RINAP 2, Sargon II 016 composite [composite]

a 1a 1

dnin-urta EN a-ba-ri ša₂ šu-tu₂-qat dan-nu-su1

(a 1) O Ninurta, lord of strength, surpassing in power, for Sargon, king of the world, king of the land of Ashur, governor of Babylon, king of the land of Sumer and Akkad, builder of your cella: Cause him to attain old age that he may enjoy well-being to his heart's content. Establish his reign [in] the midst of Esagil and Eshara. Steer his war horses aright. Tend well his (chariot) teams. Bestow upon him unrivalled strength (and) manly might. Raise up his weapons that he may kill his enemies!

a 22


a 33

MAN KUR EME.GI₇ u₃ URIki ba-nu-u₂ ku-mi-ka

a 44

ši-bu-tam šuk-ši-su liš-ba-a bu-ʾa-a-ri2

a 55

[ina] qe₂-reb e₂-sag-il₂ u e₂-šar₂-ra ki-in BALA-šu₂

a 66

mur-ni-is-qi₂-šu₂ šu-te-ši-ra šul-li-ma ṣi-in-di-šu₂

a 77

šu-ut-lim-šu₂ e-mu-qan [la] ša₂-na-an dun-nu zik-ru-ti3

a 88

GIŠ.TUKUL-MEŠ-šu₂ šu-ut-bi-ma li-na-ar ga-re-šu₂ dan-nu-su4

1Literally, "whose power is surpassing."

2It is interesting that this is the first petition while those that follow concern themselves with the establishment of his reign and military matters. The later petitions are the means to this first stated (desired) end (metaphorically and literally!).

3"Manly might," also adopted by Frame (2021: 189), is Foster's rendering (2005: 787).

4The juxtaposition of virility and "his weapons" almost begs for Freudian analysis!