BRM 2, 52 [Sale of property]

o 1o 1

ma-ta-ne₂-e-du-su A ša₂ ma-lik-se-e-up-pu-su ina ḫu-ud lib₃-bi-šu₂

(o 1) Athenades son of Alexippos voluntarily sold [in perpetuity] for [x (amount) of] high-quality [refined silver staters of ...] to [...] son of Ariabu his share in a developed bīt qāti that reached to the women's quarters of the Reš that ... to Alexippos his father in the Reš: the upper northern length (is) adjacent to the street "The Passageway of the Reš temple" and the accessway of that bīt qāti; the lower southern length (is) adjacent to the out-building .... that is facing the street; the upper western width (is) adjacent to the house of [...] of the sons of Sumuttu-Anu son of Anu-mar-ittannu descendant of Sin-leqi-unninni; the lower eastern width (is) adjacent to the bīt qāti of Amti-mar-x [...] daughter of Ṭabat-Nanaya: (this is) the total of the lengths and widths, the measurement of the share of that bīt qāti, a share in ...---as little or as much as there is, in (its) entirety ...

o 22

ḪA.LA-šu₂ ina E₂ ŠU-MIN ep₂-šu₂-tu₄ ša₂ ina E₂ SAL ša₂ e₂SAG-MEŠ ša₂ ŠID ik-ši-du

o 33

a-na ma-lik-se-e-up-pu-su!(ŠU) AD-šu₂ ina e₂re- US₂ ANu₂

o 44

tu₁₅SI.SA₂ DA SILA mu-taq ša₂ E₂ ša₂ re--MEŠ u mu-ṣu-u₂

o 55

ša₂ E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ US₂ KI!u₂ tu₁₅U₁₈.LU DA <<tu₁₅>> a-su-[up-pu ...]1

o 66

ša₂ a-na pa-ni SILA SAG.KI AN.TA tu₁₅MAR.TU DA E₂ x [...]

o 77

ša₂ A-MEŠ ša₂ msu-mut-tu-d60 A ša₂ md60-DUMU-MUnu A md30-TI-ER₂

o 88

SAG.KI KI.TA tu₁₅KUR.RA DA E₂ ŠU-MIN ša₂ fGEME₂ti-DUMU-x [...]

o 99

DUMU.MUNUS ša₂ fDU₁₀.GAat- dna-na-<a> ŠU.NIGIN US₂-MEŠ u SAG.KI-MEŠ [...]

o 1010

meš-ḫat-tu₄ ḪA.LA E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ ḪA.LA ina x [...] x mu [...]

o 1111

[i]-ṣi* u ma-a-du ma-la ba-šu-u₂ gab-[bi] a-na [...]

o 1212

[...] bab-ba-nu-u₂ a-na ŠAM₂ [TIL-MEŠ a-na ...]

o 1313

[...] A ma-ri-a-bu-u₂ [...]2

o 1414

[...] x KU₃.BABBAR a₄ [...]

(o 14) [Athenades received] that [x (amount) of] silver [from ...; he is paid]. [Should a claim arise ...] will clear it [and pay] the 12-fold penalty ... the share in that bīt qāti belongs to ... in perpetuity.

approximately 1-2 lines missing
r 1r 1

[...] x a [...]

r 22

[... a-di] 12-TA.AM₃ [u₂-mar-raq-ma a-na ...]

r 33

[...] x ḪA.LA E₂ ŠU-MIN MU-MEŠ ša₂ [...]

r 44

[... a]-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ šu-u₂ lu₂mu-[kin₇]

(r 4) Witness(es): Anu-ah-iddin son of Anu-zer-iddin son of Anu-ah-iddin descendant of Hunzu; Anu-balassu-iqbi son of Anu-ah-ittannu son of Anu-ikṣur descendant of Hunzu

r 55

[m]d60-ŠEŠ-MU A ša₂ md60-NUMUN-MU A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MU A mḫun-zu-u₂

r 66

[m]d60-DIN-su-E A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu A ša₂ md60-ik-ṣur A mḫun-zu-u₂

r 77

[m]d60-AD-URI₃ A ša₂ md60-MU-GIŠ A ša₂ md<60>-AD-URI₃ A ša₂ [m]ḫun-zu-[u₂]

(r 7) Anu-ab-uṣur son of Anu-šum-lišir son of Anu-ab-uṣur descendant of Hunzu; Anu-ahhe-iddin son of Iddutu-Anu son of Anu-ah-ittannu ...

r 88

[m]d60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU A ša₂ mid-du-tu₄-d60 A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu x [...]

r 99

mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60 A ša₂ md60-DIN-su-E x x KA₂ [...]

(r 9) Nidintu-Anu son of Anu-balassu-iqbi ...; Anu-ahhe-iddin and Min-Nanaya sons of Nidintu-Anu descendant of ...

r 1010

md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU u mmi-in?-dna-na-a A-MEŠ ša₂ mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60 A [LN]

r 1111

md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU lu₂UMBISAG A ša₂ mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60 A md30-TI-ER₂ UNUGki [...]

(r 11) Anu-ahhe-iddin, scribe, son of Nidintu-Anu descendant of Sin-leqi-unninni. (Written in) Uruk. 8th day of [month], year 109 Arsaces (being) king; that is year 173 (SE)

r 1212

U₄ 8-<KAM₂> MU 109 ma-ri-sak-ʾu LUGAL ša₂ ši-i MU 173-[KAM]

Column i
t.e. i 11


(t.e. i 1) Ring of Anu-ah-iddin

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0096)
t.e. i 22


Column ii
t.e. ii 11


(t.e. ii 1) Ring of Anu-balassu-iqbi

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0696)
t.e. ii 22


Column iii
t.e. iii 11


(t.e. iii 1) Ring of Anu-ab-uṣur

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 1099)
t.e. iii 22


b.e.b.e.  (missing)
Column i
l.e. i 1l.e. i 1


(l.e. i 1) Ring of ...

Sealing destroyed
l.e. i 22


Column ii
l.e. ii 11


(l.e. ii 1) Ring of Nidintu-Anu

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 1100)
l.e. ii 22



(r.e.) ... the seller

r.e. 1r.e. 1


r.e. 22

lu₂na-din x x x

Sealing partially destroyed

1Scribe appears to have made two insertions of extraneous signs in this line: ta between KI and u₂, and preceding asuppu, where {tu₁₅} could be error for E₂.

2ri not certain