BiMes 24, 48 [Quitclaim concerning undeveloped lot.]

o 1o 1

[mim-ma dib]-bi di-i-ni u ra-ga-mu ša₂ mla-ba-ši-d60 DUMU [ša₂]

(o 1) There will be no [law]suit, legal proceeding or claim [of any kind] on the part of Labaši-Anu, son [of] Anu-uballiṭ, son of Anu-ahhe-iddin, the potter, concerning ... the undeveloped plot of the city quarter Kirimahhu (tablet: "royal orchard") which is in Uruk--7 cubits is the upper length on the north next to the undeveloped plot of [Nidintu-Anu], son of Kidin-Anu, descendant of Kuri; 7 cubits is the lower length on the south next to the undeveloped plot of Labaši-Anu, son of Anu-uballiṭ; 6 cubits is the upper width on the west next to the house of Arad-Reš, son of Rihat-Anu; 6 cubits is the lower width on the east next to the house of Anu-ahhe-iddin, son of Anu-ah-ittannu: 7 cubits length (and) 6 cubits width is the total measurement of that undeveloped plot, as little or as much as there is, all of it--against Anu-ah-ittanu, son of Anu-ahhe-iddin, the potter, in perpetuity.

o 22

[m]d60-DINiṭ DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU lu₂BAḪAR₂ ana muḫ-ḫi

o 33

ki-šub-ba-a KIti₃ gišKIRI₆ LUGALri* ša₂ qe₂-reb UNUGki1

o 44

7 KUŠ₃ US₂ ANu₂ tu₁₅SI.SA₂ DA ki-šub-ba-a [mni]-din-tu₄-[d60]

o 55

DUMU ša₂ mki-din-d60 A mkur-i 7 KUŠ₃ US₂ KIu₂ tu₁₅U₁₈.LU

o 66

DA ki-šub-ba-a ša₂ mla-ba-ši-d60 DUMU ša₂ md60-DINiṭ 6 KUŠ₃

o 77


o 88

DUMU ša₂ mri-ḫat-d60 6 KUŠ₃ SAG.KI KI.TA tu₁₅KUR.RA DA E₂

o 99

md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu ŠU.NIGIN 7 KUŠ₃ US₂ 6 KUŠ₃

o 1010

SAG.KI mi-šiḫ-tu₄ ki-šub-ba-a MU-MEŠ ki-šub-ba-a MU-MEŠ

o 1111

i-ṣi u ma-a-du ma-la ba-šu-u₂ gab-bi KI md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU

o 1212

DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU lu₂BAḪAR₂

o 1313

a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ ia-a-nu ul i-šal-laṭ-ma mla-ba-ši-d60

(o 13) Labaši-Anu son of Anu-uballiṭ has no power of disposition [did not transfer and will not transfer] that undeveloped plot for money as a gift, as a dowry, as a business transaction, for any reason at all to anyone else, Labaši-Anu [...] Anu-ah-ittannu [...] son of [...] son of Anu-ahhe-iddin, the potter, in perpetuity.

o 1414

DUMU ša₂ md60-DINiṭ ki-šub-ba-a MU-MEŠ a-na KU₃.BABBAR a-na lu₂ri-mu-u₂-tu₂

o 1515

a-na lu₂nu-dun-nu-u₂ a-na e-peš ṣu-bu-u₂-tu₂ a-na mim-ma gab-bi

o 1616

a-na lu₂man-am-ma ša₂-[nam-ma] ki-šub-ba-a-MEŠ MU-MEŠ! mla-ba-ši-d60

o 1717

x x x x x [...] x md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu x [x]

o 1818

[...] A ša₂ mx-[...]

r 1r 1

DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU lu₂BAḪAR₂ [a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ ...]-zu [x? x?]

(r 1) [...] but (if) Labaši-Anu has given from his undeveloped plot to Anu-ahhe-iddin, for the partition wall (or) another house, bricks, and Anu-ahhe-iddin has given bricks of the built partition wall to/for [...] Anu-ahhe-idddin, that partition wall (belongs to ) Anu-ahhe-iddin in perpetuity.

r 22

u it-ta-din mla-ba-ši-d60 ul-tu ki-šub-ba-a-šu₂ a-na

r 33

md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU a-na e₂a-ma-aš₂-tu₄ E₂ 2-ta li-bi-it

r 44

u md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU it-ta-din li-bi-it a-ma-aš₂-tu₄ DU₃

r 55

a-na x [...] x md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU a-ma-aš₂-tu₄ MU-MEŠ

r 66

[md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU a]-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ ši-ia

r 77

[lu₂mu-kin₇ x] DUMU ša₂ mki-din-d60 u mki-tu₂-d60 DUMU-šu₂

r 88

[A-MEŠ mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu mdum]-qi₂-d60 u msu-mutut-tu₄-d60 DUMU-MEŠ ša₂

r 99

[x A mḫun-zu]-u₂ mina-qi₂-bit-d60 DUMU ša₂ md60-DINiṭ

r 1010

[x DUMU ša₂ mil-lut-d60] DUMU ša₂ mina-qi₂-bit-d60 A mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-[tu]

r 1111

[x DUMU ša₂ md60]-GI A mlu--tam-mar-dIŠKUR [x]

r 1212

[... mina-qi₂]-bit-d60 A mḫun-zu-u₂ md[60-...]

r 1313

[x A mlu-]-tam-mar-dIŠKUR mARAD-e₂[re- ...]

r 1414

[... md60]-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU lu₂BAḪAR₂ [...]

uninscribed line
r 1515

[x lu₂]UMBISAG DUMU ša₂ md60-SU x x [x] x [x] UNUGki

r 1616

[...] MU 97-KAM₂ man-[ti-ʾi-i-ku-su LUGAL]

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r.e. i 1r.e. i 1


(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0872:B)
r.e. i 22

mla-ba-ši-d60 lu₂na-din ki-šub-ba-a MU-MEŠ

1LUGAL-ri collated, Doty 1993/1994, 114: to be understood however, with duplicate: KIRI6-MAH.