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Oracc builder Documentation


If you are preparing texts for insertion directly into the CDLI repository you should read this document first.
Numbers and Metrology in CDLI Corpora
This document gives basic guidelines for entering numbers and metrological transliterations for CDLI.

Oracc ATF

ATF Primer
A very quick start to get you up and running with your first ATF texts by giving some annotated examples.
Working with ATF in Emacs using atf-mode
An Emacs major mode is available which makes editing ATF files a bit easier and gives access to the template generator and checker.
ATF Structure Tutorial
This document gives a tutorial on how to type the block structure features of texts in ATF, the ASCII Transliteration Format.
ATF Inline Tutorial
This document gives a tutorial on how to type graphemes and other inline content in ATF.
Translations may be input as interlinear, within the ATF files, or extralinear either within ATF files or separately. The Oracc translation format and the special facilities it provides are described here.
L2: How To Use It
This document explains the steps required to use L2, the lemmatiser used by Oracc 2, for those who have been using the old lemmatiser. First we describe what you need to know about editing ATF files, then glossary management, then rebuilding the whole project.

Working with ATF

ATF Quick Reference
A quick reference sheet for the ATF format.
Akkadian Stylesheet
There are many valid ways to transliterate Akkadian in ATF, but the more similarly people transliterate texts for Oracc, the better the corpora will work together. This document sets out Oracc's recommended transliteration conventions for Akkadian.
ATF Composites Conventions
This document describes ATF features which are available when entering composite texts.
This document describes how to create scores using Oracc.
Complex Layouts in ATF
This document describes how to deal with complex layouts, such as tabular formatting, in ATF.
Numbers and Metrology in Oracc Corpora
This document describes how to transliterate weights and measures in ATF for Oracc corpora.
Mathematical Notations
Mathematical notations use some conventions which are specific to mathematical and astronomical texts, as well as employing a variant of the standard CDLI method of notating sexagesimal numbers. They are described here.

More: Linguistic Annotation and Details of ATF