BMS 24 + 25 (K 12922 + K 13296)

oo NaN  (beginning obverse missing)
o 1'o 1'

[...] x TI? ID? x RI lu-u? im-x-[...]1

[. . .] . . . [. . .]

o 2'2'

[ina qi₂]-bit iq-bu-u₂ d?x [...]

[According to the comm]and which [(some deity) . . .] speaks [. . .]

o 3'3'

[ina] KA? šar-ra-ti ra-bi-ti dTIR.[AN.NA TU₆.EN₂]2

[By] the word (lit. mouth) of the great queen Man[ziat (i.e., Rainbow). Concluding Incantation Formula]

o 4'4'


[It is the wor]ding of a lifted-hand prayer [to Sin.]

o 5'5'

[KID₃].KID₃-BI e-nu-ma d3(u) in-nam-ma-ru NIG₂.NA [ŠIM.LI GARan]

Its [rit]ual: When Sin becomes visible, [set up] a censer [of juniper].

o 6'6'

[KAŠ].SAG BALqi₂ ana IGI d3(u) DUR SIK₂ x [...]

You libate [be]er in the presence of Sin. A bundle of white wool . . [. . .]

o 7'7'

[x]-ma KEŠDA EN₂ ŠIDnu ina IZI GARan-ma AN? [...]

[. . .] and tie (it) in a knot(?). You recite the incantation. You place (it) in the fire and . . [. . .]

o 8'8'

EN₂ EN U₄.SAKAR kul-la-[ti bi-ni-ti]

Incantation: O lord, crescent moon (over) al[l creation],

o 9'9'

a-šar U₂.ḪI.A er-ṣe-tu₄ a-dir-[ti ul-du]

The place where the earth [bore my] apprehension (as/with) the plants,

o 10'10'

ki-ma ḫi-ri-ti ana ABZU a-dir-ti [liš-du-ud]4

[Let] (it, i.e., the earth) [draw] my apprehension to the Apsu as with/in a canal.

o 11'11'

la !(ŠI-)ru-tu₄ lim-ḫu-ru!(RA) a-di-ra-ti-[ia]5

May unjust men receive [my] apprehension.

o 12'12'

ana-ku ana sul-li-ka ak-ta-mis ma-ḫar-ka lu-bi-[ib]6

o 13'13'


[It is] the wording of a lifted-hand prayer to Sin.

o 14'14'

DU₃.DU₃-BI ina U₂.SAL ID₂ NIG₂.NA GARan mi-iḫ-ḫa BALqi₂ IM U₂.SAL ID₂ TIqe₂

Its ritual: You set up a censer in the river meadows. You libate miḫḫu-beer. You take clay from the river meadows.

o 15'15'

ZA.NA MUNUS DU₃ ina ŠU-ka IL₂-ma EN U₄.SAKAR kul-la-ti 3(diš)-šu₂ ŠID[nu-ma]

You make a female doll/gamepiece(?). You lift it up in your hand. You reci[te] "O lord, crescent (over) all" three times.

o 16'16'

[ZA.NA ana ID₂ ŠUB]di-ma KI.ZA.ZA-ma KEŠDA DU₈ar₂ šam-ša₂-ni KU₃.GI 7(diš) [...]

[You thro]w [the doll/gamepiece(?) in the river]. Then you prostrate yourself and take apart the ritual assemblage. Gold disks(?) seven [. . .]

o 17'17'

[...] x x x ki-a-am DU₁₁.GA KID-ma x x [...]

[. . .] . . . thus you say. You sprinkle(?) . . . [. . .]

o 18'18'

[...]-u₂-ti ša₂ ŠU.TAG.GA LAL? TI [...]7

[. . .] . . . of . . . [. . .]

o 19'19'

[...] x UN-MEŠ [...]

[. . .] . the people [. . .]

o 20'20'

[...] di-lip-ti MA [...]

[. . .] my anxiety . . [. . .]

o 21'21'

[...] x ŠA IR? RU [...]

[. . .] . . . [. . .]

rr NaN  (beginning reverse missing)
r 1'r 1'

[...] x x kit?-ti it-ti x x la AD x BU x x [...]

[. . .] . . . [. . .]

r 2'2'

[...] x-am-ma šu-kun za-ku-ti

[. . .] . to me. Establish my freedom!

r 3'3'

[la-le]-e ba-la-ṭi lu--bi TU₆.EN₂

May I be sated on the [abunda]nce of (my) well-being! Incantation Closing Formula.

r 4'4'


It is [the wor]ding to make an evil appearance of Sin favorable.

r 5'5'

[DU₃].DU₃-BI U₄mi d3(u) IGI.LA₂ SIK₂.GA.RIG₂.AK.A ta-mat-taḫ₂8

Its [rit]ual: On the day Sin becomes visible, you collect carded wool.

r 6'6'

EN₂? 7(diš)-šu₂ ana UGU ŠIDnu-ma ina GU₂-šu₂ GARan-ma ḪUL pa-ši-ir

You recite the incantation(?) seven times over it. You place (it, i.e., the wool) on his neck, and the evil will be resolved.

r 7'7'

EN₂ na-an-na-ru kul-lat bi-ni-ti

Incantation: Nannaru (over) all of creation,

r 8'8'

[a]-šar it-ti U₂.ḪI.A KIti₃ a-dir-ti ul-du

[The p]lace where the earth bore my apprehension with the plants,

r 9'9'

KIti₃ ma-ḫi-rat ana ABZU a-dir-ti liš-du-ud

Let the netherworld, which receives (it), draw my apprehension to the Apsu.

r 10'10'

<la?> ?-ru-tu lim-ḫu-ru a-di-ra-ti-ia₅9

May <un>just men receive my fear.

r 11'11'

i-ša₂-ru-tu lim-ḫu-ru-in-[ni]

May just men receive m[e].

r 12'12'

šu?-ša₂-ru-tu li-ten₂-nu-u₂ it-ti-ia₅

May those who were made just change places with me.

r 13'13'

liš?-du?-ud ar₂-ni la pa-li-ḫu ma-ḫar-ka lil-[qe₂]

May the one who does not fear (you) draw my guilt; may he ta[ke] (it) in your presence.

r 14'14'

EN [a]-na-ku a-na sul-li-ka ak-ta-mis ma-ḫar-ka lu-bi-[ib]

O lord, I, indeed, have bowed down to make supplication to you. May I be puri[fied] in your presence.

r 15'15'


[It is] the wording for making an evil appearance of Sin favorable.

r 16'16'

DU₃.[DU₃]-BI U₄mi d3(u) IGI.DU₈ ana IGI d3(u) NIG₂.NA ŠIM.LI GARan

Its rit[ual]: On the day Sin becomes visible, set out a censer of juniper before Sin.

r 17'17'

KAŠ.[SAG] BAL-qi₂ IM u₂-šal-li ID₂ TI-qe₂

You libate be[er]. You take clay from the river meadows.

r 18'18'

ZA?.[NA? NITA? DU₃] EN₂ 3(diš)-šu₂ ana IGI d3(u) ŠID-ma

[You make a male(?)] do[ll]/game[piece](?). You recite the incantation three times before Sin.

r 19'19'

[ku-tal]-la-nik-ka ana₃ ID₂ ŠUB-ma ḪUL BUR₂

You throw (it) into the river [behin]d you, and the evil will be resolved.

r 20'20'

[EN₂ EN] ga--ru ti-iz-qa-ru bu-kur₂ dnun-nam-nir10

[Incantation]: O powerful [lord], exalted one, offspring of Nunnamnir.

(3 lines blank)
r 21'21'


[Palace of As]hurbanipal, king of the world, king of the land of Ashur,

r 22'22'

[ša a-na AN.ŠAR₃] u₃ dNIN.LIL₂ tak-lu₄

[Who] trusts [in Ashur] and Ninlil,

r 23'23'

[ša d+NA₄ u₃ dtaš-me-tu₄ GEŠTU-MIN DAGAL]tu₄ -ru-ku-

[To whom Nabu and Tashmetu] gave [wid]e [understanding].

(end reverse missing)

1Restorations follow Mayer 1976: 529-531 unless otherwise noted. At the end of this first line, Mayer suggests reading ⸢LU ḪI IM⸣.

2Mayer interprets the first legible sign as DU₁₁? instead of KA (1976: 529). There is only a trace of the right-most vertical wedge of the sign preserved on the tablet.

3I suppose a ligature of the DINGIR and EN here, as in obv. 13ˊ below.

4For an explanation of the imagery here, see Lambert 1974: 296-297 and Jaques 2015: 236. Lambert suggests this version of the line is the original; compare below, rev. 9ˊ.

5My translation of the line follows Jaques 2015: 234, 235 and CAD/Š, 388 (cited by Jaques); compare Lambert 1974: 297, who thinks the adjective refers to water, which has dropped out of the text. He supposes the LA is a corruption for NAR, nār (ešrēti).

6I have bowed down to make supplication to you. May I be puri[fied] in your presence.

7It is unclear to me what ŠU.TAG.GA stands for. Mayer 1976: 530 gives no explanation or translation.

8SIK₂.GA.RIG₂.AK.A = pušikku, "carded wool."

9The sense of the line requires a negative particle at its head (see obv. 11ˊ above). Either the LA has fallen out or, more speculatively, we have NIŠ rather than EŠ (see Lambert's reading, 1974: 295), which may preserve a vocalization of and Sandhi writing of NU eš-ru-tu. Signficant textual variation exists in the manuscripts attesting this particular prayer, and thus a corruption of some kind is likely.

10This is the catchline to Nergal 2.