kiba sig [PUT] (V/t)

54 instances

kiba sig [PUT] V/t (54x) Ur III, Old Babylonian, Neo-Assyrian, unknown wr. ki sig₉; ki sig₁₀; ki si-ig; ki sig₉-sig₉ "to put in place of; to replace (without interest)"

[1] 𒆠𒋛 ki sig₉
[2] 𒆠𒋧 ki sig₁₀
[3] 𒆠𒋛𒅅 ki si-ig
[4] 𒆠𒋛𒋛 ki sig₉-sig₉
+ --ga=g.a (4x/7%); --ge=g+e (1x/2%); --ge=g.e (3x/6%); --ge₄=g.e (37x/69%); --ge₅=g.e (1x/2%); --ke=k.e (1x/2%).
PC ED IIIa ED IIIb Ebla OAkk Lag II Ur III OB Post-OB (unknown)
[1] 40 5
[2] 7 1 1

19 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Ur III (40x/74%)

Old Babylonian (12x/22%)

Neo-Assyrian (1x/2%)

unknown (1x/2%)


1. to put in place of (54x/100%)

2. to replace (without interest)

Pronunciation Data

Continuation graphemes:

-ga=g.a; -ge=g+e; -ge=g.e; -ge₄=g.e; -ge₅=g.e; -ke=k.e.


[2002] M. Widell, Sefarad 393-400.

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