kag sag [TO BE BOASTFUL] (V/t)

6 instances

kag sag [TO BE BOASTFUL] V/t (6x) Early Dynastic IIIa, Old Babylonian wr. ka sag₃; ka sa₂; ka sa-agsag₃ "to be boastful, to have a big mouth"

[1]𒅗𒉺ka sag₃
[2]𒅗𒁲ka sa₂
[3]𒅗𒊓𒀝𒉺ka sa-agsag₃
+--ga=g.a (1x/17%); --ga₁₄=g.a (1x/17%); --ge=g.e (2x/33%).
PCED IIIaED IIIbEblaOAkkLag IIUr IIIOBPost-OB(unknown)

5 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Early Dynastic IIIa (1x/17%)

Old Babylonian (5x/83%)


Akk. pît pî; alālu Gt.


[2021] J Matuszak, UAVA 16 305

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