BagM Beih. 02, 081 [horoscopes]

o 1o 1

MU 1 ME 13 DU₆ GE₆ 14 lu₂TUR a-lid

(o 1) Year 1 hundred 13 (SE), Tašritu (VII), night of the 14th: the baby was born.

o 22

U₄ BI 20 ina GIR₂.TAB

(o 2) On that day the Sun was in the Scorpion.

o 33

30 ina MUL₂

(o 3) The Moon was in the Bull of Heaven.

o 44

mul₂BABBAR ina 10 MAŠ₂ ina ZALAG₂ x x

(o 4) The White Star (Jupiter) ... in 10º Goatfish at daybreak.

o 55

dele-bat ina 4 MAŠ₂ ina ZALAG₂ x x

(o 5) Venus ... in Goatfish at daybreak.

o 66

GU₄ ina 8 GIR₂.TAB KI 20

(o 6) Mercury was in Scorpion with the Sun.

o 77

GENNA ina 30 RIN₂ GUBzu

(o 7) Saturn stood in 30º Scales.

o 88

AN ina 10 PA

(o 8) Mars was in 10º Pabilsag.

o 99

30 TA SIG GAL? pa-nu-šu₂ ana MURU₂ GAR-MEŠ

(o 9) The Moon set its face from the big minimum latitude towards the node.

o 1010

ṣa-ba-tu₄ x x U₄-ME SIG₅ IGI

(o 10) To seize ...: he will see good days.

r 1r 1

SIG GE₆ 3 ina ZALAG₂ i-x-x

(r 1) Simanu (III), the night of the 3rd at daybreak ...: the baby was born. On that day the Sun was in the Twins.

r 22

lu₂TUR a-lid U₄ BI 20 ina MAŠ.MAŠ

r 33

30 ina 15 ALLA

(r 3) The Moon was in 15º Crab.

r 44

mul₂BABBAR ina 26 GIR₂.TAB ina ZALAG₂ x x

(r 4) The White Star (Jupiter) ... in 26º Scorpion at daybreak.

r 55

dele-bat U₄ BI ina KUR ina 5 MAŠ IGI SIG₅

(r 5) Venus appeared that day in the east in Twins: good.

r 66

GU₄ ina 27? MAŠ.MAŠ KUR!ad₂

(r 6) Mercury reached 27º Twins.

r 77


(r 7) Saturn did not stand in 10º Furrow.

r 88

AN ina 10 MUL₂ GUB

(r 8) Mars stood in 10º Bull of Heaven.

r 99

šum₄-ma ZI 30 [...] SIG₅

(r 9) If the rising of the Moon [...]: good.

r 1010

20 TA LA₂ ana MURU₂ pa-nu-šu₂ GAR-MEŠ

(r 10) The Sun set its face from maximum latitude towards the node.

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