u [LAND] (N)

158 instances

u [LAND] N (158x) Early Dynastic IIIb, Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Old Babylonian, Middle Babylonian wr. u₃; u₅ "a type of land; spoil bank, causeway, bund; earth pile"

PCED IIIaED IIIbEblaOAkkLag IIUr IIIOBPost-OB(unknown)

4 distinct forms attested; click to view forms table.

Attested in the following periods:

Early Dynastic IIIb (11x/7%)

Old Akkadian (8x/5%)

Lagash II (2x/1%)

Ur III (124x/78%)

Old Babylonian (12x/8%)

Middle Babylonian (1x/1%)


Akk. šipku.

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