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ePSD2/ePSD Literary Corpus

The core of the epsd2/literary corpus is formed by the almost 400 Sumerian compositions edited in ETCSL [] (1996-2006) and the almost 500 literary tablets from Ur, published in UET 6 [/epsd2/literary/uet 6], and edited by Jeremiah Peterson for the Ur Online Project []. These data are supplemented by editions of literary texts that appeared elsewhere, but no systematic effort has been made to include all such material.

The ETCSL [] data has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution non-Commercial Share Alike 3.0 unported License [] and is distributed by the Oxford Text Archive []. The copyright holders are Jeremy Black, Graham Cunningham, Jarle Ebeling, Esther Flückiger-Hawker, Eleanor Robson, Jon Taylor, and Gábor Zólyomi.

You can view the content of the epsd2/literary project here [/epsd2/literary/pager].

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