Here is a list of additions and updates, most recent first:

26 November 2011
Both Old Babylonian mathematical tablets in the Catholic University of America [/dccmt?cua] and all five at Columbia [/dccmt?culc], including Plimpton 322 [/dccmt/P254790], are now online.
25 November 2011
All 25 Old Babylonian mathematical tablets in the Ashmolean Museum [/dccmt?ash] are now online.
24 November 2011
Fifteen Old Babylonian tablets from Tell Harmal [/dccmt?harmal] (ancient Šaduppûm) added.
3 November 2011
Two large metrological texts, YBC 2392 and VA 2596 [/dccmt/P368184,P424451], added which were recently published in G. Chambon and E. Robson, 'Untouchable or unrepeatable? The upper end of the Old Babylonian capacity and area systems', Iraq 73, 73–127. [635 KB PDF file [/downloads/Chambon-Robson-Iraq73.pdf]]
23 September 2011
Tablets from OB Mari [/dccmt?mari] added.
Sumerian glossary made accessible.
3 August 2010
Akkadian and Names glossaries now accessible.
19 July 2010
BM 85210 [/dccmt/P254440], a big compilation of OB word problems, added.
16 July 2010
BM 85194 [/dccmt/P254438], a big compilation of OB word problems, added.
15 July 2010
Bibliography page updated.
Old Babylonian lists of constants [/dccmt/P24928,P254835,P254605,P368286,P254381,P255026,P255045] (coefficient lists) added.
Names glossary rebuilt.
14 July 2010
Akkadian glossary rebuilt.
10 Jun 2022

Eleanor Robson

Eleanor Robson, 'Updates', The Digital Corpus of Cuneiform Mathematical Texts, Eleanor Robson, 2022 [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/dccmt/updates/]

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