• FLP 2201 P460593




  • Old Babylonian
  • unclear provenience
  • Lexical
  • OB Ura
  • 5

FLP 2201 P460593 [OB Ura]

Column i
o io i text reconstructed from model text and two student's copies in columns 2 and 3
(beginning column missing)
o i 1'o 1'



o i 2'2'


o i 3'3'


Column i
r i 1r i 1

[udu] niga

fattened sheep

r i 22

udu niga sag₁₀

good quality fattened sheep

r i 33

udu x-x

... sheep

r i 44

udu nita₂

male sheep

r i 55

udu nita₂ ŋeš-[du₃-a]

male sheep used as a breeder

r i 66

udu u₂

grass-fed sheep

r i 77

udu utua(DAG.KISIM₅×)


r i 88

udu a-lum

long-fleeced sheep

r i 99

udu a-lum niga

fattened long-fleeced sheep

r i 1010

udu a-lum niga sag₁₀

good quality fattened long-fleeced sheep

r i 1111

udu a-[lum] gukkal

long-fleeced fat-tailed sheep

(rest of column missing)
Column ii
r iir ii column largely illegible; corresponds to 19-29 of the composite Nippur text
Column iii
r iii 1r iii 1

[udu saŋ] nim?-nim

(...) sheep

r iii 22

[udu sa]-ad-gal

sheep with sadgal disease

r iii 33

[udu sa]-ad-nim

sheep with sadnim disease

r iii 44

[udu degₓ(RI)]-degₓ(RI)-ga

dead sheep

(traces of 2 lines)
r iii 77

udu zu?-si-ga mar-tu

plucked sheep of the west

r iii 88

udu maš₂-zu-gid₂-gid₂

sheep for the diviner

r iii 99

udu maš₂-da-ri-a

sheep for the mašdaria payment

r iii 1010

udu e₂-an-na

sheep for the Eanna temple

r iii 1111

[udu] nam-en-na

sheep herded for its owner

(traces of 1 line)
(rest of column missing)
Column iv
r iv 1r iv 1

udu [...]

... sheep

r iv 22

udu [...]

... sheep

r iv 33

udu u₃-ri-a

(...) sheep

r iv 44

udu utuwa u₃-ri-a

(...) sheep

r iv 55

udu bala u₃-ri-[a]

(...) sheep

r iv 66

udu ri-ri-a

(...) sheep

r iv 77

udu si-si-ga

plucked sheep

(traces of 1 line)
(rest of column missing)