ni teŋ [FEAR] (V/t)

165 instances

ni teŋ [FEAR] V/t (165x) Lagash II, Ur III, Old Babylonian, Middle Babylonian, Neo-Assyrian, Neo-Babylonian, Uncertain, unknown wr. ni₂ teŋ₃; ni₂ teŋ₄; ni₂ ta; ni₂ teŋ₃-teŋ₃; ni₂ teŋ₄-teŋ₄; ni₂-ni₂ teŋ₃ "to fear, to become afraid"

[1]𒉎𒋼ni₂ teŋ₃
[2]𒉎𒋾ni₂ teŋ₄
[3]𒉎𒋫ni₂ ta
[4]𒉎𒋼𒋼ni₂ teŋ₃-teŋ₃
[5]𒉎𒋾𒋾ni₂ teŋ₄-teŋ₄
[6]𒉎𒉎𒋼ni₂-ni₂ teŋ₃
+--ŋa₂=ŋ.a (17x/10%); --ŋe₂₆=ŋ.e (26x/16%).
PCED IIIaED IIIbEblaOAkkLag IIUr IIIOBPost-OB(unknown)

75 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Lagash II (2x/1%)

Ur III (7x/4%)

Old Babylonian (136x/82%)

Middle Babylonian (4x/2%)

Neo-Assyrian (10x/6%)

Neo-Babylonian (3x/2%)

Uncertain (1x/1%)

unknown (2x/1%)


Akk. palāhu; šahātu.


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[2000] F. Karahashi, Sumerian Compound Verbs 133-134.

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