• FAOS 2, 215




  • prism
  • Old Babylonian
  • Kisurra
  • Lexical
  • OB Ura
  • 3; 2

FAOS 2, 215 (FAOS 02, 215) [OB Ura]

Column i
a ia i  (2 lines missing)
a i 03'03'

[udu] kud-kud-ra₂

crippled sheep

a i 04'04'

udu niga

fattened sheep

a i 05'05'

udu niga sag₁₀

good quality fattened sheep

a i 06'06'

udu niga gud-us₂-sa1

fattened sheep of the cowherd (low quality grain-fed sheep)

a i 07'07'

udu ŋeš-du₃-a

breeder ram

a i 08'08'

udu ur₃-ra

"roof" sheep

a i 09'09'

[udu] šu? ur₃-ra

trimmed sheep

a i 10'10'

[udu maš₂]-da-ri-a

sheep of the mašdaria payment

a i 11'11'

[udu] maš₂-šu-gid₂-gid₂

sheep of the diviner

a i 12'12'

[udu] zulumḫi!(SIK₂.BU)

long-haired sheep

a i 13'13'

[udu] degₓ(RI)-degₓ(RI)-ga

fallen sheep

a i 14'14'

[udu] na degₓ(RI)-ga

sheep separated from the herd

a i 15'15'

[udu] diŋir-e gu₇-[a]

sheep eaten by a god

a i 16'16'

[udu] ur-maḫ gu₇-[a]

sheep eaten by a lion

a i 17'17'

[udu] te-x

a i 18'18'

[udu] zig₃-ga

expended sheep

a i 19'19'


a i 20'20'

[udu] nam-en-[na]

prime quality sheep

a i 21'21'

[udu] nam-erim₂-[ma]

sheep of the oath

(3 lines missing)
a i 25'25'

[udu ...]-ra

a i 26'26'

[udu ...]-ra

a i 27'27'

[udu ...]-ra

a i 2828

[udu ...]-x-ra

a i 29'29'

[udu ...]-ra

a i 30'30'

[udu ...] diŋir-ra

a i 31'31'

[udu ...]-ra

Column ii
iiii  (3 lines missing)
ii 0404

udu [...]

ii 0505

udu [...]

ii 0606

udu du₇-[du₇]

ii 0707

udu sig₅-[...]

ii 0808

udu gur₄-[gur₄]

pot-bellied sheep

ii 0909

udu gur₄-[gur₄]

pot-bellied sheep

ii 1010

udu x-x-[...]

ii 1111

udu ti-ri₂-[zum]

sheep for the terzum ritual

ii 1212

udu -[...]

ii 1313

udu zu₂-si-[ga]

plucked sheep

ii 1414

udu zu₂-si-ga kur-[ra]

plucked mountain sheep

ii 1515

udu zu₂-si-ga-x-[...]

ii 1616

[udu x] ga [...]

ii 1717

[udu x] gig?-[...]

ii 1818

[udu x] diŋir-ra

(7 lines missing)
ii 2626

udu ki dsuen-[na]

sheep of the cult place of the moon

ii 2727

udu saŋ-[...]

ii 2828

udu bar-ŋal₂?-la

sheep with wool

ii 2929

udu min a₂?-[...]

ii 3030

udu gal-[...]

(1 line missing)
ii 2'2'

udu x-[...]

ii 3'3'

udu ŋeš [tag-ga]

sheep for an offering

(1 line missing)
ii 5'5'

[...] x [...]

ii 6'6'

[...] A₂?

Column iii
(1 column missing)
iii 2'2'

[...] x x [...]

iii 3'3'


female lamb

iii 4'4'

[...] ŋal₂

iii 5'5'

kir₁₁ ŋeš₃ nu-zu

iii 6'6'

kir₁₁? dil ur₄

female lamb plucked once

Column i
b ib i  (traces)
b i 2'2'

[kuš ur-bar]-ra

wolf skin

b i 3'3'

[kuš ur]-gi₇-ra

dog skin

b i 4'4'

[kuš] kir₄

hyena skin

b i 5'5'

[kuš ur]-šub₅

tiger skin

b i 6'6'

[kuš ur]-šub₅-gud

jackal skin

b i 7'7'

[kuš] maš-da₃

gazelle skin

b i 8'8'

[kuš amar] maš-da₃

skin of a young gazelle

b i 9'9'

[kuš] piriŋ

lion skin

b i 10'10'

[kuš] nemur₂

leopard skin

b i 11'11'

[kuš] ka₅-a

fox skin

b i 12'12'

[kuš x] ka₅-a

skin of a fox [pup?]

Column ii
b iib ii  (missing)
b ii 2'2'



b ii 3'3'

kušusan₃ zi-um?

... whip

b ii 4'4'



b ii 5'5'

kuša₂ dal-uš₂

strap of a sling

b ii 6'6'

kušsaŋ si

b ii 7'7'

kušsaŋ si-sa₂

b ii 8'8'


b ii 9'9'

kuš balaŋ

leather membrane of the balaŋ drum

b ii 10'10'

kuš balaŋ [d?]na-zi

leather membrane of Nanše's balaŋ drum

b ii 11'11'


b ii 12'12'


decorative rosette made of leather

b ii 13'13'

kušul šu-numun-na-ab?

b ii 14'14'


leather strap

b ii 15'15'

kuša₂-si da-ba

kind of leather strap

b ii 16'16'


b ii 17'17'

kušgur₂₁ erin₂

... shield

b ii 18'18'

kušgur₂₁ [...]

b ii 19'19'

kušgur₂₁ [...]

b ii 20'20'

kušgur₂₁ [...]

b ii 21'21'

kušgur₂₁ [...]

b ii 24'24'

[kuš ...]-x-šu-[...]

b ii 25'25'

[kuš] še-gin₂3

leather fastened with glue

b ii 26'26'

kuš še-gin₂ kug-sig₁₇

leather with gold inlay, fastened with glue

b ii 27'27'


leather shield

b ii 28'28'


leather container

b ii 29'29'


b ii 30'30'


leather screen

Column iii
b iiib iii  (traces)
b iii 2'2'

gud [...]

b iii 3'3'

gud [...]

b iii 4'4'

gud x-[...]

b iii 5'5'

gud [...]

b iii 6'6'

gud [...]

b iii 7'7'

gud babbar

white ox

b iii 8'8'

gud giggi

black ox

b iii 9'9'

[gud] su₁₃-a

brown ox

b iii 10'10'

gud [gun₃]-a

speckled ox

b iii 11'11'

gud [sig₇]-sig₇

yellow ox

b iii 12'12'

gud šu-gi₄

old ox

b iii 13'13'

gud x-x

b iii 14'14'

gud KA-min

b iii 15'15'

gud ba?-da

b iii 16'16'

gud [...]-BU?

b iii 17'17'

gud si min ŋal₂

ox with two horns

b iii 18'18'

gud al-ŋeš-ra

b iii 19'19'

gud al-ḫul-a

b iii 20'20'

gud x-x

b iii 21'21'

ab₂ [...]-x

b iii 22'22'

ab₂ us₂?-saŋ-x

b iii 23'23'

ab₂ tur₅-ra

sick cow

b iii 24'24'

ab₂ nam-ra

cow that is booty

b iii 25'25'

ab₂ [babbar]

white cow

b iii 26'26'

ab₂ [giggi]

black cow

b iii 27'27'

ab₂ su₁₃-[a]

brown cow

b iii 28'28'

ab₂ gun₃-[a]

speckled cow

b iii 29'29'

ab₂ sig₇-sig₇

yellow cow

b iii 30'30'

ab₂ gud

b iii 31'31'

ab₂ x-[...]

b iii 32'32'

ab₂ x-[...]

b iii 33'33'

ab₂ x-[...]

b iii 34'34'

ab₂ u₃-[tud]

cow that has given birth

b iii 35'35'



b iii 36'36'

amar [...]

b iii 37'37'

amar [...]

b iii 38'38'

amar [...]

b iii 39'39'

amar [...]

Column i
(1 column missing)
Column ii
(traces of 1 column)
Column iii
b iii frg.eb iii  (1 line missing)
b iii frg.e 2'2'



b iii frg.e 3'3'

uzud maš₂ nud-a

nanny-goat with kid that is unable to walk

b iii frg.e 4'4'

uzud maš₂ du₃-a

nanny-goat with kid that walks

b iii frg.e 5'5'

uzud u₃-tud

nanny-goat that has given birth

b iii frg.e 6'6'

uzud nu-u₃-tud

nanny-goat that has not given birth

b iii frg.e 7'7'

uzud KA-gal

b iii frg.e 8'8'

uzud babbar

white nanny-goat

b iii frg.e 9'9'

uzud giggi

black nanny-goat

b iii frg.e 10'10'

[uzud] su₁₃-[a]

brown nanny-goat

1The most common Ur III writing of this expression is gud-e-us₂-sa; see Steinkeller BSA 8 57 (1995).

2See Steinkeller IrAn 37, 359-365. No other rosettes of leather are attested. Alternatively, one might understand the present entry as a writing for hul₃ = rein, but that word is usually written (h)ul₃-la (see Steinekeller IrAn 37, 365)

3See Van de Mieroop, Crafts (OLA 24).