Installing Oracc

The documents here aim to give enough information to bring the Oracc system up on a new server. It is not (presently) our goal to support installing the Oracc system on personal machines so we do not try to make things simple enough for ordinary users to carry out this procedure. That said, an extraordinary user with patience and expertise almost certainly could get the Oracc system running on a notebook.

There are two basic steps to bringing up Oracc on a new machine:

  1. Installing Prerequisites
  2. Installing Oracc

If you are not familiar with Unix installation procedures, there is a brief introduction here.

18 Dec 2019 osc at oracc dot org

Steve Tinney

Steve Tinney, 'Installing Oracc', Oracc: The Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus, Oracc, 2019 []

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