BiMes 24, 43 [slave dedication]

o 1o 1

mup-pu-lu A ša₂ md60-DIN-su-E A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU A mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu

(o 1) Uppulu, son of Anu-balassu-iqbi, son of Anu-ahhe-iddin, descendant of Ahʾutu, voluntarily sold Abi-immim, his slave, who has reached the age of 10 years, and Illut-Anu, his brother, who has reached the age of 6 years, sons of Mattanitʾu, on behalf of the life of the kings, his own life, the life of the Urukeans, the life of his people and his sons, for the performance of the clay-work, and the care-taking of the temple storeroom, for Anu, Antu, Sîn, and Šamaš in perpetuity.

o 22

ina ḫu-ud lib₃-bi-šu₂ ma-bi-im-mi-im lu₂ARAD-su ša₂ i-tur-ru lu₂DUMU 10

o 33

MU.AN.NA u mil-lut-d60 lu₂ŠEŠ-šu₂ ša₂ i-tur-ru lu₂DUMU 6 MU.AN.NA-MEŠ

o 44

A-MEŠ ša₂ mmat-ta-nit-ʾu a-na muḫ-ḫi bul-ṭu ša₂ LUGAL-MEŠ a-na muḫ-ḫi

o 55

bul-ṭu ša₂ NI₂-šu₂ a-na muḫ-ḫi bul-ṭu ša₂ UNUGki-a-a a-na muḫ-ḫi

o 66

bul-ṭu ša₂ UN-MEŠ-šu₂ u lu₂DUMU-A.NI-MEŠ a-na DU₃- dul-lu₄ IM-ḪI.A

o 77

u su-du-ru ša₂ E₂..GID₂.DA a-na da-nim an-tu₄ d30 u₃

o 88

dUTU a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ it-ta-din ul i-šal-laṭ-ṭu šer₃-ku

(o 8) He shall not have the power of disposal concerning that temple oblate and everything concerning that Abimmim and Illut-Anu, his brother, sons of Mattanitʾu, for silver, as a gift, as a marriage gift, as [...] to all others, (or) for giving it, apart from [...]

o 99

MU-MEŠ u₃ man-am gab-bi a-na muḫ-ḫi pa-ni-šu₂ ma-bi-im-[mi-im]

o 1010

MU-MEŠ u mil-lut-d60 lu₂ŠEŠ-šu₂ A-MEŠ ša₂ mmat-ta-nit-ʾu [a-na]

o 1111

KU₃.BABBAR a-na ri-mu₁₂-u₂-tu₂ a-na nu-dun-nu-u₂ a-na [...]

o 1212

a-na man-am ša-na-am gab-bi a-na <na>-da-ni-šu₂ [e-lat ...]1

o 1313

[a]-na man-am ša₂-na-am ul u₂-šu-zu u₃ [i-nam-din ša₂ la di-i-ni]

(o 13) for another, he does not stand, and give not a lawsuit nor an objection, 1 mina of gold to the house [...]

o 1414

[u] la ḫa-ra-ra 1 MA.NA KU₃.GI a-na E₂ [...]

o 1515

[...] E₂ DINGIR-MEŠ [... a]-na u₄-mu [ṣa-a-tu₂ šu₂-nu]

(o 15) [...] the house of the gods [...] in perpetuity.

remainder broken
at least one line broken; about 3 lines blank
r 1'1'

mdna-na-a-MU A ša₂ md60-NUMUN-MU A ša₂ md60-AD-[...]

(r 1') Nanaya-iddin, son of Anu-zer-iddin, son of Anu-ab-[...]

r 2'2'

ma-ri-is-tu-un A ša₂ mdi-[ip-pa-tu]-su* [...]2

(r 2') Ariston, son of Diophantos [...]

r 3'3'

man-ti-paṭ-ṭi-ru-su A ša₂ md60-x-MU [...]3

(r 3') Antipatros, son of Anu-[...]-mu [...]

r 4'4'

mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60 A ša₂ md60-DUMU-MUnu A ša₂ mdna-na-a-MU [...]

(r 4') Nidintu-Anu, son of Anu-mar-ittannu, son of Nanaya-iddin, [...]

r 5'5'

md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu A ša₂ mman-nu-i-qa-pu A ša₂ mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60 A m[...]

(r 5') Anu-ah-ittannu, son of Mannu-iqapu, son of Nidintu-Anu, descendant of [...]

r 6'6'

md60-DINiṭ A ša₂ md60-EN-šu₂-nu A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu A mŠEŠ-[ʾu-u₂-tu]

(r 6') Anu-uballiṭ, son of Anu-belšunu, son of Anu-ah-ittannu, descendant of Ah[ʾutu]

r 7'7'

md60-AD-GUR A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-GAL₂ši A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU A mŠEŠ-ʾu-[u₂-tu]

(r 7') Anu-ab-utir, son of Anu-ah-ušabši, son of Anu-ahhe-iddin, descendant of Ahʾutu.

r 8'8'

mki-din-d60 A ša₂ mBAD₄-dGAŠAN A ša₂ mdUTU-MUnu A mlu--tam-mar-[dIŠKUR]

(r 8') Kidin-Anu, son of Dannat-belti, son of Šamaš-ittannu, descendant of Luštammar-Adad.

uninscribed line
r 9'9'

md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU lu₂UMBISAG A ša₂ mNIG₂.SUM.MU-d60 A md30-TI-ER₂ UNUGki itiBARA₂! U₄ x-[KAM₂]

(r 9') Anu-ahhe-iddin, scribe, son of Nidintu-Anu, descendant of Sin-leqi-unninni. Uruk. Nisanu(!). [...] day. 120th year, which is the 184th of King Arsaces and Upulna-[...].

r 10'10'

MU 120 ša₂ ši-am 184 mar-sak-ʾu LUGAL u fu₂-pul-na-[...]4

Column i
t.e. i 11


(t.e. i 1) Ring of Nidintu-Anu

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0616:BB)
t.e. i 22


Column ii
t.e. ii 11


(t.e. ii 1) Ring of Anu-uballiṭ

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0179:E)
t.e. ii 22


Column iii
t.e. iii 11


(t.e. iii 1) Ring of Nanaya-iddin

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0660:N)
seal impression partially broken
t.e. iii 22


b.e.b.e.  (missing)
Column i
l.e. i 11


(l.e. i 1) Ring of [...]-Anu

(impression of seal impression broken)
l.e. i 22


Column ii
l.e. ii 11


(l.e. ii 1) Ring of Anu-ah-ittannu

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0616:AA)
l.e. ii 22


Column i
r.e. i 11

un-qa [mup-pu-lu]

(r.e. i 1) Ring of Uppulu, the seller [...]

(impression of seal impression broken)
r.e. i 22

lu₂na-din-na [...]

1Reconstruction of nadānu, CAD Š/3, p. 240

2collation Doty AfO 43/44 p. 115

3Monerie (2014, 130) suggests Nidintu-Anu for patronymic, requires collation

4Doty AfO 43/44 p. 115: suggests female may be "unnamed daughter of Demetrios II and niece of Antoichos Sidetes, whom Phraates married late in his reign after defeating Antiochos Sidetes' invasion." clarify the term introducing the arsacid ruler; = szi-am < szi(-') 'aforementioned' (fem. dem. prn), ie, 'which aforementioned (year is equal to)'?