cmawro akk Summaries


A.RI.A [SEMEN] N (2x) unknown "semen"

abāku [LEAD AWAY] V (5x) unknown "lead away"

abālu [DRY (UP)] V (85x) unknown "dry (up) constantly; dry (up); dry out frequently; dry out"

abālu [CARRY] V (131x) unknown "be(come) carried off; bring; carry off; carry; cause something to carry off; cause to be(come) carried off; cause to carry off; cause to carry; confound; have carry off; incinerate; lay (hands on); send; spend"

aban-baḫrê [(A CORAL)] N (5x) unknown "(a coral)"

aban-ṣerri-peṣû [WHITE 'SNAKE STONE'] N (2x) unknown "white 'snake stone'"

abāru [(THE METAL) LEAD] N (9x) unknown "(the metal) lead"

abāru [EMBRACE] V (44x) unknown "accusation; accuse; be(come) bound; bind; binding; constrain"

abašmû [(A STONE)] N (25x) unknown "(a stone)"

abattu [PEBBLE] N (7x) unknown "pebble"

abātu [DESTROY] V (31x) unknown "be(come) ruined; break down again and again; crush; crushing; destroy"

abbūtu [FATHERHOOD] N (8x) unknown "fatherhood"

abku [THROWN FACE DOWN] AJ (3x) unknown "thrown face down"

ablu [DRY] AJ (2x) unknown "dried"

abnu [STONE] N (282x) unknown "bead; pit; stone"

abru [PILE OF BRUSHWOOD] N (13x) unknown "pile of brushwood"

abru [STRONG] AJ (7x) unknown "populace; strong one"

abu [FATHER] N (82x) unknown "father; forefather"

abūbu [FLOOD] N (6x) unknown "flood"

abullu [(CITY) GATE] N (31x) unknown "(city) gate"

aburriṣānu [(MEANING UNKNOWN)] N (4x) unknown "(meaning unknown)"

AD.SAG [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (11x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

adagurru [(A VESSEL FOR LIBATIONS)] N (19x) unknown "libation vessel"

adamatu [(A PLANT)] N (4x) unknown "(a plant)"

adānu [FIXED DATE] N (4x) unknown "date?"

adāru [(A TREE)] N (2x) unknown "(a tree)"

adāru [BE(COME) AFRAID (OF)] V (21x) unknown "give a fright; worry constantly about"

adāru [BE(COME) DARK] V (2x) unknown "be(come) gloomy"

adi [UNTIL] PRP (146x) unknown "as long as; just before; together with; until; until; up to; when"

adīni [HITHERTO] AV (4x) unknown "hitherto; yet"

adirtu [FEAR] N (16x) unknown "fear"

adirtu [GLOOMINESS] N (8x) unknown "misery; tarnish"

adīru [FEAR] N (13x) unknown "fear"

ādiru [FEARFUL] AJ (6x) unknown "fearful; full of awe"

adru [SCARED] AJ (20x) unknown "respectful; scared"

adūgu [OVEN] N (12x) unknown "oven"

agammu [MARSH(ES)] N (7x) unknown "marsh(es)"

aganutillû [DROPSY] N (11x) unknown "dropsy"

agarinnu [(FIRST) BEER MASH] N (10x) unknown "(first) beer mash"

agašgû [YOUNGEST SON] N (4x) unknown "junior"

aggiš [FURIOUSLY] AV (11x) unknown "furiously"

aggu [FURIOUS] AJ (8x) unknown "furious"

agû [TIARA] N (6x) unknown "crown"

agû [WAVE] N (12x) unknown "flood; wave"

agugillu [SORCERER] N (7x) unknown "sorcerer"

agugiltu [SORCERESS] N (15x) unknown "(a type of witch)"

aḫāmiš [EACH OTHER] AV (17x) unknown "one another"

aḫātu [SISTER] N (31x) unknown "sister"

aḫāzu [TAKE] V (16x) unknown "furnish; instigate; light; make (someone) hold; understand"

aḫê [SEPARATELY] AV (6x) unknown "separately"

aḫennâ [EACH BY IT] AV (3x) unknown "separately"

aḫḫāzu ['THE SEIZER' (A DEMON)] N (33x) unknown "'the seizer' (a demon)"

aḫītu [SIDE] N (13x) unknown "adverse sign; outskirts; side"

aḫû [STRANGE] AJ (21x) unknown "another (one); another; strange; stranger"

aḫu [ARM] N (131x) unknown "arm; bank; shore; side"

aḫu [BROTHER] N (41x) unknown "brother"

aḫulap [(IT IS) ENOUGH!] J (16x) unknown "(it is) enough!; have mercy on me!; plea"

aḫullâ [ON THE OTHER BANK] AV (2x) unknown "on the other bank"

aḫzu [TAKEN] AJ (2x) unknown "holding"

akālu [EAT] V (303x) unknown "be(come) given to eat; devour; eat regularly; eat; feed; have someone eat; hurt constantly; hurt; take"

akalu [BREAD] N (171x) unknown "a unit of capacity; bread; food; loaf"

akāšu [WALK] V (19x) unknown "be(come) driven away; drive away"

akkannu [WILD ASS] N (2x) unknown "onager stallion"

aktam [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (44x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

alādu [GIVE BIRTH (TO)] V (42x) unknown "be(come) born; delivery; give birth (to)"

alaktu [WAY] N (39x) unknown "course (of life); way"

alāku [GO] V (433x) unknown "accompany constantly; blow; come; flow about; flow constantly; flow; frequent; go away; go off; go repeatedly; go; going; keep coming; make someone become; make something become; prowl; roam (about); run; walk (about); walking (about)"

alallu [(A STONE)] N (5x) unknown "(a stone)"

alālu [HANG UP] V (26x) unknown "be(come) fixed at; hang down; hang up"

alālu [SING A JOYFUL SONG] V (6x) unknown "hail; rejoice triumphantly"

alālu [WORK SONG] N (15x) unknown "work song"

alamû [(AN AQUATIC PLANT)?] N (3x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

algamišu [(A KIND OF STONE)] N (5x) unknown "(a kind of stone)"

ālidu [ONE WHO BEGETS] N (7x) unknown "one who begets"

āliku [GOING] AJ (34x) unknown "burning; flowing; going; moving; one who goes"

alīlu [POWERFUL] AJ (6x) unknown "brave; powerful"

ālittu [ONE WHO GIVES BIRTH] N (4x) unknown "one who gives birth"

alītu [(A TYPE OF WOMAN)] N (23x) unknown "(a type of woman)"

allaku [ALWAYS MOVING] AJ (12x) unknown "always moving; walking"

allallu [POWERFUL] AJ (16x) unknown "brave; powerful"

allānu [OAK] N (2x) unknown "oak"

almattu [WIDOW] N (8x) unknown "widow"

alpu [BULL] N (12x) unknown "bull; ox"

alû [(AN EVIL DEMON)] N (24x) unknown "(an evil demon)"

ālu [RAM] N (2x) unknown "ram"

ālu [TOWN] N (127x) unknown "city; town"

amānu [(A REDDISH SALT)] N (20x) unknown "(a reddish salt)"

amaru [PILE OF BRICKS] N (3x) unknown "pile of bricks"

amāru [SEE] V (227x) unknown "appear; be(come) seen; be(come) visible; experience; keep appearing; look at; see repeatedly; see; seeing"

amātu [WORD] N (450x) unknown "command; matter; word"

amēlu [MAN] N (1229x) unknown "man"

amēlūtu [HUMANITY] N (198x) unknown "man; mankind"

amīlānu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (27x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

amīltu [WOMAN] N (2x) unknown "lady"

āmiru [THAT SEES] N (55x) unknown "one who sees"

ammatu [FOREARM] N (4x) unknown "a unit of length; forearm"

ammīni [WHY?] QP (25x) unknown "why?"

amru [SEEN] AJ (2x) unknown "seen"

amtu [MAID] N (5x) unknown "maid"

amû [SPEAK] V (28x) unknown "ponder; speak"

amurdinnu [BRAMBLE?] N (2x) unknown "(a fruit bush)"

amurru [AMURRU] N (17x) unknown "the west; west wind"

amuššu [(A BULBOUS VEGETABLE)] N (2x) unknown "(a bulbous vegetable)"

ana [TO] PRP (3533x) unknown "against; around; at; before; for; from; in; into; on account of; on; over; so that; through; to; with"

ana libbi [INTO] PRP (133x) unknown "into it; into; over it; over"

ana maḫar [BEFORE] PRP (284x) unknown "before"

ana muḫḫi [TO] PRP (200x) unknown "over it; over; upon"

ana pān [BEFORE] PRP (12x) unknown "before"

anāḫu [BE(COME TIRED)] V (8x) unknown "weary oneself"

anāku [I] IP (624x) unknown "I"

andaḫšu [(AN ALLIACEOUS PLANT)] N (12x) unknown "(an alliaceous plant)"

anduḫallatu [(A KIND OF) LIZARD] N (7x) unknown "(a kind of) lizard"

andullu [SHELTER] N (6x) unknown "protection"

andunānu [SUBSTITUTE] N (2x) unknown "substitute"

anḫu [TIRED] AJ (24x) unknown "tired (person); tired"

anḫullû [(A PLANT)] N (82x) unknown "(a plant)"

anīḫu [TIRED] AJ (4x) unknown "tired"

anīnu [WE] IP (11x) unknown "we"

ankinūtu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

anna [YES] J (5x) unknown "yes"

annaku [TIN] N (42x) unknown "'tin stone'; tin"

annanna [NN] DP (357x) unknown "NN"

annu [(WORD OF) CONSENT] N (66x) unknown "approval"

annû [THIS] DP (675x) unknown "this (matter); this (woman); this"

annuḫaru [(A MINERAL)] N (26x) unknown "(a type of alum)"

anqullu [FEVERISH HEAT] N (2x) unknown "fiery glow"

antašubbû ['FALL OF HEAVENS'] N (16x) unknown "'fall of heavens'"

anuntu [FIGHT] N (6x) unknown "battle"

anūnu [FEAR] N (3x) unknown "fear"

anunūtu [(A PLANT)] N (4x) unknown "(a plant)"

anzaḫḫu [(A KIND OF GLASS)] N (21x) unknown "(a frit-like glass)"

apālu [PAY] V (22x) unknown "answer"

apāru [COVER THE HEAD] V (4x) unknown "cover the head"

apâtu [NUMEROUS] AJ (8x) unknown "teeming (people)"

āpilu [ANSWERER] N (7x) unknown "answerer"

apkallu [WISE MAN] N (106x) unknown "sage"

aplu [HEIR] N (22x) unknown "heir; son"

appāru [REED-BED] N (2x) unknown "marsh"

appu [NOSE] N (27x) unknown "nose; tip; top"

aprušu [(A PLANT)] N (7x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

apsû [(COSMIC) UNDERGROUND WATER] N (89x) unknown "(cosmic) underground water"

aptu [WINDOW] N (8x) unknown "window"

apû [BE(COME) VISIBLE] V (62x) unknown "make resplendent; proclaim"

apu [REED-BED] N (60x) unknown "reed marsh; reed-bed"

aqāru [BE(COME) RARE] V (11x) unknown "be(come) precious; esteem highly; high esteem"

aqû [WAIT (FOR)] V (2x) unknown "attend to"

arabû [(AN EDIBLE WATER-FOWL)] N (3x) unknown "(an edible water-fowl)"

arādu [GO DOWN] V (58x) unknown "bring down; come down; descend; descent; go down; let down; take down"

arāḫu [DEVOUR] V (23x) unknown "consume"

arāku [BE(COME) LONG] V (12x) unknown "be(come) long; be(come) protracted; last long; lengthen; prolongation"

arallû [NETHERWORLD] N (8x) unknown "netherworld"

arāmu [COVER] V (28x) unknown "cover"

arāqu [BE(COME) GREEN-YELLOW] V (17x) unknown "abhor; be(come) pale"

ararû [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

arāru [BE(COME) CONVULSED] V (8x) unknown "be(come) convulsed; flicker"

arāru [CURSE] V (8x) unknown "curse constantly; curse"

ardadillu [(A PLANT)] N (52x) unknown "(a plant)"

ardat-lilî [(A STORM DEMON)] N (26x) unknown "(a storm demon)"

ardatu [GIRL] N (51x) unknown "girl; young woman"

ardu [SLAVE] N (91x) unknown "servant"

argannu [(A CONIFER AND ITS RESIN)] N (6x) unknown "(an aromatic plant and its resin)"

arḫiš [QUICKLY] AV (38x) unknown "quickly"

arḫu [MONTH] N (54x) unknown "first day of month; month"

arḫussu [EVERY MONTH, MONTHLY] AV (2x) unknown "every month, monthly"

āridu [ONE WHO DESCENDS] N (2x) unknown "one who descends"

āriḫu [ONE WHO DESTROYS] N (2x) unknown "one who destroys"

ariḫu [(A PLANT)] N (4x) unknown "(a kind of milkweed)"

āriru [BLAZING] AJ (41x) unknown "blazing"

arītu [PREGNANT (WOMAN)] N (20x) unknown "pregnant (woman); pregnant"

arka [AFTERWARDS] AV (2x) unknown "afterwards"

arkatu [REAR] N (10x) unknown "back; circumstance; reverse"

arki [AFTER] PRP (191x) unknown "after; afterwards; behind"

arku [LONG] AJ (2x) unknown "long"

armannu [APRICOT? (TREE)] N (12x) unknown "apricot? (tree)"

armû [MALE GAZELLE] N (11x) unknown "young gazelle"

arnu [GUILT] N (98x) unknown "guilt; punishment; sin"

arqu [YELLOW] AJ (48x) unknown "fresh; green; greenery; lutescent; pale; sallow; yellow"

arrabu [DORMOUSE?] N (18x) unknown "(a type of mouse)"

arratu [CURSE] N (33x) unknown "curse"

arsuppu [CARP] N (2x) unknown "carp"

arsuppu [EINKORN] N (4x) unknown "(a cereal)"

aršu [DIRTY] AJ (14x) unknown "dirt; dirty thing"

artu [BRANCHES] N (40x) unknown "leaves"

âru [GO (UP TO)] V (24x) unknown "authorize; be(come) ruled; instruct; penetrate; send"

arû [BE(COME) PREGNANT] V (12x) unknown "be(come) pregnant; conceive; engender"

arû [LEAD] V (2x) unknown "lead away"

arû [VOMIT] V (23x) unknown "keep vomiting; retch; vomit"

arû [LEAD] V (15x) unknown "keep guiding; lead away; lead; take"

arurtu [FAMINE] N (8x) unknown "trembling"

arūtu [(CLAY) PIPE] N (3x) unknown "drinking pipe"

arzallu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a stone)"

asakku [(AN EVIL DEMON)] N (20x) unknown "(an evil demon)"

asḫar [(A KIND OF STONE)] N (9x) unknown "(a kind of stone)"

asīdu [HEEL] N (8x) unknown "heel"

askuppu [(THRESHOLD) SLAB] N (35x) unknown "threshold"

asû [PHYSICIAN] N (4x) unknown "physician"

asu [MYRTLE] N (17x) unknown "myrtle"

asurrû [LOWER COURSE] N (13x) unknown "lower course (of a wall); sewer"

asûtu [PROFESSION OF PHYSICIAN] N (3x) unknown "art of the physician"

āṣû [GOING OUT] AJ (2x) unknown "outgoing"

aṣû [GO OUT] V (139x) unknown "be(come) free; bring out; come out; coming out; emersion; escape; expel; go out; let go out; protrude; rising; take out"

[(A STONE, READING UNCERTAIN)] N (2x) unknown "(a stone, reading uncertain)"

[(DITTO)] J (4x) unknown "(ditto)"

ašābu [SIT (DOWN)] V (33x) unknown "have someone dwell; make someone sit; place; sit (down); sitting (down)"

ašāgu [CAMELTHORN] N (42x) unknown "camelthorn"

ašamšūtu [DUST STORM] N (2x) unknown "dust storm"

ašarēdu [FIRST AND FOREMOST] AJ (27x) unknown "foremost; leader"

ašāru [SINK DOWN] V (30x) unknown "be(come) brought out; release; set free"

ašāšu [BE(COME) DISTRESSED] V (17x) unknown "be(come) distressed; be(come) increasingly depressed; be(come) increasingly upset"

ašāšu [CATCH] V (2x) unknown "engulf"

ašbu [INHABITED] AJ (50x) unknown "inhabited; resident; sitting"

ašgigû [ARSENIC] N (18x) unknown "(a green stone); arsenic"

āšibu [SITTING] AJ (15x) unknown "dwelling; inhabitant"

āšiptu [SORCERESS] N (9x) unknown "(female) exorcist; sorceress"

āšipu [SORCERER] N (20x) unknown "exorcist"

āšipūtu [EXORCISM] N (29x) unknown "exorcism"

āširu [INSPECTOR] N (6x) unknown "supervisor"

ašlāku [WASHERMAN] N (15x) unknown "fuller"

ašlu [RUSH] N (10x) unknown "rope; rush"

ašnan [GRAIN] N (5x) unknown "grain"

ašnugallu [ALABASTER] N (42x) unknown "alabaster (bead); alabaster"

ašpû [JASPER] N (30x) unknown "(a chalcedony)"

ašqulālu [(A MARINE PLANT)] N (22x) unknown "(a marine plant)"

ašru [PLACE] N (68x) unknown "place; where"

aššatu [WIFE] N (3x) unknown "wife"

aššum [BECAUSE (OF)] PRP (98x) unknown "because (of)"

ašṭu [STIFF] AJ (7x) unknown "obstinate (one); tough"

ašû [(A DISEASE OF THE HEAD)] N (6x) unknown "(a disease of the head)"

âšu [RETCH] V (13x) unknown "keep retching; retch"

ašūḫu [PINE-TREE] N (7x) unknown "pine-tree"

ašuštu [AFFLICTION] N (18x) unknown "affliction; depression; tribulation"

atāʾišu [(A PLANT)] N (156x) unknown "(a plant)"

atānu [SHE-ASS] N (20x) unknown "she-ass"

atappu [(SMALL) CANAL] N (23x) unknown "(small) canal; channel"

atartu [(A TYPE OF GRASS)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

atāru [BE(COME) OUTSIZE] V (7x) unknown "be(come) excessive; extol; make excel"

atbāru [BASALT] N (27x) unknown "basalt"

atmanu [CELLA] N (5x) unknown "temple"

atmu [HATCHLING] N (10x) unknown "hatchling; spawn; tadpole"

atmû [SPEECH] N (46x) unknown "speech"

atru [HUGE] AJ (2x) unknown "excellent"

attā [YOU] IP (354x) unknown "you"

attalû [ECLIPSE] N (9x) unknown "eclipse"

attamannu [WHOEVER YOU ARE] XP (26x) unknown "whoever you are"

attī [YOU (F.)] IP (116x) unknown "you (f.)"

attimannu [WHOEVER YOU ARE] XP (59x) unknown "whoever you are"

attū- [BELONGING TO] PP (16x) unknown "mine; yours (f. pl.)"

attunu [YOU (PL.)] IP (62x) unknown "you (pl.)"

atû [GATEKEEPER] N (2x) unknown "gatekeeper"

atūdu [WILD SHEEP] N (2x) unknown "ram"

ay [ALAS!] J (21x) unknown "alas!"

ay [NOT] MOD (356x) unknown "not"

ayabba [SEA] N (15x) unknown "sea"

ayīlu [BOND] N (3x) unknown "bond"

ayyābu [ENEMY] N (63x) unknown "enemy; hostile"

ayyalu [STAG] N (16x) unknown "stag"

ayyartu [WHITE CORAL?] N (36x) unknown "(a shell)"

ayyaru [FLOWER] N (6x) unknown "flower"

ayyumma [ANY] XP (7x) unknown "any; anyone"

azallû [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (50x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

azugallatu [CHIEF PHYSICIAN] N (2x) unknown "chief physician"

azupīru [SAFFRON] N (27x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

azupuru [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"


bāʾertu [HUNTRESS] N (19x) unknown "huntress"

bâʾu [GO ALONG] V (44x) unknown "go along; move past; pass; sweep over"

baʾūlātu [PEOPLE] N (7x) unknown "people"

bābilu [ONE WHO BRINGS] N (7x) unknown "one who brings"

bābu [GATE] N (228x) unknown "door; doorway; entrance; gate; opening"

baḫru [BOILING HOT] AJ (6x) unknown "boiling hot"

baḫû [BE(COME) THIN] V (4x) unknown "be(come) thin"

bakû [WEEP] V (6x) unknown "cry; wail repeatedly"

balālu [MIX (UP)] V (156x) unknown "mix (up); mix with each other"

balāṭu [LIVE] V (622x) unknown "curing; healing; keep alive; keeping alive; life; live; recover; recovery; revival; revive"

ballu [MIXED] AJ (25x) unknown "mixed"

ballukku [(A TREE)] N (13x) unknown "(an aromatic plant or tree)"

ballūṣītu [(A BIRD)] N (2x) unknown "(a bird)"

baltu [(A SPINY PLANT)] N (38x) unknown "(a spiny plant)"

balṭu [LIVING] AJ (97x) unknown "alive; fresh; living person; living woman"

balu [WITHOUT] PRP (144x) unknown "without"

baluḫḫu [(AN AROMATIC PLANT)] N (25x) unknown "(an aromatic plant)"

bamātu [OPEN COUNTRY] N (4x) unknown "plain"

bāmtu [RIBCAGE] N (2x) unknown "chest"

bāntu [MOTHER] N (2x) unknown "mother"

banû [BE(COME) GOOD] V (8x) unknown "adorn; kind treatment"

banû [CREATE] V (106x) unknown "be(come) created; be(come) formed; create; fashion; form; grow"

banû [GOOD] AJ (10x) unknown "favourable; good thing"

bānû [CREATOR] N (53x) unknown "creator; creatrix"

bappiru [BEER BREAD] N (10x) unknown "beer bread"

barāmu [SEAL (UP)] V (20x) unknown "seal (up)"

barāqu [LIGHTEN] V (2x) unknown "flash"

barāri [AT DUSK] AV (3x) unknown "at dusk"

barārītu [DUSK] N (6x) unknown "evening watch"

barāru [FLICKER] V (2x) unknown "flicker"

barbaru [WOLF] N (3x) unknown "wolf"

barīrātu [SAGAPENUM] N (10x) unknown "sagapenum"

bārītu [FEMALE DIVINER] N (1x) unknown "female diviner"

barmu [MULTICOLOURED] AJ (2x) unknown "multicoloured"

bārtu [REVOLT] N (77x) unknown "rebellion"

bārû [DIVINER] N (40x) unknown "diviner"

barû [SEE] V (28x) unknown "behold; collate; make someone see something; perform divination; watch over"

barû [SEEN] AJ (61x) unknown "collated"

bâru [APPEAR] V (4x) unknown "appear"

bâru [CATCH] V (19x) unknown "catch"

barumtu [COLOURED WOOL] N (2x) unknown "coloured wool"

bārûtu [WORK, LORE OF THE DIVINER] N (10x) unknown "divination"

baṣāru [TEAR OFF] V (9x) unknown "tear apart; tear off"

bašālu [BE(COME) COOKED] V (38x) unknown "boil; burn (to ashes); cook"

bašlu [COOKED] AJ (2x) unknown "boiling"

bāštu [DIGNITY] N (25x) unknown "bearing; dignity; pride; vigour"

bâšu [BE(COME) ASHAMED] V (8x) unknown "come to shame"

bašû [EXIST] V (100x) unknown "befall; bringing into being; exist; existence; find; happen regularly; occur; produce"

bašû [EXISTING] AJ (89x) unknown "existing"

batāqu [CUT OFF] V (45x) unknown "be(come) cut off; breach; cut off; tear off"

bâtu [SPEND THE NIGHT] V (92x) unknown "let stand overnight; stand overnight"

bayyārtu [HUNTRESS] N (8x) unknown "huntress"

beʾēšu [STIR] V (6x) unknown "stir"

bēl amāti [MALE LITIGANT] N (65x) unknown "male litigant"

bēl dabābi [MALE ADVERSARY] N (42x) unknown "male adversary"

bēl dīni [MALE ACCUSER] N (20x) unknown "male accuser"

bēl egerrî [MALE SLANDERER] N (2x) unknown "male slanderer"

bēl ikki [ILL-TEMPERED MAN] N (17x) unknown "furious male"

bēl lemutti [MALE ADVERSARY] N (24x) unknown "male adversary"

bēl rīdi [MALE PERSECUTOR] N (14x) unknown "male persecutor"

bēl ṣerri [MALE ENEMY] N (19x) unknown "male enemy"

bēl tidūki [MALE OPPONENT] N (4x) unknown "male opponent"

bēlet amāti [FEMALE LITIGANT] N (3x) unknown "female litigant"

bēlet dabābi [FEMALE ADVERSARY] N (8x) unknown "female adversary"

bēlet dīni [FEMALE ACCUSER] N (2x) unknown "female accuser"

bēlet egerrî [FEMALE SLANDERER] N (2x) unknown "female slanderer"

bēlet ikki [ILL-TEMPERED WOMAN] N (6x) unknown "furious female"

bēlet lemutti [FEMALE ADVERSARY] N (2x) unknown "female adversary"

bēlet rīdi [FEMALE PERSECUTOR] N (4x) unknown "female persecutor"

bēlet ṣerri [FEMALE ENEMY] N (6x) unknown "female enemy"

bēlet tidūki [FEMALE OPPONENT] N (4x) unknown "female opponent"

bēltu [LADY] N (237x) unknown "lady; mistress"

belû [BE(COME) EXTINGUISHED] V (47x) unknown "be(come) extinguished; expire; extinguish"

bēlu [LORD] N (751x) unknown "lord; owner"

bêlu [RULE (OVER)] V (2x) unknown "rule (over)"

bēlūtu [RULE] N (9x) unknown "lordship; rule"

bennu [EPILEPSY] N (19x) unknown "epilepsy"

berû [BE(COME) HUNGRY] V (3x) unknown "be(come) hungry"

bēru [DISTANT] AJ (2x) unknown "distant"

bēru [DOUBLE HOUR] N (48x) unknown "mile"

bêšu [GO AWAY] V (17x) unknown "depart"

bīʾu [OPENING] N (27x) unknown "sewage opening"

bibbulu [(DAY OF THE) NEW MOON] N (51x) unknown "(day of the) New Moon"

BÍL.LÁ [(MEANING UNKNOWN)] N (2x) unknown "(meaning unknown)"

billatu [MIXTURE] N (64x) unknown "(a dry substance used in the preparation of beer)"

billu [(A STONE)] N (8x) unknown "(a stone)"

biltu [LOAD] N (4x) unknown "burden"

binītu [CREATION] N (4x) unknown "limbs"

binna [GIVE!] V (2x) unknown "give!"

bintu [DAUGHTER] N (3x) unknown "daughter"

bīnu [TAMARISK] N (326x) unknown "tamarisk"

binûtu [CREATION] N (23x) unknown "creation; creature"

biri- [AMONG] PRP (15x) unknown "between"

birītu [FETTER] N (2x) unknown "clasp"

birītu [SPACE BETWEEN] N (55x) unknown "alley; between; space between"

birku [KNEE] N (64x) unknown "knee"

birratu [(A DISEASE OF THE EYES)] N (2x) unknown "(a disease of the eyes)"

birṣu [SHEEN] N (2x) unknown "glow"

bīru [DIVINATION] N (10x) unknown "divination; vision"

biṣṣūr-atāni [(A KIND OF COWRY SNAIL)] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of cowry snail)"

bišītu [INTELLIGENCE] N (5x) unknown "object"

bītānû [INNER] AJ (6x) unknown "inner"

bītu [HOUSE] N (330x) unknown "house; household; temple"

buʾʾû [LOOK FOR] V (45x) unknown "keep seeking out; look for"

bukānu [(WOODEN) PESTLE] N (5x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

bukru [SON] N (38x) unknown "son"

bullulu [SMEARED] AJ (2x) unknown "smeared"

bulṭu [LIFE] N (6x) unknown "prescription"

būlu [ANIMALS] N (15x) unknown "animals"

bunnannû [PHYSIOGNOMY] N (47x) unknown "(facial) features"

būnu [GOODNESS] N (2x) unknown "face"

buppānī- [FACE DOWN] AV (8x) unknown "face down; flat on the ground"

buqlu [MALT] N (6x) unknown "malt"

burāšu [(SPECIES OF) JUNIPER] N (247x) unknown "(species of) juniper"

BurDama [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

burku [KNEE] N (3x) unknown "lap"

burmāmu [(AN ANIMAL)] N (2x) unknown "porcupine?"

būrtu [CISTERN] N (14x) unknown "hole"

burû [(REED) MAT] N (8x) unknown "(reed) mat"

būru [CISTERN] N (14x) unknown "well"

burzigallu [BIG PURSīTU VESSEL] N (25x) unknown "(a bowl)"

burzisallû [(A BOWL)] N (2x) unknown "(a bowl)"

bussuru [BRINGING A MESSAGE] AJ (4x) unknown "announcing"

būšānu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

būšu [GOODS] N (4x) unknown "goods"

buṭumtu [TEREBINTH] N (2x) unknown "terebinth fruit"


daʾāmu [BE(COME) DARK] V (6x) unknown "be(come) dark; make dull"

daʾāpu [PUSH (AWAY)] V (16x) unknown "press; push (away)"

dāʾiku [KILLER] N (17x) unknown "killer; murderer; murderess"

dāʾinu [ONE WHO JUDGES] N (17x) unknown "one who judges"

dababtu [TALK] N (8x) unknown "speech"

dabābu [SPEAK] V (117x) unknown "be(come) talked about constantly; have someone speak; slander; speak constantly; speak; speaking"

dabābu [TALK] N (132x) unknown "speech; talk"

dabbibu [SLANDERER] N (5x) unknown "slanderous"

dābibu [(LEGAL) ADVOCATE?] N (21x) unknown "one who speaks"

dadānu [(A SPINY PLANT)] N (10x) unknown "(a spiny plant)"

dâdānū [TENDON OF THE NECK] N (6x) unknown "neck muscles"

dadmū [VILLAGES] N (8x) unknown "dwellings"

dādu [SEXUAL ATTRACTIVENESS] N (3x) unknown "sexual attractiveness"

dagālu [SEE] V (9x) unknown "look at; see"

dāgilu [ONE WHO SEES] N (4x) unknown "seeing; soothsayer"

dakāku [CRUSH] V (2x) unknown "grind up"

dâku [KILL] V (35x) unknown "beat; defeat; kill; killing"

dalāḫu [DISTURB] V (29x) unknown "be(come) constantly perturbed; be(come) constantly troubled; disturb"

dalālu [PRAISE] V (134x) unknown "praise"

dalḫu [TROUBLED] AJ (17x) unknown "disorder; disturbance; disturbed; disturbing; obscure"

dalīlu [PRAISE] N (149x) unknown "glory"

dalpu [SLEEPLESS] AJ (7x) unknown "restless (person); sleepless"

daltu [DOOR] N (64x) unknown "door"

damāqu [BE(COME) GOOD] V (24x) unknown "(something) made pleasant; be(come) good; benevolence; goodness; prosper"

dāmātu [(A RED PASTE)] N (2x) unknown "(a red paste)"

damqu [GOOD] AJ (106x) unknown "effective; fine; good fortune; good thing; good"

dāmû [CONVULSIVE?] AJ (3x) unknown "in convulsions"

dāmu [BLOOD] N (69x) unknown "'blood stone'; blood; resin"

danānu [BE(COME) STRONG] V (14x) unknown "be(come) strong; strengthen"

dandannu [ALL-POWERFUL] AJ (4x) unknown "all-powerful"

dannatu [FORTIFIED (PLACE)] N (15x) unknown "distress; hardship"

dannu [STRONG] AJ (97x) unknown "massive; mighty (one); mighty; powerful; severe; strong (one); strong"

dânu [JUDGE] V (132x) unknown "administer justice; administering justice; judge; judging"

dāriš [FOR EVER] AV (7x) unknown "for ever"

dārītu [PERPETUITY] N (2x) unknown "ever"

dāṣu [UNJUSTLY TREATED] AJ (4x) unknown "unjustly treated"

dašpu [(HONEY-)SWEET] AJ (2x) unknown "(honey-)sweet"

dayyālītu [PROWLING] N (5x) unknown "prowling"

dayyāntu [JUDGE] N (2x) unknown "judge"

dayyānu [JUDGE] N (169x) unknown "judge"

dekû [RAISE] V (2x) unknown "stir (up)"

dēšû [ABUNDANT] AJ (2x) unknown "flourishing"

dešû [SPROUT] V (6x) unknown "let flourish"

diʾu [(A DISEASE AFFECTING THE HEAD)] N (29x) unknown "(a disease affecting the head)"

dibalû [DISTORTION OF JUSTICE] N (82x) unknown "'distortion-of-justice' magic"

dibbu [WORDS] N (15x) unknown "words"

DÍDA.GU.LA ['LARGE' BEERWORT] N (4x) unknown "'large' beerwort"

diglu [VISION] N (8x) unknown "eyesight"

dikšu [BULGE] N (8x) unknown "bulge"

diliptu [SLEEPLESSNESS] N (21x) unknown "sleeplessness"

dimītu [CONVULSIONS] N (4x) unknown "convulsions"

dimmakurrû [CONFUSION] N (17x) unknown "confusion"

dimtu [TEAR] N (2x) unknown "tear"

dimtu [TOWER] N (2x) unknown "tower"

dinānu [SUBSTITUTION] N (8x) unknown "as substitute; replacement"

dīnu [LEGAL DECISION] N (343x) unknown "(legal) case; judge; legal decision"

dipāru [TORCH] N (35x) unknown "torch"

diqāru [LARGE BOWL] N (32x) unknown "pot"

dišpu [HONEY] N (93x) unknown "honey; syrup"

dīšu [(SPRING) GROWTH] N (2x) unknown "(spring) growth"

DÙ.DÙ.BI [RITUAL (INSTRUCTIONS)] N (178x) unknown "ritual (instructions)"

dubbubtu [(TROUBLESOME) NEGOTIATION(S)] N (4x) unknown "trouble"

dukkumu [WORN DOWN] AJ (2x) unknown "worn down"

dulluḫu [VERY DISTURBED] AJ (2x) unknown "very disturbed"

dummû [CONVULSED] AJ (2x) unknown "convulsed"

dumqu [GOODNESS] N (49x) unknown "favourable (one); good (thing); good fortune; goodness"

dunnānu [STRONG ONE?] N (11x) unknown "strong one?"

dunnu [POWER] N (3x) unknown "strength"

duppuru [MOVE AWAY] V (26x) unknown "flee; move away; remove; withdraw"

dūru [(CITY) WALL] N (33x) unknown "(city) wall"

dušmû [SLAVE BORN IN THE HOUSE] N (3x) unknown "servant"

dušû [QUARTZ] N (4x) unknown "steatite"

dūtu [VIRILITY] N (6x) unknown "virility"


ē [(AN INTERJECTION)] J (43x) unknown "(an interjection)"

eʾiltu [BOND] N (18x) unknown "bond; guilt; sin"

ebbiru [PACING] AJ (11x) unknown "crossing"

ebbiš [IN A STATE OF (RITUAL) CLEANLINESS] AV (9x) unknown "in a shining manner"

ebbu [BRIGHT] AJ (54x) unknown "bright; clean; clear; pure"

ebēbu [BE(COME) BRIGHT] V (78x) unknown "be(come) bright; be(come) clean; be(come) pure; purify"

ebēru [CROSS OVER] V (27x) unknown "bring across; cross over"

ebēṭu [SWELL UP] V (14x) unknown "be(come) constantly swollen; be(come) continually bloated; make swollen"

ebṭu [SWOLLEN] AJ (2x) unknown "bloated"

eddēšû [CONSTANTLY SELF-RENEWING] AJ (23x) unknown "constantly self-renewing"

edēḫu [COVER WITH PATCHES] V (2x) unknown "decorate"

edēlu [SHUT] V (12x) unknown "be(come) locked; bolt"

edēru [EMBRACE] V (2x) unknown "embrace (one another)"

ēdilu [ONE WHO LOCKS] N (1x) unknown "one who locks"

ēdiš [ALONE] AV (4x) unknown "alone"

edlu [SHUT] AJ (5x) unknown "locked"

edû [FLOOD] N (12x) unknown "wave"

edû [KNOW] V (294x) unknown "identify; know; knowing; knowledge"

ēdu [SINGLE] AJ (52x) unknown "(a medicinal plant); free-standing"

egalkurrû [RITUAL FOR ENTERING PALACE] N (4x) unknown "ritual for entering palace"

egemgiru [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (3x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

egerrû [UTTERANCE] N (45x) unknown "reputation; slander; utterance"

egēru [LIE (TRANSVERSELY) ACROSS] V (20x) unknown "be(come) thwarted; cross over each other; twist"

egītu [NEGLIGENCE] N (2x) unknown "negligence"

egizangû [(AN ORNAMENTAL STONE)] N (29x) unknown "(an ornamental stone)"

ēgû [ONE WHO OVERLOOKS] N (5x) unknown "one who overlooks"

egubbû [HOLY WATER VESSEL] N (87x) unknown "holy water vessel"

egûtu [NEGLIGENCE] N (2x) unknown "negligence"

ēkâ [WHERE?] QP (5x) unknown "where?; whither?"

ēkallu [PALACE] N (84x) unknown "palace"

ekdu [WILD] AJ (5x) unknown "fierce (enemy)"

ekēku [SCRATCH] V (6x) unknown "itch; scratch constantly"

ekēmu [TAKE AWAY] V (10x) unknown "take away"

ēkīam [WHERE?] QP (18x) unknown "where?; whither?"

ekkēmu [ROBBER] N (3x) unknown "robber"

eklētu [DARKNESS] N (34x) unknown "darkness"

ekūtu [ORPHAN] N (7x) unknown "orphan"

elēḫu [STREW] V (10x) unknown "decorate; scatter"

elēlu [BE(COME) PURE] V (121x) unknown "be(come) pure; be(come) purified; purify oneself; purify"

elēlu [CHEERFUL SONG] N (6x) unknown "cheerful song"

elēnītu [SUPERIOR ONE] N (71x) unknown "mendacious one"

elēnu [ABOVE] AV (5x) unknown "above"

eleppu [SHIP] N (5x) unknown "ship"

elēpu [SPROUT] V (2x) unknown "sprout"

eli [ON] PRP (284x) unknown "about; above; against; at; by; for; from; on to; on; over; to; upon; with"

eliš [ABOVE] AV (13x) unknown "above"

elītu [THAT WHICH IS ABOVE] N (44x) unknown "upper world"

elkulla [(A MEDICINAL PLANT OR PLANTS)] N (98x) unknown "(a medicinal plant or plants)"

ella-mê [PURE IN DIVINE POWERS] N (8x) unknown "'Pure Powers'"

ellu [PURE] AJ (410x) unknown "clean (person); clean; pure (one); pure"

ellu [SESAME OIL] N (2x) unknown "sesame oil"

ellūtu [PURITY] N (2x) unknown "purity"

elû [GO UP] V (123x) unknown "arise; come up; emerge; emersion; go up; keep heaving; raise; remove; rise steadily; rise up; rise; surge; take out; take up; utterance"

elû [UPPER] AJ (4x) unknown "upper"

ēm [WHEREVER] XP (57x) unknown "whatever; when; whenever; wherever; wherever"

emdu [IMPOSED] AJ (13x) unknown "imposed; pressed?"

emēdu [LEAN ON] V (19x) unknown "impose; load; mix"

emēmu [BE(COME) HOT] V (14x) unknown "be(come) constantly hot; be(come) hot"

emēqu [BE(COME) WISE] V (7x) unknown "pray devoutly; pray fervently"

emēru [SWELL] V (2x) unknown "be(come) swollen"

emesallu [(DESIGNATION OF SALT)] N (26x) unknown "(a type of salt)"

emmu [HOT] AJ (27x) unknown "hot"

emqu [WISE] AJ (3x) unknown "wise"

emšu [LOWER BODY, ABDOMEN] N (2x) unknown "lower body, abdomen"

emû [BECOME] AJ (5x) unknown "become"

emūqu [STRENGTH] N (17x) unknown "strength"

enenna [NOW] AV (40x) unknown "now"

enēnu [PUNISH] V (3x) unknown "punish"

enēšu [BE(COME) WEAK] V (34x) unknown "be(come) weak; weaken"

engisû [(A STONE)] N (30x) unknown "(a stone)"

enīta [IN CHANGED ORDER] AV (2x) unknown "wrongly"

ennēnu [(A KIND OF CEREAL)] N (6x) unknown "(a kind of cereal); (a type of barley)"

ennettu [SIN] N (6x) unknown "sin"

ensû [DREAM INTERPRETER] N (1x) unknown "dream interpreter"

enšu [WEAK] AJ (11x) unknown "weak (person)"

entu [HIGH PRIESTESS] N (6x) unknown "high priestess"

ēnû [SUBSTITUTE] N (7x) unknown "female substitute"

enû [CHANGE] V (86x) unknown "be(come) altered; change over into something else; change; change; replace"

enû [OVERTURNED] AJ (5x) unknown "changed"

enzu [GOAT] N (16x) unknown "goat; she-goat"

eperu [EARTH] N (92x) unknown "dirt; dust; earth; mud"

epēšu [DO] V (1391x) unknown "be(come) bewitched; be(come) done; be(come) made; be(come) performed (witchcraft); be(come) performed; bewitch; cause to perform; celebrate; commit; constantly perform (witchcraft); do; doing; have something done; have something made; keep performing (witchcraft); keep performing; make; perform (magic); perform (witchcraft); perform constantly; perform; performance; ritual"

epinnu [(SEED) PLOUGH] N (8x) unknown "(seed) plough"

epištu [DEED] N (81x) unknown "action; deed; sorcery"

ēpištu [SORCERESS] N (271x) unknown "she who acts; sorceress"

ēpišu [DOER] N (227x) unknown "doer; performer; sorcerer; that causes"

epšu [MADE] AJ (162x) unknown "ill-treated; made; performed"

epû [BAKE] V (2x) unknown "shut up"

eqbu [HEEL] N (2x) unknown "heel"

eqlu [FIELD] N (6x) unknown "field"

eqû [ANOINT] V (13x) unknown "anoint oneself; apply; rub repeatedly"

erbe [FOUR] NU (50x) unknown "four"

erbēšer [FOURTEEN] NU (1x) unknown "fourteen"

erbēšerīšu [FOURTEEN TIMES] AV (3x) unknown "fourteen times"

ereb šamši [WEST] N (37x) unknown "sunset; west"

erēbu [ENTER] V (130x) unknown "bring in; enter constantly; enter; entering; entrance; insert"

erēbu [ROOK] N (17x) unknown "crow; raven"

erēnu [CEDAR] N (164x) unknown "cedar"

erēpu [CLOUD OVER] V (2x) unknown "be(come) constantly gloomy"

ereqqu [CART] N (2x) unknown "wagon"

erēru [BE(COME) PARCHED] V (15x) unknown "parch"

erēšu [REQUEST] V (3x) unknown "desire"

erēšu [SOW] V (4x) unknown "cultivate; plant"

ēribu [ENTERING] AJ (2x) unknown "incoming"

erimmatu [(EGG-SHAPED) BEAD] N (2x) unknown "(egg-shaped) bead"

erimmu [(A RED BERRY)] N (2x) unknown "(a fruit)"

ernettu [TRIUMPH] N (12x) unknown "desire"

ernīnu [(A DRUG)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

erpetu [CLOUD] N (2x) unknown "cloud"

errû [COLOCYNTH?] N (27x) unknown "colocynth?"

erru [INTESTINE(S)] N (5x) unknown "bowel(s); gut"

erṣetu [EARTH] N (342x) unknown "earth; ground; netherworld"

eršaḫungû [(AN EMESAL CULTIC PRAYER)] N (2x) unknown "(a lamentation to soothe the heart)"

eršu [BED] N (71x) unknown "bed"

eršu [WISE] AJ (4x) unknown "wise"

ēru [(A TREE)] N (69x) unknown "(a tree); (a type of wood)"

ēru [AWAKE] AJ (7x) unknown "awake; wakeful"

erû [COPPER] N (39x) unknown "'copper stone'; copper"

erû [EAGLE] N (11x) unknown "eagle"

esēpu [GATHER TOGETHER] V (7x) unknown "collect up; gather together"

esēru [ENCLOSE] V (2x) unknown "enclose"

eṣēdu [HARVEST] V (3x) unknown "harvest"

eṣēlu [PARALYSE] V (23x) unknown "be(come) more and more immobilized; become paralysed; immobilize; paralyse"

eṣemtu [BONE] N (16x) unknown "bone"

eṣenṣēru [BACKBONE] N (12x) unknown "back; spine"

eṣēnu [SMELL] V (9x) unknown "smell"

eṣēru [DRAW] V (40x) unknown "draw"

ešer [TEN] NU (9x) unknown "ten"

ešertu [CHAPEL] N (6x) unknown "sanctuary; shrine"

ešēru [BE(COME) STRAIGHT] V (183x) unknown "be(come) acquitted; be(come) cared for; be(come) favourable; be(come) guided aright; be(come) successful; be(come) well; cause to go well; causing to give birth successfully; causing to go well; give birth easily; go straight; go well; guide aright; have a bowel movement; keep in order; make go straight; prosper; put in order; set aright; set in order"

ešītu [CONFUSION] N (12x) unknown "confusion"

ešmarû [(A SILVER ALLOY)] N (3x) unknown "(a silver alloy)"

ešrû [20TH DAY (OF MONTH)] N (5x) unknown "20th day (of month)"

ešru [STRAIGHT] AJ (4x) unknown "just"

eššebû [(AN ECSTATIC)] N (18x) unknown "ecstatic"

eššebûtu [ECSTATIC POWER] N (1x) unknown "ecstatic power"

eššebūtu [(A FEMALE ECSTATIC)] N (20x) unknown "(a female ecstatic)"

eššu [NEW] AJ (12x) unknown "new"

ešû [CONFUSED] AJ (13x) unknown "confused"

etelliš [AS A LORD] AV (13x) unknown "lordly"

etellu [PRE-EMINENT] AJ (5x) unknown "prince; supreme"

eteppušu [CONSTANTLY PERFORMED] AJ (2x) unknown "constantly performed"

etēqu [GO PAST] V (66x) unknown "cross over; go past; going past; make pass by; making pass by; pass by"

etguru [CROSSED OVER] AJ (8x) unknown "crisscrossed; cross; intertwined"

ētiqu [PASSER-BY] N (10x) unknown "passer-by"

etlupu [BOUND CROSS-WISE] AJ (2x) unknown "cross?"

etqu [LUMP] N (15x) unknown "clump"

ettūtu [SPIDER] N (9x) unknown "spider"

eṭemmu [GHOST] N (140x) unknown "ghost"

eṭēru [TAKE AWAY] V (31x) unknown "save; saving"

ēṭiru [SAVIOUR] N (8x) unknown "saviour"

eṭlu [YOUNG MAN] N (66x) unknown "young man"

eṭru [TAKEN AWAY] AJ (9x) unknown "saved; taken away"

eṭṭēru [ESCAPER] N (4x) unknown "deserter"

eṭû [BE(COME) DARK] V (8x) unknown "be(come) constantly somber; be(come) darkened; darken"

eṭû [DARK] AJ (4x) unknown "dark"

eṭûtu [DARKNESS] N (2x) unknown "darkness"

ezēbu [LEAVE] V (12x) unknown "leave; rescue; saving"

ezziš [FURIOUSLY] AV (6x) unknown "furiously"

ezzu [FURIOUS] AJ (100x) unknown "fierce; furious; raging"


gabarû [COPY] N (35x) unknown "copy"

gabbu [THE TOTALITY] N (8x) unknown "all (of)"

gabû [ALUM] N (39x) unknown "alum"

galātu [TREMBLE] V (12x) unknown "be(come) constantly frightened; be(come) frightened"

gallābu [BARBER] N (3x) unknown "shearer"

gallābūtu [FUNCTION OF BARBER] N (2x) unknown "function of barber"

gallû [(A DEMON)] N (33x) unknown "(a demon)"

galtu [FEARFUL] AJ (2x) unknown "frightened"

gamālu [DO A FAVOUR] V (25x) unknown "do a favour; rescue; spare"

gamāru [BRING TO CONCLUSION] V (10x) unknown "collect; finalize; finish; supply in full"

gāmilu [MERCIFUL] AJ (5x) unknown "one who spares"

gāmiru [ONE WHO RENDERS] N (2x) unknown "one who renders"

gamlu [BENT STICK] N (24x) unknown "curved staff"

GAN.U₅ [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (42x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

gapšu [ARISEN] AJ (15x) unknown "numerous; proud"

garunnu [(SMALL CULTIC VESSEL)] N (2x) unknown "(small cultic vessel)"

gaṣṣu [CRUEL] AJ (6x) unknown "cruel"

gaṣṣu [GYPSUM] N (63x) unknown "gypsum"

gašāru [BE(COME) STRONG] V (2x) unknown "be(come) strong"

gašīšu [STAKE] N (1x) unknown "stake"

gašru [VERY STRONG] AJ (37x) unknown "powerful; strong (one); very strong"

gâšu [VOMIT] V (2x) unknown "vomit"

gattu [FORM] N (16x) unknown "form"

gazāzu [SHEAR] V (2x) unknown "be(come) shorn"

gērû [OPPONENT] N (7x) unknown "enemy; opponent"

gerû [BE(COME) HOSTILE TO] V (16x) unknown "attack; be(come) constantly hostile to; be(come) hostile to"

GI.MEŠ [(READING UNCERTAIN)] N (1x) unknown "face?"

GI.ZÚ.LUM.MA [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (8x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

gilittu [TERROR] N (20x) unknown "terror"

gillatu [SIN] N (19x) unknown "crime; error; misdeed; sin"

gimillu [REQUITAL] N (25x) unknown "favour; friendly deed; vengeance"

gimratu [TOTALITY] N (3x) unknown "totality"

gimru [TOTALITY] N (22x) unknown "all; entirety; totality; whole"

ginâ [CONSTANTLY] AV (17x) unknown "always; regularly"

ginû [CHILD] N (2x) unknown "son"

girimḫilibû [(A PRECIOUS STONE)] N (3x) unknown "(a precious stone)"

gisallû [EAVES] N (2x) unknown "roof railing"

gišallu [BOAT-POLE] N (5x) unknown "oar"

gišimmaru [DATE PALM] N (44x) unknown "date palm"

gišparru [TRAP] N (23x) unknown "trap"

gišrinnu [SCALES] N (11x) unknown "scales"

gitmālu [PERFECT] AJ (44x) unknown "perfect"

gizillû [TORCH] N (96x) unknown "torch"

gugallu [IRRIGATION CONTROLLER] N (3x) unknown "irrigation controller"

guḫaššu [WIRE] N (2x) unknown "wire"

guḫḫu [COUGH(ING)] N (2x) unknown "cough(ing)"

guḫlu [KOHL] N (2x) unknown "kohl"

guḫšû [(A REED ALTAR)] N (4x) unknown "reed altar"

gulbūtu [(A KIND OF CEREAL)] N (3x) unknown "(a kind of legume)"

gulgullu [SKULL] N (28x) unknown "skull"

gumānu [(PART OF A PLANT)?] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

guzalû [CHAIR-CARRIER] N (10x) unknown "throne bearer"

ḫāʾiru [HUSBAND] N (5x) unknown "husband"

ḫāʾiṭu [WATCHER] N (5x) unknown "one who supervises; watchman"

ḫabālu [DO WRONG] V (26x) unknown "be(come) harmed; be(come) wronged; harm; harming"

ḫabāšu [CRUSH] V (7x) unknown "smash"

ḫabbātu [PLUNDERER] N (5x) unknown "plunderer"

ḫabbūru [SPROUT] N (36x) unknown "shoot; sprout"

ḫabībū [HAPPY HUBBUB] N (3x) unknown "happy hubbub"

ḫābiltu [FEMALE CRIMINAL] N (2x) unknown "female criminal"

ḫābilu [CRIMINAL] N (18x) unknown "criminal; evildoer"

ḫablu [WRONGED (PERSON)] N (28x) unknown "wronged (person); wronged woman"

ḫabtu [ROBBED] AJ (10x) unknown "taken captive"

ḫābu [(A DARK EARTH)] N (4x) unknown "(a dark earth)"

ḫabû [DRAW (WATER)] V (19x) unknown "draw (water)"

ḫadāqu [PRESS TOGETHER] V (4x) unknown "press together"

ḫadîš [HAPPILY] AV (6x) unknown "joyfully"

ḫadû [BE(COME) JOYFUL] V (23x) unknown "be(come) joyful"

ḫadû [JOY] N (7x) unknown "joy"

ḫadû [JOYFUL] AJ (4x) unknown "joyful; pleased"

ḫaḫḫu [(IRON) SPIKE] N (2x) unknown "(iron) spike"

ḫaḫḫu [PHLEGM] N (2x) unknown "phlegm"

ḫaḫû [SLAG] N (15x) unknown "slag"

ḫalāpu [SLIP INTO] V (14x) unknown "cloth oneself with; clothe oneself with; clothe someone with; slip into; slip through"

ḫalāqu [BE(COME) LOST] V (86x) unknown "annihilate; banish; be(come) repeatedly lost; clear away; destroy constantly; destroy; disappear; disappearance; flee; make disappear"

ḫalāšu [SCRAPE OFF] V (10x) unknown "scrape off; scratch off"

ḫallu [(UPPER) THIGH] N (2x) unknown "loins"

ḫallūru [PEAS] N (23x) unknown "peas"

ḫalpû [FROST] N (2x) unknown "frost"

ḫalqu [LOST] AJ (11x) unknown "lost (thing); missing; vanished"

ḫalṣu [COMBED] AJ (40x) unknown "filtered"

ḫaltu [(A STONE)] N (2x) unknown "(a stone)"

ḫâlu [MELT (AWAY)] V (50x) unknown "decompose; dissolve; exude"

ḫaluppu [(A TREE)] N (24x) unknown "(a tree)"

ḫamāmu [GATHER] V (7x) unknown "gathering"

ḫamāṭu [BURN (UP)] V (31x) unknown "burn (up); incinerate; inflame; make burn"

ḫamīmu [(AN AROMATIC PLANT) AMOMUM] N (2x) unknown "(an aromatic plant) Amomum"

ḫāmimu [(GRAIN) GATHERER] N (6x) unknown "one who collects; one who controls"

ḫamiš [FIVE] NU (8x) unknown "five"

ḫamiššeret [FIFTEEN] NU (1x) unknown "fifteen"

ḫāmiṭu [BURNER] N (4x) unknown "burner"

ḫamšā [FIFTY] NU (2x) unknown "fifty"

ḫamšīšu [FIVE TIMES] AV (2x) unknown "five times"

ḫamṭiš [QUICKLY] AV (14x) unknown "quickly"

ḫāmū [CHAFF] N (2x) unknown "rubbish"

ḫamû [PARALYSE] V (2x) unknown "paralyse"

ḫamû [PARALYSED] AJ (3x) unknown "paralysed"

ḫanāqu [PRESS, THROTTLE] V (2x) unknown "fasten"

ḫandû [REED PITH] N (2x) unknown "reed pith"

ḫandūru [SPUR?] N (2x) unknown "spur?"

ḫapāpu [BREAK UP] V (6x) unknown "shatter"

ḫâpu [CLEANSE] V (4x) unknown "purify"

ḪAR.ḪU.BA.ŠIR [(A STONE)] N (2x) unknown "(a stone)"

ḫarāṭu [FEED ON?] V (2x) unknown "feed on?"

ḫarbu [DESERTED] AJ (9x) unknown "deserted place; wasteland"

ḫargallu [LOCKING RING] N (11x) unknown "lock"

ḫarištu [WOMAN IN CONFINEMENT] N (2x) unknown "woman in confinement"

ḫarmunu [(A PLANT)] N (5x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

ḫarpu [EARLY] AJ (12x) unknown "early"

ḫarrānu [WAY] N (49x) unknown "path; road; way"

ḫarû [(A SANCTUARY)] N (2x) unknown "(a sanctuary)"

ḫâru [CHOOSE] V (19x) unknown "choose"

ḫasāsu [BE(COME) CONSCIOUS] V (5x) unknown "remembrance; understand"

ḫasīsu [EAR] N (13x) unknown "(sense of) hearing; wisdom"

ḫāsisu [ONE WHO HEEDS] N (11x) unknown "one who heeds"

ḫassu [CLEVER] AJ (2x) unknown "aware of"

ḫaṣānu [HUG] V (4x) unknown "embrace"

ḫaṣbu [BROKEN OFF] AJ (5x) unknown "broken"

ḫaṣbu [POTTERY] N (52x) unknown "(pot)sherd; cup; rind; shell"

ḫašālu [CRUSH] V (72x) unknown "crush"

ḫašḫu [DESIROUS] AJ (7x) unknown "desirous"

ḫašḫūrakku ['APPLE' BUSH] N (6x) unknown "'apple'-bush"

ḫašḫūru [APPLE (TREE)] N (66x) unknown "apple (tree)"

ḫašlu [CRUSHED] AJ (2x) unknown "groats"

ḫašmānu [(A COLOUR)] N (4x) unknown "(coloured wool)"

ḫaštu [(A KIND OF STONE)] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of stone)"

ḫašû [CRUSH] V (7x) unknown "chop"

ḫašû [LUNG(S)] N (20x) unknown "lung(s)"

ḫašû [THYME?] N (182x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

ḫašūru [(A KIND OF CYPRESS)] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of cypress)"

ḫašuttu [(A PLANT)] N (11x) unknown "(a plant)"

ḫātinu [PROTECTOR] N (3x) unknown "protector"

ḫātu [TERROR] N (13x) unknown "panic"

ḫatû [STRIKE DOWN] V (8x) unknown "afflict; strike down"

ḫaṭṭu [STICK] N (26x) unknown "(an illness); sceptre; stick; twig"

ḫaṭû [DEFECTIVE] AJ (17x) unknown "bad; defective"

ḫaṭû [DO WRONG] V (2x) unknown "sin"

ḫâṭu [SUPERVISE] V (7x) unknown "examine; seek out"

ḫayyattu [(PATHOLOGICAL) TERROR] N (21x) unknown "(pathological) terror"

ḫayyāṭītu [STALKER] N (13x) unknown "stalker"

ḫayyāṭu [SURVEYOR] N (2x) unknown "inspector"

ḫazallūnu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

ḫebû [DRAWN] AJ (4x) unknown "drawn"

ḫengallu [PLENTY] N (23x) unknown "abundance; plenty"

ḫepû [BREAK] V (83x) unknown "be(come) broken constantly; breach; break up repeatedly; break; smash"

ḫepû [BROKEN] AJ (3x) unknown "broken"

ḫerṣu [FRAGMENT] N (4x) unknown "cut (piece); piece"

ḫerû [DIG] V (6x) unknown "dig"

ḫesû [COVER UP] V (5x) unknown "hide"

ḫidûtu [JOY] N (11x) unknown "joy"

ḫilibû [(A STONE)] N (9x) unknown "(a stone)"

ḫīlū [LABOUR PAINS] N (4x) unknown "labour pains"

ḫīlu [EXUDATION] N (10x) unknown "resin"

ḫimētu [BUTTER] N (74x) unknown "ghee"

ḫimmatu [COLLECTED MATERIALS] N (9x) unknown "collected materials"

ḫimṣu [FATTY TISSUE] N (30x) unknown "caul fat"

ḫimṣu [TORN AWAY MATERIAL] N (2x) unknown "torn away material"

ḫimṭu [BURNING] N (3x) unknown "stroke"

ḫinqu [CONSTRICTION] N (9x) unknown "strangulation"

ḫīp libbi [DEPRESSION] N (44x) unknown "depression"

ḫīpu [BREAK] N (64x) unknown "break"

ḫīqu [MIXED] AJ (5x) unknown "diluted beer"

ḫirītu [DITCH] N (6x) unknown "ditch"

ḫīrtu [(EQUAL RANKING) WIFE] N (10x) unknown "(equal ranking) wife"

ḫīru [CHOSEN] AJ (12x) unknown "chosen"

ḫissatu [UNDERSTANDING] N (2x) unknown "mention"

ḫitbuṣu [DILATED (WITH JOY)] AJ (3x) unknown "dilated (with joy)"

ḫiṭītu [SHORTFALL] N (40x) unknown "crack; crime; defect; sin"

ḫīṭu [ERROR] N (4x) unknown "crime; sin"

ḫubbu [BUZZ(ING)] AJ (6x) unknown "creaking"

ḫubur [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

ḫubūru [BUSTLE] N (2x) unknown "clamour"

ḫūdu [HAPPINESS] N (8x) unknown "happiness"

ḫuḫāru [BIRD-SNARE] N (21x) unknown "bird-snare"

ḫulālu [(A VALUABLE STONE)] N (31x) unknown "(a semi-precious stone with black and white stripes)"

ḫulgikku [HATE (MAGIC)] N (2x) unknown "hate (magic)"

ḫullu [NECK RING] N (2x) unknown "necklace"

ḫulluqu [NULLIFIED] AJ (10x) unknown "nullified"

ḫulû [SHREW] N (2x) unknown "shrew"

ḫuluḫḫu [(LIGHT-COLOURED SLAG)] N (14x) unknown "(a kind of light-coloured primitive glass)"

ḫuluppaqqu [(A VESSEL)] N (92x) unknown "crucible"

ḫumāmātu [DETRITUS] N (7x) unknown "refuse"

ḫummû [RENDERING SOMEONE PARALYSED] AJ (2x) unknown "rendering someone paralysed"

ḫumṣirtu [FEMALE MOUSE] N (2x) unknown "female mouse"

ḫumṣīru [(LARGE) MOUSE] N (2x) unknown "(large) mouse"

ḫuppu [(MEANING UNKNOWN)] N (2x) unknown "(meaning unknown)"

ḫuppû [BROKEN (UP)] AJ (2x) unknown "broken (up)"

ḫupû [FRAGMENT] N (30x) unknown "chips; disposable pot"

ḫurāṣu [GOLD] N (150x) unknown "'gold stone'; gold (bead); gold"

ḫûratu [MADDER] N (8x) unknown "madder"

ḫurbabillu [CHAMELEON?] N (2x) unknown "chameleon?"

ḫurbāšu [FROST] N (23x) unknown "cold tremors; terror"

ḫurḫummatu [FOAM] N (3x) unknown "foam"

ḫurru [HOLE] N (25x) unknown "garbage pit; hole"

ḫursānu [MOUNTAIN(S)] N (13x) unknown "mountain range; mountain(s)"

ḫuṣābu [TWIG] N (43x) unknown "splinter; stalk; stick; twig"

ḫūṣu [PAIN] N (40x) unknown "pain"

ḫuššû [RED] AJ (3x) unknown "red"

ḫuṭāru [BRANCH] N (2x) unknown "branch"


ibratu [(OUTDOOR) CULT NICHE] N (8x) unknown "(outdoor) cult niche"

ibru [FRIEND] N (19x) unknown "friend"

idirtu [MISERY] N (3x) unknown "gloom"

idru [SALTPETRE] N (3x) unknown "saltpetre"

idu [ARM] N (113x) unknown "arm; side"

idugallu [HEAD DOORKEEPER] N (16x) unknown "head doorkeeper"

igāru [WALL] N (40x) unknown "wall"

igulû [FINE OINTMENT] N (6x) unknown "fine ointment"

iḫzu [LEARNING] N (4x) unknown "learning"

ikkaru [FARMER] N (4x) unknown "farmer"

ikkibu [TABOO] N (5x) unknown "abomination"

ikkillu [LAMENTATION] N (3x) unknown "clamour"

ikku [TEMPER] N (67x) unknown "mood; temper"

ikribu [PRAYER] N (13x) unknown "appeal; prayer"

īku [DYKE] N (4x) unknown "dyke"

ikūku [RANCID OIL] N (2x) unknown "rancid oil"

ilittu [BIRTH] N (28x) unknown "offspring"

illatu [BAND] N (12x) unknown "(army) unit; cohort; family"

illātu [SALIVA] N (48x) unknown "saliva; spittle"

illurê [(AN EXCLAMATION)] J (3x) unknown "(an exclamation)"

iltu [GODDESS] N (21x) unknown "goddess"

ilu [GOD] N (1231x) unknown "god"

ilūtu [DIVINITY] N (113x) unknown "divinity"

IM.GE₆ [BLACK PASTE] N (2x) unknown "black paste"

imbaru [FOG] N (8x) unknown "fog"

imbû [FIBRE] N (71x) unknown "fibre"

imbuʾ tâmti [(A MINERAL)] N (63x) unknown "algae"

imēru [DONKEY] N (16x) unknown "donkey"

imḫur-ešrā [(A CLIMBING PLANT] N (53x) unknown "'heals-twenty'-plant"

imḫur-ešrā [(A CLIMBING PLANT)] N (116x) unknown "'heals-twenty'-plant"

imḫur-līm [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (241x) unknown "'heals-a-thousand'-plant"

imittu [RIGHT SIDE] N (67x) unknown "right foot; right hand; right side; right"

imittu [SUPPORT] N (32x) unknown "shoulder"

immeru [SHEEP] N (84x) unknown "lamb; sheep"

imnu [RIGHT (SIDE)] N (39x) unknown "right (side); right hand"

imtu [POISON] N (24x) unknown "(poisonous) spittle; poison"

imṭû [LOSS(ES)] N (11x) unknown "depletion"

īn-nūni ['FISH EYE'-STONE] N (13x) unknown "'fish eye'-stone"

ina [IN] PRP (5658x) unknown "against; among; around; as a result of; at; because of; by means of; by; for; from; in; into; on account of; on; onto; through; to; under; upon; with"

ina libbi [IN] PRP (40x) unknown "into it; with"

ina maḫar [BEFORE] PRP (214x) unknown "in the presence of"

ina muḫḫi [ON] PRP (177x) unknown "into; on top (of something); over; to; upon"

ina pān [BEFORE] PRP (19x) unknown "in front of"

inanna [NOW] AV (21x) unknown "now"

inbu [FRUIT] N (26x) unknown "(sexual) attractiveness; bulb; fruit"

inḫu [HARDSHIP] N (1x) unknown "hardship"

īnu [EYE] N (76x) unknown "(water)source; eye"

inūma [WHEN] SBJ (35x) unknown "when"

ipšu [DEED] N (189x) unknown "act; deed; sorcery; sortilege"

ipṭiru [RANSOM (MONEY)] N (11x) unknown "ransom (money)"

irtu [BREAST] N (49x) unknown "breast; chest"

isiḫtu [ALLOCATION] N (4x) unknown "assigned material(s)"

isimmānu [RATION (OF FLOUR AND MALT)] N (2x) unknown "malt flour preparation"

isinnu [FESTIVAL] N (2x) unknown "festival"

isqu [LOT] N (38x) unknown "carved image; lot; portion; share"

isqūqu [(A COARSE FLOUR OR GROATS)] N (2x) unknown "(a coarse flour or groats)"

iṣ-pišri [MAGIC STAFF] N (2x) unknown "'wood of release'"

iṣṣūr-ḫurri [ROCK-PARTRIDGE?] N (21x) unknown "bat?"

iṣṣūru [BIRD] N (19x) unknown "bird"

iṣu [TREE] N (77x) unknown "kindling; tree; wood"

išaru [STRAIGHT] AJ (10x) unknown "be(come) well; fortunate; just; tranquil"

išarūtu [CORRECT STATE] N (15x) unknown "correct state"

išātu [FIRE] N (99x) unknown "fire"

išdiḫu [PROFIT(ABLE BUSINESS)] N (29x) unknown "profit(able business)"

išdu [FOUNDATION] N (6x) unknown "base; root"

išiktu [MARSHLAND] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of reed)"

iškāru [WORK ASSIGNMENT] N (1x) unknown "text series"

iškūru [WAX] N (122x) unknown "wax"

ištānu [NORTH] N (21x) unknown "North; north wind; the north"

ištarītu [(A PRIESTESS, HIERODULE)] N (10x) unknown "(a priestess, hierodule)"

ištaru [GODDESS] N (321x) unknown "goddess"

ištēn [ONE] NU (81x) unknown "one"

ištēnâ [ONE EACH] AV (8x) unknown "one each"

ištēniš [TOGETHER] AV (193x) unknown "together"

ištēnšerīšu [ELEVEN TIMES] AV (2x) unknown "eleven times"

ištiššu [ONCE] AV (2x) unknown "once"

ištu [FROM] PRP (91x) unknown "after; from"

išû [HAVE] V (34x) unknown "exist; have"

itbāru [FRIEND] N (8x) unknown "companion"

itpēšu [EXPERT] AJ (6x) unknown "competent"

itqu [FLEECE] N (12x) unknown "(woollen) tuft; a wad of wool"

itqūru [SPOON] N (5x) unknown "salve bowl; spoon"

ittamir [(A STONE)] N (6x) unknown "(a stone)"

ittī [ON TOP OF THAT] AV (2x) unknown "on top of that"

itti [WITH] PRP (454x) unknown "from; with"

ittu [SIGN] N (147x) unknown "sign"

ittû [BITUMEN] N (105x) unknown "bitumen"

itû [BOUNDARY] N (2x) unknown "boundary"

izišubbû [STROKE OF LIGHTNING] N (1x) unknown "stroke of lightning"

izqātu [FETTERS] N (4x) unknown "fetters"

izuzzu [STAND] V (416x) unknown "appear; be(come) intent on; be(come) present; go to assistance of; keep standing; make someone stand; predominance; protrude constantly; set up; stand over; stand up constantly; stand; standing up; standing; station; triumph; turn to"

izzimtu [DESIRE] N (4x) unknown "desire; objective"

izzirtu [CURSE] N (5x) unknown "curse"


KA.BAD [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (6x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

KA.DUḪ.ḪU.DA [MOUTH-OPENING RITE] N (2x) unknown "mouth-opening rite"

KA.INIM.MA [WORDING OF (LABEL)] N (305x) unknown "wording of (label)"

kabābu [BURN] V (4x) unknown "scorch"

kabartu [(PART OF FOOT)] N (5x) unknown "ankle-bone"

kabāru [BE(COME) THICK] V (4x) unknown "be(come) thick"

kabāsu [TREAD] V (54x) unknown "trample; tread on; tread"

kabattu [LIVER] N (22x) unknown "liver; mind; mood; temper"

kabātu [BE(COME) HEAVY] V (20x) unknown "be(come) burdensome; esteem; honour"

kābisu [ONE WHO TREADS DOWN] N (2x) unknown "one who treads down"

kabsu [CONTINUOUS] AJ (3x) unknown "stepped into"

kabtu [HEAVY] AJ (119x) unknown "eminent; heavy; honoured; magnate; weighty"

kabūt-Šēriš [OX-DUNG] N (21x) unknown "'ox dung'"

kadabbedû [APHASIA] N (127x) unknown "'seizing-of-the-mouth' magic"

kakkabu [STAR] N (107x) unknown "star"

kakku [STICK] N (29x) unknown "weapon"

kakkû [LENTIL] N (10x) unknown "lentil"

kakkūsu [(LEGUMINOUS VEGETATION)] N (4x) unknown "(leguminous vegetation)"

kalāma [ALL (OF IT)] N (66x) unknown "all (of it); any; anything; everything; whole"

kalbatu [FEMALE DOG] N (14x) unknown "bitch"

kalbu [DOG] N (73x) unknown "dog"

kalgukku [(A RED MINERAL PASTE)] N (5x) unknown "(a red mineral paste)"

kalîš [TOTALLY] AV (6x) unknown "everywhere; totally"

kalītu [KIDNEY] N (37x) unknown "kidney"

kallāpu [(A FOOT-SOLDIER)] N (2x) unknown "(a type of soldier)"

kallātu [DAUGHTER-IN-LAW] N (24x) unknown "bride; daughter-in-law"

kallu [(KIND OF) BOWL] N (14x) unknown "(kind of) bowl"

kallūtu [RôLE OF DAUGHTER-IN-LAW] N (1x) unknown "rôle of daughter-in-law"

kalû [ALL] N (236x) unknown "all; whole"

kalû [HELD BACK] AJ (2x) unknown "detained"

kalû [HOLD (BACK)] V (41x) unknown "block; hold (back); stop"

kalû [ORPIMENT] N (10x) unknown "yellow ochre; yellow paste"

kalūmu [LAMB] N (6x) unknown "lamb"

kamantu [(AN EDIBLE PLANT)] N (3x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

kamāsu [GATHER IN] V (14x) unknown "gather in; pack something into"

kamāsu [KNEEL] V (67x) unknown "bowing; have kneel down; kneel down"

kāmītu [ONE WHO TIES] N (9x) unknown "one who ties"

kamkadu [(A PLANT)] N (6x) unknown "(a plant)"

kamlu [ANGRY] AJ (8x) unknown "angry"

kammu [(A PLANT USED IN TANNING)] N (4x) unknown "(a dye)"

kamsu [SQUATTING] AJ (12x) unknown "kneeling; squatting"

kāmû [ONE WHO BINDS] N (2x) unknown "one who binds"

kamû [BIND] V (24x) unknown "be(come) bound; bind"

kamû [BOUND] AJ (4x) unknown "bound; prisoner?"

kamû [OUTER] AJ (29x) unknown "outer"

kamullu [(A PLANT)] N (3x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

kamūnu [(A FUNGUS)] N (2x) unknown "fungus"

kamūnu [CUMIN] N (4x) unknown "'grain'"

kanaktu [(AN INCENSE-BEARING TREE)] N (15x) unknown "(an incense-bearing tree)"

kanāku [SEAL] V (33x) unknown "seal"

kanānu [ROLL UP] V (25x) unknown "contract (itself); lock in; twist"

kanāšu [BOW DOWN] V (2x) unknown "bow down"

kanašû [(A RED FLOWER)] N (1x) unknown "(a plant)"

kanku [SEALED] AJ (3x) unknown "sealed"

kannu [(VESSEL-)STAND] N (6x) unknown "(vessel-)stand; jar; potstand"

kannu [BAND] N (11x) unknown "fetter; loin"

kannu [ROLLED UP] AJ (6x) unknown "contracted"

kânu [BE(COME) PERMANENT] V (129x) unknown "be(come) true; deposit; establish firmly; set up; stay"

kanû [CARE (FOR)] V (6x) unknown "respect"

kanūtu [CHERISHED ONE] N (3x) unknown "cherished one"

kapādu [PLAN] V (44x) unknown "cause to plot; plot"

kapālu [ROLL UP] V (8x) unknown "wrap up; wrapping up"

kapāpu [CURVE] V (14x) unknown "bend"

kapāru [PEEL] V (2x) unknown "cut off"

kapāru [WIPE (CLEAN)] V (37x) unknown "performance; rub; wipe (clean); wipe clean constantly; wipe clean; wipe up"

kapāṣu [(A SEASHELL)] N (16x) unknown "(a seashell)"

kapātu [BRING TOGETHER] V (3x) unknown "gather together"

kappu [HAND] N (6x) unknown "bowl; hand"

kappu [WING] N (2x) unknown "feather"

kāpu [ROCK] N (8x) unknown "rock"

karābu [PRAY] V (30x) unknown "bless; greet; praise constantly; pray constantly to"

karāku [ROLL UP] V (19x) unknown "have (someone) wrap; obstruct; wrap"

karāmu [GRASP] V (2x) unknown "hold"

karān-šēlebi ['FOX-WINE' (A PLANT)] N (29x) unknown "'fox grape'"

karānu [VINE] N (118x) unknown "grape must; grape(s); wine"

karāṣu [BREAK OFF] V (21x) unknown "cut off; pinch off; slander"

karašu [LEEK] N (3x) unknown "leek"

karāšu [CATASTROPHE] N (2x) unknown "annihilation"

karātu [SLICE] V (7x) unknown "strike"

karpatu [(CLAY) POT] N (6x) unknown "(clay) pot"

karṣu [SLANDER] N (19x) unknown "slander"

karšu [STOMACH] N (2x) unknown "interior"

kartu [SHREDDED] AJ (10x) unknown "cut up"

karû [BE(COME) SHORT] V (15x) unknown "be(come) constantly short; be(come) short; constantly become diminished"

karû [GRAIN-HEAP] N (6x) unknown "grain-heap"

kāru [QUAY] N (25x) unknown "quay"

kâru [RUB] V (2x) unknown "rub repeatedly"

karūbu [REVERENTLY GREETED] N (9x) unknown "honoured one; reverently greeted"

kasāpu [MAKE FUNERARY OFFERING] V (20x) unknown "make funerary offering"

kasāsu [CHEW] V (6x) unknown "chew; gnaw"

kāsītu [ONE WHO BINDS] N (7x) unknown "one who binds"

kasītu [(MAGICAL) CONSTRAINT] N (9x) unknown "(magical) constraint; binding; bound state"

kaspu [SILVER] N (113x) unknown "'silver stone'; money; silver piece; silver"

kassibu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (4x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

kāsû [ONE WHO BINDS] N (12x) unknown "one who binds"

kasû [BIND] V (160x) unknown "be(come) bound; bind constantly; bind; binding; paralyse constantly"

kasû [BOUND] AJ (24x) unknown "bound (person); bound; captive; fettered"

kasû [MUSTARD?] N (64x) unknown "(a plant); (designation of semiprecious stone)"

kāsu [CUP] N (7x) unknown "cup"

kasûtu [BONDAGE] N (2x) unknown "bondage"

kaṣāru [TIE] V (113x) unknown "be(come) knotted (together); be(come) tied; constrict; form; knot (together); make a knot; tie (knots for); tie"

kaṣāṣu [GRIND] V (13x) unknown "be(come) cut back; cause a gnawing pain"

kaṣāṣu [RAIN?] N (6x) unknown "rain?"

kaṣâtu [EARLY MORNING] N (4x) unknown "early morning"

kāṣirtu [FEMALE 'KNOTTER'] N (2x) unknown "woman who binds"

kāṣiru ['KNOTTER'] N (3x) unknown "man who binds"

kaṣru [FIRMLY JOINED] AJ (13x) unknown "bound; constricted; tied"

kaṣû [BE(COME) COLD] V (21x) unknown "be(come) cold; be(come) cool; continually become cold; cool down; cooling"

kaṣû [COLD] AJ (25x) unknown "cold; cool"

kašādu [REACH] V (189x) unknown "approach; arrival; arrive; attainment; catch; defeat; defeat; drive out; obtain; reach constantly; reach; reach"

kašāpu [CAST SPELLS] V (66x) unknown "be(come) bewitched; bewitch; perform witchcraft"

kašāšu [(MEANING UNCERTAIN)] V (2x) unknown "(meaning uncertain)"

kašdu [ACHIEVED] AJ (10x) unknown "reached"

kâši [TO YOU] IP (53x) unknown "to you"

kāšidu [CONQUERING] AJ (31x) unknown "defeating (one); one who defeats"

kaškaššu [ALL POWERFUL] AJ (6x) unknown "all powerful"

kašpu [BEWITCHED] AJ (138x) unknown "bewitched"

kaššāptu [SORCERESS] N (1010x) unknown "witch"

kaššāpu [SORCERER] N (505x) unknown "warlock"

kaššāpūtu [SORCERY] N (22x) unknown "witchcraft"

kâšunu [YOU (PL.)] IP (15x) unknown "you (pl.)"

katāmu [COVER] V (88x) unknown "be(come) constantly overwhelmed; cover; covering; overwhelm"

kâti [YOU] IP (6x) unknown "you"

katmu [COVERED] AJ (7x) unknown "covered"

kayyamānu [PERMANENT] AJ (44x) unknown "constant (companion); constantly"

kayyānu [CONSTANT] AJ (40x) unknown "constant; constantly; regular"

kazallu [(A PLANT)] N (9x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

[LIKE] PRP (54x) unknown "according to; as; how; just as; like; when"

KI.UD.BA [(A TYPE OF OVEN)] N (3x) unknown "(a type of oven)"

kīam [SO] AV (149x) unknown "thus"

kibaltu [(A KIND OF SEMIPRECIOUS STONE)] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of semiprecious stone)"

kibrītu [SULPHUR] N (227x) unknown "sulphur"

kibru [BANK] N (31x) unknown "bank; world"

kibsu [TRACK] N (27x) unknown "footprint; step; track"

kibtu [WHEAT] N (14x) unknown "wheat"

KÌD.KÌD.BI [RITUAL (INSTRUCTIONS)] N (74x) unknown "ritual (instructions)"

kidinnu [PROTECTION] N (18x) unknown "protection; protective emblem; watch"

kīdu [OUTSIDE] N (9x) unknown "countryside; outside"

kigullû [PLACE OF DESTRUCTION] N (4x) unknown "dilapidated place"

kikkirânu [PINE OR JUNIPER SEEDS] N (13x) unknown "(an aromatic plant)"

kilallān [BOTH] AJ (27x) unknown "both"

kīma [LIKE] PRP (981x) unknown "according to; as if with; as if; as soon as; as soon as; because; in accordance with; instead of; just as; just as; like; since; when; while"

kimaḫḫu [GRAVE] N (19x) unknown "tomb"

kimiltu [WRATH] N (24x) unknown "anger"

KIMIN [(DITTO)] J (458x) unknown "(ditto)"

kimṣu [SHIN] N (26x) unknown "calf; knee; lower leg"

kimtu [FAMILY] N (50x) unknown "family"

kīmū [INSTEAD OF] PRP (2x) unknown "instead of"

kinattu [COLLEAGUE] N (10x) unknown "colleague"

kīniš [RELIABLY] AV (8x) unknown "favourably; sincerely"

kīnu [PERMANENT] AJ (78x) unknown "reliable; true"

kinūnu [BRAZIER] N (23x) unknown "brazier; oven"

kipdu [PLAN(S)] N (61x) unknown "plan(s); plot; scheme(s)"

kippatu [CIRCLE] N (5x) unknown "circumference; loop"

kippu [LOOP] N (5x) unknown "loop; snare"

kirbān-eqli ['FIELD-CLOD'-PLANT] N (13x) unknown "'field-clod'-plant"

kirbānu [LUMP (OF EARTH)] N (15x) unknown "clod; lump"

kirimmu [(CROOK OF) ARM] N (7x) unknown "(crook of) arm"

kirissu [HAIRPIN] N (4x) unknown "hairpin"

kīru [OVEN] N (12x) unknown "oven"

kirû [GARDEN] N (11x) unknown "date grove; garden; orchard"

kisimmu [SOUR MILK?] N (4x) unknown "sour milk"

kispu [FUNERARY OFFERING] N (21x) unknown "funerary offering"

kīsu [BINDING] N (3x) unknown "bonds"

kīsu [MONEY-BAG] N (16x) unknown "money-bag; purse"

kiṣallu [ANKLE] N (5x) unknown "ankle"

kiṣru [KNOT] N (111x) unknown "bond; group; knot; lump"

kišādu [NECK] N (251x) unknown "bank; neck"

kišittu [ACHIEVEMENT] N (2x) unknown "seizure"

kiškanû [(A TREE)] N (2x) unknown "(a tree)"

kiškattû [(INDUSTRIAL) KILN] N (3x) unknown "(industrial) kiln"

kišpū [SORCERY] N (1110x) unknown "sorcery; witchcraft"

kišpū pašrū [THE WITCHCRAFT WILL BE UNDONE] N (35x) unknown "the witchcraft will be undone"

kiššānu [(A LEGUMINOUS VEGETABLE)] N (12x) unknown "(a leguminous vegetable)"

kiššatu [TOTALITY] N (46x) unknown "totality; universe"

kitmusu [KNEELING] AJ (7x) unknown "kneeling down"

kitpudu [CUNNING] AJ (4x) unknown "scheming"

kīttu [TRUTH] N (64x) unknown "justice; righteousness; true words; truth"

kītu [(A REED MAT)] N (9x) unknown "reed mat"

kitû [FLAX] N (66x) unknown "flax; linen cloth"

[YOUR] PP (17x) unknown "yours"

kubburu [VERY THICK] AJ (2x) unknown "very thick"

kubšu [HEADCLOTH] N (6x) unknown "headcloth"

kukku [(A KIND OF) CAKE] N (3x) unknown "(a kind of) cake"

kukuru [(AN AROMATIC TREE)] N (135x) unknown "(an aromatic plant); (an aromatic tree)"

kulbābu [ANT] N (6x) unknown "ant"

kulīlu [DRAGONFLY] N (2x) unknown "mayfly"

kullatu [CLAY PIT] N (55x) unknown "clay pit"

kullatu [TOTALITY] N (30x) unknown "all (of); whole (world)"

kullu [HOLD] V (42x) unknown "grip; hold (back); hold"

kullu [HOLDING (BACK)] AJ (3x) unknown "holding (back)"

kullumu [SHOW] V (12x) unknown "be(come) offered; show"

kullumu [SHOWN] AJ (17x) unknown "arranged; showing; shown (item); shown"

kulmašītu [(A CULTIC PROSTITUTE)] N (9x) unknown "(a cultic prostitute)"

kulūlu [CROWN] N (11x) unknown "headband"

kūm [INSTEAD OF] PRP (5x) unknown "instead of"

kumāḫu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

kummu [CELLA] N (6x) unknown "sanctuary"

kunāšu [EMMER] N (29x) unknown "emmer"

kunnû [CARED FOR] AJ (5x) unknown "treasured; treated with respect"

kunnu [FIXED] AJ (3x) unknown "set up"

kunukku [SEAL] N (69x) unknown "cylinder seal; seal; vertebra"

kupad [(DESIGNATION OF SALT)] N (26x) unknown "(designation of salt)"

kupītu [(A MARSH-BIRD)] N (4x) unknown "(a marsh-bird)"

kuppu [CISTERN] N (2x) unknown "spring"

kuppudu [PLANNED] AJ (5x) unknown "devised; plotted"

kupputu [CONGLOMERATED] AJ (2x) unknown "lump-shaped"

kuprītu [(A MINERAL)] N (4x) unknown "(a mineral)"

kupru [BITUMEN] N (30x) unknown "bitumen; tar pitch"

kupsu [HUSKS] N (62x) unknown "sesame pomace"

KÚR [(INDICATING A TEXTUAL VARIANT)] N (5x) unknown "(indicating a textual variant)"

kurgarrû [(A CULTIC PERFORMER)] N (11x) unknown "(a cultic performer)"

kurinnu [(A NECK ORNAMENT)] N (2x) unknown "necklace"

kurītu [SHIN] N (4x) unknown "shin"

kurkanû [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (50x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

kurkû [GOOSE] N (6x) unknown "goose"

kurru [TANNING FLUID] N (2x) unknown "tanning fluid"

kursinnu [ANKLE] N (8x) unknown "fetlock"

kurû [SHORT] AJ (7x) unknown "short"

kūru [DEPRESSION] N (38x) unknown "depression; numbness"

kurummatu [FOOD ALLOCATION] N (26x) unknown "food offering; provision; ration"

kurunnu [(A KIND OF BEER)] N (5x) unknown "(a kind of beer)"

kussu [BOUND] AJ (1x) unknown "bound"

kussû [CHAIR] N (10x) unknown "chair; throne"

kuṣimtu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

kuṣṣu [COLDNESS] N (5x) unknown "cold"

kuṣṣuru [THOROUGHLY KNOTTED] AJ (7x) unknown "thoroughly knotted"

kuṣṣuṣu [CRIPPLED] AJ (3x) unknown "disfigured"

kušāpu [SORCEROUS MATERIALS] N (8x) unknown "sorceress; sorcerous materials"

kušgugalû [(A DRUM)] N (4x) unknown "'ox hide' drum"

kušīru [SUCCESS] N (4x) unknown "success"

kutallu [BACK] N (8x) unknown "back; behind"

kutpû [BLACK FRIT] N (8x) unknown "(a black primitive glass)"

kuttimmatu [FEMALE CHARCOAL-BURNER] N (5x) unknown "(a type of sorceress); female charcoal-burner"

kuttumu [COVERED OVER] AJ (14x) unknown "covered over; veiled"

kuzbu [ATTRACTIVENESS] N (8x) unknown "attractiveness"


[NOT] MOD (1657x) unknown "not"

lā-petītu [UNMATED (OF FEMALE ANIMAL)] AJ (17x) unknown "unmated (of female animal)"

laʾābu [HARASS] V (8x) unknown "affect; infect"

laʾātu [SWALLOW (UP)] V (2x) unknown "swallow (up)"

laʾbu [(A KIND OF PHLEGM)] N (2x) unknown "(a mucus)"

laʾbu [AFFLICTED] AJ (8x) unknown "afflicted"

lāʾiṭu [ONE WHO CONFINES] N (5x) unknown "one who confines; one who keeps in check"

laʾšu [POLLUTED] AJ (3x) unknown "bothered"

lāʾû [SMALL CHILD] N (2x) unknown "small child"

labânu [NECK(TENDONS)] N (5x) unknown "neck muscles"

labāru [BE(COME) OLD] V (3x) unknown "allow to last long"

labāṣu [(A DISEASE DEMON)] N (25x) unknown "(a disease demon)"

labāšu [CLOTHE ONESELF] V (49x) unknown "clothe oneself; clothe; coat; don"

labiru [OLD] AJ (68x) unknown "old; original (tablet)"

lābišu [ONE WHO IS CLAD] N (3x) unknown "one who is clad"

labšu [CLOTHED] AJ (4x) unknown "clad; clothed"

labtu [(OVEN-)PARCHED GRAIN] N (34x) unknown "oven (for roasting grain); roasted grain"

laḫābu [RUMBLE] V (5x) unknown "growl"

laḫannu [(A FLASK)] N (20x) unknown "bottle"

laḫmu ['HAIRY'] AJ (7x) unknown "(a mythical being)"

laḫru [SHEEP] N (14x) unknown "ewe; flock"

lakû [SUCKLING] N (2x) unknown "suckling"

lalangu [(A LEGUMINOUS VEGETABLE)] N (2x) unknown "(a leguminous vegetable)"

lāma [BEFORE] PRP (34x) unknown "before"

lamādu [LEARN] V (33x) unknown "know; learn; learning; recognize"

lamāmu [CHEW] V (2x) unknown "chew"

lamassatu [TUTELARY GODDESS] N (3x) unknown "pupil"

lamassu [(FEMALE) TUTELARY DEITY] N (47x) unknown "(a precious stone); (female) tutelary deity; protective spirit"

lāmu [GLOWING ASHES] N (16x) unknown "ember"

lamû [BESIEGED] AJ (12x) unknown "besieged; surrounding"

lamû [SURROUND] V (56x) unknown "encircle; surround continually; surround; wrap (up)"

lānu [FORM] N (93x) unknown "appearance; body"

lapānu [BE(COME) POOR] V (4x) unknown "impoverishment"

lapāpu [WRAP AROUND] V (22x) unknown "wrap around"

lapātu [TOUCH] V (98x) unknown "affect (someone); apply; besmirch; harm; hurt continually; hurt; play (an instrument); rub repeatedly; rub; smear; strike down; touch; touching"

laptu [TOUCHED] AJ (6x) unknown "affected (by disease); stained"

laptu [TURNIP] N (17x) unknown "turnip"

laqātu [GATHER UP] V (27x) unknown "collection; gather up; pick up; picking up"

lardu [(A GRASS, NARDUS)] N (8x) unknown "nard"

lasāmu [RUN] V (10x) unknown "run"

lāsimu [SWIFT] AJ (2x) unknown "swift"

lâšu [KNEAD] V (4x) unknown "knead"

latāku [TRY OUT] V (2x) unknown "questioning"

latku [TESTED] AJ (20x) unknown "tested"

lâṭu [CONFINE] V (2x) unknown "imprison"

lazāzu [ENDURE] V (5x) unknown "persist constantly; persist"

lēʾu [BOARD] N (12x) unknown "writing board"

lēʾû [POWERFUL] AJ (6x) unknown "able (one)"

leʾû [BE(COME) ABLE] V (27x) unknown "be(come) able; be(come) more powerful than; master"

lemēnu [BE(COME) BAD] V (11x) unknown "be(come) increasingly depressed; make bad; treat badly"

lemniš [BADLY] AV (6x) unknown "badly; with evil intentions"

lemnu [BAD] AJ (1001x) unknown "bad; evil (one); evil deed; evil; evil; evildoer; harmful"

lêmu [CONSUME] V (6x) unknown "eat"

lemuttu [EVIL] N (219x) unknown "evil"

lēqû [ONE WHO TAKES] N (5x) unknown "one who accepts; one who receives"

leqû [TAKE] V (171x) unknown "accept; cause to take away; reception; take; taking"

leqû [TAKEN] AJ (7x) unknown "taken"

lētu [CHEEK] N (45x) unknown "cheek; side"

liʾbu [(A SERIOUS DISEASE WITH ASSOCIATED FEVER)] N (13x) unknown "(a disease); (a serious disease with associated fever)"

libāru [(A FRUIT (TREE))] N (8x) unknown "(a fruit (tree))"

libbātu [RAGE] N (4x) unknown "anger"

libbi-gišimmari [PALM SHOOTS] N (11x) unknown "palm shoots"

libbu [INTERIOR] N (946x) unknown "abdomen; from; heart; in; inside; interior; libido; mind; mood; spirit; stomach; upper abdomen; womb"

libittu [MUDBRICK] N (22x) unknown "brickwork; mudbrick"

liblibbi [OFFSPRING] N (11x) unknown "offspring"

liginnu [(A TYPE OF) TABLET] N (4x) unknown "(a type of) tablet; school exercise tablet"

līlâtu [EVENING] N (10x) unknown "evening"

lilissu [KETTLEDRUM] N (6x) unknown "kettledrum"

lilītu [(A STORM DEMON)] N (26x) unknown "(a storm demon)"

lillu [IDIOT] N (5x) unknown "fool"

lillūtu [IDIOCY] N (5x) unknown "inertia"

lilû [(A STORM DEMON)] N (25x) unknown "(a storm demon)"

lipi magarri [AXLE GREASE] N (3x) unknown "axle grease"

lippu [WRAPPING] N (6x) unknown "wad; wrapping"

liptu [(SENSE OF) TOUCH] N (4x) unknown "(sense of) touch"

liptu [UNDERTAKING] N (13x) unknown "undertaking"

lipû [TALLOW] N (211x) unknown "marrow; pith; tallow"

liqtu [GATHERED MATERIAL] N (2x) unknown "gathered material"

līqu [PALATE] N (3x) unknown "palate"

liqûtu [ADOPTED CHILD] N (7x) unknown "adopted child"

lišān-kalbi [HOUND'S-TONGUE] N (69x) unknown "dog's tongue"

lišānu [TONGUE] N (130x) unknown "tongue"

līšu [DOUGH] N (134x) unknown "dough"

litbušu [CLOTHED] AJ (3x) unknown "clad"

littu [COW] N (11x) unknown "cow"

lītu [POWER] N (6x) unknown "victory"

[MAY] MOD (495x) unknown "may"

[OR] CNJ (761x) unknown "or"

luʾʾû [SULLIED] AJ (28x) unknown "'dirt'-witchcraft; dirt; dirty; sullied; sully"

luʾʾû [SULLY] V (11x) unknown "defile"

luʾʾubu [INFECTED] AJ (3x) unknown "infected"

lubādu [(A DISEASE)] N (6x) unknown "(a bodily fluid); (a disease)"

lubāru [GARMENT] N (12x) unknown "cloth; textile"

lubbu [AFFLICTED] AJ (3x) unknown "afflicted"

lubuštu [CLOTHING] N (3x) unknown "garment"

luḫummû [SILT] N (9x) unknown "mud"

lulīmu [RED DEER] N (3x) unknown "red stag"

lulû [SLAG] N (10x) unknown "antimony"

lummunu [VERY BAD] AJ (1x) unknown "very bad"

lumnu [EVIL] N (203x) unknown "evil"

lupputu [TAINTED] AJ (11x) unknown "affected; soiled"

lurmu [OSTRICH] N (7x) unknown "ostrich"

lušû [GREASE] N (4x) unknown "grease"

lūtu [DEBILITY] N (25x) unknown "debility; decay"

lutû [TWIG] N (9x) unknown "twig"


MA.GIL [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (5x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

mâʾu [VOMIT (BILE)] V (2x) unknown "vomit (bile)"

madādu [MEASURE (OUT)] V (5x) unknown "measure (out)"

mādiš [GREATLY] AV (2x) unknown "much"

mâdu [BE(COME) MANY] V (7x) unknown "be(come) numerous; increase"

mādu [MANY] AJ (35x) unknown "many things; many; numerous"

magāgu [SPREAD] V (4x) unknown "be(come) rigid"

magal [VERY (MUCH)] AV (14x) unknown "very (much)"

magarru [WHEEL] N (3x) unknown "wheel"

magāru [CONSENT] V (28x) unknown "agreement; be(com)ing granted; be(come) favourable; be(come) favourably received; bringing into agreement; finding consent; gaining the favour"

māgiru [SUBMISSIVE] AJ (2x) unknown "obedient (person)"

magru [FAVOURABLE] AJ (27x) unknown "auspicious; favourable"

maḫāḫu [SOAK] V (25x) unknown "dissolve in liquid; soak"

maḫāru [FACE] V (296x) unknown "accept; acceptance; appeal to; befall; cause to confront; cause to encounter; collect; confrontation; encounter; face; facing; have someone receive; present; receive; reception; rival; withstand constantly"

maḫāṣu [BEAT] V (73x) unknown "beat; cause a stabbing pain; hit; stir; strike"

māḫāzu [PLACE OF TAKING] N (18x) unknown "shrine"

māḫirtu [UPSTREAM] AV (10x) unknown "upstream; upstream"

maḫirtu [(A BONE OF THE LEG)] N (6x) unknown "(a bone of the leg)"

māḫiru [OPPONENT] N (41x) unknown "equal; female opponent; one who faces; one who resists; recipient; rival"

māḫiṣu [BEATER] N (2x) unknown "one who strikes"

maḫrû [FIRST] AJ (2x) unknown "older"

maḫru [FRONT] N (807x) unknown "before; front; past (time)"

maḫru [RECEIVED] AJ (29x) unknown "received"

maḫṣu [BEATEN] AJ (9x) unknown "beaten"

mākaltu [WOODEN DISH] N (11x) unknown "(divination) bowl"

mākālu [MEAL] N (5x) unknown "food"

makkūru [PROPERTY] N (6x) unknown "possession(s); property"

makû [BE(COME) ABSENT] V (4x) unknown "cause to go missing; withhold?"

makurru [(PROCESSIONAL) BOAT] N (68x) unknown "(processional) boat; barge"

mala [AS MUCH AS] REL (84x) unknown "as many as; as much as; everything; whatever"

malāʾu [TAKE OUT?] V (17x) unknown "take"

malāḫu [SAILOR] N (9x) unknown "sailor"

malāḫu [TEAR OUT] V (2x) unknown "tear out"

malāku [DISCUSS] V (5x) unknown "advise"

malālu [EAT ONE'S FILL] V (6x) unknown "(meaning uncertain)"

malāsu [PLUCK (OUT)] V (22x) unknown "pluck (out)"

māliku [ADVISER] N (25x) unknown "counsellor"

malku [PRINCE] N (11x) unknown "(a netherworld deity); ruler"

malmališ [CORRESPONDINGLY] AV (2x) unknown "in equal quantity"

malû [BE(COME) FULL] V (118x) unknown "be(come) constantly full; be(come) filled with; be(come) full; fill (up); fill constantly; fill with; fill; filling; full"

malû [FULL] AJ (49x) unknown "filled; full"

māmītu [OATH] N (127x) unknown "curse; oath"

mamlu [IMPETUOUS] AJ (4x) unknown "fierce"

mamman [SOMEBODY] XP (60x) unknown "any; anybody; somebody"

mammu [TIARA] N (6x) unknown "tiara"

manāḫtu [RESTING-PLACE] N (7x) unknown "resting place"

manānu [NERVES] N (10x) unknown "muscles?; nerves"

mangu [STIFF] AJ (4x) unknown "stiff"

mannu [WHO?] QP (82x) unknown "who?; whoever"

manû [COUNT] V (488x) unknown "be(come) counted; be(come) reckoned; count among; make someone recite; recite"

manû [UNIT] N (2x) unknown "a unit of weight"

Manzât [RAINBOW] N (26x) unknown "rainbow"

maqātu [FALL] V (72x) unknown "afflict repeatedly; befall; cause to fall; dispose of; fail constantly; fall; keep falling"

Maqlû [('BURNING', AN EXTENSIVE ANTI-WITCHCRAFT RITUAL)] N (30x) unknown "('burning', an extensive anti-witchcraft ritual)"

maqlû [BURN(ING)] N (12x) unknown "ritual burning"

maqqītu [LIBATION] N (7x) unknown "libation"

maqtu [FALLEN] AJ (2x) unknown "fallen (person)"

mār-šipri [MESSENGER] N (7x) unknown "messenger"

marāqu [RUB SOMETHING] V (2x) unknown "crushing"

marāṣu [BE(COME) ILL] V (16x) unknown "be(come) ill; make ill; make sickening"

marḫallu [(A VARIETY OF CARNELIAN)] N (10x) unknown "(a stone)"

markasu [BOND] N (5x) unknown "cable"

marqu [GROUND] AJ (4x) unknown "(meaning uncertain)"

marratu [BITTER THING] N (4x) unknown "(a bird)"

marṣu [SICK] AJ (107x) unknown "difficult; ill; made sickening; patient; terrible"

mārtu [DAUGHTER] N (163x) unknown "daughter"

martû [(A TREE)] N (3x) unknown "(a pole)"

martu [GALL BLADDER] N (14x) unknown "bile; gall bladder"

māru [SON] N (312x) unknown "son"

marû [BE(COME) SLOW] V (6x) unknown "delay"

maruštu [EVIL] N (30x) unknown "evil; hardship; misfortune; sickness; trouble"

masmas [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a plant)"

massû [LEADER] N (8x) unknown "leader"

maṣḫatu [(A KIND OF FLOUR)] N (35x) unknown "(a kind of flour)"

maṣṣartu [OBSERVATION] N (43x) unknown "guard; watch (of the night); watch"

maṣṣaru [GUARD] N (13x) unknown "guard; guardian"

maṣû [CORRESPOND] V (23x) unknown "be(com)ing available; be(come) available; provide; strive"

MAŠ.TAB.BA ['TWIN'-PLANT] N (2x) unknown "'twin'-plant"

mašālu [EQUAL] V (31x) unknown "replicate"

mašḫulduppû [SCAPEGOAT] N (2x) unknown "scapegoat"

maškanu ['PLACE OF PUTTING'] N (1x) unknown "threshing floor"

mašku [SKIN] N (125x) unknown "leather (bag); skin"

mašlu [HALF] AJ (12x) unknown "equal"

mašmaššu [INCANTATION PRIEST] N (123x) unknown "exorcist"

mašmaššūtu [EXORCISM] N (7x) unknown "exorcism"

mašqītu [WATERING PLACE] N (11x) unknown "(medicinal) potion; watering place"

mašqûtu [POTION] N (16x) unknown "potion"

mašrû [RICHES] N (4x) unknown "wealth"

maštakal [(AN ALKALINE PLANT)] N (279x) unknown "(a soapwort)"

maštītu [(ALLOWANCE OF) DRINK] N (7x) unknown "drink"

māšu [TWIN (BROTHER/SISTER)] N (8x) unknown "female twins; male twins; twins"

mašû [FORGET] V (30x) unknown "be(come) forgotten; forget constantly; forget"

mašû [FORGOTTEN] AJ (6x) unknown "forgotten thing(s); ignorant"

mati [WHEN?] QP (4x) unknown "when?"

matqu [SWEET] AJ (4x) unknown "sweet"

mātu [LAND] N (154x) unknown "land"

mâtu [DIE] V (98x) unknown "die"

maṭû [BE(COME) LITTLE] V (24x) unknown "decrease; deteriorate; diminish; lessen (desire)"

mayyālu [BED] N (23x) unknown "bed"

mazzāzu [POSITION] N (4x) unknown "position"

mazzizu [STANDING] AJ (4x) unknown "attendant"

meḫertu [PRODUCE] N (6x) unknown "appeal; sanction"

meḫru [(A CONIFER)] N (2x) unknown "(a conifer)"

meḫru [ADVERSITY] N (17x) unknown "adversity"

meḫû [STORM] N (14x) unknown "gust; storm"

mekku [(TYPE OF GLASS)] N (6x) unknown "(a stone)"

melammu [FEARSOME RADIANCE] N (10x) unknown "fearsome radiance; healthy glow"

mêlu [POULTICE (HUNG ROUND NECK)] N (15x) unknown "(leather) pouch"

mēneštu [WEAKNESS] N (5x) unknown "weakness"

merdītu [(AN ADDITIONAL OFFERING OR LIBATION)] N (5x) unknown "(an additional offering or libation)"

mēreštu [PLANTING] N (5x) unknown "cultivation"

mēreštu [WISH] N (4x) unknown "intent; wish"

merrutu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (4x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

mersu [(A CAKE) INGREDIENTS] N (50x) unknown "(a confection)"

mēsu [(A TYPE OF TREE)] N (17x) unknown "(a type of tree)"

mesû [WASH] V (102x) unknown "rinse repeatedly; wash oneself; wash; washing"

mesû [WASHED] AJ (19x) unknown "washed"

mešrêtu [LIMBS] N (43x) unknown "limbs"

mêšu [DISREGARD] V (2x) unknown "be(come) neglected"

middatu [MEASURE] N (18x) unknown "measure"

mihiṣtu [STRIKE] N (2x) unknown "wound"

miḫḫu [(A TYPE OF BEER)] N (18x) unknown "(a type of beer); (a type of liquid)"

mikû [(A BITTER PLANT)] N (3x) unknown "(a bitter plant)"

milku [ADVICE] N (28x) unknown "advice; counsel; intelligence; sense"

mīlu [HIGH WATER] N (21x) unknown "flood(ing); high water"

mimma [ANYTHING] XP (286x) unknown "any; anything; everything; whatever"

mimmû [ALL (OF)] XP (19x) unknown "anything (of); whatever"

MIN [(DITTO)] J (250x) unknown "(ditto)"

minītu [MEASURE] N (64x) unknown "body; limbs"

mīnu [WHAT?] QP (5x) unknown "why?"

minûtu [RECITATION] N (10x) unknown "recitation"

miqit ṭēmi [LOSS OF REASON] N (4x) unknown "loss of reason"

miqittu [(DOWN)FALL] N (7x) unknown "dead (animal)"

miqtu [FALL] N (14x) unknown "fall"

mīrānu [YOUNG DOG] N (6x) unknown "puppy"

mirānu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

mirišmarû [(A PLANT)] N (14x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

misarru [BELT] N (3x) unknown "belt"

mīsu [WASHING] N (37x) unknown "washing"

miṣru [BORDER] N (2x) unknown "border"

mīšaru [JUSTICE] N (26x) unknown "justice"

mīšarūtu [JUSTICE] N (10x) unknown "justice"

mīšarūtu alāku [OBTAIN JUSTICE] V (8x) unknown "obtain justice"

mišḫu [FLASH] N (2x) unknown "(a fabric)"

mišlu [HALF] N (9x) unknown "half"

mitgāru [FAVOURABLE] AJ (2x) unknown "favourable"

mītu [DEAD] AJ (192x) unknown "corpse; dead person; dead woman; dead"

mītu [DEAD PERSON] AJ (10x) unknown "dead person"

mītūtu [(STATE OF) DEATH] N (7x) unknown "(state of) death"

miṭirtu [WATERCOURSE] N (3x) unknown "canal"

mīṭu [LOW LEVEL (OF WATER)] N (12x) unknown "low level (of water)"

[WATER] N (760x) unknown "fluid; liquid; water; watery discharge"

muʾabbitu [DESTROYER] N (14x) unknown "destroyer"

muʾerru [LEADER (OF AN ASSEMBLY)] N (3x) unknown "commander"

muballiṭu [ONE WHO KEEPS ALIVE] N (17x) unknown "one who keeps alive; one who revives"

muballû [ONE WHO SLAYS] N (2x) unknown "one who slays"

mubbibu [ONE WHO KEEPS PURE] N (5x) unknown "one who keeps pure"

muddeššû [ONE WHO ALWAYS CAUSES TO FLOURISH] N (4x) unknown "one who always causes to flourish"

muddišu [ONE WHO RENEWS] N (6x) unknown "one who rejuvenates; one who renews"

mudeššû [LIFE-GIVER] N (13x) unknown "one who makes plentiful"

mūdû [KNOWING] N (50x) unknown "known (person); known; one who knows"

mūdûtu [KNOWLEDGE] N (3x) unknown "knowledge"

mugerrû [ONE WHO IS HOSTILE TO] N (2x) unknown "one who is hostile to"

muḫabbilu [ONE WHO WRONGS] N (4x) unknown "one who wrongs"

muḫalliqu [ONE WHO DESTROYS] N (32x) unknown "one who destroys"

muḫḫu [SKULL] N (684x) unknown "brain; head; on; skull"

muḫru [(AN OFFERING)] N (4x) unknown "prayer; presentation offering"

mukabbibu [ONE WHO BURNS] N (2x) unknown "one who burns"

mukabbisu [ONE WHO TRAMPLES] N (4x) unknown "one who tramples"

mukassû [ONE WHO BINDS] N (2x) unknown "one who binds"

mukaṣṣiṣu [ONE WHO GRINDS] N (4x) unknown "one who disfigures; one who gnaws"

mukīl rēš lemutti [EVIL SPIRIT] N (5x) unknown "evil spirit"

mukillu [HOLDER] N (17x) unknown "holder; one who holds"

mukinnu [ONE WHO ESTABLISHES] N (16x) unknown "founder; one who establishes"

mulaʾʾibtu [ONE WHO INFECTS] N (2x) unknown "one who infects"

mulaʾʾītu [DEFILER] N (6x) unknown "defiler"

mulaʾʾiṭu [ONE WHO KEEPS IN CHECK] N (2x) unknown "one who keeps in check"

mulappitu [BESMIRCHER] N (10x) unknown "besmircher; one who scatters"

mullilu [PURIFIER] N (27x) unknown "purifier"

mumaʾʾeru [COMMANDER] N (8x) unknown "ruler"

mumaddu [WHO LOOKS AFTER] N (2x) unknown "who looks after"

munakkiru [ONE WHO CHANGES] N (7x) unknown "one who changes; one who removes"

munammiru [BRIGHTENING (PERSON)] N (24x) unknown "one who illuminates"

munappišu [WHO CALMS DOWN] N (2x) unknown "who calms down"

mundu [(A TYPE OF FLOUR)] N (2x) unknown "(a type of flour)"

mungu [STIFFNESS] N (38x) unknown "stiffness"

munnabtu [FUGITIVE] N (5x) unknown "fugitive"

munnaḫzu [FLARING] AJ (4x) unknown "flaring"

munnarbu [FUGITIVE] N (2x) unknown "runaway"

munû [(A FOOT DISEASE)] N (4x) unknown "(a foot disease)"

munziqqu [RAISIN] N (2x) unknown "raisin"

muparriru [ONE WHO SCATTERS] N (2x) unknown "one who scatters"

mupassisu [ONE WHO ANNULS] N (2x) unknown "one who annuls"

mupaššiḫu [ONE WHO SOOTHES] N (9x) unknown "that soothes"

mupašširu [ONE WHO RELEASES] N (20x) unknown "one who releases"

mupaṭṭiru [ONE WHO RELEASES] N (2x) unknown "one who releases"

muppalsu [LOOKING (BENEVOLENTLY) ON (SOMEONE)] AJ (5x) unknown "one who looks toward"

muppišānu [WHO COMMITTED (SORCERY)] N (2x) unknown "who committed (witchcraft)"

muppištu [SORCERESS] N (8x) unknown "sorceress"

muppišu [SORCERER] N (4x) unknown "sorcerer"

muppišūtu [WITCHCRAFT] N (7x) unknown "machination; witchcraft"

muqarrinu [ONE WHO STORES UP] N (5x) unknown "one who stores up"

muqattû [ONE WHO PUTS AN END] N (3x) unknown "one who puts an end"

muqqelpītu [(VESSEL) GOING DOWNSTREAM] N (4x) unknown "downstream; going downstream"

muqqu [WEAKENED] AJ (11x) unknown "weak"

muqtablu [FIGHTER] N (2x) unknown "fighter"

murabbû [ONE WHO RAISES (CHILD)] N (2x) unknown "one who raises (child)"

murdudû [(A PLANT)] N (14x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

muribbatu [ONE WHO PROMOTES?] N (7x) unknown "one who promotes?"

muribbu [ONE WHO MAKES S.TH./S.O. SHAKE] N (2x) unknown "one who makes shake"

muriššu [ONE WHO MAKES REJOICE] N (11x) unknown "one who makes rejoice"

murrānu [(A TREE OR SHRUB)] N (2x) unknown "(a tree or shrub)"

murru [MYRRH] N (18x) unknown "myrrh"

murrutu [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "madder"

murṣu [ILLNESS] N (149x) unknown "illness"

murtappidu [WANDERING] AJ (10x) unknown "wandering"

murteddû [CONSTANT ESCORT] N (12x) unknown "constant escort"

murû [(A BEERWORT)] N (4x) unknown "(a beerwort)"

mūru [YOUNG ANIMAL] N (8x) unknown "foal"

musaḫḫiḫu [ONE WHO FRIGHTENS] N (2x) unknown "one who frightens"

musakkiru [ONE WHO BLOCKS UP] N (2x) unknown "one who blocks up"

musallimu [ONE WHO RECONCILES] N (2x) unknown "one who reconciles"

musallitu [ONE WHO SLITS] N (3x) unknown "one who slits"

musâtu [(USED) WASHING WATER] N (32x) unknown "(used) washing water"

mussiḫu [ONE WHO ASSIGNS] N (9x) unknown "one who apportions; one who assigns"

musukkannu [MAGAN-TREE] N (4x) unknown "rosewood"

musukku [RITUALLY UNCLEAN] N (4x) unknown "ritually unclean person"

muṣaʾʾirānu [FROG] N (12x) unknown "frog"

muṣabbitu [ONE WHO SEIZES] N (9x) unknown "one who seizes"

muṣiptu [(A GARMENT)] N (2x) unknown "towel"

muṣlālu [SIESTA(-TIME)] N (16x) unknown "at midday; midday"

muṣṣiru [ONE WHO DRAWS] N (7x) unknown "one who draws"

muṣṣû [SPREAD OUT] V (3x) unknown "spread out"

mūṣu [EXUDATION] N (20x) unknown "(a stone); discharge"

mušabriqu [ONE WHO STRIKES BY LIGHTNING] N (6x) unknown "one who strikes by lightning"

mušaknišu [ONE WHO SUBJUGATES] N (2x) unknown "one who subjugates"

mušakṣiru [ONE WHO ORGANIZES] N (2x) unknown "one who organizes"

mušallimtu [WOMAN WHO DELIVERS (HER BABY) SOUNDLY] N (4x) unknown "woman who delivers (her baby) soundly"

mušallimu [ONE WHO KEEPS SAFE] N (14x) unknown "one who keeps safe"

mušalqû [ONE WHO CAUSES TO TAKE] N (2x) unknown "one who causes to take"

mušamqitu [ONE WHO BRINGS TO FALL] N (3x) unknown "one who brings to fall"

mušamšû [ONE WHO MAKES FORGET] N (2x) unknown "one who makes forget"

mušapšiḫu [ONE WHO SOOTHES] N (1x) unknown "that soothes"

mušapširu [ONE WHO DISPELS] N (4x) unknown "one who dispels"

mušardû [LEAKING] AJ (3x) unknown "leaking"

mušāṭu [COMBED-OUT HAIR] N (23x) unknown "combed-out hair"

mušazninu [ONE WHO POURS OUT PLENTY] N (3x) unknown "one who pours out plenty"

mušēbiru [ONE WHO BRINGS SOMEONE ACROSS] N (2x) unknown "one who brings someone across"

mušēlû [NECROMANCER] N (2x) unknown "necromancer"

mušēšertu [WHO GIVES BIRTH SUCCESSFULLY] AJ (6x) unknown "who gives birth successfully"

mušētiqu [ONE WHO LETS PASS] N (5x) unknown "one who averts"

mušēzibu [SAVING] N (4x) unknown "one who rescues; one who saves"

mušḫarmiṭu [ONE WHO DISSOLVES] N (4x) unknown "one who dissolves"

mušīmu [ONE WHO DECREES] N (20x) unknown "one who decrees; one who determines"

mušītu [NIGHT(-TIME)] N (66x) unknown "'night'-stone; at night; night(-time)"

muškēnu [DEPENDANT] N (2x) unknown "poor man"

mušlaḫḫatu [FEMALE SNAKE CHARMER] N (16x) unknown "female snake charmer; female snake-charmer"

mušlaḫḫu [SNAKE CHARMER] N (11x) unknown "snake charmer; snake-charmer"

mušnammiru [ILLUMINATOR] N (3x) unknown "illuminator"

muššaru [SERPENTINE] N (24x) unknown "(a stone with red and white stripes) banded agate"

muššuʾu [RUB] V (3x) unknown "rub"

muššulu [MADE TO RESEMBLE] AJ (2x) unknown "likeness"

muštālu [DELIBERATE] AJ (7x) unknown "deliberate"

muštappiku [ONE WHO HEAPS UP] N (4x) unknown "one who heaps up"

muštarḫu [PRESUMPTUOUS] AJ (5x) unknown "proud (one)"

mušteʾʾû [WHO VISITS ASSIDUOUSLY] N (2x) unknown "who visits assiduously"

muštēmidu [ONE WHO BRINGS TOGETHER] N (4x) unknown "one who brings together; one who squeezes"

muštēpištu [ENCHANTRESS] N (148x) unknown "enchantress"

muštēpišu [SORCERER] N (10x) unknown "sorcerer"

muštēšeru [GOOD GUIDE] N (60x) unknown "good guide; one who makes thrive"

muštezzibu [ONE WHO SAVES] N (2x) unknown "one who saves"

mušṭu [COMB] N (2x) unknown "comb"

mūšu [NIGHT] N (149x) unknown "night"

mutabbilu [ONE WHO TAKES AWAY] N (2x) unknown "one who takes away"

mūterribtu [ONE WHO CONTINUALLY ENTERS] N (5x) unknown "one who continually enters"

muterru [(RE)TURNER] N (4x) unknown "(re)turner"

mutqû [SWEET BREAD] N (4x) unknown "sweet bread"

muttabbilu [CARRYING] AJ (11x) unknown "carrying"

muttakkipu [GORING] AJ (2x) unknown "one who butts"

muttalliktu [REGULARLY MOVING] AJ (13x) unknown "one who keeps roaming; one who regularly roams"

muttalliku [MOBILE] AJ (5x) unknown "portable; troubled one"

muttarrû [GUIDE] N (8x) unknown "guide"

muttellû [THAT ROAMS AROUND] N (2x) unknown "who roams around"

muttellu [PRINCELY] AJ (13x) unknown "noble (one); noble"

mutu [HUSBAND] N (5x) unknown "husband"

mūtu [DEATH] N (10x) unknown "death"

mutūtu [STATUS OF A HUSBAND] N (4x) unknown "virility"

muṭibbu [ONE WHO SATISFIES] N (2x) unknown "one who satisfies"

muṭṭu [REDUCED] AJ (34x) unknown "reduced (appetite); reduced"

muzakkû [CLEANER] N (2x) unknown "one who clears up"

muzzapru [VERY BAD] AJ (6x) unknown "evil (person); evil"


naʾādu [BE(COME) ATTENTIVE] V (3x) unknown "be(come) attentive"

naʾāsu [CHEW] V (14x) unknown "chew"

nāʾeru [ROARING] AJ (2x) unknown "roaring"

nabalkattu [CROSSING] N (14x) unknown "retreat; reversal; uprising"

nabalkutu [CROSS OVER] V (140x) unknown "bring across; cross over repeatedly; cross over; crossing over; overturn; traverse; turn against; turn back; turn over constantly; turn over; turn upon"

nabalkutu [HAVING CROSSED OVER] AJ (4x) unknown "rebellious; turned around"

nābalu [DRY LAND] N (5x) unknown "dry land"

nabāsu [RED(-DYED) WOOL] N (2x) unknown "red wool"

nabāṭu [BE(COME) BRIGHT] V (3x) unknown "(repeatedly) come alight"

nablu [FLASH OF FIRE] N (6x) unknown "flame"

nabnītu [CREATION] N (16x) unknown "creature; feature"

nabû [CALLED] AJ (16x) unknown "invoked; named"

nabû [NAME] V (11x) unknown "name"

nadānu [GIVE] V (122x) unknown "be(come) given; deliver over; give"

nadāru [BE(COME) WILD] V (5x) unknown "prey on; rage"

nādinu [GIVER] N (35x) unknown "giver"

nadītu [(A TYPE OF PRIESTESS)] N (13x) unknown "(a type of priestess)"

nadnu [GIVEN] AJ (10x) unknown "given"

nadru [WILD] AJ (6x) unknown "aggressive"

nādu [(WATER-)SKIN] N (22x) unknown "waterskin"

nâdu [PRAISE] V (13x) unknown "keep praising; praise; praising"

nadû [PLACED] AJ (52x) unknown "cast; deserted; discharged; downcast; laid on; lying (down); placed; thrown; uncultivated"

nadû [THROW (DOWN)] V (480x) unknown "apply (medication); be(come) constantly covered with; be(come) thrown (down); be(come) thrown away; cast; cause to give up; causing someone to give up; causing to miscarry; discharge; eject constantly; keep coughing up; keep spilling; miscarrying; place; pour; produce constantly; put each; put; scatter; secrete; set out; set up; sprinkle; throw (down); throw; utter"

nagāšu [GO TO(WARDS)] V (1x) unknown "roam"

nagbu [UNDERGROUND WATER] N (26x) unknown "underground water"

naggāru [JOINER] N (2x) unknown "carpenter"

nāgiru [(TOWN) CRIER] N (6x) unknown "herald"

naglabu [SHOULDER] N (44x) unknown "shoulder"

nagû [SING JOYFULLY] V (2x) unknown "rejoice"

naḫarmuṭu [DISSOLVE] V (14x) unknown "dissolve; melt"

naḫāru [BE(COME) SHRIVELLED] V (12x) unknown "make shrivel; make wither"

naḫīru [NOSTRIL] N (6x) unknown "nostril"

naḫlaptu [CLOAK] N (13x) unknown "cloak"

naḫlu [SIEVED] AJ (2x) unknown "sifted"

naḫšu [THRIVING] AJ (2x) unknown "healthy"

nāḫu [PIG'S FAT] N (2x) unknown "lard"

nâḫu [REST] V (94x) unknown "abate; calm (someone); calm down; cool off; dampen; die down; extinguish; quench; relent; rest"

nakālu [BE(COME) SKILFUL] V (6x) unknown "be(come) artful"

nakāmu [HEAP] V (20x) unknown "pile (up); pile up"

nakāru [BE(COME) DIFFERENT] V (110x) unknown "be(come) changed; be(come) different; be(come) more and more deranged; be(come) removed repeatedly; change; change; expel; keep changing; remove"

nakāsu [CUT] V (45x) unknown "cut; cutting; slaughter"

nakkaptu [BROW] N (4x) unknown "temple"

nakkapu [TIP] N (2x) unknown "tip"

nakmu [HEAPED (UP)] AJ (3x) unknown "acccumulated"

nakru [STRANGE] AJ (57x) unknown "enemy; foreign; hostile"

naksu [CUT (OFF)] AJ (9x) unknown "slaughtered; torn"

nalšu [(NOCTURNAL) DEW] N (5x) unknown "(nocturnal) dew"

nâlu [LIE DOWN] V (69x) unknown "bury; keep lying down; lay down; lying down; make lie down; pickle"

namārītu [DAYBREAK] N (6x) unknown "third watch of the night"

namāru [BE(COME) BRIGHT] V (51x) unknown "be(come) bright; be(come) made bright; dawn; illuminate; lighten; make shine; shine"

namburbû [APOTROPAIC RITUAL] N (12x) unknown "apotropaic ritual"

namerim [CURSE] N (2x) unknown "curse"

namerimburrudû [(RITUAL TO REMOVE A CURSE)] N (19x) unknown "(ritual to remove a curse)"

namirtu [BRIGHTNESS] N (15x) unknown "brightness"

nammaštû [MOVING THINGS] N (5x) unknown "animals"

namrāṣu [HARDSHIP] N (6x) unknown "hardship"

namrīru [AWE-INSPIRING RADIANCE] N (2x) unknown "splendour"

namriš [SPLENDIDLY] AV (12x) unknown "brilliantly; happily"

namru [BRIGHT] AJ (72x) unknown "bright (sun); bright one; bright; light"

namruqqu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

namsû [WASH-BASIN] N (13x) unknown "washbowl"

namtaru [FATE] N (5x) unknown "fate"

namû [PASTURAGE] N (9x) unknown "steppe"

namurratu [AWE-INSPIRING RADIANCE] N (2x) unknown "awe-inspiring radiance"

namzītu [MASH TUB] N (2x) unknown "mash tub"

nanduru [VERY WILD] AJ (7x) unknown "very wild"

nanḫuzu [INFLAMED] AJ (6x) unknown "inflamed"

nannartu [LIGHT OF THE SKY] N (5x) unknown "light (of the sky)"

nannāru [LIGHT OF THE SKY] N (12x) unknown "light (of the sky); light of the sky"

nanzāzu [ATTENDANT] N (16x) unknown "attendant"

napāḫu [BLOW] V (84x) unknown "be(come) bloated continually; blow; ignition; kindle; light up; rise; rising; shine forth"

napalsuḫu [FALL TO THE GROUND] V (3x) unknown "prostrate oneself"

napāqu [HARDEN] V (2x) unknown "be(come) constipated"

naparšudu [FLEE] V (2x) unknown "be(come) blown repeatedly"

napāṣu [PUSH AWAY] V (5x) unknown "push away; smash"

napḫaru [TOTAL] N (33x) unknown "all; entirety; total; whole"

napḫu [BLOWN ON] AJ (16x) unknown "bright; kindled; risen; rising"

napištu [THROAT] N (177x) unknown "life; soul; sustenance; throat"

nappāḫu [SMITH] N (2x) unknown "smith"

nappaḫu [BELLOWS] N (2x) unknown "bellows"

nappaṭu [(A SMALL OVEN, BRAZIER)] N (3x) unknown "(a small oven, brazier); brazier"

napṣu [CRUSHED] AJ (2x) unknown "damaged"

napšaštu [OINTMENT] N (28x) unknown "bowl for ointment; ointment; salve"

naptanu [MEAL(-TIME)] N (6x) unknown "meal"

napṭaru [(TYPE OF) ACQUAINTANCE] N (2x) unknown "reed altar"

napṭu [NAPHTHA] N (10x) unknown "naphtha"

napû [SIEVE] V (28x) unknown "sieve"

naqbītu [UTTERANCE] N (8x) unknown "recitation"

naqû [POUR (A LIBATION)] V (230x) unknown "keep pouring (a libation); pour (a libation); pouring (a libation); sacrifice; sacrifice"

naqû [POURED] AJ (2x) unknown "poured"

narāmtu [BELOVED] AJ (7x) unknown "beloved"

narāmu [LOVED ONE] N (18x) unknown "beloved (one)"

narbû [GREATNESS] N (82x) unknown "great deeds; greatness"

nargu [(CEDAR) CONE] N (4x) unknown "peg"

narkabtu [CHARIOT] N (2x) unknown "chariot"

naršindatu [(A SORCERESS)] N (25x) unknown "(a type of witch)"

naršindû [(A SORCERER)] N (8x) unknown "(a sorcerer)"

narṭabu [SOAKING VESSEL] N (5x) unknown "beer mash"

nāru [MUSICIAN] N (6x) unknown "musician"

nāru [RIVER] N (248x) unknown "river"

narūqu [LEATHER BAG] N (6x) unknown "(leather) sack; sack"

nasāḫu [TEAR OUT] V (114x) unknown "be(come) removed; be(come) taken away; be(come) uprooted; eradicate; eradication; pull out; pulling out; removal; remove; removing; take away; tear out"

nasāku [THROW (DOWN)] V (28x) unknown "cast (away); discard; throw (down); throw"

nasāsu [LAMENT] V (4x) unknown "wail"

nasḫu [TORN] AJ (20x) unknown "extracted; removed; uprooted"

nasḫuru [FAVOURABLE ATTENTION] N (2x) unknown "(favourable) attention"

nāsiḫu [ONE WHO REMOVES] N (16x) unknown "one who removes; one who tears out"

nasku [THROWN DOWN] AJ (2x) unknown "outcast"

nassu [GROANING] AJ (5x) unknown "wailing; wretched (person)"

naṣābu [SUCK] V (2x) unknown "suck"

naṣāru [GUARD] V (13x) unknown "guard; protection; watch over"

nāṣiru [GUARD] N (10x) unknown "guard; guardian"

naṣmattu [BANDAGE] N (2x) unknown "poultice"

naṣru [GUARDED] AJ (2x) unknown "watchful"

našāku [BITE] V (4x) unknown "bite"

našāpu [BLOW SOMETHING AWAY] V (5x) unknown "be(come) blown away"

našāqu [KISS] V (8x) unknown "kiss"

našāsu [SHAKE] V (3x) unknown "toss"

našpartu [MESSAGE] N (52x) unknown "message"

našpu [BLOWN AWAY] AJ (16x) unknown "(a type of light-coloured beer)"

naštuq [(LEATHER) BAG] N (2x) unknown "(leather) bag"

nâšu [ROCK] V (6x) unknown "crumble; give way"

našû [LIFT] V (192x) unknown "(meaning uncertain); be(come) carried; carry; cause to pick up; have someone hold; have someone lift; have someone raise; hold; keep heaving up; lift; make someone carry; pick up; raise; rouse"

našû [LIFTED] AJ (80x) unknown "carrying; elevated; holding; lifted; raising up; risen"

nāšû [BEARING] AJ (6x) unknown "bearer; bearing"

natāku [DRIP] V (49x) unknown "(let) drip; drip away; moisten continually"

naṭālu [LOOK] V (27x) unknown "(be able to) see; experience; keep looking; keep seeing; look"

nāṭilu [SEEING] AJ (17x) unknown "seeing (man); seeing"

nazāqu [CREAK] V (17x) unknown "cause to worry; torment; worry"

nāziqu [CREAKING] AJ (9x) unknown "howling"

nêʾu [TURN BACK] V (26x) unknown "drive back; flee; put to flight; turn back; turning back"

nēbeḫu [BAND] N (5x) unknown "belt"

nēberu [CROSSING] N (20x) unknown "ferry(boat); ford"

nebû [SHINING] AJ (4x) unknown "brilliant"

neḫēsu [(RE)CEDE] V (2x) unknown "(a physical malfunction)"

nēḫu [CALM] AJ (5x) unknown "calm"

nekelmû [FROWN AT] V (34x) unknown "frown at; frown; glare at; glare; regard malevolently"

nēmedu [THAT ON WHICH ONE LEANS] N (7x) unknown "socle"

nēmelu [PROFIT] N (6x) unknown "success; thriving"

nēmequ [WISDOM] N (28x) unknown "wisdom; wise"

nepelkû [BE(COME) WIDE (OPEN)] V (2x) unknown "opening wide"

nēpeštu [WORK(MANSHIP)] N (19x) unknown "performance; remedy"

nēpešu [ACTIVITY] N (27x) unknown "(ritual) paraphernalia; ritual"

nērebu [ENTRANCE] N (4x) unknown "entranceway"

nērtānītu [MURDERESS] N (13x) unknown "murderess"

nērtu [MURDER] N (5x) unknown "murderess"

nêru [STRIKE] V (10x) unknown "kill"

nesû [BE(COME) DISTANT] V (121x) unknown "abandon; be(come) distant; be(come) off; depart; drive away; remove"

nesû [FAR] AJ (6x) unknown "distant"

nešmû [HEARING] N (4x) unknown "hearing"

nêšu [LIVE] V (20x) unknown "recover"

nēšu [LION] N (28x) unknown "lion"

niʾu [(A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT)] N (5x) unknown "(a musical instrument)"

nību [SMALL PIECE] N (8x) unknown "portion; small piece"

NÍG.KÌD.KÌD.DA [(READING UNCERTAIN)] N (7x) unknown "sorceries"

nigkalagû [(A DRUM)] N (6x) unknown "'mighty copper' bell"

nignakku [CENSER] N (181x) unknown "censer; fumigation vessel"

nigsagilû [SUBSTITUTE] N (12x) unknown "substitute"

nikiltu [SKILL] N (3x) unknown "skill"

nikiptu [SPURGE] N (27x) unknown "(aromatic, gum-yielding plant)"

niklu [SKILL] N (6x) unknown "skill"

niksu [CUTTING (OFF)] N (7x) unknown "cutting (off); slaughter"

nīlu [LYING DOWN] AJ (2x) unknown "lying down"

NINDA.KUR₄.RA [(A LARGE LOAF)] N (2x) unknown "(a large loaf)"

nindabû [(FOOD) OFFERING] N (27x) unknown "bread offering"

nindû [KNOWN] AJ (3x) unknown "knowledgeable"

nīnû [AMMI?] N (107x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

nipḫu [(THE ACT OF) LIGHTING] N (6x) unknown "rising"

nipqū [EXCREMENT] N (5x) unknown "breathing?"

nipšu [BREATHING] N (2x) unknown "breathing"

niqû [OFFERING] N (57x) unknown "offering; sacrifice"

nirru [(A ROPE OR BRAIDED STRING)] N (3x) unknown "string"

nisḫu [EXTRACT(ION)] N (4x) unknown "extract"

nisqu [CHOICE] N (4x) unknown "choice"

Nissaba [GRAIN (GODDESS)] N (4x) unknown "grain"

nissatu [WAILING] N (42x) unknown "misery; sorrow; wailing"

niṣirtu [TREASURE] N (2x) unknown "secret"

nīš libbi [DESIRE] N (26x) unknown "potency"

nišḫu [DIARRHOEA] N (10x) unknown "diarrhoea"

nīšu [(OATH ON THE) LIFE] N (88x) unknown "oath"

nīšu [LIFTING] N (92x) unknown "lifting"

nišū [PEOPLE] N (121x) unknown "people"

nišūtu [RELATIVE(S)] N (19x) unknown "kin; relative(s)"

niziqtu [WORRY] N (14x) unknown "worry"

nizqu [CREAKING] N (4x) unknown "groaning"

NU.KÁR.KÁR [(MEANING UNCERTAIN)] N (3x) unknown "(meaning uncertain)"

NU.LUḪ [(A PLANT)] N (13x) unknown "(a plant)"

nubattu [EVENING (REST)] N (23x) unknown "evening (rest); vigil"

nubû [LAMENT] N (7x) unknown "wailing"

nudunnû [MARRIAGE GIFT] N (4x) unknown "marriage gift; present"

nuggatu [RAGE] N (4x) unknown "rage"

nuḫatimmu [COOK] N (4x) unknown "cook"

nuḫšu [ABUNDANCE] N (17x) unknown "abundance"

nuḫurtu [(A VARIETY OF ASAFOETIDA)] N (132x) unknown "(a variety of asafoetida)"

nukaribbu [GARDENER] N (4x) unknown "gardener"

nullâtu [MALICIOUSNESS] N (25x) unknown "foolishness; maliciousness"

nūnu [FISH] N (44x) unknown "fish"

nurmû [POMEGRANATE] N (6x) unknown "pomegranate"

nūru [LIGHT] N (83x) unknown "lamp; light"

nuṣābu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (14x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

nušurrû [REDUCTION] N (3x) unknown "malady"


paʾāṣu [BREAK UP] V (3x) unknown "crush"

paʾṣu [CRUSHED] AJ (4x) unknown "crushed"

padattu [FORM] N (11x) unknown "physique"

pādû [FORGIVING] AJ (14x) unknown "forgiving"

padû [SPARE] V (7x) unknown "spare"

pagru [BODY] N (64x) unknown "body"

pagû [APE] N (8x) unknown "ape"

paḫāru [POTTER] N (13x) unknown "potter"

palāḫu [FEAR] V (13x) unknown "fear constantly; repeatedly terrify; terrify"

palāsu [LOOK (AT)] V (75x) unknown "look (at); look with favour; see"

palāšu [PERFORATE] V (7x) unknown "pierce"

palgu [DITCH] N (8x) unknown "canal"

palḫu [FEARFUL] AJ (13x) unknown "frightened; reverent"

pāliḫu [ONE WHO REVERES] N (19x) unknown "one who reveres"

palkû [WIDE] AJ (2x) unknown "wide"

pallišu [DRILLING STONE] N (5x) unknown "drilling stone"

pallurtu [CROSS] N (11x) unknown "cross"

palû [PERIOD OF OFFICE] N (7x) unknown "(a symbol of authority); reign"

pānu [FRONT] N (313x) unknown "appearance; before; face; front; presence"

papallu [SHOOT] N (2x) unknown "shoot"

pappardilû [AGATE?] N (33x) unknown "(a black stone with one white stripe)"

papparḫû [(A HERB)] N (2x) unknown "(a garden plant)"

papparminû [(A SEMIPRECIOUS STONE)] N (7x) unknown "(a semiprecious stone)"

pappasītu [(A WHITE LIME)] N (4x) unknown "(a kind of sulphur)"

pappāsu [PORRIDGE] N (2x) unknown "porridge"

paqādu [ENTRUST] V (156x) unknown "be(come) cared for; be(come) entrusted; care for; conveyance; entrust; hand over"

paqdu [ENTRUSTED] AJ (42x) unknown "entrusted"

pāqidu [CARER] N (11x) unknown "carer"

parʾu [SPROUTED] AJ (4x) unknown "rearing?; sprouted"

parādu [BE(COME) SCARED] V (5x) unknown "be(come) constantly frightened"

parakku [CULT DAIS] N (10x) unknown "sanctuary"

parāku [LIE ACROSS] V (18x) unknown "obstruct; obstruction; put cross-wise; thwart"

parāsu [CUT (OFF)] V (193x) unknown "be(come) decided; be(come) separated; be(come) stopped; cut (off); decide; decision; divide up; halt; isolate; stop; withhold"

parāṣu [CARRY OUT RITUAL] V (3x) unknown "perform"

pardu [TERRIFYING] AJ (40x) unknown "terrified; terrifying"

pārisu [ONE WHO DECIDES] N (25x) unknown "one who decides; one who keeps away"

parku [TRANSVERSE] AJ (2x) unknown "blocked"

parsu [CUT OFF] AJ (66x) unknown "cut off; determined; resolute; secluded; stopped; weaned"

parṣu [OFFICE] N (6x) unknown "rites"

paršīgu [HEADDRESS] N (14x) unknown "headband; headdress"

paršu [EXCREMENT] N (2x) unknown "excrement"

parû [VOMIT] V (10x) unknown "cause to vomit; vomit repeatedly"

parzillu [IRON] N (72x) unknown "'iron stone'; iron"

pasāsu [ERASE] V (19x) unknown "annulling; be(come) annulled; be(come) blotted out; erase; forgive; obliterate"

passu [DOLL] N (4x) unknown "doll"

passu [ERASED] AJ (3x) unknown "erased"

pasû [(MEANING UNCLEAR)] V (2x) unknown "chop up"

paṣṣunu [VEILED] AJ (3x) unknown "veiled"

pašāḫu [COOL DOWN] V (45x) unknown "calming; cause to have rest; cool (down); pacify; relax; soothe; soothing"

pašanu [(A BIRD)] N (2x) unknown "(a bird)"

pašāru [RELEASE] V (429x) unknown "be(come) appeased; be(come) relaxed; be(come) released; be(come) undone; be(come) unknotted; dispel; effecting release; relax; release; release; undo; undoing"

pašāšu [ANOINT] V (254x) unknown "anoint oneself; anoint; be(come) salved; have someone anoint; rub oneself repeatedly; rub oneself; rub repeatedly; rub; smear"

pašāṭu [ERASE] V (3x) unknown "erase"

pāšertu ['LOOSENER'] N (3x) unknown "releaser"

pašḫu [RESTING] AJ (21x) unknown "soothed; soothing; soothing"

pāširu [DISSOLVER] N (93x) unknown "(a pool); dissolver; releaser"

pašqu [NARROW] AJ (2x) unknown "distress"

pašru [RELEASED] AJ (130x) unknown "released"

paššu [ANOINTED] AJ (19x) unknown "anointed"

paššūru [TABLE] N (31x) unknown "table"

patālu [TWINE] V (20x) unknown "be(come) twined; be(come) twisted; twine; twist; twist"

patānu [DINE] V (137x) unknown "dining"

patāqu [SHAPE] V (2x) unknown "form"

patru [SWORD] N (12x) unknown "dagger; knife"

paṭāru [LOOSEN] V (237x) unknown "be(come) continually slackened; be(come) loose; be(come) released; be(come) slack; clear away; dispel; dispelling; loosen; release; release; remove; undo; untie"

paṭīru [PORTABLE ALTAR] N (64x) unknown "portable altar"

pāṭiru [ONE WHO RELEASES] N (19x) unknown "one who releases"

paṭru [RELEASED] AJ (51x) unknown "be(come) dispelled; released"

peḫû [CLOSE UP] V (59x) unknown "close up; immure; shut up"

peḫû [SEALED] AJ (11x) unknown "confined; enclosed; locked; shut up"

pelû [EGG] N (8x) unknown "egg"

pēmtu [CHARCOAL] N (28x) unknown "charcoal"

pēmu [(UPPER) THIGH] N (4x) unknown "(upper) thigh"

pendû [(A RED? SPECKLED STONE)] N (10x) unknown "(a mottled type of limestone); (a red? speckled stone)"

perʾu [BUD] N (6x) unknown "descendant; offspring"

pērti ḫarrāni ['HAIR-OF-THE-WAYSIDE'-PLANT] N (2x) unknown "'hair-of-the-wayside'-plant"

pērtu [HAIR (OF HEAD)] N (6x) unknown "hair (of head)"

pērūrūtu [MOUSE] N (3x) unknown "mouse"

peṣû [WHITE] AJ (78x) unknown "white"

pētû [OPENER] N (2x) unknown "opener"

petû [OPEN] AJ (13x) unknown "open"

petû [OPEN] V (42x) unknown "be(come) opened; open constantly; open"

pilaqqu [SPINDLE] N (2x) unknown "spindle"

pillû [MANDRAGORA] N (20x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

pīqa [ON (ONE) OCCASION] AV (12x) unknown "on (one) occasion"

piqannu [DROPPINGS (OF SHEEP, GAZELLE)] N (7x) unknown "droppings (of sheep, gazelle)"

piriggunû [(A COLOURED STONE)] N (4x) unknown "(a coloured stone)"

piriṣtu [FALSITY] N (2x) unknown "lie(s)"

pirištu [SECRET] N (8x) unknown "secret"

pirittu [TERROR] N (31x) unknown "anxiety"

pīru [ELEPHANT] N (5x) unknown "elephant"

pišannu [BOX] N (2x) unknown "basket"

pišertu [RELEASE] N (66x) unknown "dispelling ritual; release"

pišru [RELEASE] N (43x) unknown "release"

pitiltu [STRING] N (38x) unknown "cord; string"

pitiqtu [MUD WALL] N (10x) unknown "brick course"

piṭru [RELEASE] N (23x) unknown "(meaning uncertain); undoing"

pizallurtu [GECKO] N (2x) unknown "gecko"

[CHAFF] N (45x) unknown "chaff"

[MOUTH] N (539x) unknown "in proportion to; mouth; opening; order; speech; wording"

puggulu [VERY STRONG] AJ (3x) unknown "mighty"

puḫādu [LAMB] N (6x) unknown "lamb"

puḫālu [MALE ANIMAL] N (14x) unknown "ram"

puḫḫuru [ASSEMBLED] AJ (2x) unknown "assembled"

puḫpuḫḫû [SQUABBLE] N (21x) unknown "squabble"

puḫru [ASSEMBLY] N (19x) unknown "assembly; entirety; host"

pūḫtu [ITEM OF EXCHANGE] N (2x) unknown "substitute"

pūḫu [EXCHANGE] N (3x) unknown "as a substitute"

pulḫu [FEARSOMENESS] N (5x) unknown "fear"

puluḫtu [FEAR(SOMENESS)] N (7x) unknown "fear(someness)"

puqqu [PAY ATTENTION TO] V (5x) unknown "await; be(come) anxious"

puqqudu [ENTRUSTING] AJ (4x) unknown "entrusting"

puquttu [THORN] N (5x) unknown "thorn"

pursītu [(OFFERING) BOWL] N (9x) unknown "(offering) bowl"

pūru [(STONE) BOWL] N (12x) unknown "(stone) bowl"

purussû [DECISION] N (162x) unknown "decision"

pušikku [CARDED WOOL] N (11x) unknown "combed wool"

pušqu [NARROWNESS] N (11x) unknown "trouble"

puttû [OPENED] AJ (4x) unknown "opened"

pūtu [FOREHEAD] N (23x) unknown "forehead"

puṭṭuru [RELEASED] AJ (5x) unknown "released"

puzru [CONCEALMENT] N (3x) unknown "secretly"


qāʾišu [ONE WHO GRANTS] N (5x) unknown "one who grants"

qablītu [CENTRE] N (7x) unknown "middle watch"

qablu [BATTLE] N (9x) unknown "battle"

qablu [HIPS] N (42x) unknown "hips; loins; middle part; middle; waist"

qabru [GRAVE] N (41x) unknown "grave"

qabû [SAY] V (565x) unknown "be(come) ordered; be(come) said; decree; have someone say; order; prayer; say; saying; speak; speaking; speech"

qadādu [BOW DOWN] V (10x) unknown "bend; bow down; make bow down"

qadāšu [BE(COME) PURE] V (16x) unknown "purify oneself; purify"

qaddadāniš [BOWED DOWN] AV (2x) unknown "hunched"

qadištu [(A TYPE OF PRIESTESS)] N (24x) unknown "(a type of priestess)"

qâdu [IGNITE] V (39x) unknown "burn down; kindle"

qadūt šikni [SEDIMENT] N (3x) unknown "sediment"

qadūtu [SILT] N (10x) unknown "mud; silt"

qalālu [BE(COME) LIGHT] V (2x) unknown "be(come) unimportant"

qalāpu [PEEL] V (9x) unknown "be(come) peeled"

qalpu [STRIPPED] AJ (6x) unknown "peeled"

qalû [BURN] V (152x) unknown "be(come) burned; burn each (of them); burn; burning; kindle"

qalû [ROASTED] AJ (2x) unknown "roasted"

qâlu [PAY ATTENTION] V (38x) unknown "heed; pay attention"

qālû [ONE WHO BURNS] N (20x) unknown "burner; one who burns"

qāmû [BURNER] N (67x) unknown "burner; which burns"

qamû [BURN (UP)] V (97x) unknown "burn (up)"

qamû [BURNT] AJ (5x) unknown "burnt"

qan-šalāli [(A TYPE OF REED)] N (35x) unknown "(a type of reed)"

qannu [FRINGE] N (3x) unknown "fringe"

qanû [REED] N (100x) unknown "reed"

qaqdâ [CONSTANTLY] AV (6x) unknown "constantly"

qaqqadu [HEAD] N (180x) unknown "head; tip"

qaqqaru [GROUND] N (81x) unknown "earth; ground; netherworld"

qarānu [STACK UP] V (2x) unknown "pile up"

qardammu [ENEMY] N (2x) unknown "enemy"

qardu [VALIANT] AJ (30x) unknown "heroic (one); heroic; warrior"

qarnānû [HORNED] AJ (42x) unknown "horned"

qarnu [HORN] N (27x) unknown "horn"

qarrādu [HERO] N (17x) unknown "hero; warrior"

qašdu [PURE] AJ (6x) unknown "holy"

qâšu [GIVE] V (42x) unknown "bestow on; bestow; give; grant; present"

qāt māmīti [(A DISEASE)] N (3x) unknown "(a disease)"

qatāpu [PLUCK] V (2x) unknown "pluck off"

qatāru [SMOKE] V (38x) unknown "fumigate; rise (of smoke); smoke"

qatru [SMOKY] AJ (4x) unknown "depressed"

qātu [HAND] N (503x) unknown "at the disposal of; hand; paw"

qatû [COME TO AN END] V (61x) unknown "come to an end; complete; finish off; finish; put an end"

qatû [ENDED] AJ (4x) unknown "completed"

qebēru [BURY] V (61x) unknown "bury"

qēbiru [BURIER] N (3x) unknown "burier"

qebru [BURIED] AJ (2x) unknown "buried"

qēmu [FLOUR] N (89x) unknown "flour"

qerbetu [ENVIRONS (OF A SETTLEMENT)] N (7x) unknown "field; pasture"

qerbiš [INSTANTLY] AV (2x) unknown "instantly"

qerbītu [CENTRE] N (2x) unknown "womb"

qerbu [CENTRE] N (56x) unknown "belly; centre; inside; interior; intestine; midst"

qerbu [NEAR] AJ (7x) unknown "constricted; near"

qerēbu [BE(COME) CLOSE] V (123x) unknown "allow near; be(come) close; bring; draw near; lead; present"

qerû [CALL] V (2x) unknown "invite"

qibītu [SPEECH] N (361x) unknown "command; speech"

qiddat ūmi [EVENING] N (5x) unknown "evening"

qiddatu [BENDING DOWN] N (15x) unknown "bending down; downstream; downstream"

qilpu [RIND] N (2x) unknown "skin"

qīlu [BURNING] N (2x) unknown "conflagration"

qilûtu [BURNING] N (9x) unknown "burnt material"

qimmatu [TUFT] N (18x) unknown "crown; lock (of hair); top"

qinnatu [BUTTOCKS] N (6x) unknown "anus; buttocks"

qinnu [NEST] N (2x) unknown "nest"

qištu [FOREST] N (2x) unknown "forest"

qīštu [GIFT] N (21x) unknown "gift"

qitmu [BLACK PASTE] N (7x) unknown "black paste"

qitrudu [VERY WARLIKE] AJ (3x) unknown "very warlike"

[FLAX] N (68x) unknown "cord; flax; gag; string; thread; web"

[UNIT] N (47x) unknown "a unit of capacity"

quʾʾû [AWAIT] V (7x) unknown "await"

quddušu [PURIFIED] AJ (30x) unknown "holy"

quliptu [SKIN OF SCALES] N (11x) unknown "bark; skin of scales"

qulmû [(KIND OF) AXE] N (7x) unknown "(kind of) axe; hatchet"

qulqulliānu [(A PLANT, PERHAPS) CASSIA] N (2x) unknown "(a plant, perhaps) cassia"

qūlu [SILENCE] N (39x) unknown "dumbness; silence; stillness"

qumqummatu [(DESIG. OF A SORCERESS)] N (12x) unknown "(a type of witch)"

qunātā [WOAD] N (2x) unknown "woad"

qurādu [HERO] N (31x) unknown "hero; warrior"

qurdu [WARRIORHOOD] N (3x) unknown "heroic deeds"

qurqurratu [FEMALE METAL-WORKER] N (4x) unknown "female metal-worker"

qurqurru [METAL-WORKER] N (1x) unknown "metal-worker"

qutāru [INCENSE] N (13x) unknown "fumigant; fumigation; incense"

qutrēnu [INCENSE (OFFERING)] N (12x) unknown "incense offering; incense"

qutru [(A PLANT)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

qutru [SMOKE] N (56x) unknown "smoke"


raʾābu [SHAKE] V (8x) unknown "make tremble; tremble constantly; tremble"

raʾību [SHIVERING] N (4x) unknown "trembling"

rāʾimu [ONE WHO LOVES] N (6x) unknown "one who loves"

rab-emūqi [COMMANDER OF THE ARMY] N (2x) unknown "commander of the army"

rabābu [BE(COME) WEAK] V (8x) unknown "calm down; comforting; soothing"

rabāku [BOIL DOWN] V (8x) unknown "boil down; decoct?; steep; stir"

rabāṣu [SIT] V (6x) unknown "cause to lie in wait; lie down"

rabbu [SOFT] AJ (2x) unknown "gentle"

rabīku [(A KIND OF) DECOCTION] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of) decoction"

rābiṣu ['LURKER' DEMON] N (28x) unknown "'lurker' demon"

rabû [BE(COME) BIG] V (18x) unknown "enhance; make great; make grow; praise; raise"

rabû [BIG] AJ (373x) unknown "big one; big; great; large; old"

rabû [SET] V (3x) unknown "set"

rabûtu [GREATNESS] N (2x) unknown "greatness"

radādu [CHASE] V (3x) unknown "persecute"

raddādu [PURSUER] N (2x) unknown "persecutor"

raddu [PURSUED] AJ (9x) unknown "persecuted (one); persecuted"

raggu [WICKED] AJ (33x) unknown "wicked (one); wicked"

rāhiṣu [FLOODER] N (2x) unknown "one who tramples"

raḫāṣu [FLOOD] V (8x) unknown "wash repeatedly; wash"

raḫḫātu [(AN ILLNESS)] N (15x) unknown "(a type of witch)"

rāḫītu [CREATRESS] N (36x) unknown "(a type of witch)"

rāḫû [POURER] N (24x) unknown "(a type of warlock)"

rakābu [RIDE] V (8x) unknown "copulation; have mount"

rakāsu [BIND] V (167x) unknown "arrange; attach oneself; attach; bind; binding; gird; have someone gird; prepare; set up; tie"

rākibu [RIDER] N (6x) unknown "rider"

raksu [BOUND] AJ (20x) unknown "attached; bound; tied; wrapped?"

râku [POUR OUT] V (7x) unknown "pour out; smear"

ramāku [BATHE] V (169x) unknown "bathe constantly; bathe; keep washing oneself; steep; wash oneself; wash"

ramānu [SELF] N (68x) unknown "self"

ramku [BATHED] AJ (5x) unknown "bathed (one); soaked"

râmu [LOVE] N (37x) unknown "love-magic; love"

râmu [LOVE] V (10x) unknown "love; make love"

ramû [SLACK] AJ (6x) unknown "slack; slackened"

ramû [SLACKEN] V (8x) unknown "be(come) constantly weak; loosen"

ramû [THROW] V (6x) unknown "establish; set down"

rapādu [(A PLANT)] N (8x) unknown "(a plant)"

rapādu [ROAM] V (7x) unknown "roam"

rapāšu [BE(COME) BROAD] V (8x) unknown "extend"

rappu [HOOP] N (3x) unknown "neck-stock"

rapšu [WIDE] AJ (68x) unknown "vast; wide; widespread"

raqqu [TORTOISE, TURTLE] N (2x) unknown "tortoise, turtle"

raqû [HIDE] V (3x) unknown "hide oneself"

râqu [BE(COME) EMPTY] V (6x) unknown "be(come) ready; empty (out)"

rasānu [SOAK] V (20x) unknown "soak; steep"

rāsibu [ONE WHO TERRIFIES] N (3x) unknown "terrifying"

râṣu [RUSH (TO HELP)] V (9x) unknown "rush (to help)"

rašbu [TERRIFYING] AJ (4x) unknown "terrifying (one)"

rašû [ACQUIRE] V (173x) unknown "acquire; acquisition; be(come) affected by; be(come) constantly affected by; cause to get; causing to get; come to have; develop; get repeatedly; get; have; having to acquire; obtain; provide"

râšu [REJOICE] V (14x) unknown "rejoice; rejoicing"

rašubbatu [TERRIFYING APPEARANCE] N (2x) unknown "terrifying appearance"

rašubbu [TERRIFYING] AJ (22x) unknown "awe-inspiring power; awe-inspiring; terrifying"

rāṭu [WATER-CHANNEL] N (4x) unknown "water-channel"

rēʾû [SHEPHERD] N (16x) unknown "(a bird); shepherd"

reʾû [PASTURE] V (2x) unknown "shepherd"

rebītu [SQUARE] N (14x) unknown "square"

rebû [FOURTH] NU (1x) unknown "fourth"

rēdânu [PURSUER] N (2x) unknown "pursuer"

rēdû [SOLDIER] N (3x) unknown "persecutor; pursuer"

redû [ACCOMPANY] V (69x) unknown "accompany continually; accompany; cause to overflow; keep pursuing; persecute; pursue"

redû [ACCOMPANYING] AJ (8x) unknown "pursuing"

reḫû [POUR OUT] V (68x) unknown "(meaning uncertain); impregnate; inseminate"

rēmēnû [MERCIFUL] AJ (44x) unknown "merciful"

rēmu [WOMB] N (34x) unknown "compassion; mercy"

rêmu [BE(COME) MERCIFUL] V (15x) unknown "be(come) merciful; have mercy; show mercy"

rêqu [BE(COME) DISTANT] V (44x) unknown "be(come) distant; go far away; step back"

rēṣu [HELPER] N (7x) unknown "helper"

rēṣūtu [HELP] N (2x) unknown "help"

rēš libbi [EPIGASTRIUM] N (38x) unknown "epigastrium"

rēštû [FIRST] AJ (7x) unknown "foremost"

rēšu [HEAD] N (168x) unknown "head"

retû [DRIVE IN] V (4x) unknown "insert"

rību [SETTING] N (2x) unknown "setting"

ridâtu [PERSECUTION] N (14x) unknown "persecution"

rīdu [PERSECUTION] N (42x) unknown "persecution"

rigmu [VOICE] N (2x) unknown "thunder"

riḫītu [POURING OUT] N (4x) unknown "offspring"

riḫṣu [FLOOD(ING)] N (2x) unknown "devastation"

riḫûtu [PROGENY] N (43x) unknown "progeny; semen; spawn"

riksu [BINDING] N (229x) unknown "band; bandage; bond; bundle; knot; ritual arrangement"

rimku [BATH] N (32x) unknown "bath; wash water"

rīmu [WILD BULL] N (4x) unknown "wild bull"

rimûtu [(KIND OF PARALYSIS)] N (7x) unknown "limpness"

riqqū [AROMATIC SUBSTANCE] N (9x) unknown "aromatics"

rīqu [EMPTY] AJ (3x) unknown "empty"

rīštu [REJOICING] N (2x) unknown "rejoicing"

rīšu [CELEBRATED] AJ (11x) unknown "exultant"

ritkubu [MATING] AJ (2x) unknown "mating"

rittu [HAND] N (106x) unknown "hand"

rîtu [PASTURE] N (2x) unknown "pasture"

ruʾāmu [LOVE] N (2x) unknown "love-making"

ruʾtītu [SULPHUR] N (38x) unknown "sulphur"

ruʾtu [SPITTLE] N (94x) unknown "saliva; spittle"

rūʾu [COLLEAGUE] N (11x) unknown "companion"

rubātu [PRINCESS] N (32x) unknown "lady; queen"

rubû [PRINCE] N (117x) unknown "nobleman; prince; ruler"

ruḫû [SORCERY] N (472x) unknown "magic"

rumīkātu [WASTE BATH-WATER] N (4x) unknown "waste bath-water"

rupuštu [PHLEGM] N (15x) unknown "phlegm"

ruqbūtu [DECAY(ED)] N (4x) unknown "decay(ed)"

ruqqû [PROCESS OIL] V (2x) unknown "process oil"

ruqqu [CAULDRON] N (2x) unknown "cauldron"

rūqu [DISTANT] AJ (4x) unknown "distant"

russû [DISSOLVE?] V (15x) unknown "be(come) bound; bind"

rusû [SORCERY] N (307x) unknown "meaning uncertain; sorcery"

ruššû [RED] AJ (18x) unknown "red"

rušumtu [WET MUD] N (15x) unknown "wet mud"

ruṭibtu [DAMPNESS] N (2x) unknown "dampness"


sāʾidu [ONE WHO SMITES] N (2x) unknown "one who smites"

sābu [(A RED STONE)] N (2x) unknown "(a red stone)"

sābû [BREWER] N (15x) unknown "brewer"

sadāru [PLACE IN ORDER] V (18x) unknown "set up in a row"

sadru [IN ORDER] AJ (15x) unknown "regular; regularly happening"

SAG [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (6x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

saḫālu [PRICK] V (9x) unknown "pierce; piercing"

saḫāpu [ENVELOP] V (62x) unknown "be(come) overturned; capsize; cover; drape; have something covered; overturn; overwhelm; throw in; trap; trap"

saḫaršuppû [LEPROSY] N (6x) unknown "leper; leprosy"

saḫāru [GO AROUND] V (298x) unknown "avert; cause to seek out; cause to turn away; cause to turn on; dismiss; dispel; ensnare; go around; keep ensnaring; keep looking around; keep looking for; keep turning; perform (witchcraft); repellence; return; seek out; seeking out; turn around; turn away; turn back and forth; turn back; turn to; turn; turning away; turning back"

saḫḫaru [(AN OFFERING BOWL)] N (3x) unknown "(an offering bowl)"

saḫḫiru [PERIPATETIC] N (5x) unknown "enchanter"

saḫḫû [(A STONE)] N (5x) unknown "(a stone)"

saḫḫu [(A BODILY FLUID)] N (4x) unknown "(a bodily fluid)"

saḫḫu [(WATER-)MEADOW] N (7x) unknown "(water-)meadow"

sāḫirtu [TURNING] N (50x) unknown "(a type of sorceress)"

sāḫiru [TURNING] N (25x) unknown "sorcerer"

saḫlu [PIERCED] AJ (2x) unknown "pierced"

saḫlû [CRESS] N (69x) unknown "cress"

saḫmaštu [REBELLION] N (2x) unknown "turmoil"

saḫpu [OVERTHROWN] AJ (11x) unknown "covered; overwhelmed"

saḫru [TURNED] AJ (18x) unknown "sought out; surrounded; turned"

sakāpu [PUSH DOWN] V (9x) unknown "fend off; overthrow; push away"

sākipu [ONE WHO OVERTHROWS] N (2x) unknown "one who overthrows"

sakku [BLOCKED] AJ (2x) unknown "blocked"

sâku [POUND] V (232x) unknown "pound; strain"

SAL.LA [(A STONE)] N (10x) unknown "(a stone)"

salāḫu [SPRINKLE (WITH)] V (93x) unknown "sprinkle (with)"

salāmu [BE(COME) AT PEACE (WITH SOMEONE)] V (68x) unknown "be(come) at peace (with someone); be(come) reconciled; reconcile; reconciliation"

salāmu [BE(COME) AT PEACE (WITH SOMEONE)BE(COME) RECONCILED] V (2x) unknown "be(come) at peace (with someone)be(come) reconciled"

salāqu [BOIL] V (2x) unknown "boil"

salātu [FAMILY] N (12x) unknown "relative(s)"

salātu [SLIT] V (2x) unknown "split"

salīmu [PEACE] N (11x) unknown "reconciliation"

salmu [PEACEFUL] AJ (17x) unknown "friendly; reconciled"

salû [SICK] AJ (4x) unknown "sick"

samādu [GRIND (FINELY)] V (2x) unknown "grind (finely)"

samāḫu [MIX] V (5x) unknown "mix"

samāku [COVER UP] V (10x) unknown "drive away?; knock away"

samānû [EIGHTH] NU (1x) unknown "eighth"

samdu [GROUND] AJ (2x) unknown "ground"

samīdu [(A SOAPWORT)?] N (2x) unknown "(a soapwort)?"

samīdu [(A SOAPWORT?)] N (15x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

samītu [WALL-PLINTH] N (13x) unknown "battlement; parapet; revetment"

sāmtu [REDNESS] N (73x) unknown "carnelian"

samû [VACILLATE] V (5x) unknown "hamper"

sāmu [RED] AJ (35x) unknown "flushed; red"

sanāqu [CHECK] V (75x) unknown "approach; approach; let approach"

sanāšu [STICK IN] V (21x) unknown "drive into; insert"

sangilmud [(A BLUISH STONE)] N (9x) unknown "(a bluish stone)"

sanḫulḫazû [(A DEMON)] N (17x) unknown "(a demon)"

sankidabbû [(A HEAD ILLNESS)] N (4x) unknown "(a head illness)"

sanqu [CHECKED] AJ (4x) unknown "checked"

sapāḫu [SCATTER] V (66x) unknown "be(come) dispersed; confound; derange; disperse; scatter"

sapāriš [LIKE A NET] AV (2x) unknown "like a net"

sapāru [(DEITY'S) NET] N (5x) unknown "net"

sāpiḫu [ONE WHO SCATTERS] N (2x) unknown "one who scatters"

sarāqu [STREW] V (118x) unknown "pour; strew"

sarru [FALSE] AJ (2x) unknown "hostile"

sartu [FALSEHOOD] N (2x) unknown "lie"

sâru [ROTATE] V (18x) unknown "whirl"

sasqû [(A FINE FLOUR)] N (54x) unknown "fine flour"

sassatu [GRASS] N (23x) unknown "grass"

sebe [SEVEN] NU (104x) unknown "seven"

sebîšu [SEVEN TIMES] AV (111x) unknown "seven times"

sebû [SEVENTH] NU (22x) unknown "seventh"

seḫru [BEND] N (14x) unknown "bent; rim"

sekēru [HEAT] V (13x) unknown "heat"

sekēru [SHUT OFF] V (4x) unknown "be(come) dammed up; block"

sēkiru [(A CANAL-WORKER)] N (4x) unknown "one who blocks; one who shuts off"

serqu [STREWN OFFERING] N (10x) unknown "strewn offering"

serrēmu [ONAGER] N (4x) unknown "onager"

sêru [PLASTER] V (15x) unknown "crush; smear"

sibbirru [(A TREE)] N (2x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

siḫiltu [THORN] N (2x) unknown "pain"

siḫlu [THORN] N (7x) unknown "piercing pain; thorn"

sīḫu [WORMWOOD (ARTEMISIA)?] N (18x) unknown "(an aromatic plant and its resin)"

sikillu [(A PLANT)] N (106x) unknown "(a plant)"

sikkūru [BAR] N (18x) unknown "bolt"

sīku [POUNDED] AJ (19x) unknown "powder"

siliʾtu [SICKNESS] N (7x) unknown "disease"

siltu [SLIVER (OF WOOD)] N (3x) unknown "sliver (of wood)"

simtu [APPROPRIATE SYMBOL] N (2x) unknown "appropriate symbol"

sinništu [WOMAN] N (214x) unknown "female; wife; woman"

sinuntu [SWALLOW] N (6x) unknown "swallow"

siparru [BRONZE] N (54x) unknown "bronze"

sipdu [WAILING] N (6x) unknown "mourning"

sippu [(DOOR-)JAMB] N (16x) unknown "(door-)jamb"

sīrāsu [(A KIND OF) BEER] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of) beer"

sīru [(WALL-)PLASTER] N (4x) unknown "plaster"

sissiktu [HEM] N (61x) unknown "hem"

sisû [HORSE] N (4x) unknown "horse"

[(A HARD STONE)] N (2x) unknown "(a hard stone)"

suādu [SEDGE(-TUBERS)] N (34x) unknown "(an aromatic plant)"

suālu [COUGH] N (6x) unknown "cough; phlegm"

suḫḫû [CONFUSED] AJ (2x) unknown "ruined"

suḫḫuru [CURVES] AJ (3x) unknown "turned away"

suḫsu [BED] N (4x) unknown "private parts"

suḫuššu [YOUNG DATE PALM] N (25x) unknown "palm-shoot"

sukannīnu [DOVE] N (2x) unknown "dove"

sullû [PRAY TO] V (12x) unknown "appeal to; implore; prayer"

sulû [PRAYER] N (2x) unknown "prayer"

suluppu [DATE] N (79x) unknown "date"

summatu [(FEMALE) DOVE] N (2x) unknown "(female) dove"

sūnu [(A CLOTH TRIMMING)] N (7x) unknown "(a cloth)"

sūnu [LOIN] N (17x) unknown "lap"

supālu [(A) JUNIPER] N (13x) unknown "(a) juniper"

suppû [PRAY] V (11x) unknown "beseech; pray; prayer"

suppuḫu [SCATTERED] AJ (2x) unknown "scattered"

supû [PRAYER] N (5x) unknown "supplication"

supūru [SHEEPFOLD] N (3x) unknown "sheepfold"

sūq-erbetti [CROSSROADS] N (39x) unknown "crossroads"

sūqu [STREET] N (119x) unknown "street"

surqēnu [STREWN OFFERING] N (4x) unknown "strewn-offering"

surriš [QUICKLY] AV (10x) unknown "quickly"

sūtu [SEAH] N (4x) unknown "seah-container"

ṣāʾidu [ROAMING] AJ (2x) unknown "roving"

ṣabāru [BEND] V (3x) unknown "twist"

ṣabātu [SEIZE] V (436x) unknown "be(come) constantly seized; be(come) seized; cause to seize; cause to take; grasp; hold on to; install; make someone hold; make someone seize; seize constantly; seize; seizure; take; taking"

ṣabbaru [SHEAF?] N (2x) unknown "sheaf?"

ṣabburītu [FEMALE MUTTERER] N (7x) unknown "female mutterer"

ṣabītu [GAZELLE] N (24x) unknown "gazelle"

ṣābitu [HOLDING] N (66x) unknown "holding; one who intercedes; one who seizes; one who takes"

ṣabtu [CAPTURED] AJ (88x) unknown "captive; holding on to; seized"

ṣabû [WISH (FOR)] V (3x) unknown "request"

ṣadānu [(A BUSH, SHRUB)] N (2x) unknown "(a bush, shrub)"

ṣaddu [(WOODEN) SIGNAL] N (2x) unknown "sign"

ṣâdu [MELT (DOWN)] V (7x) unknown "melt (down)"

ṣâdu [PROWL] V (47x) unknown "spin continually; spin?; spin; stir; twist"

ṣadû [RECEIVE AS SUSTENANCE] V (5x) unknown "furnish with; supply with"

ṣāḫitu [OIL-PRESSER] N (3x) unknown "oil-presser"

ṣaḫtu [PRESSED] AJ (25x) unknown "pressed"

ṣalālu [LIE (DOWN)] V (21x) unknown "lying (asleep); rest; sleep"

ṣalāmu [BE(COME) BLACK] V (18x) unknown "be(come) black; be(come) constantly dark; be(come) dark; blacken"

ṣālilu [SLEEPING] AJ (3x) unknown "sleeping"

ṣallu [COVERED?] AJ (2x) unknown "covered"

ṣallu [SLEEPING] AJ (33x) unknown "asleep; sleeping"

ṣalmāt qaqqadi [BLACK-HEADED ONES] N (12x) unknown "black-headed ones"

ṣalmu [BLACK] AJ (62x) unknown "black; dark; turned black"

ṣalmu [EFFIGY] N (1494x) unknown "figurine; image"

ṣāltu [COMBAT] N (16x) unknown "quarrel"

ṣamādu [TIE UP] V (16x) unknown "bandage; put a bandage regularly"

ṣamāru [WISH] V (9x) unknown "strive (for)"

ṣapāru [PRESS DOWN] V (5x) unknown "cut down"

ṣapru [PRESSED IN] AJ (2x) unknown "hollow"

ṣapû [SOAK] V (8x) unknown "soak"

ṣarāḫu [HEAT UP] V (3x) unknown "be(come) continually hot"

ṣarāpu [BURN] V (11x) unknown "cause a burning pain; dye; smelt"

ṣarāru [FLASH] V (7x) unknown "drip"

ṣarbatu [POPLAR] N (5x) unknown "poplar (wood)"

ṣarmu [ASPIRING] AJ (3x) unknown "persecutive"

ṣarpu [BURNT] AJ (18x) unknown "burnt; fired bowl; fired"

ṣaṣumtu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (10x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

ṣâtu [DISTANT TIME] N (2x) unknown "distant time"

ṣeḫḫeru [TINY] AJ (3x) unknown "little boy; very small"

ṣeḫru [SMALL] AJ (37x) unknown "child; small one; small; young girl; young one; young"

ṣēlu [RIB] N (2x) unknown "rib cut"

ṣēnu [EVIL] AJ (5x) unknown "evil (one); wicked (one)"

ṣênu [LOAD] V (15x) unknown "heap (up); load"

ṣerḫu [FEVER(ISH) HEAT] N (4x) unknown "ardour"

ṣerretu [NOSE-ROPE] N (6x) unknown "lead rope"

ṣerru [ENMITY] N (51x) unknown "enmity"

ṣerru [SNAKE] N (7x) unknown "snake"

ṣerru [SOCKET FOR DOORPOST] N (13x) unknown "socket for doorpost"

ṣertu [NIPPLE] N (1x) unknown "nipple"

ṣēru [BACK] N (60x) unknown "back; steppe"

ṣētu [BRIGHT LIGHT] N (8x) unknown "heat"

ṣibittu [SEIZURE] N (3x) unknown "seizure"

ṣibtu [SEIZURE] N (28x) unknown "grasping; hold; seizure"

ṣibûtu [WISH] N (5x) unknown "wish"

ṣīdānu [(ATTACK OF) VERTIGO] N (4x) unknown "(attack of) vertigo"

ṣidītu [(TRAVEL) PROVISIONS] N (4x) unknown "(travel) provisions"

ṣillû [THORN] N (12x) unknown "thorn"

ṣillu [SHADE] N (42x) unknown "protection; reflection; shade; shadow"

ṣīru [EXALTED] AJ (115x) unknown "exalted; supreme"

ṣīt šamši [EAST] N (13x) unknown "east; sunrise"

ṣītu [EXIT] N (60x) unknown "(new) growth; exit; issuance; loss"

ṣubabû [CONIFER BUD] N (2x) unknown "bud"

ṣubātu [TEXTILE] N (93x) unknown "bark; cloth; garment"

ṣubbû [OBSERVE (FROM A DISTANCE)] V (13x) unknown "examine"

ṣubbutu [PARALYSED] AJ (10x) unknown "cramped?; seized"

ṣūd pānī [VERTIGO] N (6x) unknown "vertigo"

ṣūdu [WHIRLING] N (12x) unknown "whirling"

ṣulūlu [ROOF] N (13x) unknown "aegis; protection"

ṣumlalû [(A SPICE PLANT)] N (8x) unknown "(a spice plant)"

ṣummirātu [DESIRES] N (12x) unknown "wishes"

ṣupru [(FINGER/TOE) NAIL] N (5x) unknown "(finger/toe) nail"

ṣurārû [LIZARDS] N (2x) unknown "lizards"

ṣurru [INTERIOR] N (2x) unknown "heart"

ṣurru [OBSIDIAN] N (32x) unknown "obsidian"

ṣuṣû [REED-THICKET] N (6x) unknown "reed-thicket"


ša [OF] DET (2190x) unknown "against; for; from; in; of; that of; those of; to"

ša [THAT] REL (1767x) unknown "that; those who; what; which; who; whose"

šāʾilu [DREAM INTERPRETER] N (20x) unknown "seer"

šaʾirru [(A WOODEN OBJECT)] N (8x) unknown "(a wooden object)"

šabalbalû [(PSYCHOLOGICAL) CONFUSION] N (6x) unknown "mood swing"

šabāsu [BE(COME) ANGRY] V (7x) unknown "be(come) angry"

šabāšu [GATHER] V (43x) unknown "gather"

šabāṭu [BEAT] V (50x) unknown "sweep"

šabbāsû [VERY ANGRY] AJ (2x) unknown "irate woman"

šabšu [GATHERED] AJ (9x) unknown "gathered"

šadādu [DRAG] V (45x) unknown "drag off; draw; endure; pull on; pull out; pull tight; tear out"

šadânu [HAEMATITE] N (80x) unknown "haematite"

šadânu ṣābitu [MAGNETITE] N (23x) unknown "magnetite"

šaddu [TAUT] AJ (7x) unknown "bringing in; taut"

šadlu [BROAD] AJ (2x) unknown "broad"

šadû [EAST] N (9x) unknown "east wind; the east"

šadû [MOUNTAIN(S)] N (261x) unknown "mountain(s)"

šagāmu [ROAR] V (13x) unknown "buzz"

šagāšu [KILL] V (5x) unknown "kill; murder"

šaggaštu [SLAUGHTER] N (6x) unknown "murder"

šaggu [STIFF] AJ (7x) unknown "stiff"

šāgimu [ROARING] AJ (3x) unknown "roaring"

šāgišu [MURDERER] N (4x) unknown "murderer"

šagšu [SLAIN] AJ (7x) unknown "afflicted (one); oppressed (person)"

šaḫâ [AT AN ANGLE (TO EACH OTHER)] AV (2x) unknown "edge to edge"

šaḫāḫu [BE(COME) LOOSE] V (9x) unknown "crumble; make waste away; waste away"

šaḫānu [BE(COME) HOT] V (3x) unknown "warm oneself in"

šaḫarru [POROUS] AJ (14x) unknown "porous"

šaḫātu [WASH (OFF)] V (79x) unknown "be(come) washed off; rinse off; rinse off; rinse oneself off; rinse; rinsing; smear; wash (off)"

šaḫāṭu [JUMP (ON)] V (4x) unknown "jerk repeatedly; twitch repeatedly"

šaḫāṭu [TEAR AWAY] V (74x) unknown "be(come) stripped off; be(come) torn off; remove; strip off"

šaḫḫû [(A LINEN CANVAS CLOTH)] N (5x) unknown "(a garment)"

šaḫḫuṭītu [WHO KEEPS ATTACKING] N (4x) unknown "female attacker"

šāḫiṭātu [FEMALE ATTACKER] N (2x) unknown "female attacker"

šaḫluqtu [DESTRUCTION] N (4x) unknown "disaster; ruin"

šaḫṭu [STRIPPED] AJ (2x) unknown "stripped"

šāḫu [BASIN] N (2x) unknown "(libation) bowl"

šaḫû [PIG] N (47x) unknown "pig"

šakāku [HARROW] V (91x) unknown "string"

šakānu [PUT] V (914x) unknown "be(come) inflicted; be(come) placed; be(come) provided with; cause to be placed; cause to be(come) dismissed; cause to be(come) in bad repute; cause; distribute; establishing; keep placing; keep putting; keep spreading; perform; place; placement; provide with; put; set up; setting"

šākinu [THAT PLACES] N (22x) unknown "one who performs; one who places; one who provides; who instigates; who places"

šakirû [HENBANE?] N (32x) unknown "henbane?"

šakkanakku [(MILITARY) GOVERNOR] N (3x) unknown "ruler"

šaknu [PLACED] AJ (65x) unknown "equipped with; placed"

šalamtu [CORPSE] N (3x) unknown "corpse"

šalāmu [BE(COME) HEALTHY] V (120x) unknown "be(come) favourable; be(come) healthy; bringing to term; keep sound; keep well; pacify; paying off in full; restoration; succeed; well-being"

šalāpu [PULL OUT] V (13x) unknown "pull out; snatch"

šalāš [THREE] NU (34x) unknown "three"

šalāšī- [THRICE] AV (256x) unknown "thrice"

šalaššerīšu [THIRTEEN TIMES] AV (2x) unknown "thirteen times"

šalbābu [RAGING] AJ (3x) unknown "raging"

šalmānūtu [SOUND CONDITION] N (4x) unknown "sound condition"

šalmiš [WELL] AV (13x) unknown "safely"

šalmu [INTACT] AJ (16x) unknown "healthy; sound; undamaged"

šalmūtu [WELL-BEING] N (2x) unknown "safely"

šalšu [THIRD] NU (9x) unknown "third"

šalû [FLING] V (8x) unknown "spray; throw away"

šalû [SUBMERGE] V (2x) unknown "plunge into"

šâlu [ASK] V (15x) unknown "ask; interrogate"

šalummatu [RADIANCE] N (4x) unknown "radiance"

šamallû [PURSE-BEARER] N (15x) unknown "(scribal) apprentice"

šamāmu [INJURE] V (29x) unknown "be(come) numb; cause (someone) pain"

šamāmū [HEAVENS] N (16x) unknown "heavens; sky"

šaman-rūšti [FINE OIL] N (17x) unknown "fine oil"

šamāru [GLOAT?] V (18x) unknown "extol; praise"

šamāru [RAGE] V (4x) unknown "rage"

šamaššammū [SESAME] N (4x) unknown "sesame"

šammu [PLANT(S)] N (283x) unknown "drug; grass; herb; plant(s)"

šamnu [OIL] N (490x) unknown "oil"

šamru [FURIOUS] AJ (37x) unknown "furious; raging; violent; wild"

šamrūtu [FIERCENESS] N (3x) unknown "fierceness"

šamšu [SUN] N (115x) unknown "sun"

šâmu [BUY] V (9x) unknown "buy"

šâmu [FIX] V (7x) unknown "decree; determine"

šamû [SKY] N (342x) unknown "heaven; sky"

šanê ṭēmi [MADNESS] N (8x) unknown "madness"

šangû [PRIEST] N (6x) unknown "priest"

šāninu [RIVAL] N (4x) unknown "rival"

šanîš [OTHERWISE] AV (6x) unknown "alternatively; or else"

šannu [EQUAL] AJ (2x) unknown "equal"

šanû [(AN)OTHER] AJ (27x) unknown "(an)other"

šanû [BE(COME) CHANGED] V (59x) unknown "be(come) changed; be(come) constantly changed; change; change; confuse; put confusion"

šanû [DO TWICE] V (7x) unknown "repeat"

šanû [SECOND] NU (10x) unknown "next; second"

šanūdu [ILLUSTRIOUS] AJ (3x) unknown "illustrious"

šapāḫu [SPRINKLE] V (2x) unknown "sprinkle"

šapāku [HEAP UP] V (52x) unknown "be(come) constantly poured out; pile up; pour out?; pour out; render limp"

šapāru [SEND] V (82x) unknown "keep sending; send"

šapattu [15TH DAY OF MONTH] N (23x) unknown "15th day of month"

šapātu [BE(COME) MALICIOUS] V (2x) unknown "be(come) malicious"

šaplānu [UNDERNEATH] AV (18x) unknown "below; under"

šapliš [BELOW] AV (13x) unknown "below"

šaplītu [LOWER PART] N (43x) unknown "lower world"

šaplu [LOW(ER)] AJ (16x) unknown "low(er)"

šaplu [UNDERSIDE] N (61x) unknown "below; under"

šapru [SENT] AJ (9x) unknown "sent"

šaptu [LIP] N (34x) unknown "lip"

šapû [WRAP UP] V (41x) unknown "wrap up"

šāpû [ENEMY] N (2x) unknown "enemy"

šapūlu [GROIN] N (8x) unknown "upper thigh"

šaqālu [WEIGH] V (7x) unknown "weigh"

šaqû [BE(COME) HIGH] V (2x) unknown "rise"

šaqû [GIVE TO DRINK] V (208x) unknown "give to drink repeatedly; give to drink; keep providing (water)"

šaqû [HIGH] AJ (32x) unknown "elevated; exalted; high; raised; sublime"

šaqû [IRRIGATED] AJ (49x) unknown "given to drink"

šār [3,600] NU (17x) unknown "3,600"

šarāḫu [TAKE PRIDE IN] V (30x) unknown "glorify; make rich in detail; praise"

šarāku [PRESENT] V (24x) unknown "bestow; grant"

šarāpu [BURN] V (61x) unknown "burn; burning"

šarāṭu [TEAR] V (2x) unknown "tear"

šarḫu [PROUD] AJ (60x) unknown "glorious; proud; radiant; splendid"

šarmadu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (11x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

šarqiš [SECRETLY] AV (18x) unknown "secretly"

šarratu [QUEEN] N (32x) unknown "queen"

šarru [KING] N (336x) unknown "king"

šarrūtu [KINGSHIP] N (2x) unknown "kingship"

šaršerru [RED PASTE] N (10x) unknown "red paste"

šārtu [HAIR] N (66x) unknown "hair"

šarû [RICH] AJ (10x) unknown "copious; wealthy (person)"

šāru [WIND] N (104x) unknown "breath; cardinal direction; meaning uncertain; wind"

šarūru [BRILLIANCE] N (5x) unknown "brilliance; ray"

šassāʾu [SHOUTER] N (3x) unknown "wailer"

šassūru [WOMB] N (2x) unknown "womb"

šasû [SHOUT] V (161x) unknown "buzz continually; call out; call upon; constant reading out; constant screaming; cry out; roar; shout"

šašallu [TENDON OF THE HOOF OR HEEL] N (6x) unknown "back; tendon of the hoof or heel"

šaššaṭu [(A DISEASE OF THE JOINTS)] N (1x) unknown "(a disease of the joints)"

šâšu [TO HIM] IP (19x) unknown "him; that"

šâšunu [(TO/OF) THEM] IP (5x) unknown "(to/of) them"

šatammu [ADMINISTRATOR] N (4x) unknown "administrator"

šatānu [URINATE] V (4x) unknown "urinate"

šattišam [YEAR BY YEAR] N (2x) unknown "annually"

šattu [YEAR] N (36x) unknown "year"

šatû [DRINK] V (207x) unknown "drink repeatedly; drink; drinking"

šaṭāru [(PIECE OF) WRITING] N (2x) unknown "tablet"

šaṭāru [WRITE (DOWN)] V (71x) unknown "be(come) written; have copied; write (down)"

šaṭru [WRITTEN] AJ (84x) unknown "prescribed; written"

šaziga [POTENCY] N (2x) unknown "potency"

šeʾēru [(MEANING UNCERTAIN)] V (2x) unknown "pass over"

šeʾû [SEEK (OUT)] V (89x) unknown "keep seeking (out); seek (out)"

šeʾu [BARLEY] N (30x) unknown "barley; grain; seed(s)"

šēʾu [NEIGHBOUR] N (9x) unknown "female neighbour; neighbour"

šebēru [BREAK] V (12x) unknown "be(come) smashed; break; smash"

šebirbirredû [(AN OFFERING OF BARLEY)] N (2x) unknown "(an offering of barley)"

šebû [BE(COME) FULL (OF)] V (3x) unknown "be(come) full (of)"

šediš [SIX] NU (10x) unknown "six"

šēdu [PROTECTIVE DEITY] N (39x) unknown "protective deity; protective spirit"

šeguššu [(A TYPE OF BARLEY)] N (31x) unknown "(a type of barley)"

šēḫu [WIND] N (8x) unknown "(a disease?)"

šemeru [RING] N (4x) unknown "bracelet"

šēmû [HEARER] N (15x) unknown "one who hears; one who listens to"

šemû [HEAR] V (131x) unknown "be(come) heeded; hear; hearing; listen to"

šemû [HEARD] AJ (11x) unknown "heard"

šēnu [(A WOODEN PART OF A WAGGON)] N (2x) unknown "(a wooden object)"

šēnu [SANDAL(S)] N (3x) unknown "sandal(s)"

šēpītu [FOOT] N (9x) unknown "foot end"

šēpu [FOOT] N (230x) unknown "foot"

šerʾānu [VEIN] N (125x) unknown "sinew; vein"

šeriktu [PRESENT] N (6x) unknown "present"

šerru [(YOUNG) CHILD] N (16x) unknown "(young) child; baby"

šērtu [GUILT] N (12x) unknown "fault"

šērtu [MORNING] N (48x) unknown "morning"

šêru [RISE EARLY] V (2x) unknown "do something in the morning"

šēru [MORNING] N (133x) unknown "in the morning; morning"

šeššu [SIXTH] NU (2x) unknown "sixth"

šettu [SIN] N (2x) unknown "wrongdoing"

šêtu [BE(COME) REMAINING] V (9x) unknown "escape; leave"

šētu [(HUNTING) NET] N (22x) unknown "(hunting) net"

šī [SHE] IP (88x) unknown "she; that"

šibburratu [RUE (RUTA)] N (42x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

šibsātu [ANGER] N (13x) unknown "anger"

šību [WITNESS] N (4x) unknown "witness"

šībūtu [OLD AGE] N (5x) unknown "old age"

šidaḫu [HEALTHY APPEARANCE?] N (5x) unknown "healthy glow?"

šiddu [SIDE] N (12x) unknown "line; ribbon?"

šiḫḫatu [DISINTEGRATION] N (9x) unknown "wasting"

šikaru [BEER] N (441x) unknown "beer"

šikkatu [FLASK] N (4x) unknown "(perfume) flask"

šikkû [MONGOOSE] N (13x) unknown "mongoose"

šiknu [ACT OF PUTTING] N (13x) unknown "(characteristic) nature; act of putting; appearance; form"

šillatu [IMPUDENCE] N (2x) unknown "impudence"

šiltāḫu [ARROW] N (5x) unknown "arrow"

šimbizidû [ANTIMONY PASTE] N (11x) unknown "(a mineral)"

šimētān [(IN THE) EVENING] AV (12x) unknown "in the evening"

šimmatu [PARALYSIS] N (41x) unknown "paralysis"

šimru [FENNEL] N (4x) unknown "fennel"

šīmtu [FATE] N (73x) unknown "destiny; fate"

šina [THEY (F.)] IP (23x) unknown "these; they (f.)"

šina [TWO] NU (203x) unknown "two"

šīnātu [URINE] N (14x) unknown "urine"

šinipu [TWO-THIRDS] NU (3x) unknown "two-thirds"

šinīšu [TWICE] AV (7x) unknown "twice"

šinīt ṭēmi [MADNESS] N (7x) unknown "madness"

šinītu [ALTERATION] N (7x) unknown "alteration"

šinnu [TOOTH] N (23x) unknown "tooth"

šinšeret [TWELVE] NU (3x) unknown "twelve"

šinšerīšu [TWELVE TIMES] AV (3x) unknown "twelve times"

šipātu [WOOL] N (75x) unknown "wool"

šipru [SENDING] N (9x) unknown "affliction; sending"

šiptu [INCANTATION] N (2194x) unknown "incantation (label); incantation; spell"

šipṭu [JUDGEMENT] N (8x) unknown "verdict"

šiqlu [SHEKEL] N (100x) unknown "shekel"

šiqqu [(A FISH CONDIMENT)] N (5x) unknown "fish sauce"

šīru [FLESH] N (242x) unknown "body; entrails; flesh; meat"

šīti [SHE] IP (1x) unknown "she"

šitrāḫu [VERY PROUD] AJ (2x) unknown "magnificent"

šittu [EXCREMENT] N (2x) unknown "stool(s)"

šittu [SLEEP] N (6x) unknown "sleep"

šizbu [MILK] N (40x) unknown "milk"

šû [(A STONE)] N (15x) unknown "(a stone)"

šū [HE] IP (300x) unknown "he; him; it; that; that; this"

ŠU.BI.AŠ.ÀM [(DITTO)] J (8x) unknown "(ditto)"

šuʾduru [TERRIFIED] AJ (3x) unknown "terrified"

šuʾillakku [(PRAYER OF) RAISED HANDS] N (27x) unknown "(prayer of) raised hands"

šuʾinannakku ['HAND-OF-A-GODDESS'] N (27x) unknown "'hand-of-a-goddess'"

šuāti [HIM] IP (205x) unknown "him; that; this"

šubtu [SEAT] N (16x) unknown "dwelling; seat; shrine"

šubû [(A SEMIPRECIOUS STONE)] N (55x) unknown "(a semiprecious stone)"

šūbultu [CONSIGNMENT] N (10x) unknown "present"

šūbulu [SENT] AJ (2x) unknown "sent"

šuburru [RUMP] N (14x) unknown "anus"

šudingirrakku [GOD'S HAND] N (31x) unknown "hand of a god (disease)"

šudlupu [SLEEPLESS] AJ (10x) unknown "exhausted; sleepless"

šūduru [FRIGHTENED] AJ (15x) unknown "frightened"

šugguru [CHEAT] V (2x) unknown "cheat"

šugidimmakku [HAND OF THE GHOST (AN ILLNESS)] N (27x) unknown "'hand-of-a-ghost'; hand of the ghost (an illness)"

šuḫḫû [HAVE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE] V (5x) unknown "have sexual intercourse with"

šuḫtu [VERDIGRIS] N (6x) unknown "patina"

šukbusu [RAMP] N (5x) unknown "step"

šukênu [PROSTRATE ONESELF] V (49x) unknown "prostrate oneself"

šukkallu [MINISTER] N (34x) unknown "vizier"

šuklultu [COMPLETION] N (11x) unknown "completion; form; intactness"

šuklulu [COMPLETE] V (2x) unknown "complete"

šūkulu [FED] AJ (73x) unknown "fed; given to eat"

šulmu [COMPLETENESS] N (26x) unknown "health; intact state; well-being"

šulputu [DEFILED] AJ (2x) unknown "sprinkled"

šulû [STREET] N (10x) unknown "lane"

šuluḫḫu [PURIFICATION RITE] N (6x) unknown "purification rite"

šumēlu [LEFT] N (134x) unknown "left hand; left side; left"

šumma [IF] MOD (814x) unknown "if; or"

šumruṣu [VERY PAINFUL] AJ (20x) unknown "ailing"

šumu [NAME] N (165x) unknown "line of text; name; son"

šumû [ROAST MEAT] N (31x) unknown "roast meat"

šūmū [GARLIC] N (21x) unknown "garlic bulb; garlic"

šumuttu [BEETROOT] N (23x) unknown "beetroot"

šunamerimmakku ['HAND-OF-A-CURSE'] N (33x) unknown "'hand-of-a-curse'"

šunamlullukku ['HAND-OF-A-HUMAN'] N (28x) unknown "'hand-of-a-human'"

šunu [THEY] IP (102x) unknown "they"

šunû [CHASTE TREE] N (8x) unknown "chaste tree"

šūnuḫu [MUCH TROUBLED] AJ (22x) unknown "exhausted (one); exhausted"

šunullu [BURIED] AJ (66x) unknown "buried"

šunūti [THEM] IP (81x) unknown "that; them; these; this"

šunzuqu [UPSET] AJ (2x) unknown "upset"

šunzuru [MADE DETESTABLE] AJ (18x) unknown "made detestable"

šupālu [DEPRESSION] N (10x) unknown "underneath"

šupêltu [EXCHANGE] N (3x) unknown "exchange"

šupêlu [EXCHANGE] V (14x) unknown "be(come) overturned; change; reverse"

šūpîš [OPENLY] AV (8x) unknown "openly"

šuplu [DEPTH] N (2x) unknown "depth"

šupluḫu [MADE AFRAID] AJ (6x) unknown "made afraid"

šupšuqtu [WOMAN LABOURING (IN CHILDBIRTH)] N (4x) unknown "woman labouring (in childbirth)"

šūpû [MADE APPARENT] AJ (13x) unknown "brilliant; resplendent"

šupuḫru [(A VARIETY OR PART OF THE CEDAR)] N (5x) unknown "(a variety or part of the cedar)"

šuqallulu [HANG (DOWN)] V (2x) unknown "hang (down)"

šūqu [HEIGHT] N (4x) unknown "height"

šurbû [VERY GREAT] AJ (59x) unknown "eminent; grand; very great"

šurdunû [(A PLANT)] N (5x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

šurḫungû [APPEASEMENT OF ANGER] N (18x) unknown "soothing-of-anger magic"

šurīpu [ICE] N (3x) unknown "ice"

šurmēnu [CYPRESS] N (94x) unknown "cypress"

šurpu [BURNING] N (9x) unknown "(a ritual)"

šurqiš [SECRETLY] AV (2x) unknown "secretly"

šurru [BOWING ONESELF DOWN] AJ (3x) unknown "descending"

šurrû [BEGIN] V (11x) unknown "advance; begin; start"

šurrû [START] N (4x) unknown "beginning"

šurruḫiš [GLORIOUSLY] AV (2x) unknown "gloriously"

šurruḫu [VERY PROUD] AJ (2x) unknown "glorious"

šuršu [ROOT] N (105x) unknown "root"

šuršummu [SEDIMENT] N (3x) unknown "dregs"

šuruppû [FROST] N (13x) unknown "shivers"

šuṣlumu [CAUSED TO BECOME DARK] AJ (2x) unknown "caused to become dark"

šuškallu [BATTLE-NET] N (9x) unknown "battle-net"

šuškunu [CAUSED TO BE(COME) PLACED] AJ (12x) unknown "dismissed; rejected"

šūšu [LIQUORICE] N (16x) unknown "liquorice"

šūšurātu [SWEEPINGS] N (14x) unknown "sweepings"

šūšuru [IN ORDER] AJ (6x) unknown "made in order"

šūt [WHO] REL (19x) unknown "of; those of"

šutābulu [MIXED] AJ (2x) unknown "expert"

šutadduru [CONSTANTLY TERRIFIED] AJ (19x) unknown "constantly terrified"

šutāḫuzu [INSTRUCTED] AJ (2x) unknown "skilful"

šutēmudu [SUPERIMPOSED (ON ONE ANOTHER)] AJ (4x) unknown "squeezed (together)"

šutēšuru [(KEPT) IN ORDER] AJ (5x) unknown "in good order"

šutlumu [GRANT] V (3x) unknown "grant"

šuttu [DREAM] N (130x) unknown "dream"

šuttuḫu [LONG] AJ (2x) unknown "long"

šūtu [SOUTH] N (16x) unknown "south wind; the south"

šutukku [REED-HUT] N (22x) unknown "reed hut"

šūturu [VERY GREAT] AJ (3x) unknown "supreme"


tabāku [POUR (OUT)] V (67x) unknown "pour (out); spilling"

tabālu [TAKE AWAY] V (67x) unknown "carry away; cause to carry off; discard; take away"

tabarru [RED WOOL] N (44x) unknown "red wool"

tābiku [ONE WHO POURS (OUT)] N (4x) unknown "one who pours (out)"

tābilu [ONE WHO CARRIES OFF] N (2x) unknown "one who carries off"

tābīlu [(SPICY) POWDER] N (15x) unknown "(spicy) powder; as powder; dry (substance)"

tabku [POURED OUT] AJ (13x) unknown "poured out"

tablu [TAKEN AWAY] AJ (3x) unknown "taken away"

tādirtu [DEPRESSION] N (26x) unknown "depression; sorrow"

tāḫāzu [BATTLE] N (12x) unknown "battle"

taḫsistu [REMINDER] N (4x) unknown "reminder"

taḫû [(MEANING UNCERTAIN)] N (2x) unknown "(meaning uncertain)"

tākaltu [BAG] N (2x) unknown "stomach"

takālu [TRUST] V (28x) unknown "confidence; trust in"

takāpu [PRICK] V (9x) unknown "pierce; stick"

takiltu [PURPLE (WOOL)] N (2x) unknown "purple (wool)"

tākilu [ONE WHO TRUSTS] N (8x) unknown "one who trusts"

takkussu [REED-STEM] N (14x) unknown "tube"

taklimtu [REVELATION] N (2x) unknown "funerary display"

taklīmu [DEMONSTRATION] N (2x) unknown "(a type of offering)"

taklu [RELIABLE] AJ (17x) unknown "trusting"

takuru [OFFSPRING?] N (2x) unknown "offspring?"

talammu [TORSO] N (4x) unknown "torso"

tallakku [WAY] N (2x) unknown "course"

tallaktu [WALKWAY] N (8x) unknown "passage; travel; way (of life)"

tāmartu [VIEW(ING)] N (6x) unknown "inspection; view(ing)"

tamḫāru [BATTLE] N (4x) unknown "war"

tamḫû [EVENING] N (6x) unknown "at nightfall; night"

tamḫu [CONTROLLING] AJ (2x) unknown "controlling"

tāmiḫu [ONE WHO CONTROLS] N (3x) unknown "one who controls"

tamirtu [(A TYPE OF) MEADOW] N (2x) unknown "(a type of) meadow"

tamītu [OATH] N (5x) unknown "oath; oracle"

tamkāru [MERCHANT] N (4x) unknown "merchant"

tamrirtu [PRACTICE] N (4x) unknown "checking"

tamšīlu [IMAGE] N (6x) unknown "likeness"

tâmtu [SEA] N (135x) unknown "sea"

tamû [HAVING (FOR)SWORN] AJ (34x) unknown "having (for)sworn; sworn"

tamû [SWEAR] V (16x) unknown "keep swearing; put someone under oath; put under a spell; putting under a spell"

tānēḫu [MOANING] N (34x) unknown "distress; sigh; weariness"

tangussu [(A COOKING VESSEL)] N (6x) unknown "(a cooking vessel)"

tappinnu [(A KIND OF FLOUR)] N (4x) unknown "(a kind of flour)"

tappû [COMPANION] N (45x) unknown "associate"

tapšuḫtu [REST] N (12x) unknown "soothing"

tarāku [BEAT] V (2x) unknown "beat"

tarāpu [BE(COME) COVERED WITH COLOUR] V (1x) unknown "meaning uncertain"

tarāru [TREMBLE] V (11x) unknown "make tremble"

tarāṣu [STRETCH OUT] V (44x) unknown "be(come) pointed at; indication; point at; set up; spread; stretch out"

tarbaṣu [ANIMAL STALL] N (8x) unknown "(cattle) pen; courtyard"

tarbītu [ENLARGEMENT] N (6x) unknown "upbringing"

tārītu [NURSE, NANNY] N (2x) unknown "nurse, nanny"

tarkullu [WOODEN POST] N (11x) unknown "mooring post; wooden post"

tarmuš [LUPIN] N (202x) unknown "lupine"

tarṣu [STRETCHED OUT] AJ (28x) unknown "pointed; ready; spread out"

tarû [LEAD AWAY] V (5x) unknown "leading away"

târu [TURN] V (261x) unknown "be(come) again; bring back; keep vomiting; lead away; put; repeat; reply; return; return; send back; sending back; turn away; turn back; turn into; turn to; turn; turning back; twist"

taskarinnu [BOXWOOD] N (18x) unknown "boxwood"

tašīltu [(CEREMONY OF) CELEBRATION] N (5x) unknown "(ceremony of) celebration; exultation"

tašīmtu [DISCERNMENT] N (8x) unknown "sagacity"

tazzimtu [COMPLAINT] N (13x) unknown "complaint"

têʾu [COVER (UP)] V (18x) unknown "cover (up); wall up"

tebû [GET UP] V (89x) unknown "arise; get up; raise up; remove; rise constantly; rise up; rise; rise"

tebû [RISING] AJ (19x) unknown "arisen; rising"

teleʾû [VERY COMPETENT] AJ (5x) unknown "very competent"

telītu [(THE) VERY COMPETENT (ONE)] AJ (21x) unknown "capable; powerful"

temēru [COVER (IN EARTH)] V (85x) unknown "bury; cover (in earth)"

temru [COVERED] AJ (2x) unknown "sunken"

tēnânû [SEEKING CHANGE] AJ (4x) unknown "one who is seeking change"

tenēštu [PEOPLE] N (53x) unknown "people"

tēnû [SUBSTITUTE] N (2x) unknown "substitute"

terḫu [(A BEER VASE)] N (4x) unknown "(a vessel)"

terinnatu [CONE] N (31x) unknown "cone"

terku [BLOW] N (8x) unknown "blow"

têrtu [INSTRUCTION] N (10x) unknown "decree; instruction; omen; result of extispicy"

teslītu [APPEAL] N (52x) unknown "appeal; prayer"

tēšertu [MUSTER] N (2x) unknown "muster"

tēšû [CONFUSION] N (9x) unknown "confusion"

tiʾûtu [NOURISHMENT] N (4x) unknown "nourishment"

tiālu [WHITE CEDAR] N (1x) unknown "white cedar"

tibbutti eqli ['FIELD-DRUM'-PLANT] N (2x) unknown "'field-drum'-plant"

tibbuttu [DRUM] N (2x) unknown "drum"

tību [AROUSAL] N (13x) unknown "aggression; attack; onslaught"

tidūku [COMBAT] N (9x) unknown "combat"

tikpu [SPOT] N (6x) unknown "dot"

tīku [(RAIN)DROP] N (9x) unknown "(rain)drop"

tillu [APPENDAGE] N (2x) unknown "attachments"

tīlu [(RUIN) MOUND] N (3x) unknown "(ruin) mound"

tinūru [OVEN] N (55x) unknown "furnace"

tīru [(A COURTIER)] N (14x) unknown "courtier"

tiskur [(A PLANT)] N (14x) unknown "(a plant)"

tiṣabbutu [CONSTANTLY SEIZED] AJ (2x) unknown "constantly seized"

tiše [NINE] NU (10x) unknown "nine"

titāpū [BEER MASH] N (2x) unknown "beer mash"

tittu [FIG (TREE)] N (14x) unknown "fig (tree)"

titūru [BRIDGE] N (5x) unknown "bride; bridge"

tīyatu [(A MEDICINAL PLANT)] N (43x) unknown "(a medicinal plant)"

tizqāru [EXALTED] AJ (15x) unknown "exalted"

[INCANTATION(-FORMULA)] N (396x) unknown "incantation(-formula); spell"

tūʾāmu [TWIN] N (3x) unknown "twin"

tubkinnu [HOLE] N (3x) unknown "garbage pit"

tubqu [CORNER] N (4x) unknown "corner"

tudittu [(A DRESS-PIN)] N (2x) unknown "dress-pin"

tuduqqû [SPOKEN FORMULA] N (4x) unknown "spell"

tugānu [(AN ILLNESS)] N (2x) unknown "(an illness)"

tuḫḫu [RESIDUE] N (2x) unknown "bran"

tukkannu [(LEATHER) BAG] N (4x) unknown "(leather) bag"

tuklu [HELP] N (2x) unknown "help"

tukultu [TRUST] N (9x) unknown "support"

tullal ['YOU PURIFY' (A SOAP PLANT)] N (38x) unknown "'you purify' (a soap plant)"

tulû [BREAST] N (2x) unknown "breast"

tumāmītu [OATH(-TAKING)] N (2x) unknown "sanction"

tummû [ADJURED] AJ (40x) unknown "adjured"

tumru [(GLOWING) CHARCOAL] N (4x) unknown "ember"

tuppu [TABLET] N (89x) unknown "tablet"

tupšarru [SCRIBE] N (7x) unknown "scribe"

tupšarrūtu [SCRIBAL ART] N (6x) unknown "scribal art"

tupšikku [BRICK-CARRYING FRAME] N (2x) unknown "basket"

tuptu [FOOTSTOOL] N (3x) unknown "footstool"

tuqnu [GOOD ORDER] N (2x) unknown "safety"

tuqumtu [BATTLE] N (16x) unknown "battle"

turminabandû [BRECCIA] N (8x) unknown "(a dark stone) breccia"

turminû [BRECCIA] N (24x) unknown "breccia"

turru [TURNED] AJ (17x) unknown "returned; turned back"

turruku [BEATEN] AJ (12x) unknown "beaten; stilled"

tūrtu [TURNING] N (4x) unknown "(magical) undoing of an oath"

turû [(A KIND OF) GARLIC] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of) garlic"

tuššu [MALICIOUS TALK] N (2x) unknown "malicious talk"

ṭabāḫu [SLAUGHTER] V (24x) unknown "slaughter"

ṭābātu [VINEGAR] N (16x) unknown "vinegar"

ṭabḫu [SLAUGHTERED] AJ (2x) unknown "slaughtered"

ṭābtu [GOODNESS] N (7x) unknown "good deed(s); goodness"

ṭābtu [SALT] N (138x) unknown "salt"

ṭâbu [BE(COME) GOOD] V (28x) unknown "(thing) made good; be(come) content; be(come) good; make good; please"

ṭābu [GOOD] AJ (279x) unknown "aromatic; friendly; good; sweet"

ṭaḫādu [FLOURISH] V (10x) unknown "coat (with); provide lavishly"

ṭamû [SPIN] V (15x) unknown "spin; twine"

ṭāmû [ONE WHO TWINES] N (6x) unknown "one who twines"

ṭapālu [SLANDER] V (2x) unknown "slander"

ṭapultu [SLANDER] N (3x) unknown "slander"

ṭarādu [SEND OFF] V (42x) unknown "be(come) driven away; be(come) sent off; drive away"

ṭardu [DRIVEN OFF] AJ (3x) unknown "driven away"

ṭāridu [ONE WHO DRIVES AWAY] N (2x) unknown "one who drives away"

ṭātu [BRIBE] N (7x) unknown "bribe"

ṭebû [SINK] V (2x) unknown "immerse oneself"

ṭeḫû [BE(COME) NEAR TO] V (452x) unknown "approach; approach; be(come) near to; bring; let come near; present"

ṭēḫu [IMMEDIATE VICINITY] N (11x) unknown "immediate vicinity"

ṭēmu [(FORE)THOUGHT] N (73x) unknown "(fore)thought; feature(s); mind; order"

ṭênu [GRIND] V (4x) unknown "grind"

ṭerītu [MUD] N (2x) unknown "silt"

ṭerû [PENETRATE] V (8x) unknown "extract liquid; squeeze"

ṭīdu [CLAY] N (273x) unknown "clay"

ṭikmēnu [ASHES] N (30x) unknown "ashes; soot"

ṭūb libbi [MENTAL HEALTH] N (26x) unknown "mental health"

ṭūb šīri [PHYSICAL HEALTH] N (19x) unknown "physical health"

ṭūbu [GOODNESS] N (80x) unknown "goodness; well-being"

ṭuḫdu [PLENTY] N (2x) unknown "copiousness"

ṭurru [BINDING] N (78x) unknown "cord; rope; string; thread"

ṭūru [OPOPANAX?] N (4x) unknown "opopanax?"


u [AND] CNJ (3287x) unknown "and"

ū [OR] CNJ (10x) unknown "or"

uʾʾurtu [COMMISSION] N (17x) unknown "command; commission; order"

uʾʾuru [COMMISSIONED] AJ (6x) unknown "commissioned"

ūʾa [WOE!] J (26x) unknown "woe!"

uʾiltu [(A KIND OF CUNEIFORM TABLET)] N (4x) unknown "(a kind of cuneiform tablet)"

ubānu [FINGER] N (97x) unknown "caudate lobe; finger?; finger; toe"

ubāru [(RESIDENT) ALIEN] N (4x) unknown "stranger"

ubbubu [CLEANSED] AJ (6x) unknown "cleansed"

ubgatu [(MEANING AND READING UNCERTAIN)] N (1x) unknown "(meaning and reading uncertain)"

uburtu [(A BIRD)] N (1x) unknown "(a bird)"

uddakam [ALL DAY] AV (2x) unknown "every day"

uddakišu [AT ANY TIME] AV (4x) unknown "at any time"

ūdu [DISTRESS] N (2x) unknown "difficulties"

udû [TOOLS] N (4x) unknown "ware"

ugāru [MEADOW] N (2x) unknown "meadow"

uggatu [RAGE] N (5x) unknown "rage"

uḫulgallu [UNFAVOURABLE DAY] N (8x) unknown "evil day"

uḫultu [SODA] N (8x) unknown "soda ash"

uḫūlu [POTASH] N (84x) unknown "potash; salt-plant"

uklu [DARKNESS] N (11x) unknown "darkness"

ukullû [PROVISIONS] N (3x) unknown "food"

ukultu [FOOD] N (3x) unknown "food"

ul [NOT] MOD (438x) unknown "not"

ulālu [WEAK (PERSON)] N (2x) unknown "weakling"

ulāpu [RAG] N (2x) unknown "rag"

ulinnu [COLOURED TWINE] N (10x) unknown "coloured twine"

ullânu [THERE] AV (2x) unknown "apart from"

ullû [THAT] DP (2x) unknown "those"

ullu [NEGATIVE ANSWER] N (4x) unknown "no"

ulluḫu [TUFTED] AJ (6x) unknown "adorned"

ulṣu [PLEASURE] N (2x) unknown "pleasure"

ulušinnu [DATE-SWEETENED EMMER-BEER] N (7x) unknown "date-sweetened emmer-beer"

ūma [TODAY] AV (2x) unknown "by day"

ūmakkal [FOR ONE DAY] AV (9x) unknown "for one day"

ūmišam [DAILY] AV (41x) unknown "daily"

umma [SAYING] PRP (18x) unknown "saying"

Ummān-manda [BARBARIAN HORDE] N (2x) unknown "barbarian horde"

ummānu [ARMY] N (10x) unknown "crowd; troops"

ummânu [CRAFTSMAN] N (6x) unknown "expert; scholar"

ummaru [SOUP] N (6x) unknown "soup"

ummu [HEAT] N (28x) unknown "fever"

ummu [MOTHER] N (59x) unknown "divine mother; mother"

ūmu [DAY] N (461x) unknown "day; daylight; moment"

ūmu [STORM(-DEMON)] N (48x) unknown "storm(-demon)"

undu [WHEN] CNJ (9x) unknown "when"

unīqu [FEMALE KID] N (16x) unknown "female kid"

unnīnu [SUPPLICATION] N (13x) unknown "entreaty; supplication"

unqu [RING] N (14x) unknown "ring"

unūtu [TOOLS] N (4x) unknown "organs; utensils"

upīšū [(MAGICAL) PROCEDURES] N (97x) unknown "(magical) procedures; sorcerous devices"

upnu [(CUPPED) HAND] N (2x) unknown "(cupped) hand"

uppattu [MOLE-CRICKET?] N (4x) unknown "mole cricket?"

uppû [(A BIRD)] N (2x) unknown "swan"

uppulu [LATE] AJ (4x) unknown "late"

uppušu [WELL-LOOKED AFTER] AJ (7x) unknown "executed; performed"

upšāšû [(MAGICAL) PROCEDURE(S)] N (307x) unknown "(magical) procedure(s); machinations"

upû [CLOUD] N (2x) unknown "cloud"

upumtu [(A TYPE OF) FLOUR] N (7x) unknown "(a type of) flour"

uqnâtu [BLUE(-GREEN) WOOL] N (26x) unknown "blue wool"

uqnû [LAPIS LAZULI] N (100x) unknown "lapis lazuli (bead); lapis lazuli"

urânu [FENNEL?] N (9x) unknown "fennel?"

urballu [QUAIL] N (5x) unknown "quail"

urbatu [RUSH] N (2x) unknown "rush"

urdimmu [WILD DOG] N (25x) unknown "dog-man"

urḫu [WAY] N (3x) unknown "way"

urigallu [STANDARD] N (8x) unknown "standard"

urīṣu [MALE GOAT] N (2x) unknown "male goat"

urīzu [(A STONE)] N (3x) unknown "(a stone)"

urnû [MINT?] N (101x) unknown "mint?"

urpatu [CLOUD] N (25x) unknown "cloud"

urqītu [VEGETATION] N (2x) unknown "vegetation"

urru [DAYTIME] N (48x) unknown "day"

uršānu [WARRIOR] N (4x) unknown "hero"

ūru [PUDENDA] N (8x) unknown "vagina; vulva"

ūru [ROOF] N (57x) unknown "roof"

urullu [FORESKIN] N (3x) unknown "foreskin"

usātu [HELP] N (2x) unknown "help"

uskaru [CRESCENT (MOON)] N (6x) unknown "crescent (moon)"

usmu [APPROPRIATENESS] N (6x) unknown "someone worthy"

ussulu [CRIPPLED] AJ (3x) unknown "paralysed"

ussuru [CONFINED] AJ (3x) unknown "confined"

ūsu [GOOSE] N (6x) unknown "duck"

uṣṣuru [DRAWN] AJ (9x) unknown "drawn"

uṣurtu [DRAWING] N (19x) unknown "(divine) plan; design; drawing"

ušallu [(RIVER) MEADOWS] N (14x) unknown "(river) meadows; flood plain"

ušaru [PENIS] N (9x) unknown "penis"

ušburrudû [RITUAL TO DISPEL SORCERY] N (288x) unknown "ritual to undo witchcraft"

uššušu [VERY DISTRESSED] AJ (2x) unknown "very distressed"

ušû [EBONY] N (16x) unknown "ebony"

ušultu [VEIN] N (2x) unknown "vein"

ušumgallu [GREAT DRAGON] N (2x) unknown "great dragon"

utnēnu [PRAY] V (9x) unknown "pray"

utukku [(AN EVIL DEMON)] N (39x) unknown "(an evil demon)"

utūlu [LYING DOWN] AJ (2x) unknown "lying down"

utūnu [KILN] N (44x) unknown "kiln"

uṭṭatu [GRAIN] N (90x) unknown "grain"

uznu [EAR] N (47x) unknown "attention; ear; understanding"

uzzu [ANGER] N (24x) unknown "rage; raging"

U₂.KU₆ [(A VARIETY OF FENNEL)] N (8x) unknown "(a variety of fennel)"


yāʾu [MY] PP (17x) unknown "mine; my"

yānibu [(A STONE)] N (12x) unknown "(a stone)"

yâši [TO ME] IP (246x) unknown "against me; from me; to me"

yâti [ME] IP (9x) unknown "me; to me"


zāʾiru [HOSTILE] AJ (2x) unknown "enemy"

zababu [GRAIN?] N (6x) unknown "grain?"

zabālu [CARRY] V (17x) unknown "bear; have someone carry; linger (on)"

zabardabbu [(AN OFFICIAL)] N (6x) unknown "(an official)"

zâbu [DISSOLVE] V (37x) unknown "melt"

ZAG.TIL.LA.BI.ŠE₃ [IN ITS TOTALITY] N (3x) unknown "in its totality"

zagindurû [(A KIND OF) LAPIS LAZULI] N (2x) unknown "(a kind of) lapis lazuli"

zakāru [SPEAK] V (25x) unknown "be(come) called; be(come) pronounced; invoke; name; pronounce; speak"

zākiru [(NAME) SPEAKER] N (3x) unknown "one who invokes (name)"

zakru [NAMED] AJ (4x) unknown "named; pronounced"

zakû [BE(COME) CLEAR] V (17x) unknown "be(come) clean; be(come) clear; clear up"

zakû [PURE] AJ (18x) unknown "clean; clear; free; pure"

zalāqu [(A SHINY STONE)] N (28x) unknown "(a light-coloured stone); (a shiny stone)"

zamar [QUICKLY] AV (19x) unknown "quickly"

zamāru [SING (OF)] V (3x) unknown "singing"

zanānu [RAIN] V (7x) unknown "drip; rain"

zappu [BRISTLE] N (4x) unknown "bristle"

zapru [BAD] AJ (2x) unknown "malicious"

zaqāpu [FIX UPRIGHT] V (28x) unknown "erect; install; make (hair) stand on end; set up"

zaqāru [PROJECT] V (4x) unknown "protrude constantly"

zaqātu [STING] V (43x) unknown "cause a stinging pain to; sting"

zaqpu [ERECT(ED), PLANTED] AJ (3x) unknown "upright-standing"

zaqru [HIGH] N (6x) unknown "high"

zâqu [BLOW] V (35x) unknown "blow"

zarāqu [SPRINKLE] V (4x) unknown "sprinkle"

zāriqu [(A PALACE EMPLOYEE)] N (4x) unknown "female sprinkler; male sprinkler"

zārû [SCATTERING] AJ (5x) unknown "father; one who sows"

zayyāru [FOE] N (5x) unknown "enemy"

zâzu [DIVIDE] V (2x) unknown "split"

zenû [ANGRY] AJ (57x) unknown "angry"

zenû [BE(COME) ANGRY] V (38x) unknown "be(come) angry; make angry; make odious to"

zēru [HATED] AJ (27x) unknown "hated; hateful"

zēru [SEED(S)] N (362x) unknown "offspring; seed(s)"

zêru [DISLIKE] V (6x) unknown "hate; perform hate-magic"

ZI.KU₅.RU.DA.BUR₂.RU.DA.KAM ['CUTTING-OF-THE-THROAT' MAGIC WILL BE UNDONE] N (8x) unknown "'cutting-of-the-throat' magic will be undone"

zibītu [(A STONE)] N (20x) unknown "(a shell); (a stone)"

zibnu [(A REED MAT)] N (2x) unknown "reed mat"

zibtu [(A STONE)] N (9x) unknown "(a shell); (a stone)"

zību [JACKAL] N (3x) unknown "vulture"

zidubdubbû [(A SMALL HEAP OF FLOUR)] N (11x) unknown "(a small heap of flour); ritual flour heap"

zikaru [MALE] AJ (130x) unknown "male; man"

zikru [UTTERANCE] N (24x) unknown "name; utterance"

zikurudû [CUTTING OF LIFE] N (367x) unknown "'cutting-of-the-throat' magic"

zīmu [FACE] N (11x) unknown "countenance"

zīqīqu [WIND] N (2x) unknown "(ghostly) gust"

ziqqu [CREST] N (4x) unknown "edge?"

ziqtu [STING] N (5x) unknown "sting"

zīqu [DRAUGHT] N (4x) unknown "breath"

zīru [HATE] N (123x) unknown "hate-magic; hate"

zisurrû [MAGIC CIRCLE] N (21x) unknown "flour circle"

zittu [SHARE] N (4x) unknown "share"

[EXCREMENT] N (6x) unknown "dung; excrement"

zuʾʾunu [DECORATED] AJ (3x) unknown "adorned"

zumbu [FLY] N (3x) unknown "fly"

zummû [(ONE) DEPRIVED] N (4x) unknown "(one) deprived"

zummû [BE(COME) DEPRIVED OF] V (2x) unknown "be(come) deprived of"

zumru [BODY] N (493x) unknown "body"

zunnu [RAIN] N (2x) unknown "rain"

zuqaqīpu [SCORPION] N (18x) unknown "scorpion"

zūtu [SWEAT] N (10x) unknown "sweat"