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ePSD2 Administrative Corpus

Thanks to the efforts of the CDLI [], ePSD2 has good coverage of Sumerian administrative texts. In most cases, the texts have been extracted from the freely available CDLI corpus of ATF files [], and lemmatized using a custom installation of the Oracc lemmatizer implemented by Steve Tinney. The lemmatizer outputs are being reviewed and corrected by several scholars who are also editing the transliterations to conform to the ePSD understandings of the texts. Niek Veldhuis is reviewing the largest of the corpora, the main Ur III corpus "ePSD2/CDLI Ur III administrative texts". Philip Jones is working on the ED IIIb corpus, and Dan Patterson the Old Akkadian, Lagash II, and Old Babylonian texts. The Ur III letters and legal texts, and some of the Old Babylonian texts, were previously reviewed by ePSD staff Fumi Karahashi, Philip Jones, and Steve Tinney. The ED I-II corpus is only in its very initial stages. The ED IIIa texts have not yet been reviewed.

All of the administrative texts are gathered together into a single Oracc "umbrella" corpus [/epsd2/admin/pager] and there is also a corresponding combined glossary [/epsd2/admin/sux] covering the administrative corpus as a whole.

The administrative corpus subprojects are:

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