• AAT pl. 82 (K 2314)




  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Nineveh (mod. Kuyunjik)


CCP 3.1.55.B (<>); Virolleaud, ACh Ishtar 21-22

AAT pl. 82 (K 2314)

o 1o 1

[* mulŠUDUN] ina È⸣-šú šá-qu-um-ma it⸣-[tan-mar] 1

“If the Yoke Constellation, when it rises, is (lit: ‘was’) high and [visible],

o 22

    BURU₁₄ KUR SI. mulŠUDUN : dSAG.[ME.GAR ...] 2

the harvest of the land will prosper.” “The Yoke Constellation” means “Ju[piter” ]

o 33

    šu-pu-ú : ba-nu-u ina IGI.-šú GUR₄-ma [: ...] 3

“to appear” means “to create.” “When it appears it is exceptionally bright” [ means “…”]

o 44

* mulŠUDUN ina È-šú ana dUTU.È IGI-šú [GARnu : ...] 4

“If the Yoke Constellation, when it rises, [faces] east” [means “…]

o 55

    imU₁₈.LU GIŠ.ḪUR ina itiKIN U₄.⸢10?⸣.[KAM]

the South Wind [] a halo in Month 6 day 10[(+ n) ]

o 66

    dSAG.ME.GAR ina IGI.-šú KI.TA x [...]

Jupiter, when it appears, below []

o 77

    : dGU₄.UD ina dUTU.È!(DU) [DU] 5

means “Mercury [will move] into the east.”

o 88

* mulŠUDUN ina È-šú ana dUTU.ŠÚ.A IGI-šú GARna

“If the Yoke Constellation, when it rises, faces west”

o 99

    IM mim-ma la i-zi-qa SU.GU₇ GAR[an] 6

(means) “No wind will blow (and) there will be famine.”

o 1010

    dSAG.ME.GAR ina IGI.-šú AN.TA-ma [...]

Jupiter, when it appears above and []

o 1111

    : dGU₄.UD ina dUTU.ŠÚ.A [DU?] 7

means “Mercury [will move] into the west.”

o 1212

* ina IGI mulŠUDUN mulGE₆ IGI GI.NA [(...)]

“If the Black One is visible in front of the Yoke Constellation []

o 1313

    ina IGI dSAG.ME.GAR dSAG. x? [...]

(means) “Before Jupiter, Saturn […”]

o 1414

* mulŠUDUN ina? KI.GUB d?UTU?šú? GUBiz x [...]

“If the Yoke Constellation stands in the position of the sun []

o 1515

    ina AN.GE₆ dUTU dSAG⸣.[ME.GAR? ...] 8

(means) “In an eclipse of the sun, Jup[iter ]

o 1616

* mulŠUDUN ma-diš SA₅ ḪÉ.GÁL ina [KUR GÁLši]

“If the Yoke Constellation is very red, [there will be abundance in [the land]

o 1717

    dSAG.ME.GAR i-ba-[?-ši? ...] 9

(means) “Jupiter will [be ]

o 1818

* mulŠUDUN ma-diš SIG₇ SU.GU₇ ina KUR GÁLši dSAG.ME.[GAR]

“If the Yoke Constellation is very yellow-green, there will be a famine in the land” (means) “Jupi[ter.]

o 1919

* mulŠUDUN ma-diš <x> AN.GE₆ KUR.KUR dSAG.ME.[GAR ...]

“If the Yoke Constellation is very <>, (there will be) an eclipse (affecting) all the lands” (means) “Jupi[ter.]

o 2020

* mulŠU.⸢PA ana? MUL.MUL TE dIMIN.BI x [...] 10

“If the Yoke Constellation approaches the Pleiades” means “The Sebettu []

o 2121

    dSAG.ME.GAR ina MUL.MUL DU? [(...)] 11

(means) “Jupiter will move into the Pleiades [()].”

o 2222

* mulŠU.PA a-dir LUGAL URIki ZI-ma KUR ELAM.MAki [(...)]

“If the Yoke Constellation grows dark, the king of Akkad will arise and [] the land of Elam.”

o 2323

    dṣal-bat-a-nu ú-KAL-[x] 12

(means) “Mars will …”

o 2424

[x x] x x [x x] DIRI dé-a IDIM-MEŠ-šú dIŠKUR [...]

[] Ea his underground waters, Adad []

o 2525

[...] x ina mulGU.LA i-⸢x⸣-[...]

[] in the Gula Constellation []

o 2626

[...] x mi [...]

[] []

o 2727

[...] x x [...]

r 1'r 1'


(means) “…”

r 2'2'

* mulSAG⸣.[ME.GAR ...]

“If Jup[iter ]

r 3'3'

    ddil-bat ina [x (x)] x x [...] 13

(means) “Venus in []

r 4'4'

* mulMIN mul.GÁN KUR-⸢ma [...]

“If ditto reaches the Field Constellation []

r 5'5'

    ddil-bat ina mul.⸢ḪUN. [...] 14

(means) “Venus in the Ares Constellation []

r 6'6'

* mulMAR.GÍD.DA ana mulŠUDUN [...]

“If the Waggon Constellation [] to the Yoke Constellation”

r 7'7'

    ir*-ru-ur ddil-bat x x x [...]

“It will be convulsed” (means) “Venus []

r 8'8'

mu⸣-kal-lim-ti šá U₄ AN dEN.LÍL.[]

Mukallimtu-commentary on (the series) Enūma Anu Enlil, [(with) oral explanations following the sayings of a (master-)scholar, (referring to entries)]

r 9'9'

[šá] ŠÀ * mulŠUDUN ina È-šú šá-[qu-um-ma it-tan-mar]

[fro]m “If the Yoke Constellation, when it rises, is h[igh and visible”]

r 10'10'


[(Property) of the palace] of Ashurbanipal, great king, mighty king, [king of the four quarters, king of Assyria]

r 11'11'

[x x x] x [(x)] IGI-MEŠ-šu-ma [...] 15

[ who]se eyes []

1Since Craig made his copy the first words in the line have broken away, but they can be restored on the basis of o 4, 8 and 14 and r 9'. The correctness of the restoration of ītanmar is assured by CCP 3.1.55.G o 1 and the Assur catalogue of EAE incipits (Fincke 2001: p. 24 I 10').

2In CCP 3.1.55.G, “The harvest of the land will prosper” is cited as the apodosis in the base text. For the equation of the Yoke Constellation with Jupiter elsewhere see Brown (2000: 60).

3Both šu-pu-ú and ina IGI.-šú GUR₄-ma must be drawn from somewhere between the first entry in the base text and the entry cited in l. 4. Neither are commented on in CCP 3.1.55.G.

4This protasis is also explained in CCP 3.1.55.G o 3.

5The apparent equation of Jupiter in the base text with Mercury may be due to the fact that it shares the name “Marduk planet” with Mercury (Brown 2000: 57).

6The protasis quoted in l. 8 is explained differently in CCP 3.1.55.G o 5 (as: “Together with Jupiter it grows small in the west and sets early”).

7Restoration based on the presumed parallel in o 6-7.

8Yoke Constellation = Jupiter.

9Yoke Constellation = Jupiter.

10Pleiades = Sebettu.

11Yoke Constellation = Jupiter.

12Yoke Constellation = Mars.

13Jupiter = Venus.

14This explanation appears to equate Jupiter with Venus and the Field with Ares.

15Compare BAK no. 323 (Asb. Typ i-k).