tug sig [STRIP] (V/t)

7 instances

tug sig [STRIP] V/t (7x) Old Babylonian wr. tug₂ sig₉; tug₂ si-ig "to strip"

[1] 𒌆𒋛 tug₂ sig₉
[2] 𒌆𒋛𒅅 tug₂ si-ig
+ --ga=g.a (1x/14%); --ge=g.e (3x/43%).
PC ED IIIa ED IIIb Ebla OAkk Lag II Ur III OB Post-OB (unknown)
[1] 4
[2] 3

5 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Old Babylonian (7x/100%)


Akk. šahāṭu.

Pronunciation Data

Continuation graphemes:

-ga=g.a; -ge=g.e.


[1995] K. Volk, Inanna-Shukaletuda 213.

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