VDI 1955/4, 5 [Sale of finished structures]

o 1o 1

mri-ḫat-dINANA DUMU ša₂ mba*-ga-na-d60 DUMU ša₂ mḫi-ba*-a lu₂e-piš dul-lu IM-ḪI.A1

(o 1) Rihat-Ištar son of Bagana-Anu son of Hiba, clay-worker of the temples of Uruk, voluntarily sold in perpetuity a developed north-facing house, its passageway and a developed shop, the property of Anu, which is to the right of the Turnu canal that is in the Adad-temple quarter in Uruk --- as little or as much as there is, the entirety--- for 15 shekels of refined silver in staters of Seleucus for the complete price to Halil-Nergal son of Ṣule-Adad: 31 cubits the long upper northern side adjacent to courtyard of Rihat-Ištar the seller of that north house, its passageway and shop; 31 cubits the long lower southern side adjacent to the house of Idat-Anu son of [...]hi-Adad; 11 cubits the short upper western side adjacent to [... ] of Anu-zēr-iddin son of Nidintu-Anu descendant of Ahʾutu; 11 cubits the short lower eastern side adjacent to the narrow street "The Thoroughfare of the people": the total 31 cubits the long (and) 11 cubits short measurements of that northern house, its passageway and shop.

o 22

ša₂ E₂-MEŠ DINGIR-MEŠ ša₂ UNUGki ina ḫu-ud lib₃-bi-šu₂ E₂ ša₂ tu₁₅SI.SA₂ ep₂-šu₂

o 33

dul-ba-ni-šu₂ u e₂ḫa-nu-ut-tu₂ ep-šu₂ NIG₂.GA d60 ša₂ ina 15 ID₂-tur₂-nu

o 44

[ša₂] ina KIti₃ E₂ dIŠKUR ša₂ qe₂-reb UNUGki 31 KUŠ₃ US₂ ANu₂ tu₁₅SI.SA₂

o 55

[DA] tar-ba-aṣ ša₂ mri-ḫat-dINANA lu₂na-din-na E₂ ša₂ tu₁₅SI.SA₂ dul-ba-ni-šu₂

o 66

[u e₂]ḫa-nu-ut-tu₄ MU-MEŠ 31 KUŠ₃ US₂ KIu₂ tu₁₅U₁₈.LU DA E₂ ša₂ mi-dat-d60

o 77

[A ša₂ mx-x]-ḫi-ʾi-dIŠKUR 11 KUŠ₃ SAG.KI AN.TA tu₁₅MAR.TU ina DA

o 88

[...] x ša₂ md60-NUMUN-MU A ša₂ mni-din-tu₄-d60 A mŠEŠ-ʾu-u₂-tu 11 KUŠ₃

o 99

[SAG.KI KI].TA tu₁₅KUR.RA DA SILA qat₂-nu mu-taq-qa UN-MEŠ ŠU.NIGIN

o 1010

[31 KUŠ₃] US₂ 11 KUŠ₃ SAG.KI meš-ḫat E₂ ša₂ tu₁₅SI.SA₂ u dul-ba-ni-šu₂

o 1111

[u e₂ḫa]-nu-ut-tu₄ MU-MEŠ i-ṣi u ma-a-du ma-la ba-šu-u₂ gab-bi

o 1212

[a-na 15 GIN₂] KU₃.BABBAR qa-lu-u₂ is-ta*-tir-ra-nu-MEŠ mse-lu-ku

o 1313

[bab-ba-nu-u₂-tu₂ a-na ŠAM₂ TIL]-MEŠ a-na mḫa-lil₂-dNERGALₓ(U.GUR) A ša₂ mṣu-le-e-d[IŠKUR]2

o 1414

[a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ it-ta-din KU₃.BABBAR a₄] 15 GIN₂ [ŠAM₂] E₂ ša₂ tu₁₅[SI.SA₂]

(o 14) Rihat-Ištar received that 15 shekels silver, the price of that north-facing house, its passageway and shop from Halil-Nergal; he is paid. [Rihat-Ištar] son of Bagana-Anu son [of Hiba ...] will pay the twelve-fold penalty in perpetuity to Halil-Nergal. [Rihat-Ištar son of] Bagana-Anu son [of Hi]ba bears responsibility for guarantee of that house to Halil-Nergal in perpetuity. That north-facing house, its passageway and its shop [belong to Halil-Nergal [son of Ṣule-Adad] in perpetuity.

r 1r 1

dul-[ba-ni]-šu₂ [u e₂ḫa-nu-ut-tu₄ mri-ḫat-d]INANA ina ŠU-MIN mḫa-lil₂-dNERGALₓ(U.GUR)

r 22

[ma-ḫir e-ṭir₃ ... mri-ḫat-dINANA] DUMU ša₂ mba-ga-na-d60 A [ša₂]

r 33

[mḫi-ba-a ... a]-di 12-TA.AM₃ a-na mḫa-lil₂-dNERGALₓ(U.GUR) a-na

r 44

[u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ ina-an-din pu-ut a]-ḫa-miš a-na mu-ru-qu ša₂ E₂-MEŠ MU-MEŠ

r 55

[...] mba-ga-[na-d60 A ša₂ mḫi]-ba-a a-na mḫa-lil₂-dNERGALₓ(U.GUR) a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂

r 66

na-[šu-u₂ E₂ ša₂] tu₁₅SI.SA₂ dul-ba-ni-šu₂ u e₂ḫa-nu-ut-tu₄-šu₂ ša₂ mḫa-lil₂-dNERGALₓ(U.GUR)

r 77

[... md]x-[x]-x-[x] a-na u₄-mu ṣa-a-tu₂ šu-u₂ lu₂mu-kin₇

(r 7) Witness(es): [...] son of Anu-[...] and Anu-ah-ittannu son of Anu-ikṣur son of Kidin-Anu, descendants of Luštammar-Adad

r 88

m[...]-x-x A ša₂ md60-[x-x?] u md60-ŠEŠ-MUnu A ša₂ md60-ik-ṣur A ša₂

r 99

mki-din-d60 A-MEŠ mlu--tam-mar-dIŠKUR md60-ŠEŠ-MEŠ-MU mdUTU-MUnu A-MEŠ ša₂

(r 9) Anu-ahhē-iddin (and) Šamaš-ittannu sons of [...] descendants of Luštammar-Adad; Nanaya-iddin [son of ... son of] Nanaya-iddin descendant of Hunzu

r 1010

m[...] A-MEŠ mlu--tam-mar-dIŠKUR mdna-na-a-MU [A ša₂ ... A ša₂]

r 1111

mdna-na-a-MU A mḫun-zu-u₂ mba?-la-ṭu A [ša₂ ...]

(r 11) Balāṭu son of [...]; Ap-... son of Anu-ah-iddin son of Kidin-Anu [...]; Kittu-Anu son of Kidin-Anu descendant of [...]

r 1212

map-x-x A ša₂ md60-ŠEŠ-MU A ša₂ mki-din-d60 [...]

r 1313

mki-tu-d60 A ša₂ mki-din-d60 A [...]

r 1414

[...] lu₂[UMBISAG] A ša₂ m[...]-d60 A md30-[TI-ER₂ ...]

(r 14) [... scribe] son of [...]-Anu descendant of Sin-leqe-unninni. [(Written in) Uruk. month day] year [], Seleucus (being) king

r 1515

[... MU] 22-[KAM₂] mse-lu-ku LUGAL

Column i
t.e. i 11


(t.e. i 1) Ring of Nanaya-iddin

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 0838:B)
t.e. i 22


Column ii
t.e. ii 11


(t.e. ii 1) Ring of Kidin-Anu

seal impression
t.e. ii 22


Column iii
t.e. iii 11


(t.e. iii 1) Ring of Ina-qibīt-Bēlti

(impression of seal = AUWE 19, 1012:A)
t.e. iii 22


Column i
b.e. i 11


(b.e. i 1) Ring of [...]-uballiṭ

seal impression
b.e. i 22


Column ii
b.e. ii 11


(b.e. ii 1) Ring of [...]-Anu

seal impression
b.e. ii 22


Column iii
b.e. iii 11


(b.e. iii 1) Ring of Anu-ab-[...]šu

seal impression
b.e. iii 22


Column i
l.e. i 11


(l.e. i 1) Ring of [...]

sealing destroyed
l.e. i 22


Column ii
l.e. ii 11


(l.e. ii 1) Ring of [...]

sealing destroyed
l.e. ii 22


Column i
r.e. i 11

un-qa mri-ḫat-dINANA

(r.e. i 1) Ring of Rihat-Ištar, seller of those houses

seal impression
r.e. i 22

lu₂na-din-na E₂-MEŠ MU-MEŠ

Column ii
r.e. ii 1r.e. ii 1

un-qa mba-ga-na-d60

(r.e. ii 1) Ring of Bagana-Anu, guarantor

seal impression
r.e. ii 22

mu-[mar]-raq-qa-[an-nu ...]

1line collated LEP. ba confirmed in both instances.

2rdg of final PN was {m#}[{d}]30#-EN#-szu2#-nu#. Traces consistent with father's name in STUBM 95; prosopography demonstrates connections between participants in both texts.

3line collated. final sign(s) not good URI3-szu2