• eCUT A 11-03


  • Q007094
  • CTU A 11-03



  • stele
  • 8th century
  • Thanahat
  • Royal stone inscription
  • Argišti II, son of Rusa (A 11)

eCUT A 11-03 (CTU A 11-03)

o 1o 1

d[ḫal-di]-e [EN] i-ni?

(o 1) For the god Ḫaldi, [(his) lord, Argišti], son of R[usa, erect]ed this [stele] for his li[fe].

o 22

NA₄.[pu-lu-si mar-giš-ti]-še

o 33

[m]ru-[sa-ḫi-ni-še ku-gu]-ni

o 44

ul-[gu]-ši-ia-ni e-di-ni

o 55

[mar-giš]-ti-še [a-li-e?]

(o 5) [Argiš[ti [says?]: . . . (lines 6-24 untranslatable) . . .

o 66

[x x x] a?-ni? KUR [x x x x]

o 77

[x x x] x še [x] x di?

o 88

[x x x] x x [x x] x

o 99

x x [x x] x x [x x] x

o 1010

[x x] da x x x i? ra? x di?

o 1111

še-ep--si-na-ṣi .A.SI.MEŠ-ṣi

o 1212

x x x [x] x x [x x x x]

o 1313

x ru [x x] ṣi? ni [x x x x]

o 1414

[x] ni? [x x x] du?-za? [x x x]

o 1515

x [x x x] x nu [x x]-ni

o 1616

URU?.[x x x] i e [x x] ni

o 1717

d[x x x] x mka? [x x x]

o 1818

? [x x x] x x x [x]

o 1919

x x [x x] mar-[x x x x x]

o 2020

[x x x x x] x x šú ni?

o 2121

[x x] ka x x x x x x

o 2222

[x x] x x x x [x x x]

o 2323

[x x x x] x ka? [x x x]

o 2424

[x x x x] sa a ú? x [x x]

o 2525

[x x šú-si-ni] U₄-ME-ni áš-[gu-bi]

(o 25) [. . . in one] day [I] de[feated ...]

r 1r 1

nu-na-bi ka-gu-ki [m?x-x MAN?]

(r 1) X came to me [ . . . , king(?)] of the land Etiuḫi, who [. . . ] in the land, the cities that listened . . ., ... that (where?) in battle. I showed up [ . . . ] I made; I deported men (and) women, I burnt down settlements, [I destroyed(?)] fort[resses].

r 22

KUR.e-ti-ú-ḫi a-li? [x x x]

r 33

KUR.e-ba-ni-e a-li-li URU.MEŠ

r 44

ḫa-ši-a-li ku?-lu? x x e-si?

r 55

a-li-li gu-nu-ši-ni-e

r 66

a-ri-bi-ri-da-di x x x x-ni

r 77

za-du-bi ʾa-še ši-ú-bi

r 88

URU.MEŠ GÍBIL É.[GAL.MEŠ ḫar-ḫar-šú-bi?]

r 99

i-ši-a-ṣi-e šú-ga šú-i-ni-ni

(r 9) . . . from all, there was battle . . . in the land Ṣuluqu . . . in front of the city Irdua he came [to me].

r 1010

gu-nu-še ma-a-nu ma?-ri-ni?

r 1111

KUR.ṣu-lu-qu-ú-e x x x-e-di

r 1212 nu-na-bi

r 1313

ka-gu-ki KÚR-ni? DAN-NU? bu-ra-áš--bi

(r 13b) I subjugated the strong(?) enemy(?), I established there a tribute.

r 1414

me-še e-di-a te-ru-bi dḫal-di-ni-ni

(r 14b) Through the greatness of the god Ḫaldi I am Argišti, [son of] Rusa, strong king, king of the Bia lands, lord of Ṭušpa-City.

r 1515

al-su-i-ši-ni -te-di

r 1616

mar-giš-ti-ni mru-sa-a-[ḫi]

r 1717


r 1818

a-lu-si URU.ṭu--pa-a URU

r 1919

dḫal-di-ni-ni ba-ú-ši-ni

(r 19) Through the command of the god Ḫaldi Argišti says: from the place(?) of the Sun-God a stronghold(?) . . . I set off on this campaign towards the city Amuša, [I carried away] men and women [to] the Bia lands.

r 2020

mar-giš-ti-še a-li i-si-ni?

r 2121

dUTU-ni-ni-ni ir-du-si bi-[x-x]

r 2222

a-šá-di i-ni ḫa-a-ri-e

r 2323

URU.a-mu-šá-di ʾa-še₂₀ [pa-ru-bi?]

r 2424[i-na-di]

r 2525

mar-giš-ti-še [a-li-e]

(r 25) Argišti [says]: (as for the one) who [erases (my)] name and [puts hi]s (own) n[ame], may [the god Ḫaldi, the Weather-God, (and) the Sun-God annihilate him, his name (and) his seed under the sun].

r 2626

[a]-lu-še ti-ni-ni [-li-e]

r 2727

[ma]-si ti-[ni te-li-e -ri-ni-ni]

r 2828

[dḫal-di-še dIM-še dUTU-še]

r 2929

[ma-ni ti-ni ar-mu-zi dUTU-ni pi-ni]

Based on Mirjo Salvini, Corpus dei Testi Urartei (CTU), Volume I–V, 2008–2018: Adapted, revised, lemmatized, and translated into English, by Birgit Christiansen (2016-) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as