• eCUT A 11-01


  • Q007092
  • CTU A 11-01



  • stele
  • 8th century
  • Çelebibağı
  • Royal stone inscription
  • Argišti II, son of Rusa (A 11)

eCUT A 11-01 (CTU A 11-01)

o 1o 1

dḫal-[di-e e-ú-ri]-i-e

(o 1) For the god Ḫal[di], his (or, resp., the) [Lord, Argišti], son of R[usa, erec]ted this [stele] for his life.

o 22

i-ni [pu-lu-si mar-giš-ti]-še

o 33

mru-[sa-ḫi-ni-še ku-gu]-ú-ni

o 44

ul-ú?-[gu-ši-ia-ni1 e-di]-ni

o 55

ma-ni-[ni dḫal-di-ni bi-di]-ni

(o 5) Ma[y it be on be]half [of the god Ḫaldi] for A[rgišti, son of Rusa], [aruše, ekuše, dom]inion(?), [life, joy, great]ness, [strength of a lion(?), favor(?), protec]tion.

o 66

mar-[giš-ti-e mru-sa-ḫi-ni]-e

o 77

[a-ru-ú-še e-ku-ú?-še? -pu-i]-še

o 88

[ul-gu-še pi-ṣu-ú-še al-su-i]-še

o 99

[e-ia-ar-di-še ar-a-ni -ma]-še2

o 1010

[dḫal-di-ni-ni al-su-ši-ni EN-si-ni]-ni

(o 10) [Through the greatness of the god Ḫaldi, the (or, resp., his) Lord, Argišti, son of Rusa, servant of the god Ḫaldi, sa]ys: [Through the protection of the god Ḫaldi, (his) Lord, who bestows(?) me faithfully with all the place(s) and power(?)],

o 1111

[mar-giš-ti-še mru-sa-a-ḫi-ni]-še

o 1212

[dḫal-di-ni-še .ÌR-še a]-li

o 1313

[dḫal-di-ni-ni -ma-ši-ni EN-si]-ni-ni

o 1414

[a-lu--me šú-i-ni e-si-ni mu]-ṣi

o 1515

[ú-e-še-la-še ú-e-ši-i-gi a-lu]--me

(o 15b) [w]ho [endowed] me with strength(?), who gave [me the mighty] king[ship],

o 1616

ṭu-bar-[du-ni ú-bar-a-du-ia]-a-li

o 1717

a-lu--[me] MAN-[-ḫi tar-a-gi a]-ru-ni

o 1818

na-ḫa-di MAN--[ḫi-ni-na-a] GIŠ.GU.ZA-a

(o 18) I sat down [on the ro]yal throne, he placed in my hand the sceptre(?) of kingship, he granted me faithfully the [po]wer(?), he who rules the enemy lands, the god Ḫaldi, the (or, resp., his) Lord, granted me brave[ry(?)], pugnacity and leadership over all the highlands(?).

o 1919

te-ru-me GIŠ MAN--[ḫi-ni]-i šú-gu-ki

o 2020

-ḫa-nu-me ú-[e-še]-la-še mu-ṣi

o 2121

a-lu-ka ú-e-ši-[ia-ú]-li bur-ga-la-ni

o 2222

KUR.KUR.MEŠ -ḫa-[nu-me] dḫal-di-še

o 2323

EN-ú-še ḫu-ṭu-[-ḫi] gu-nu-ú-še

o 2424

e-ʾa .ÚTUL-še šú-i-ni-i DU₆-i

o 2525

mar-giš-ti-še a-li URU.NA₄.ANŠE-a

(o 25) Argišti says: near the city NA₄.ANŠE, in front of Mount Quria, the land was deserted, nothing was there, not even a field of grain, a vineyard (nor) a fruit orchard was there, no canal had (ever) been dug there.

o 2626

a-su-ni-e KUR.qu-ri-a-ka-a-gi

o 2727

KI.MEŠ qu-ul-di-ni ma-nu ú-i gi-i

o 2828

ab-si-i GÁN GIŠ.Ú.ŠE ul-di za-a-ri

o 2929

-ti-ni ma-nu-ri ú-i PA₅ -[ti-ni]

o 3030

a-ga-ú-ri šú-ú-ki dḫal-di-i-še

(o 30b) Once the god Ḫaldi gave the command, the god Ḫaldi gave it to me. I made this lake asuaḫina, a lake towards the mountainous land Airi; towards the mountainous land whose mountains on the side of the lake are Mount Amuni, Mount Buduani, Mount Nagiliani, Mount Šalatarani, [Mount] Urae.
(38b-42) Argišti says: aside from this one lake (there was) no place, not even an amudi was there, not (even) a canal had been dug, . . .
(r 1) a fat sheep and two sheep for the god Teišeba,

o 3131

i-zi-du-ni a-ru-me dḫal-di-še

o 3232

za-du-bi i-ni ṣu-e a-su-a-ḫi-na

o 3333 KUR.a-i-ri ṣu-e

o 3434 a-li-li

o 3535 ṣu-ni-a bi-di-i-e

o 3636ú-ni-ni KUR.bu-du-ú-a-ni

o 3737 KUR.šá-la-tar-a-ni

o 3838

[KUR].ú-ra-e mar-giš-ti-še a-li

o 3939

šú-si-ni ṣu-ni-ni e-si ú-i gi-i

o 4040

[ab]-si-i am-ú-di -ti-ni ma-nu-ri

o 4141

[ú-i] PA₅ a-ga-ú-ri ú-te-e?

o 4242

[x x x] i-ni [x x x]

r 1r 1

UDU ŠE 2 UDU dte-i-še-ba-a

r 22

UDU ŠE 2 UDU d[ši-ú-i-ni]-e

(r 2) a fat sheep and two sheep for [the (Sun)-God Šiuini],

r 33

UDU? ŠE? UDU d[ʾa-ru-ba-i-ni]-e

(r 3) a fat sheep(?) and a sheep for the goddess [’Arubaini],

r 44

UDU di-nu?-a-[ú-e]

(r 4) a sheep for the godess Inua,

r 55

UDU di-nu?-a?-[na-ú-e]

(r 5) a sheep for the Inua goddesses(?),

r 66

GU₄? mar-giš-ti-ni-e DINGIR

(r 6) an ox(?) for the (personal) god of Argišti,

r 77

GU₄? mar-giš-ti-ni-e NIN

(r 7) an ox(?) for the (divine) Lady(?) of Argišti,

r 88

GU₄? da-ni?-qu?-ú?-[gi?-e?]

(r 8) an ox(?) for the goddess Aniqu(?),

r 99

4 UDU DINGIR.MEŠ šú-i-ni-ni

(r 9) 4 sheep for the gods of the totality,

r 1010

4 UDU DINGIR.MEŠ x x x x

(r 10) 4 sheep for the gods . . .,

r 1111

UDU d[x-x-x]-i? [x x x]

(r 11) a sheep for the god . . .,

r 1212

UDU dna-la-ni-[e]

(r 12) a sheep for the god Nalani,

r 1313

UDU dqu-ú-e-ra-[a]

(r 13) a sheep for the god Quera,

r 1414

GU₄ KUR.a-ia-ri? x x x

(r 14) an ox for the mountain Aiari . . .,

r 1515

2 UDU[ú]-e

(r 15) two sheep for (all) the mountains,

r 1616

GU₄ d?i-x-x-x-x

(r 16) x an ox(?) for the god(?) I-x,

r 1717

20 UDU i-nu-ka-x x-di-ni

(r 17) 20 sheep from here(?),

r 1818

1 GU₄ 7 UDU at-qa-na-na-ka-i

(r 18) 1 ox and 7 sheep in front of the sacrifices,

r 1919


(r 19) ordered(?) for(?) the land Qainaru,

r 2020

ú-i-la-ni-ni a-la-a-gi

(r 20) uilanini ordered(?),

r 2121

dIM-ni-ni GIŠ.šú?-ri-i-ni

(r 21) from the weapon of the Weather-God,

r 2222

4 ka-a-pi?-e ú?-ri?-ni?-e

(r 22) 4 kapi units for the wealth(?) (of the country),

r 2323

6 ṭí-ru-si GEŠTIN ar-du-ú?-ni?

(r 23) 6 ṭirusi wine as an offering

r 2424

i-na-ni? KUR.x-x-ši-i-li

(r 24) of this mountain [x-x-]šili

r 2525

( v a c a t )

(r 25) (vacat)

r 2626

a-še A.MEŠ e-ši-a-ṣi-ú-li

(r 26) When they let the water flow(?)

r 2727

UDU ŠE UDU dḫal-di-i-e ŠUM

(r 27) they shall sacrifice a fat sheep and a sheep for the god Ḫaldi,

r 2828

UDU dte-i-[še]-e-ba-a

(r 28) a sheep for (the Weather)-God Teišeba,

r 2929

UDU dši-ú-i-ni-e

(r 29) a sheep for (the Sun)-God Šiuini,

r 3030

UDU dʾa-ru-ba-i-ni-e

(r 30) a sheep for the goddess ’Arubaini,

r 3131

UDU di-na?-a-ú-e

(r 31) a sheep for the goddess Inua,

r 3232

UDU di-nu-a-na-ú-e

(r 32) a sheep for the Inua goddesses(?),

r 3333

UDU mar-giš-ti-ni-e DINGIR

(r 33) a sheep for the (personal) god of Argišti,

r 3434

UDU mar-giš-ti-ni-e dNIN

(r 34) a sheep for the divine Lady/(personal goddess) of Argišti,

r 3535

UDU da-la-i-ni-ni

(r 35) a sheep for the god Alainini,

r 3636

UDU da-ni-qu-ú-e

(r 36) a sheep for the god Aniqu,

r 3737

UDU dú-x-x

(r 37) a sheep for the god U-x-x,

r 3838

[x x x x]-ú-e x

(r 38) [a sheep] for the [ ],

r 3939

[UDU? d]na-la-i-ni-i?-e?

(r 39) [a sheep(?)] for the [god Na]laini

r 4040

[x x x x] x e x [x x x x]

(r 40) [ . . .]

r 4141

[x x x x] x x [x x x x]

1If the reading of the second sign as Ú is correct, it would be an exceptional writing of the word "ulguše" which is usually written with GU as second sign. The restoration is, however, quite likely since a similar phrase is attested in the inscription 10-03 i 1-4 of Rusa, son of Sarduri.

2Space of one line.

Based on Mirjo Salvini, Corpus dei Testi Urartei (CTU), Volume I–V, 2008–2018: Adapted, revised, lemmatized, and translated into English, by Birgit Christiansen (2016-) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as