTHEN] V/t (5x) Neo-Assyrian, Hellenistic wr. a₂ maḫ "to strengthen"

a ri [IMPREGNATE] V/t (9x) Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Hellenistic wr. a RI; a ru "to impregnate"

a sud [SPREAD] V/t (2x) Neo-Assyrian wr. a₂ su₃-su₃ "to spread"

a sur [KEEP WATER AWAY] V/t (4x) Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian wr. a sur "to keep water away"

a tu [WASH] V/t (3x) Neo-Assyrian, Hellenistic wr. a tu₅ "to wash, bathe"

a zig [RAISE] V/t (1x) Hellenistic wr. a₂ zig₃ "'to raise the arm'"

aʾabak [SEA] N (19x) Old Babylonian, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Hellenistic wr. a-ab-ba; a-ab-ba-ke₄; ab; ab-ba "sea, seawater"

aʾaŋa [ASSIGNMENT] N (8x) Neo-Babylonian, Seleucid, Hellenistic wr. a₂-aŋ₂; a₂-aŋ₂-ŋa₂ "assignment; command, instruction"

aʾe [BOUNDARY] N (1x) Neo-Assyrian wr. a₂-e "boundary"

aʾil [CARRIER] N (1x) Hellenistic wr. a-il₂-il₂ "laborer, carrier"

aʾu [WATER] N (2x) Hellenistic wr. a-u₅ "high water"

aʾur [LIMBS] N (2x) Seleucid, Hellenistic wr. a₂-ur₂ "limbs"

ab [COW] N (12x) Neo-Assyrian, Hellenistic wr. ab; ab₂ "cow"

ab [SEA] N (1x) Neo-Assyrian wr. ab "sea"