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a [ARM] (N)

52 instances

Base forms:a₂.

Written forms:a₂; a₂-ba; a₂-bi; a₂-zu.

Normalized forms:a (a₂);'a (a₂-ba\n5al2);ø (a₂-bi\abs); a.zu.ø (a₂-zu\abs); a.ø (a₂\abs).

1. arm (52x/100%)

a [TIME] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a₂.

Written forms:a₂.

Normalized forms:a (a₂).

Morphological forms:

N1=a (N1=STEM)

1. (point of) time (1x/100%)

a [WATER] (N)

222 instances

Base forms:a.

Written forms:a; a-e; a-ta.

Normalized forms:a (a); a.e (a-e\n5el3); a.ta (a-ta); a.ø (a\abs).

1. semen (2x/1%)

2. water (220x/99%)

a aŋ [COMMAND] (V/t)

4 instances

Base forms:a₂ aŋ₂.

Normalizedø mu.1.da.n.aŋ.ø (a₂-bi\v6sg1 mu-da-an-aŋ₂); a.ø i.nn.a.n.aŋ.ø (a₂\abs e-na-aŋ₂); a.ø mu.nn.da.n.aŋ.ø (a₂\abs mu-da-aŋ₂).

1. command, to instruct (4x/100%)

a dug [IRRIGATE] (V/t)

2 instances

Base forms:a dug₄.

Written forms:a dug₄-ga.

Normalized forms:a.ø dug.'a.ak (a\gen dug₄-ga).

1. irrigate (from canal water) (2x/100%)

a e [REAR] (V/t)

2 instances

Base forms:a₂ e₃.

Written forms:a₂ e₃-a.

Normalized forms:a.ø e.'a (a₂\abs e₃-a).

1. rear, bring up (a child), to take care of (2x/100%)

a ru [DEDICATE] (V/t)

200 instances

Base forms:a ri; a ru.

Normalized forms:a.ø mu.nn.a.n.ri.ø (a\abs mu-na-ri); a.øø (a\abs mu-na-ru, a\dat mu-ru); a.ø mu.nn.a.šø (a\abs mu-na-še₃-ru); a.øø (a\v11sg1a mu-na-ru).

1. dedicate (200x/100%)

a šum [GIVE POWER] (V/t)

14 instances

Base forms:a₂ šum₂.

Written forms:a₂ šum₂-ma.

Normalized forms:a.ø šum.'a (a₂\abs šum₂-ma).

1. give power (14x/100%)

aʾabak [SEA] (N)

17 instances

Base forms:a-ab; a-ab-ba.

Normalized forms:a'abak (a-ab-ba); a'abak.ak (a-ab-ba-ka\gen); a'abak.ak.e (a-ab-ba-ka-ke₄); a'abak.ak.še (a-ab-ba-ka-še₃); a'abak.ak.'a (a-ab-ka-ka\n5al2); a'abak.še (a-ab-ba-še₃, a-ab-še₃); a'abak.'a (a-ab-ba-ka\l1).

1. sea (17x/100%)

aʾan [SPADIX] (N)

2 instances

Base forms:a₂-an.

Written forms:a₂-an.

Normalized forms:a'an (a₂-an).

Morphological forms:

N1=a'an (N1=STEM)

1. spadix (2x/100%)

ab [COW] (N)

3 instances

Base forms:ab₂.

Written forms:ab₂.

Normalized forms:ab (ab₂).

Morphological forms:

N1=ab (N1=STEM)

1. cow (3x/100%)

aba [WHO?] (N)

9 instances

Base forms:a-ba.

Written forms:a-ba.

Normalized forms:aba.ø (a-ba\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=aba.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. who? (9x/100%)

abba [FATHER] (N)

4 instances

Base forms:ab-ba.

Written forms:ab-ba; ab-ba-ni.

Normalized forms:abba (ab-ba); abba.ani (ab-ba-ni).

1. an official (2x/50%)

2. father (2x/50%)


3 instances

Base forms:ABBA₂.IGI.

Written forms:ABBA₂.IGI.

Normalized forms:ABBA.IGI (ABBA₂.IGI).

Morphological forms:


1. (unknown meaning) (3x/100%)

abgal [SAGE] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:abgal₂.

Written forms:abgal₂-bi.

Normalizedø (abgal₂-bi\abs).

1. sage, priest (1x/100%)

abri [MATERIAL] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ab₂-ri.

Written forms:ab₂-ri.

Normalized forms:abri.ø (ab₂-ri\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=abri.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. a raw material (1x/100%)

absin [FURROW] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:absin₃.

Written forms:absin₃-na-na.

Normalized forms:absin.ani.'a (absin₃-na-na).

1. furrow (1x/100%)

abšag [SEA-MIDST] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ab-šag₄.

Written forms:ab-šag₄-ga.

Normalized forms:abšag.'a (ab-šag₄-ga\l1).

Morphological forms:

N1=abšag.N5='a (N1=STEM.N5=L1)

1. center of the sea (1x/100%)

abula [GATE] (N)

8 instances

Base forms:a-bul₅-la; abul.

Written forms:a-bul₅-la; abul.

Normalized forms:abula (abul); abula.ak.ø (a-bul₅-la\gen\abs).

1. gate (8x/100%)

abzu [WATER] (N)

10 instances

Base forms:ab-zu; abzu.

Normalized forms:abzu.ak (abzu\gen); (abzu-bi\gen); abzu.ak.gin (abzu-gin₇\gen); abzu.gin (ab-zu-gin₇, abzu-gin₇); abzu.ka.ka (abzu-ka\gen); abzu.ka.ka.ø (abzu-ka\abs); abzu.še (abzu-še₃); abzu.ta (abzu-ta).

1. water (10x/100%)

ad [LOG] (N)

2 instances

Base forms:ad.

Written forms:ad-še₃.

Normalized forms:ad.še (ad-še₃).

Morphological forms:

N1=ad.N5=še (N1=STEM.N5=TERM)

1. log (2x/100%)

adda [CORPSE] (N)

5 instances

Base forms:adda; addaₓ(LU₂s×BAD); addaₓ(LU₂×BAD.BAD.A).

Normalized forms:adda (adda, addaₓ(LU₂×BAD.BAD.A));ø (adda-bi\abs); adda.ø (addaₓ(LU₂s×BAD)).

1. corpse (5x/100%)

adda [FATHER] (N)

5 instances

Base forms:ad-da.

Written forms:ad-da; ad-da-na-še₃; ad-da-ni-ir.

Normalized forms:adda (ad-da); adda.ani.ak.še (ad-da-na-še₃); adda.ani.ra (ad-da-ni-ir).

1. father (5x/100%)

addir [HIRE] (N)

4 instances

Base forms:addirₓ(PAD.DUG.GIŠ.SI).

Written forms:addirₓ(PAD.DUG.GIŠ.SI).

Normalized forms:addir (addirₓ(PAD.DUG.GIŠ.SI)).

Morphological forms:

N1=addir (N1=STEM)

1. hire, wage, ferry toll (4x/100%)

adus [PLANK] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ad-us₂.

Written forms:ad-us₂.

Normalized forms:adus.ø (ad-us₂\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=adus.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. plank, beam, supporting structure, wall(?) (1x/100%)

aga [REAR] (N)

2 instances

Base forms:a-ga.

Written forms:a-ga.

Normalized forms:aga (a-ga).

Morphological forms:

N1=aga (N1=STEM)

1. rear (2x/100%)

agaʾus [SOLDIER] (N)

12 instances

Base forms:aga₃-us₂.

Normalized forms:aga'us (aga₃-us₂); aga'us.ak.e (aga₃-us₂-sa-ke₄\gen\erg); aga'us.ak.ø (aga₃-us₂\gen\abs); aga'us.e (aga₃-us₂\erg).

1. a soldier (12x/100%)

agakar [CONQUEROR] (N)

38 instances

Base forms:aga₃-kar₂.

Written forms:aga₃-kar₂.

Normalized forms:agakar.ø (aga₃-kar₂\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=agakar.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. conqueror (38x/100%)

agakar sig [DEFEAT] (V/t)

38 instances

Base forms:aga₃-kar₂ seg₁₀.

Normalized forms:agakar.ø b.i.n.sig.ø (aga₃-kar₂\v10l2 be₂-seg₁₀, aga₃-kar₂\v10l2 bi₂-sig₁₀); agakar.ø i.m.b.i.n.sig.ø (aga₃-kar₂\abs im-mi-sig₁₀); agakar.ø i.nn.i.n.sig.ø (aga₃-kar₂\abs e-ne₂-seg₁₀, aga₃-kar₂\v10l2 i₃-ni-sig₁₀); agakar.ø mu.nn.i.n.sig.ø (aga₃-kar₂\v10l2 mu-sig₁₀).

1. to defeat someone/something (= L2) (38x/100%)

agrig [STEWARD] (N)

9 instances

Base forms:agrig.

Written forms:agrig.

Normalized forms:agrig (agrig); agrig.ak.ø (agrig\gen\abs); agrig.ø (agrig\abs).

1. steward (9x/100%)


269 instances

Base forms:aŋ₂.

Normalized forms: (aŋ₂); aŋ.anene.ø (aŋ₂-ne-ne\abs); aŋ.ani (aŋ₂-ni, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni); aŋ.ani.ak (aŋ₂-ŋa₂-na); aŋ.ani.ak.še (aŋ₂-ŋa₂-na-še₃); aŋ.ani.e (aŋ₂-ne₂, aŋ₂-ne₂\n5el3, aŋ₂-ni-e, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ne₂, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni-e); aŋ.ani.ra (aŋ₂-ni\dat, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-a-ni\dat, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni-ir); aŋ.ani.ta (aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni-ta); aŋ.ani.'a (aŋ₂-na\l1, aŋ₂-ni-a\l1, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni-a\l1); aŋ.ani.ø (aŋ₂-a-ni\abs, aŋ₂-ni\abs, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-a-ni\abs, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni\abs); aŋ.da (aŋ₂-da); aŋ.e (aŋ₂-e); aŋ.zu (aŋ₂-zu); aŋ.'a (aŋ₂-ŋa₂); aŋ.'a.ŋu.'a (aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ŋa₂); aŋ.ø.am (aŋ₂-am₃, aŋ₂-ŋa₂-am₃); aŋ.ø.men (aŋ₂-me); a.nn.a.n.aŋ.ø.'a.ani (an-na-aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni); a.nn.a.n.aŋ.ø.'a.ani.ø (an-na-aŋ₂-ŋa₂-ni\abs); a.nn.a.n.aŋ.ø.'a.da (an-na-aŋ₂-ŋa₂-da); i.b.ši.aŋ.e.'a (ib₂-ši-aŋ₂-ŋa₂-a); i.nn.a.n.aŋ.ø (e-na-aŋ₂); i.n.aŋ.ø (e-aŋ₂); mu.nn.a.n.aŋ.ø (mu-na-aŋ₂); mu.nn.da.n.aŋ.ø (mu-da-an-aŋ₂, mu-da-aŋ₂); mu.1.da.n.aŋ.ø (mu-da-an-aŋ₂\v6sg1).

Morphological forms:

NV2=aŋ (NV2=STEM)

NV2=aŋ.N3=anene.N5=ø (NV2=STEM.N3=3-PL-H-POSS.N5=ABS)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5='a (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=L1)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5=ak (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=GEN)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5=ak.N5=še (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=GEN.N5=TERM)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5=e (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=ERG;

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5=ra (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=DAT-H)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5=ta (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=ABL)

NV2=aŋ.N3=ani.N5=ø (NV2=STEM.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=ABS)

NV2=aŋ.N3=zu (NV2=STEM.N3=2-SG-POSS)

NV2=aŋ.N5=da (NV2=STEM.N5=COM)

NV2=aŋ.N5=e (NV2=STEM.N5=ERG)

NV2=aŋ.N5=ø.N6=am (NV2=STEM.N5=ABS.N6=COP-3-SG)

NV2=aŋ.N5=ø.N6=men (NV2=STEM.N5=ABS.N6=COP-1-SG)

NV2=aŋ.NV4='a (NV2=STEM.NV4=SUB)

NV2=aŋ.NV4='a.N3=ŋu.N5='a (NV2=STEM.NV4=SUB.N3=1-SG-POSS.N5=L1)

V2=a.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø.V15='a.N3=ani (V2=FIN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N3=3-SG-H-POSS)

V2=a.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø.V15='a.N3=ani.N5=ø (V2=FIN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N3=3-SG-H-POSS.N5=ABS)

V2=a.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø.V15='a.N5=da (V2=FIN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N5=COM)

V2=i.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø (V2=FIN.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V2=i.V5=b.V9=ši.V12=aŋ.V14=e.V15='a (V2=FIN.V5=3-NH.V9=TERM.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-A.V15=SUB)

V2=i.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø (V2=FIN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V6=1.V8=da.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V6=1-SG.V8=COM.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V6=nn.V8=da.V11=n.V12=aŋ.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V6=3-SG-H.V8=COM.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

1. measure (269x/100%)

aŋal [STRONG] (V/i)

1 instance

Base forms:a₂-an-gal.

Written forms:a₂-an-gal.

Normalized forms:aŋal.ø (a₂-an-gal\abs).

Morphological forms:

NV2=aŋal.N5=ø (NV2=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. (to be) strong (1x/100%)

aŋi [WAVE] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a-ŋi₆.

Written forms:a-ŋi₆.

Normalized forms:aŋi (a-ŋi₆).

Morphological forms:

N1=aŋi (N1=STEM)

1. wave (1x/100%)

ak [DO] (V/t)

46 instances

Base forms:ak; ak-ak.

Normalized (ak-da-kam); ak.ed.e (ak-de₃); ak.ed.'a (ak-da); ak.'a.ak (ak-ka\gen); ak.'a.da (ak-da\com); ak.'a.gin (ak-gin₇); ak.'a.ø (ak\abs); bara.ak.en (ba-ra-ak-ke₄\v14sg1a); b.i.n.ak.ø.'a.e (bi₂-in-ak-a\v10l3); ha.i.m.b.i.n.ak.ø (ḫe₂-mi-ak\v10l3); ha.i.nn.a.n.ak.ø (ḫe₂-na-ak);ø (ḫu-mu-ni-ib₂-ak); ha.n.ak.ø (ḫa-ba-ak); i.b.da.n.ak.ø (e-da-ak); i.m.b.i.n.ak.ø (im-mi-ak\v10l3); i.nn.da.n.ak.ø.' (e-da-ak-ka-am₆); i.n.ak.ø (e-ak); i.n.ak.ø.'a.'a (in-ak-a\l1); mu.nn.a.n.ak.ø (mu-na-ak); mu.nn.a.n.ak.ø.'a.'a (mu-na-ak-a\l1); mu.nn.a.ta.ak.e (mu-na-ta-ak-ke₄); mu.nn.da.ak.e (mu-da-ak-ke₄); mu.n.akak.ø (mu-ak-ak); mu.n.ak.e (mu-ak-ke₄); mu.n.ak.ø (mu-ak); mu.1.ak.ø (mu-ak\v11sg1a); nan.b.ak.e (na-ab-ak-ke₄\v11bl3); nu.i.1.ak.ø (nu-ak).

Morphological forms:

NV2=ak.NV3=ed.N5='a (NV2=STEM.NV3=PF.N5=L1)

NV2=ak.NV3=ed.N5=ak.N6=am (NV2=STEM.NV3=PF.N5=GEN.N6=COP-3-SG)

NV2=ak.NV3=ed.N5=e (NV2=STEM.NV3=PF.N5=DAT-NH)

NV2=ak.NV4='a.N5=ak (NV2=STEM.NV4=SUB.N5=GEN)

NV2=ak.NV4='a.N5=da (NV2=STEM.NV4=SUB.N5=COM)

NV2=ak.NV4='a.N5=gin (NV2=STEM.NV4=SUB.N5=EQU)

NV2=ak.NV4='a.N5=ø (NV2=STEM.NV4=SUB.N5=ABS)

V1=ha..V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V1=MOD1.V5=MID.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=stem.V14=3-SG-P)

V1=ha.V2=i.V4=m.V5=b.V10=i.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V1=MOD1.V2=FIN.V4=VEN.V5=3-NH.V10=L3.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V1=ha.V2=i.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V1=MOD1.V2=FIN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V1=ha.V4=mu.V10=ni.V11=b.V12=ak.V14=ø (V1=MOD1.V4=FIN.V10=L1.V11=3-SG-NH-A.V14=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V1=nu.V2=i.V11=1.V12=ak.V14=ø (V1=NEG.V2=FIN.V11=1-SG-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V2=bara.V12=ak.V14=en (V2=MOD4.V12=STEM.V14=1-SG-A)

V2=i.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V2=FIN.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V2=i.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø.V15='a.N5='a (V2=FIN.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N5=L1)

V2=i.V4=m.V5=b.V10=i.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V2=FIN.V4=VEN.V5=3-NH.V10=L3.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V2=i.V5=b.V7=da.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V2=FIN.V5=3-NH.V7=COM.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V2=i.V6=nn.V7=da.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø.V15='a.N6=am (V2=FIN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=COM.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N6=COP-3-SG)

V2=nan.V11=b.V12=ak.V14=e (V2=MOD3.V11=3-SG-NH-L3.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-A)

V4=mu.V10=n.V12=ak.V14=e (V4=VEN.V10=L1-SYN.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-A)

V4=mu.V11=1.V12=ak.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V11=1-SG-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V11=n.V12=akak.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM-RDP.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø (V4=VEN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P)

V4=mu.V6=nn.V7=a.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø.V15='a.N5='a (V4=VEN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N5=L1)

V4=mu.V6=nn.V7=a.V9=ta.V12=ak.V14=e (V4=VEN.V6=3-SG-H.V7=DAT.V9=ABL.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-A)

V4=mu.V6=nn.V8=da.V12=ak.V14=e (V4=VEN.V6=3-SG-H.V8=COM.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-A)

V5=b.V10=i.V11=n.V12=ak.V14=ø.V15='a.N5=e (V5=3-NH.V10=L3.V11=3-SG-H-A.V12=STEM.V14=3-SG-P.V15=SUB.N5=ERG)

al [CVNE] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:al.

Written forms:al.

Normalized forms:al.ø (al\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=al.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. (compound verb nominal element) (1x/100%)

al [HOE] (N)

9 instances

Base forms:al.

Written forms:al.

Normalized forms:al.ø (al\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=al.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. hoe (9x/100%)

al du [DREDGE] (V/t)

7 instances

Base forms:al du₃.

Written forms:al mu-na-du₃.

Normalized forms:al.ø mu.nn.a.n.du.ø (al\abs mu-na-du₃).

1. to dredge (a canal) (7x/100%)

al dug [DESIRE] (V/t)

1 instance

Base forms:al dug₄.

Written forms:al im-ma-na-dug₄.

Normalized forms:al.øø (al\abs im-ma-na-dug₄).

1. to desire (1x/100%)

ala [DRUM] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a₂-la₂.

Written forms:a₂-la₂.

Normalized forms:ala.ø (a₂-la₂\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=ala.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. a wooden drum (1x/100%)

alan [STATUE] (N)

60 instances

Base forms:alan; urudalan.

Normalized forms:alan (alan, urudalan); alan.ak.ø (alan-na\gen\abs); alan.ani.še (alan-na-ni-še₃, alan-na-še₃); alan.ani.x (alan-na-ni); alan.ani.ø (alan-na-e\abs, alan-na-ni\abs, alan-ni\abs); (alan-bi); (alan-ba\dem2);'a (alan-ba\n5al2);ø (alan-bi\abs); alan.e (alan-e\n5edat, alan-ne); alan.e.e (alan-e\dem1\erg); alan.e.ø (alan-e\dem1); alan.'a (alan-na); alan.ø (alan\abs).

1. statue (60x/100%)

alim [BULL] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:alim.

Written forms:alim.

Normalized forms:alim (alim).

Morphological forms:

N1=alim (N1=STEM)

1. bison, heavy, important (1x/100%)

am [BULL] (N)

2 instances

Base forms:am.

Written forms:am-gin₇.

Normalized forms:am.gin (am-gin₇).

Morphological forms:

N1=am.N5=gin (N1=STEM.N5=EQU)

1. wild bull (2x/100%)

ama [MOTHER] (N)

43 instances

Base forms:ama.

Normalized forms:ama (ama); ama.ani (ama-ni); ama.ani.ak (ama-na); ama.ani.e (ama-ne₂); ama.ani.ra (ama-ni-ir); ama.e (ama\erg); ama.ŋu.ra (ama-ŋu₁₀\dat); ama.ŋu.ø (ama-ŋu₁₀); ama.ra (ama\l2); ama.zu.ø (ama-zu\abs); ama.ø (ama\abs).

1. mother (43x/100%)

amaʾatud [SLAVE] (N)

5 instances

Base forms:ama-a-tud; ama-tud.

Normalized forms:ama'atud (ama-a-tud, ama-tud, ama-tuda-me-du); ama'atud.ani.e (ama-tud-da-ne₂).

1. slave (5x/100%)

amaʾera [MOURNER] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ama-er₂.

Written forms:ama-er₂-ke₄.

Normalized forms:ama'era.e (ama-er₂-ke₄).

Morphological forms:

N1=ama'era.N5=e (N1=STEM.N5=ERG)

1. mourner (1x/100%)

amar [YOUNG] (N)

8 instances

Base forms:amar.

Written forms:amar.

Normalized forms:amar (amar).

Morphological forms:

N1=amar (N1=STEM)

1. young (8x/100%)

amargi [REVERSION] (N)

7 instances

Base forms:ama-ar-gi₄; ama-gi₄.

Normalized forms:amargi (ama-gi₄);ø (ama-ar-gi₄-bi\abs, ama-gi₄-bi\abs).

1. reversion to a previous state (7x/100%)

amaru [FLOOD] (N)

5 instances

Base forms:a-ma-ru; a-mar.

Written forms:a-ma-ru; a-mar.

Normalized forms:amaru (a-ma-ru); amaru.ø (a-mar\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=amaru (N1=STEM)

N1=amaru.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. flood (5x/100%)

amaš [SHEEPFOLD] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a-maš.

Written forms:a-maš.

Normalized forms:amaš.ø (a-maš\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=amaš.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. sheepfold (1x/100%)

amašagan [MOTHER] (N)

3 instances

Base forms:ama-šašaganₓ(GAN); ama-šaganₓ(GAN).

Normalized forms:amašagan (ama-šašaganₓ(GAN), ama-šaganₓ(GAN)); amašagan.'a (ama-šaganₓ(GAN)a\n5al2).

1. bearing mother (human and animal) (3x/100%)

ambar [REED-BED] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ambar.

Written forms:ambar.

Normalized forms:ambar (ambar).

Morphological forms:

N1=ambar (N1=STEM)

1. reed-bed, marsh (1x/100%)

amuš [UNMNG] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a-muš-ša₄.

Written forms:a-muš-ša₄.

Normalized forms:amuš (a-muš-ša₄).

Morphological forms:

N1=amuš (N1=STEM)

1. a type of irrigation canal (1x/100%)

an [SKY] (N)

45 instances

Base forms:an.

Normalized forms:an (an); an.ak (an-na\gen); an.ak.e (an-na-ke₄\n5el3); an.ak.ra (an-na-ra); an.ak.ø (an-na\gen\abs); an.da (an-da); an.e (an-ne₂\n5el3); an.še (an-še₃); an.ta (an-ta); an.'a (an-na, an-na\l1, an-na\n5al2); an.ø (an\abs).

1. sky, heaven (45x/100%)

ana [WHAT?] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a-na.

Written forms:a-na.

Normalized forms:ana.ø (a-na\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=ana.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. what? (1x/100%)

anbarkar [MID-DAY] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:e-bar₇-kar₂.

Written forms:e-bar₇-kar₂.

Normalized forms:anbarkar.ø (e-bar₇-kar₂\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=anbarkar.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. mid-day, noon (1x/100%)

andul [SHADE] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:an-dul₃.

Written forms:an-dul₃.

Normalized forms:andul (an-dul₃).

Morphological forms:

N1=andul (N1=STEM)

1. protector (1x/100%)

ane [HE] (IP)

7 instances

Base forms:a-ne; a-ne₂.

Written forms:a-ne; a-ne-še₃; a-ne₂.

Normalized forms:ane.da (a-ne\com); ane.še (a-ne-še₃); ane.ø (a-ne\abs, a-ne₂\abs).

1. she, he (7x/100%)

annak [METAL] (N)

3 instances

Base forms:an-na.

Written forms:an-na; an-na-kam.

Normalized forms:annak.ø (an-na\abs); annak.ø.am (an-na-kam).

1. tin or lead (3x/100%)

anšag [HEAVEN] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:an-šag₄.

Written forms:an-šag₄-ge.

Normalized forms:anšag.e (an-šag₄-ge).

Morphological forms:

N1=anšag.N5=e (N1=STEM.N5=L3-NH)

1. the interior of heaven (1x/100%)

anšar [HEAVEN] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:an-šar₂.

Written forms:an-šar₂-ra.

Normalized forms:anšar.'a (an-šar₂-ra).

Morphological forms:

N1=anšar.N5='a (N1=STEM.N5=L1)

1. the entirety of heaven (1x/100%)

anše [EQUID] (N)

9 instances

Base forms:anše.

Written forms:anše; anše-ni; anše-ta.

Normalized forms:anše (anše); anše.ak (anše\gen); anše.ani.ø (anše-ni\abs); anše.ta (anše-ta); anše.ø (anše\abs).

1. equid (9x/100%)

anubda [QUARTER] (N)

372 instances

Base forms:an-ub-da.

Written forms:an-ub-da.

Normalized forms:anubda (an-ub-da).

Morphological forms:

N1=anubda (N1=STEM)

1. a cosmographic or geographic term, quarter (of the universe) (372x/100%)

anzag [HORIZON] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:an-zag.

Written forms:an-zag-ta.

Normalized forms:anzag.ta (an-zag-ta).

Morphological forms:

N1=anzag.N5=ta (N1=STEM.N5=ABL)

1. horizon, border of heaven (1x/100%)

anzud [EAGLE] (N)

5 instances

Base forms:anzud₂mušen.

Normalized forms:anzud (anzud₂mušen); anzud.gin (anzud₂mušen-gin₇); anzud.zu.ø (anzud₂mušen-zu\abs).

1. a mythological eagle (5x/100%)

ara [GRIND] (V/t)

1 instance

Base forms:ara₃.

Written forms:la-ba-ara₃.

Normalizedø (la-ba-ara₃\v14sg3s).

1. grind (1x/100%)

arad [SLAVE] (N)

454 instances

Base forms:arad; arad₂.

Normalized forms:arad (arad, arad₂); arad.ani (arad₂-ra-ni); arad.ani.e (arad-da-ne₂, arad₂-da-a-ne₂, arad₂-da-ne₂, arad₂-da-ni-e); arad.ani.ra (arad₂-da-ni-ir, arad₂-da-ni\dat); arad.ani.ø (arad₂-da-ni\abs); arad.e (arad₂-de₃); arad.zu.ø (arad-zu\abs, arad₂-zu\abs).

1. slave, servant (454x/100%)


2 instances

Base forms:a-ra-zu; ra₂-zu.

Written forms:a-ra-zu-e; ra₂-zu.

Normalized forms:arazu (ra₂-zu); arazu.e (a-ra-zu-e).

Morphological forms:

N1=arazu (N1=STEM)

N1=arazu.N5=e (N1=STEM.N5=DAT-NH)

1. supplication (2x/100%)

argibil [STRUCTURE] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ar-gi-bil-luzabar.

Written forms:ar-gi-bil-luzabar.

Normalized forms:argibil (ar-gi-bil-luzabar).

Morphological forms:

N1=argibil (N1=STEM)

1. a wooden or bronze structure (1x/100%)

arhuš [WOMB] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:arḫuš.

Written forms:arḫuš.

Normalized forms:arhuš (arḫuš).

Morphological forms:

N1=arhuš (N1=STEM)

1. womb (1x/100%)

asal [POPLAR] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:ŋešasal₂.

Written forms:ŋešasal₂.

Normalized forms:asal (ŋešasal₂).

Morphological forms:

N1=asal (N1=STEM)

1. poplar (1x/100%)

asi [STRAP] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:kuša₂-si.

Written forms:kuša₂-si.

Normalized forms:asi.ø (kuša₂-si\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=asi.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. strap (1x/100%)


4 instances

Base forms:aš₂.

Written forms:aš₂.

Normalized forms:aš.ø (aš₂\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=aš.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. curse (4x/100%)

[ONE] (NU)

3 instances

Base forms:.

Written forms:-gin₇; -ka.

Normalized forms:aš.ak.'a (-ka); aš.gin (-gin₇).

1. one (3x/100%)

[SIX] (NU)

2 instances

Base forms:aš₃.

Written forms:aš₃-am₃; aš₃-kam-ma.

Normalized forms:aš.kama.'a (aš₃-kam-ma\l1); aš.ø.am (aš₃-am₃).

1. six (2x/100%)

ašag [FIELD] (N)

56 instances

Base forms:a-šag₄; ašag; a-šag₄ašag.

Normalized forms:ašag (a-šag₄, ašag, a-šag₄ašag); ašag.ani.ak.'a (ašag-ga-na-ka); ašø (a-šag₄-bi\abs); ašag.'a (ašag-ga); ašag.ø (a-šag₄ašag\abs).

1. field (56x/100%)

atah [HELPER] (N)

5 instances

Base forms:a₂-daḫ.

Normalized forms:atah (a₂-daḫ); atah.ŋu.ø (a₂-daḫ-ŋu₁₀\abs); atah.ŋu.ø.am (a₂-daḫ-ŋu₁₀-um).

1. helper (5x/100%)

atuku [POWERFUL] (AJ)

5 instances

Base forms:a₂-tuku.

Written forms:a₂-tuku; a₂-tuku-e.

Normalized forms:atuku.e (a₂-tuku-e); atuku.ra (a₂-tuku\dat).

1. powerful, able-bodied (5x/100%)

aya [FATHER] (N)

7 instances

Base forms:a-a; aya₂.

Written forms:a-a; aya₂; aya₂-na-ka; aya₂-ni.

Normalized forms:aya (a-a, aya₂); aya.ani (aya₂-ni); aya.ani.ak.'a (aya₂-na-ka\n5al2).

1. father (7x/100%)

azig [VIOLENCE] (N)

2 instances

Base forms:a₂-zig₃.

Written forms:a₂-zig₃-še₃.

Normalized forms:azig.še (a₂-zig₃-še₃).

Morphological forms:

N1=azig.N5=še (N1=STEM.N5=TERM)

1. violence (2x/100%)

azlag [FULLER] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:lu₂azlag₂.

Written forms:lu₂azlag₂.

Normalized forms:azlag.ø (lu₂azlag₂\abs).

Morphological forms:

N1=azlag.N5=ø (N1=STEM.N5=ABS)

1. fuller (1x/100%)

azu [DOCTOR] (N)

1 instance

Base forms:a-zu.

Written forms:a-zu.

Normalized forms:azu.e (a-zu\erg).

Morphological forms:

N1=azu.N5=e (N1=STEM.N5=ERG)

1. doctor (1x/100%)