A.RI.A [SEMEN] N (2x) unknown "semen"

abāku [LEAD AWAY] V (5x) unknown "lead away"

abālu [DRY (UP)] V (85x) unknown "dry (up) constantly; dry (up); dry out frequently; dry out"

abālu [CARRY] V (131x) unknown "be(come) carried off; bring; carry off; carry; cause something to carry off; cause to be(come) carried off; cause to carry off; cause to carry; confound; have carry off; incinerate; lay (hands on); send; spend"

aban-baḫrê [(A CORAL)] N (5x) unknown "(a coral)"

aban-ṣerri-peṣû [WHITE 'SNAKE STONE'] N (2x) unknown "white 'snake stone'"

abāru [(THE METAL) LEAD] N (9x) unknown "(the metal) lead"

abāru [EMBRACE] V (44x) unknown "accusation; accuse; be(come) bound; bind; binding; constrain"

abašmû [(A STONE)] N (25x) unknown "(a stone)"

abattu [PEBBLE] N (7x) unknown "pebble"

abātu [DESTROY] V (31x) unknown "be(come) ruined; break down again and again; crush; crushing; destroy"

abbūtu [FATHERHOOD] N (8x) unknown "fatherhood"

abku [THROWN FACE DOWN] AJ (3x) unknown "thrown face down"

ablu [DRY] AJ (2x) unknown "dried"

abnu [STONE] N (282x) unknown "bead; pit; stone"

abru [PILE OF BRUSHWOOD] N (13x) unknown "pile of brushwood"

abru [STRONG] AJ (7x) unknown "populace; strong one"

abu [FATHER] N (82x) unknown "father; forefather"

abūbu [FLOOD] N (6x) unknown "flood"

abullu [(CITY) GATE] N (31x) unknown "(city) gate"

aburriṣānu [(MEANING UNKNOWN)] N (4x) unknown "(meaning unknown)"

AD.SAG [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (11x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

adagurru [(A VESSEL FOR LIBATIONS)] N (19x) unknown "libation vessel"

adamatu [(A PLANT)] N (4x) unknown "(a plant)"

adānu [FIXED DATE] N (4x) unknown "date?"