Akkadian OB Guidelines

This document sets out Oracc's recommendations for OB Akkadian; it assumes a knowledge of the Akkadian Stylesheet.

General Rules


Dates are problematic because so much of the date may look like Sumerian, and it is often unclear whether the date was really read in Sumerian or Akkadian.

As is normal in corpus-building, Oracc adopts a policy of consistent strategies which are not intended to prejudice debate.

18 Dec 2019 osc at oracc dot org

Eleanor Robson & Steve Tinney

Eleanor Robson & Steve Tinney, 'Akkadian OB Guidelines', Oracc: The Open Richly Annotated Cuneiform Corpus, Oracc, 2019 [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/doc/help/languages/akkadian/obakkadian/]

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