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Oracc recognizes several roles people can fulfill when interacting with the system. A single person may act in more than one role. At the top level, the help pages are divided up according to the roles to which it is principally relevant.


Go to the Visiting Oracc pages to learn about browsing, searching or reusing content from the Oracc website.


A builder is someone who is helping to build an Oracc project. Building a project can comprise any one or more of the following functions:


A manager is someone who helps administer an Oracc project and who therefore needs to understand aspects of the system that builders and visitors don't need to care about.

Read about managing projects.


A developer is someone who is able to program Oracc at some level—writing XQueries for the database, or style files for the OpenDocument support, for example.

Developers may be interested in the Schema documentation. Installation documentation is here.


Oracc typically has several system administrators—people who are able to create new projects, edit the documentation, restart the various services.

Sysadmin documentation is only accessible to sysadmins.


The Oracc Steering Committee consists of a core of senior Oracc users who are responsible for oversight and direction of Oracc. Steerers are always sysadmins, but sysadmins do not necessarily always need to be steerers.

Steerer documentation is only accessible to steerers.

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