• eCUT A 11-02


  • Q007093
  • CTU A 11-02



  • stele
  • 8th century
  • Hagi
  • Royal stone inscription
  • Argišti II, son of Rusa (A 11)

eCUT A 11-02 (CTU A 11-02)

o 1o 1

dḫal-di-e e-ú-ri-[i-e]

(o 1) For the god Ḫaldi, [his] lord, Arg[išti], son of Rusa, erec[ted] this stele for his life.

o 22

i-ni pu-lu-si mar-giš-[ti-še]

o 33

mru-sa-ḫi-ni-še ku-gu-[ni]

o 44

ul-gu-ši-ia-ni e-[di-ni]

o 55

ma-ni-ni dḫal-di [bi-di-ni]

(o 5) May it be [on behalf of] the god Ḫaldi for Argišti, son of Rusa, aruše, ekuše, dom]inion(?), life, joy, greatness, strength of a lion(?), favor(?), pro[tection].

o 66


o 77


o 88

a-ru-ú-še e-ku-[ú?]-še?

o 99

-pu-i-še ul-gu-ú?-[še]

o 1010

pi-ṣu-ú-še al-su-[i-še]

o 1111


o 1212

ar-a-ni -[ma-a-še]

o 1313

dḫal-di-ni-ni al-su-[ši-ni]

(o 13) [Through] the great[ness] of the god Ḫaldi, his lord, Argiš[ti], son of Rusa, servant of the god Ḫaldi, [says]:

o 1414

EN-si-ni-ni mar-giš-[ti-še]

o 1515


o 1616

dḫal-di-ni-še .ÌR-še [a-li]

o 1717

dḫal-di-ni-ni -ma-[ši-ni]

(o 17) [Through] the protecti[on] of the god Ḫaldi, his lord, w[ho] bestows(?) [me] faith[fully] with power(?) over all places,

o 1818

EN-si-ni-ni a-[lu--me]

o 1919

šú-i-ni e-si-ni mu-[ṣi]

o 2020

ú-e-še-la-še ú-e-ši-[i-gi]

o 2121

a-lu--me ṭu-bar-du-ni

(o 21) who authorized(?) it, who commands(?) [them], who gave [me the mighty] king[ship],

o 2222


o 2323

a-lu--me MAN--ḫi tar-a-gi

o 2424

a-ru-ni na-a-ḫa-a-di

(o 24b) I sat down on the royal throne, he placed in my hand the sceptre(?) of kingship, he granted [me] faithfully the [po]wer(?), he who rules the lan[ds] of the enemy, the god Ḫaldi, the lord, granted me bravery(?), pugnacity and leadership over all the highlands(?).

o 2525

MAN--ḫi-ni-na-a GIŠ.GU.ZA-[a]

o 2626

te-ru-me GIŠ MAN--ḫi-ni-[i]

o 2727

šú-gu-ú-ki -ḫa-nu-ú-[me]

o 2828

ú-e-še-la-a-še mu-ú-ṣi

o 2929

[a]-lu-ka-a ú-e-ši-ia-ú-[li]

o 3030

bur-ga-la-ni KUR.šú-ri-[li]

o 3131

-ḫa-nu-me dḫal-di-še EN-[še]

o 3232

ḫu-ṭu--ú-ḫi gu-nu-ú-[še]

o 3333

e-ú-e .ip-šú-ú-[še]

o 3434

šú-i-ni-i ú-ri-ni-e-[i?]

o 3535

[m]ar-giš-ti-i-še a-li

(o 35) Argišti says: near the city NA₄.ANŠE, in front of Mount Quria, the land was deserted, nothing was there, not even a field of grain, a vineyard (nor) a fruit orchard was there, no canal had (ever) been dug there.

o 3636

URU.NA₄.ANŠE-ni-a a-su-ni-[e]

o 3737


o 3838

KI.MEŠ qu-ul-di-i-ni ma-a-nu

o 3939

ú-i gi-e-i ab-si-e-[i]

o 4040


o 4141

-ti-ni ma-nu-ri ú-i PA₅

o 4242

-ti-ni a-ga-a-ú-ri

o 4343

[šú]-ú-ki dḫal-di-še i-zi-du-ni

o 4444

a-ru-me dḫal-di-še za-du-ú-bi

(o 44b) Once the god Ḫaldi gave the command, the god Ḫaldi gave it to me. I made this lake asuaḫina, [a lake] towards the mountain[ous land Airi].

o 4545

ṣu-e a-su-a-ḫi-i-na-[a]

o 4646

[KUR].ba-ba-na-[di KUR.a-i-ri ṣu-e]

r 1r 1

e-er-ṣi-du-ú-bi -ti-ni

(r 1) I settled there, I founded settlements there, I gained udiguni men from (the city) Argištiḫinili in front of the land Artarapša.

r 22

URU.MEŠ -ti-ni šá--ú-li

r 33

za-du-ú-bi .ú-di-gu-ni

r 44


r 55šá-ka-a-i-ni

r 66

mar-giš-ti-še mru-sa-ḫi-ni-še

(r 6) Argišti, son of R[us]a, says: this same settlements, (and) this canal shall be abundant(?) and(?) the order shall surely(?) be immediate(?).

r 77

a-li i-na-ḫi-na-ú-e URU.MEŠ

r 88

i-ni PA₅ ḫu-ri--ḫi ma-ni-ni

r 99

-i ab-si-e-i ba-ú-še

r 1010

bi-e-di ma-a-nu-ú-ni

r 1111

i-na-ḫi-na-ú-e URU.MEŠ-ú-e

(r 11) the amudi of this same settlements shall be . . . alzinai water from the lake of the šiedi in the same valley(?) shall be abundant(?) and(?) the order shall surely(?) be immediate(?).4

r 1212

am-ú-di? x x i? ma-a-ni-ni

r 1313

al-zi-na-i A.MEŠ ṣu-i-ni-ni

r 1414

ši-e-[di]-ú-e i-ku-ka-ḫi-ni-e

r 1515

ḫu-bi-ni-e ḫu-ri--ḫi ma-ni-ni

r 1616

-i ab-si-e-i ba-ú-[še]

r 1717

bi-[e]-di ma-[a]-nu-ú-ni

r 1818

mar-giš-ti-še a-li a-li

(r 18) Argišti says: the river which from the city Alikani(?) . . . the city X-ṭusai of/for the lord(?)5 may give . . . may the command . . . belonging to the valley(?) . . . to the valley(?) of Argišti . . . the city Ṣi-X.

r 1919

ÍD URU?.a?-li?-ka?-a-ni

r 2020

a-la-ú?-e?1 URU.[x-x]-ṭu?-sa-i

r 2121

a?-ra?-ap?-ḫi-ni x-x-i-ni

r 2222

x x x x x x ar-du-li-ni

r 2323

x x x x x x i-zi-du-li-ni

r 2424

ḫu-bi-ḫi-ni mar-giš-ti-ni-e

r 2525

ḫu?-bi-i?-gi x x-a-ni-i-ni

r 2626

ḫu-x-x-bi URU.ṣi?-x-ú-ḫi2

r 2727

[d]ḫal-di-ni-ni -ma-ši-i-ni

(r 27) Through the protection of the god Ḫaldi, Argišti, son of Rusa, strong [king], king of the Bia lands, servant of the god Ḫaldi, faithful shepherd of the people, through the order of the god Ḫaldi he was not afraid of battle.

r 2828

[m]ar-giš-ti-ni mru-sa-a-ḫi

r 2929


r 3030

dḫal-di-e-i .bu-ra-ni

r 3131

[].si-e mu-ú-ṣi .UN.MEŠ

r 3232

[d]ḫal-[di]-ni-ni ba-ú-ši-ni

r 3333

[ú]-i na-a-ra?-i-ni-ni

r 3434

[ú]-i gu-ú-[nu]-ú-[še]

r 3535


r 3636

[m]ar-giš-ti-i-še a-li-e

(r 36) Argišti says: (as for the one) who destroys this inscription here . . . (rest of the inscription not preserved).

r 3737

[a]-lu-ú-še i-ni DUB -[ti-ni]

r 3838


1The interpretation of the form as a dat. or gen. sg. of the word alau "lord" remains unsure.

2space of one line left uninscribed.

3space of four lines left uninscribed.

4 The sentence is very unclear.

5 The interpretation and translation of the form as a dat . or gen . sg . of the word alau "lord " remains unsure.

Based on Mirjo Salvini, Corpus dei Testi Urartei (CTU), Volume I–V, 2008–2018: Adapted, revised, lemmatized, and translated into English, by Birgit Christiansen (2016-) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as