VDI 1955/4, 4 [Sale of house and undeveloped lot]

o 1o 1

[... fni-din]-tu₄ DUMU.MUNUS ša₂ mni-din-tu₄-d60 DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU [...]1

(o 1) Nidintu daughter of Nidintu-Anu son of Anu-ahhē-iddin [... voluntarily sold in perpetuity (property)] which is in Uruk as little or as much as there is, (its) entirety (for) 2/3 mina silver in high quality staters of Antiochus for the complete price to Anu-mukīn-apli son of Anu-ahhe-iddin descendant of Ah’utu: 13 cubits [the long upper northern side ...]; x+2 cubits the long lower southern side ... Anu-uballiṭ son of Nidintu-Anu [...] [...] son of Anu-ikṣur son of Anu-ahhē-iddin; [...] the northern side alongside the second measurement of that house: [...] lower southern side alongside the measurement [...]; 10 cubits the short upper side [...] the short lower side [...]; a third measurement [...] Anu-uballiṭ son of Nidintu-Anu [...] east alongside the house [...] of that house alongside [...] of that house [...] of that house; a fourth measurement [...] Illut-Anu son of Lābāši [...] short upper side [...] southern [...] alongside the previous measurement of that house: the total of the measurements of that house.

o 22

[...] x x dx ša₂ qe₂-reb UNUGki 13 [KUŠ₃ US₂ AN.TA ...]

o 33

[...]-2 KUŠ₃ US₂ KIu₂ tu₁₅[...]

o 44

[...] gišKU-AN i la? ḫa-ʾa lu₂KU₄-x

o 55

[...] md60-DINiṭ DUMU ša₂ mni-din-tu₄-d[60 ...]

o 66

[...] A ša₂ md60-ik-ṣur DUMU [ša₂] md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-[MU]

o 77

[... tu₁₅SI].SA₂ DA meš-ḫat ša₂-ni-tu₄ ša₂ E₂ MU-[MEŠ]

o 88

[...] KIu₂ tu₁₅U₁₈.LU DA meš-ḫat [...]

o 99

[...] 10 KUŠ₃ SAG.KI AN.TA [...]

o 1010

[...] SAG.KI KI.TA [...]

o 1111

[...] meš-ḫat ša₂-lul-tu₄ [...]

o 1212

[... md60-DIN]iṭ DUMU ša₂ mni-din-tu₄-[d60]

o 1313

[... tu₁₅]KUR.RA DA E₂ [...]

o 1414

[...] E₂ MU-MEŠ DA

o 1515

[...] x ma [x] ša₂ E₂ MU-MEŠ

o 1616

[...] ša₂ E₂ MU-MEŠ meš-ḫat 4-tu₄

o 1717

[...] mil-lut-d60 DUMU ša₂ mla-ba-ši

o 1818

[...] SAG.KI AN.TA

o 1919

[... KI?]-ta tu₁₅U₁₈.LU DA

r 1r 1

x x x DA meš-ḫat IGIti₃ ša₂ E₂ MU-MEŠ PAP [...] meš-ḫat ša₂ E₂ [MU-MEŠ] E₂ MU-MEŠ

r 22

i-ṣi u ma-a-du ma-la ba-šu-u₂ gab-bi a-na 2/3 MA.NA KU₃.BABBAR is-ta-tir-ra-nu

r 33

ša₂ man-ti-ʾi-i-ku-su bab-ba-nu-u₂-tu₂ a-na ŠAM₂ TIL-MEŠ a-na md60-DU-A DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU2

r 44

A mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ tat-ta-din KU₃.BABBAR a₄ 2/3 MA.NA ŠAM₂ E₂ MU-MEŠ

(r 4) Nidintu received that 2/3 mina silver, the price of that house, from Anu-mukīn-apli; she is paid. Should there arise a claim against that house and its undeveloped plot, Nidintu-Anu son of Anu-ahhē-iddin will clear it and will pay Anu-mukīn-apli the twelve-fold penalty in perpetuity. Nidintu daughter of Ibnaya(!)) and Nidintu-Anu her father son of Anu-ahhē-iddin bear mutual responsibility for guarantee. That house and its undeveloped plot belong to Anu-mukīn-apli son of Anu-ahhē-iddin descendant of Ah’utu in perpetuity.

r 55

fni-din-tu₄ ina ŠU-MIN md60-DU-A ma-ḫir!-ta e-ṭir₃-ta u₄-mu pa-qa-ri ana muḫ-ḫi3

r 66

E₂ u ki-šub-ba-šu₂ MU-MEŠ it-tab-šu-u₂ mni-din-tu₄-d60 DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU u₂-mar-raq-ma4

r 77

a-di 12-TA.AM₃ a-na md60-DU-A a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ ina-an-din pu-ut a-ḫa-miš

r 88

a-na mu-ru-qu ša₂ E₂ u ki-šub-ba-šu₂ MU-MEŠ fni-din-tu₄ DUMU.<MUNUS> ša₂ mDU₃a u₃ mni-din-tu₄-[d60]5

r 99

DAM-su DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ na-šu-u₂ E₂ u ki-šub-ba-a-šu₂ MU-MEŠ

r 1010

ša₂ md60-DU-A DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU A mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ šu-u₂

r 1111


(r 11) Witness(es): Nidintu-Anu son of Ana-rabut-Anu descendant of Hunzu; Anu-ah-iddin son of Nidintu-Anu son of Anu-mār-ittannu descendant of Ekur-zākir

r 1212

mni-din-tu₄-d60 DUMU ša₂ mana-GAL-d60 A mḫun-zu-u₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MU DUMU ša₂ mni-din-tu₄-d60

r 1313

DUMU ša₂ md60-DUMU-MUnu A mE₂.KUR-za-kir md60-GI md60-MUnu u₃ mana-GAL-d60

(r 13) Anu-ušallim, Anu-ittannu, and Ana-rabut-Anu sons of Balāṭu descendant of Luštammar-Adad

r 1414

DUMU-[MEŠ ša₂] mba-la-ṭu A mlu--tam-mar-dIŠKUR mba-la-ṭu DUMU ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU

(r 14) Balāṭu son of Anu-ahhē-iddin son of Nidintu-Anu descendant of Ekur-zākir; Ana-rabut-Anu son of Ina-qibīt-Anu descendant of Luštammar-Adad

r 1515

[A] mE₂.KUR-za-kir mana-GAL-d60 DUMU ša₂ mina-qi₂-bit-d60 A mlu--tam-mar-dIŠKUR

r 1616

[mx]-x-[x] DUMU ša₂ md60-DU-A A mŠU-d60 mla-ba-ši DUMU ša₂ mri-ḫat-dINANA A

(r 16) [...] son of Anu-mukīn-apli descendant of Gimil-Anu; Lābāši son of Rihat-Ištar descendant of Ekur-zākir

r 1717


r 1818

mni-din-tu₄-[d60 lu₂UMBISAG] DUMU [ša₂] mdum-qi₂-d60 A md30-[TI-ER₂] UNUGki itiGU₄ U₄ 12-KAM₂ MU 32-KAM₂; man-ti-ʾi-i-ku-su LUGAL6

(r 18) Nidintu-[Anu scribe] son of Dumqi-Anu descendant of Sin-leqi-unninni. (Written in) Uruk. Ayyaru 12, year 32 Antiochus (being) king.

Column i
t.e. i 11


(t.e. i 1) Ring of Anu-uballiṭ

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0206:G)
t.e. i 22


Column ii
t.e. ii 11


(t.e. ii 1) Ring of Anu-[...]

(1 sealing missing)
t.e. ii 22

md60-x [...]

Column iii
t.e. iii 11


(t.e. iii 1) Ring of Anu-[...]

sealing mostly broken
t.e. iii 22


Column i
Column ii
b.e. ii 11


(b.e. ii 1) Ring of [...]

(1 sealing missing)
b.e. ii 22

[...] x [...]

Column iii
b.e. iii 11


(b.e. iii 1) Ring of Ana-rabut-Anu

seal impression
b.e. iii 22


Column iv
b.e. iv 11


(b.e. iv 1) Ring of Nidintu-Anu

sealing mostly broken
b.e. iv 22


l.e.l.e. left edge entirely destroyed
r.e.r.e. edge destroyed

1tablet badly worn. fragment of another tablet fitted in upside-down in area on copy shown as totally destroyed. this fragment hard to read. Joannes photographed tablet, 7/28/07.

2patronym on copy {m}{d}60-ŠEŠ-MU; MEŠ clear on photo provided by FJoannès, 2007.

3hir written NE

4patronym on copy {m}{d}60-ŠEŠ-MU; MEŠ clear on photo provided by FJoannès, 2007.

5Nidintu's father is Nidintu-Anu (o 1). The signs are clear DU₃{+a}; this must be a nickname of the father.

6collation of year number suggests MU <1> ME 20 [...]

7= restore as 1st PN in rev. 16; reconstruction possible, cf. orthography of neighbor's name in o5, after consulting photographs, courtesy F. Joannès 2007.

8beginning of side broken; probably 4 witnesses on this edge