lul sig [CHEAT] (V/i)

17 instances

lul sig [CHEAT] V/i (17x) Old Babylonian wr. lul sig₁₀-sig₁₀; lul sig₁₀; lul si-ig; lul sig₁₀-si₃-ke; lul sig₉; lul si₃-ke; lul-lul sig₁₀ "to cheat, deceive"

[1]𒈜𒋧𒋧lul sig₁₀-sig₁₀
[2]𒈜𒋧lul sig₁₀
[3]𒈜𒋛𒅅lul si-ig
[4]𒈜𒋧𒋧𒆠lul sig₁₀-si₃-ke
[5]𒈜𒋛lul sig₉
[6]𒈜𒋧𒆠lul si₃-ke
[7]𒈜𒈜𒋧lul-lul sig₁₀
+--ge=g.e (5x/29%); --ge₅=g.e (3x/18%); --ke=k.e (3x/18%); --la=l.a (2x/12%).
PCED IIIaED IIIbEblaOAkkLag IIUr IIIOBPost-OB(unknown)

12 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Old Babylonian (17x/100%)


Akk. dâṣu.

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