• Šamši-Adad V 01


  • Q004738
  • Šamši-Adad V 01



  • stele
  • Neo-Assyrian
  • Written ca. 823-811
  • Nimrud (Kalhu)
  • Royal Inscription
  • Shamshi-Adad V

Šamši-Adad V 01

Column i
i 1i 1

[a]-na dnin-urta EN ga-áš-ri

(i 1) To the god Ninurta, the strong lord, the majestic, the exalted, the noble, the warrior of the gods, the one who holds the bond of heaven and underworld, commander of all, (i 5) noble among the Igīgū gods, the hero, the splendid one whose strength cannot be matched, foremost among the Anunnakū gods, the brave one of the gods, the magnificent one whose might is unrivalled, the god Utulu, (i 10) the exalted lord, the rider of the Deluge, the one who, like the god Šamaš, light of the gods, watches the (four) quarters, the hero of the gods who is bedecked with brilliance (and) full of awesomeness, the one consummate in (i 15) tremendous power, son of the god Enlil, the support of the gods his fathers, offspring of Ešarra, victorious son whose position is resplendent in the bright starry heaven, child of the goddess Kutušar, the lady equal to the gods Anu and Dagan, (i 20) whose command cannot be altered, mighty, exalted, gigantic, the one who possesses strength (and) whose limbs are magnificent, wide in understanding (and) clever in conception, powerful among the gods, the noble who resides in the city Kalḫu, the holy shrine (and) spacious sanctuary, dwelling of the god Utulu:

i 22

[šá]-ga-pi-ri šur-bi-i e-tel-li

i 33

UR.SAG DINGIR.MEŠ mu-kil mar-kas AN-e

i 44

u KI-te mu-ma-ʾe-er gim-ri

i 55

mut-tal-li dí-- ma-am-li

i 66

šit-ra-ḫi ša la im-ma-ḫa-ru

i 77

dan-nu-su SAG.KAL da-nun-na-ki

i 88

al-lál-li DINGIR.MEŠ šu-pi-i

i 99

šá kaš-ka-šu dut-u₁₈-lu

i 1010

EN MAḪ ra-kib a-bu-bi

i 1111

šá GIM dUTU-ši nu-úr DINGIR.MEŠ

i 1212

i-bar-ru-u kib-ra-a-ti ur-šá-an-ni

i 1313

DINGIR.MEŠ šá nam-ri-ri šit-pu-ru

i 1414

ma-lu-ú pul-ḫa-a-ti ga-mir e-mu-

i 1515

ga-áš-ra-ti bu-kur dEN.LÍL tukul-ti

i 1616

DINGIR.MEŠ za-re-e-šu bi-nu-ut é-šár-ra IBILA

i 1717

šit-lu-ṭu šá ina bu-ru-mi .MEŠ šur-ru-ḫu

i 1818

giš-gal-lum i-lit-ti dku-tu-šar GAŠAN ši-na-at

i 1919

da-num u dda-gan ša la ut-tak-ka-ru

i 2020

ṣi-it pi-i-šu dan-dan-nu ṣi-ru šur-bu-ú

i 2121

ra-áš e-mu- šá šum-mu-ḫu meš-re-ti

i 2222

ṣur-ru šum-du-lu ka-raš nik-la-a-ti

i 2323

kaš-kaš DINGIR.MEŠ e-tel-lu a-šib URU.kal-ḫi

i 2424

ki-iṣ-ṣi el-li áš-ri šum-du-li

i 2525

šu-bat dut-u₁₈-lu

i 2626

mdšam-ši-dIŠKUR LUGAL dan-nu LUGAL kiš-šat

(i 26) (I), Šamšī-Adad, strong king, unrivalled king of the universe, shepherd of shrines, bearer of the just scepter, ruler of all lands, commander of all, eternal royal seed, (i 30) whose name the gods designated from ancient times, holy priest who provides unremittingly for Ešarra (and) who maintains the rites of Ekur, who is dedicated heart and mind to the work of Eḫursagkurkurra (and) the temples of his land;

i 2727

la maḫ-ri re-ʾu-ú áš-ra-a-ti na-ši GIDRU

i 2828

-re-te mur-te-[du]-ú ka-liš KUR.KUR.MEŠ mu-ma-ʾe-er

i 2929

gim-ri NUMUN LUGAL-[ti] da-ru-ú ša ul-tu ul-la-a

i 3030

DINGIR.MEŠ ib-bu-ú zi-kir-šu SANGA-ú za-nin

i 3131

é-šár-ra la mu-pár-ku-ú mu-kil par-ṣi É.KUR

i 3232

šá a-na šip-ri é-ḫur-sag-kur-kur-ra É.KUR.MEŠ KUR-šu

i 3333

gu-mur ŠÀ-ba-šú-ma ba-šá-a uz-na-a-šu

i 3434

DUMU [m]dsál-ma-nu-MAŠ LUGAL kib-rat LÍMMU-ti

(i 34) son of Shalmaneser (III), king of the four quarters, (i 35) rival of princes everywhere, trampler of the lands, grandson of Ashurnasirpal (II), receiver of tribute and tax from all the (four) quarters:

i 3535

šá-nin mal-ki šá kul-la-ti da- KUR.KUR.MEŠ

i 3636

DUMU.DUMU šá m-šur-PAP-A

i 3737

ma-ḫir GUN

i 3838

ù i-gi-si-i šá ka-liš kib-ra-a-ti

i 3939

e-nu-ma md-šur-KAL-in-A ina tar-ṣi mdsál-ma-nu-MAŠ

(i 39) When Aššur-daʾʾin-apla, at the time of Shalmaneser (III), his father, acted treacherously by inciting insurrection, uprising, and criminal acts, caused the land to rebel and prepared for battle; (at that time) the people of Assyria, above and below, he won over to his side, and made them take binding oaths. He caused the cities to revolt and made ready to wage battle and war. (i 45) The cities Nineveh, Adia, Šibaniba, Imgur-Enlil, Iššabri, Bīt-Šaširia, Šimu, Šibḫiniš, Tamnuna, Kipšuna, Kurbail, Tīdu, Nabulu, Kaḫat, Aššur, Urakka, Raqmat, Ḫuzirina, Dūr-balāṭi, Dariga, Zaban, Lubdu, Arrapḫa, (and) Arbela, together with the cities Amedu, Tīl-abnī, (and) Ḫindānu altogether twenty-seven towns with their fortresses which had rebelled against Shalmaneser (III), king of the four quarters, my father, sided with Aššur-da”in-apla. By the command of the great gods, my lords, I subdued (them). i 53b- ii 16a) On my first campaign, upon which (ii 1) I went up to the land Nairi, I received booty of teams of horses from all the kings of Nairi. At that time, I spread over the (ii 5) entire land Nairi like a net. The land of Assyria, which (stretches) from the city Paddira of the land Nairi to the city Kār-Shalmaneser, which is opposite (ii 10) Carchemish, from the city Zaddi on the border of the land Akkad to the land Enzi, from the city Aridu to the land Sūḫu, (this area) by the command of the deities Aššur, Šamaš, Adad, (and) Ištar, the gods who support me, bowed down at my feet as though they were footstools.

i 4040

AD-šu e-pu-šá lim--e-ti si-ḫu bar-tu a-mat ḪUL-ti

i 4141

ú-šab-ši-ma KUR -bal-kit-ma ik-ṣu-ra

i 4242

ta-ḫa-zu UN.MEŠ KUR d-šur e-liš ù šap-liš it-ti-šu

i 4343

ú-šes-ḫír-ma ú-dan-ni-na ta--tu URU.URU ú-šam-kir₆-ma

i 4444

a-na e-peš MURUB₄ ù ta-ḫa-zi -ku-na pa-ni-šu

i 4545 URU.a-di-a URU.ši-ba-ni-ba URU.-šab-ri

i 4646

URU.É-DUNGU-a URU.ši-mu? URU.ši-ib-ḫi-niš URU.tam-nu-na URU.kip-šu-na

i 4747

URU.kur-ba-ìl URU.ti-du URU.ka-ḫat URU.-šur URU.ú-rak-ka

i 4848

URU.raq-mat URU.ḫu-zi-ri-na URU.BÀD-TI.LA URU.da-ri-ga

i 4949 URU.arrap-ḫa URU.LÍMMU-DINGIR a-di URU.a-me-di URU.DU₆-NA₄.MEŠ

i 5050

URU.ḫi-in-da-nu PAP 27 ma-ḫa-zi a-di ḫal-ṣa-ni-šu-nu ša TA

i 5151

mdsál-ma-nu-SAG LUGAL kib-rat LÍMMU-ti AD-ia ik-ki-ru-ú-ni

i 5252

TA m-šur-KAL-A -šak-nu-ni ina -bit DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ EN.MEŠ-ia

i 5353

a-na GÌR.II.MEŠ-ia ú-šak-niš ina ger-ri-ia maḫ-re-e šá anaʾi-ri

Column ii
ii 1ii 1

e-lu-ú ma-da-

ii 22


ii 33

ša LUGAL.MEŠ-ni -šú-nu šá

ii 44

na-ʾi-ri am-ḫur ina u₄-mi-šú-ma

ii 55ʾi-ri a-na paṭ gim-ri-šá

ii 66

GIM sa-pa-ri as-ḫu-up

ii 77

mi-ṣir KUR -šur.KI šá TA URU.pad-di-ra

ii 88

šaʾi-ri a-di

ii 99

URU.kar-dsál-ma-nu-MAŠ šá pu-ut

ii 1010

URU.gar-ga-miš TA

ii 1111

mi-ṣir KUR ak-ka-di-i a-di

ii 1212

KUR.en-zi TA URU.a-ri-di a-di

ii 1313ḫi ina -bit -šur dUTU

ii 1414


ii 1515

GIM kil-zap-pi a-na GÌR.II.MEŠ-a

ii 1616

ik-nu-šu ina 2 ger-ri-ia

(ii 16b) On my second campaign I issued orders and sent Mutarriṣ-Aššur, the chief eunuch, one clever and experienced in battle, a sensible man, with my troops and camp (ii 20) to the land Nairi. He marched as far as the sea of the west. He overcame (and) defeated 300 cities of Šarṣina, son of Meqdiara, (and) eleven (ii 25) fortified cities together with 200 cities of Ušpina. He carried off from them booty, property, possessions, their gods, their sons, (and) their daughters. He razed, (ii 30) destroyed, (and) burned their cities. On his return he defeated the people of the land Sunbu. He received tribute of teams of horses from all the kings of the land Nairi.
ii 34b-59a) [On] my third campaign I crossed the river Zab, traversed Mount Kullar, (and) went up to the land Nairi. I received tribute of teams of horses from Dadî, the Ḫubuškaean, from Šarṣina, son of Meqdiara, (and) from the people of Sunbu, Mannaea, (ii 40) Parsua, (and) Taurla. As for the people of Mēsu, the awesome brilliance of Aššur, my lord, overwhelmed them so that out of fright, in the face of the flash of my strong weapons, (ii 45) they abandoned their cities (and) took to a rugged mountain. They took up fortified positions on three mountain peaks, which hovered like clouds in the sky (and) which no bird on the wing could reach. (ii 50) I pursued them (and) surrounded those mountain peaks. In one day I sought them out like an eagle (and) massacred many of them. I brought down from the mountain countless quantities of booty, property, possessions, oxen, donkeys, (ii 55) sheep, teams of horses, (and) camels with two humps. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned 500 cities in their environs.
ii 59b - iii 27 a) I marched to the land Gizilbunda (and) conquered the city Kinaki. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned it. I crossed the mountain of antimony (and) received tribute of teams of horses from Titamaška of the city (iii 5) Sassiašu (and) from Kiara of the city Karsibuta. The brilliance of my rule and mighty attack in battle overwhelmed all of the land Gizilbunda and they abandoned their numerous cities. (iii 10) They entered Uraš, their fortified city, and I surrounded that city, captured it, (and) with the blood of their warriors I dyed their city square red like red wool. I massacred 6,000 of them. (iii 15) I captured Pirišāti, their king, together with 1,200 of his fighting men. I carried off from them countless quantities of booty, possessions, property, oxen, sheep, horses, utensils of silver (and) gold, (and) pieces of bronze. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned. I received tribute from Bēl-āli (iii 20) of the city Ṣibara. I made my colossal royal statue (and) wrote thereon the victories of Aššur, my lord, praises of my heroic deeds, and all the things which I had achieved in the land Nairi. I erected (it) (iii 25) in Ṣibara, the fortified city of the Gizilbundaeans.

ii 1717

mmu-LAL--šur .GAL SAG.MEŠ

ii 1818

er-šu mu-de-e GIŠ.LAL ṭé-e-me

ii 1919

it-ti ERIM-ḪI.<A>-ia u KARAŠ-ia

ii 2020

a-naʾi-ri ú-ma-er-ma

ii 2121

áš-pur-šú a-di UGU tam-ti ša šùl-me

ii 2222

dšam-ši il-lik 3 ME URU.MEŠ-ni

ii 2323

ša mŠAR-ṣi-na DUMU

ii 2424

mme-eq-di-a-ra 11 URU.MEŠ-ni

ii 2525

dan-nu-ti a-di 2 ME URU.MEŠ-ni-šú

ii 2626

ša m-pi-na ik-šud GAZ.MEŠ-šú-nu

ii 2727

GAZ šal-la-su-nu NÍG.GA-šú-nu NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu

ii 2828


ii 2929

-lu-la URU.MEŠ-šú-nu ip-púl

ii 3030

iq-qur ina IZI -ru-up ina ta-a-a-ar-ti-šú

ii 3131

GAZ.MEŠ šá i-duk

ii 3232

ma-da-tu₄ ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ LAL-at

ii 3333

ni-ri ša LUGAL.MEŠ-ni ša

ii 3434

-šú-nu im-ḫur [ina] 3 ger-ri-ia Í

ii 3535

e-te-bir KUR.kúl-la-ar BAL-at

ii 3636

a-naʾi-ri e-li ma-da-tu

ii 3737

ša mda-di-i KUR.ḫu-bu--ka-a-a

ii 3838

ša mŠAR-ṣi-na DUMU mme-eq-di-a-ra

ii 3939


ii 4040

KUR.pár-su-a-a KUR.ta-ur-la-a-a

ii 4141


ii 4242

am-ḫur pul-ḫi me-lam-me

ii 4343

ša -šur EN-ia is-ḫu-pu-šú-nu-ti

ii 4444

-tu pa-na na-mur-rat GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ-ia dan-nu-ti

ii 4545

ip-la-ḫu-ma URU.MEŠ-šú-nu ú-maš-ši-ru

ii 4646

KUR-ú mar-ṣu iṣ-ba-tu

ii 4747

3 KUR.ú-ba-na-at KUR-e šá GIM DUNGU

ii 4848

TA AN-e šu--lu-la ša iṣ-ṣur

ii 4949

mu-par-šu la i-ba-ʾu a-šar-ši-in a-na

ii 5050

dan-nu-ti-šú-nu -ku-nu EGIR-šú-nu ar-te-di

ii 5151

ú-ba-na-at KUR-e ši-na-ti lu al-me

ii 5252

ina 1-en u₄-me GIM TI₈.MUŠEN UGU-šú-nu lu a-še-ʾi

ii 5353

GAZ-šú-nu ma-at-tu lu a-duk šal-la-su-nu

ii 5454

NÍG.GA-šú-nu NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu GU₄.MEŠ-šú-nu ANŠE.MEŠ-šú-nu

ii 5555

US₅.UDU.ḪI.A-šú-nu ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ LAL-at ni-ri

ii 5656

ANŠE.ud-ra-a-ti ša 2.TA.ÀM -qu-bi-ti

ii 5757

GAR-na a-na la ma-ni TA -reb KUR-e ú-še-ri-da

ii 5858

5 ME URU.MEŠ-ni šá li-me-tu-šú-nu ap-pùl aq-qur

ii 5959

ina IZI GÍBIL a-na

Column iii
iii 1iii 1

a-lik ak-šud

iii 22

ap-pùl aq-qur ina IZI GÍBIL-up

iii 33


iii 44

BAL-it ma-da- šá mti-ta-ma-áš-ka

iii 55šá-a-a mki-a-ra URU.kar-si-bu-ta-a-a

iii 66

ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ LAL-at ni-ri am-ḫur

iii 77 -šú me-lam-me EN-ti-a

iii 88

u ti-bi -ia dan-ni is-ḫu-pu-šú-nu-ti-ma

iii 99

URU.MEŠ-ni-šú-nu ma--du-ti ú-maš-še-ru a-na

iii 1010

URU.ú-ra-áš URU dan-nu-ti-šú-nu e-ru-bu-[ni]

iii 1111

URU šu-a- a-si-bi ak-ta-šad ÚŠ.MEŠ

iii 1212

qu-ra-di-šú-nu GIM na-ba-si ri-bit URU-šú-nu

iii 1313

lu aṣ-ru-up 6 LIM GAZ.MEŠ-šú-nu lu a-duk

iii 1414

mpi-ri-šá-a-ti LUGAL-šú-nu a-di 1 LIM 2 ME mun-daḫ-ṣi-šú

iii 1515

ina ŠU-ti aṣ-bat šal-la-su-nu NÍG.GA-šú-nu NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu

iii 1616

GU₄.MEŠ-šú-nu UDU.ṣe-ni-šú-nu ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ-šú-nu ú-nu-ut

iii 1717

.BABBAR .GI ḫu-še-e ZABAR.MEŠ a-na

iii 1818

la ma-ni áš-lu-la ap-pùl aq-qur

iii 1919

ina IZI GÍBIL-up ma-da- šá mEN.URU

iii 2020

URU.ṣi-ba-ra-a-a am-ḫur ṣa-lam

iii 2121

LUGAL-ti-a šur-ba-a -šú li-ta-at

iii 2222

-šur EN-ia ta-nit-ti qar-du-ti

iii 2323

ù mim-ma ep-šet ŠU-ia šá ina

iii 2424ʾi-ri e-pu-šú ina qer-bi-šú

iii 2525

al-ṭu-ur ina URU.ṣi-ba-ra

iii 2626

URU dan-nu-ti-šú-nu šá

iii 2727

ú-še-ziz a-na lu a-lik

(iii 27b) I marched to the land of the Medes. They took fright in the face of the angry weapons of Aššur and of my strong warfare, which have no rival, (iii 30) and abandoned their cities. They ascended a rugged mountain (and) I pursued them. I massacred 2,300 soldiers of Ḫanaṣiruka the Mede. I took away from him 140 of his cavalry (and) (iii 35) carried away his property and possessions in countless quantities. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned Sagbita, (his) royal city, together with 1,200 of his cities.

iii 2828

TA pa-an GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ -šur ez-zu-te u e-peš

iii 2929

-ia dan-ni šá mu--eḫ-ḫa la i-šú-ú

iii 3030

ip-la-ḫu-ma URU.MEŠ-šú-nu ú-maš-še-ru

iii 3131

ana KUR-e mar*-ṣi e-lu-ú EGIR-šú-nu

iii 3232

ar-ti-di 2 LIM 3 ME GAZ.MEŠ šá <m>ḫa-na-ṣi-ru-ka

iii 3333 GAZ-uk 1 ME 40 pet-ḫal-la-šu

iii 3434

lu e-kim-šú NÍG.GA-šú NÍG.ŠU-šú a-na la ma-ni

iii 3535

ú-ter-ra URU.sag-bi-ta URU MAN-ti a-di

iii 3636

1 LIM 2 ME URU.MEŠ-šú ap-pùl aq-qur ina IZI GÍBIL-up

iii 3737

ina ta-a-a-ar-ti-a KUR-e NA₄.mu-ṣi BAL-at

(iii 37) On my return I crossed the mountain of mūṣu-stone. I felled with the sword Munirsuarta of the land Araziaš, together with 1,070 of his fighting men, (and) filled (iii 40) the ravines and crevices of the mountain with their corpses. The numerous troops of my land plundered them of their sons, daughters, property, possessions, oxen, (and) sheep. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned their cities.

iii 3838

mmu-nir-su-ar-ta KUR.a-ra-zi-áš-a-a a-di

iii 3939

1 LIM 70 mun-daḫ-ḫi-ṣi-šú ina GIŠ.TUKUL.MEŠ ú-šam-qit

iii 4040

ADDA.MEŠ-šú-nu ḫur-ri na-at-ba-ki šá KUR-e lu-ú

iii 4141

ú-mal-li DUMU.MEŠ-šú-nu DUMU.MUNUS.MEŠ-šú-nu NÍG.GA-šú-nu

iii 4242

NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu GU₄.MEŠ-šú-nu UDU.ṣe-ni-šú-nu um-ma-na-at

iii 4343

KUR-ia ma-da-ta lu im-šú- URU.MEŠ-šú-nu ap-pùl

iii 4444

aq-qur ina IZI GÍBIL-up ina u₄-mi-šú-ma ma-da-

(iii 44b) At that time, by the command of the gods Aššur, Šamaš, (and) Adad, the gods who support me, I imposed tribute and tax of teams of horses forever upon (iii 45) Sirašme of the land Babarura, Amaḫar of the city Ḫarmišanda, Zarišu of the land Parsania, Zarišu of the city Ḫundura, Sanašu of the land Kipabarutaka, Ardarā of the land Uštašša, Šumā of the land Kinuka, (iii 50) Tāitāi of the land Gingibira, Bisirain of the land Arima, Parušta of the land Kibaruša, Ašpaštatauk of the land Uila, Amamaš of the land Kingištilenzaḫa, Tarsiḫu of the land Maṣirauša, Mamaniš (iii 55) of the land Luksa, Zanzar of the land Dimama, Sirāšu of the land Simguria, Gišta of the land Abdana, Adadānu of the land Asatia, Ursi of the land Ginḫuḫta, Bara of the land Ginzina, Arua of the land Kindutauša, (iii 60) Kirnakuš of the land Dagrūa, Zabanu of the land Zuzarura, Irtiṣati of the land Gingirda, Barzuta of the land Taurla, Šūa of the land Nanituma, Satiriā (and) Artasirari, all the kings of the land Nairi.

iii 4545

šá msi-ra-áš-me šá ma-ma-ḫar

iii 4646

URU.ḫar---an-da-a-a šá mza-ri-šú

iii 4747

šá mza-ri-šú URU.ḫu-un-du-ur-a-a šá msa-na-šu

iii 4848 šá mar-da-ra-a

iii 4949

KUR.-ta-áš-šá-a-a šá mšu-ma-a

iii 5050

šá mta-a-ta-a-i

iii 5151

šá mbi-si-ra-in KUR.a-ri-ma-a-a šá mpa-ru--ta

iii 5252šá-a-a šá máš-pa-áš-ta-ta-uk

iii 5353

KUR.ú-i-la-a-a šá ma-ma-ma-ášḫ-a-a

iii 5454

šá mTAR-si-ḫuṣi-ra--a-a šá mma-ma-ni-

iii 5555 šá mza-an-zar KUR.di-ma-ma-a-a

iii 5656

šá msi-ra-a-šú šá mgi--ta

iii 5757

KUR.ab-da-na-a-a šá ma-da-da-a-nu KUR.a-sa-ti-a-a

iii 5858

šá mur-siḫu-uḫ-ta-a-a šá mba-a-ra

iii 5959 šá ma-ru-a

iii 6060

šá mki-ir-na-ku- KUR.dag?-ru-ú-a-a šá <m>za-ba-nu

iii 6161

KUR.zu-za-ru-ra-a-a šá mir-ti-ṣa-tiír-da-a-a

iii 6262

šá mba-ar-zu-ta KUR.ta-ur-la-a-a šá mšu-ú-a

iii 6363úm-a-a šá msa-ti-ri-a-a šá mar-ta-si-ra-ri

iii 6464

MAN.MEŠ-ni šáʾi-ri -šú-nu ina -bit -šur dUTU

iii 6565

dIŠKUR DINGIR.MEŠ tik-le-ia GUN ma-da-

iii 6666

ANŠE.KUR.RA.MEŠ LAL-at ni-ri a-na u₄-mi

iii 6767

ṣa-ti UGU-šú-nu ú-kin ina UD-šú-ma TA KUR.kúl-la-ar

(iii 67b) At that time I thundered like the god Adad, the thunderer, over (the people in the area) from Mount Kullar, the mighty mountain, to the sea of the west. I spread over them my awesome light.

iii 6868

KUR-e dan-ni a-di tam-di šá šùl-me dUTU-ši GIM dIŠKUR

iii 6969

šá-gi-mi UGU-šú-nu áš-gum* pùl-ḫi me-lam-me

iii 7070

UGU-šú-nu at-bu-uk ina 4 ger-ri-a SIG₄

(iii 70b) On my fourth campaign, on the fifteenth day of the month Simānu, I crossed the river Zab en route to Karduniaš (Babylonia). While traversing the gorge between the cities Zaddi and Zaban I killed three startled lions. I crossed Mount Ebiḫ (and) surrounded the city Mê-turnat. (iv 5) The awe some brilliance of Aššur and Marduk, the great gods, my lords, overwhelmed them (and) they submitted to me. I led those people out and brought them with their property (and) gods into my land. I regarded them as people of my land. I crossed the river Turn at in flood (and) razed, destroyed, (and) burned Qarnê, (iv 10) a royal city, together with 200 cities in its environs.

Column iv
iv 1iv 1

UD.15.KÁM a-na KUR.kar-du-ni-áš a-la-ku

iv 22

Í e-bir ina bi-rit

iv 33

BAL na-at-bak KUR-e 3 UR.MAḪ.MEŠ ṭar-du-te a-duk

iv 44

KUR.e-bi-iḫ ab-bal-kitúr-na-at al-me

iv 55

pu-ul-ḫi me-lam-me šá -šur u dAMAR.UTU DINGIR.MEŠ GAL.MEŠ

iv 66

EN.MEŠ-a is-ḫu-up-šú-nu-ti GÌR.MEŠ-a iṣ-ba- UN.MEŠ

iv 77

ša-tu-nu ú-še-ṣa-am-ma a-di NÍG.GA-šú-nu DINGIR.MEŠ-šú-nu a-na lìb-bi

iv 88

KUR-ia ú-bíl-šú-nu-ti a-na UN.MEŠ KUR-ia am-nu

iv 99

ÍD.túr-na-at ina mi-li-šá e-bir URU.qar--e

iv 1010

URU MAN-ti-šú a-di 2 ME URU.MEŠ ša li-mi-tu-šú ap-pùl aq-qur

iv 1111

ina IZI GÍBIL KUR.ia-al-ma-an ab-bal-kit URU.di--bi-na

(iv 11) I crossed Mount Ialman (and) surrounded the city Diʾbina. The radiance of Aššur overwhelmed them (and) they submitted to me. I took from that city 3,000 troops, together with their people, property, (and) possessions. I conquered the cities Datēbir (and) Izduia, (iv 15) which are beside the city Gannanāte, together with 200 cities in their environs. I massacred 330 of their fighting men (and) carried off from them captives, property, possessions, (and) gods. I cut down their orchards (and) razed, destroyed, (and) burned their cities. The people who had fled in the face of my fierce weapons entered Qerebti-ālāni, their fortified city. (iv 20) I surrounded (and) captured that city. I massacred 500 of their fighting men (and) carried off from them captives, property, possessions, gods, oxen, (and) sheep. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned the city.

iv 1212

al-me na-mur-rat -šur is-ḫu-<up>-šú-nu-ti GÌR.MEŠ-ia iṣ-ba-

iv 1313

3 LIM ERIM.MEŠ a-di UN.MEŠ-šú-nu NÍG.GA-šú-nu NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu -tu -reb

iv 1414

URU šú-a- al-qa-šú-nu-ti URU.da-te-e-bir URU.iz-du-ia

iv 1515

ša ina a-ḫi šak-nu a-di 2 ME URU.MEŠ-ni*

iv 1616

ša li-mi-tu-šú-nu KUR-ud 3 ME 30 GAZ.MEŠ-šú-nu a-duk

iv 1717

šal-la-su-nu NÍG.GA-šú-nu NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu DINGIR.MEŠ-šú-nu áš-lu-la GIŠ.KIRI₆-šú-nu

iv 1818

ak-ši-ṭí URU.MEŠ-šú-nu ap-púl aq-qur ina IZI GÍBIL UN.MEŠ šá ina pa-ni GIŠ.TUKUL

iv 1919

ez-zu-te ip-pár-ši-du a-na URU.-reb-ti-URU.MEŠ-ni URU dan-nu-te-šú-nu

iv 2020

e-ru-bu URU šú-a- a-si-bi ak-ta-šad 5 ME GAZ.MEŠ-šú-nu a-duk šal-la-su-nu

iv 2121

NÍG.GA-šú-nu NÍG.ŠU-šú-nu DINGIR.MEŠ-šú-nu GU₄.MEŠ-šú-nu UDU.ṣe-ni-šú-nu áš-lu-la URU

iv 2222

ap-púl aq-qur ina IZI GÍBIL KUR URI.KI .A.BI ša ul-tu pa-an na-mur-rat

(iv 22b) All of (the people of) the land Akkad, who had taken fright at the flash of my violent weapons (and) my incontestable mighty warfare and together with (the inhabitants of) 44 7 cities had entered Dūr-Papsukkal, a royal city which lay like a river meadow (iv 25) in the torrent of waters (and) was not easily accessible for (lit. “was not good for the approach of') my troops- that city I conquered on my march. I felled 13,000 of its soldiers with the sword, caused their blood to flow like river water in the square of their city, (and) (iv 30) piled up the corpses of their warriors in heaps. I captured 3,000 (soldiers) alive. I carried off from that city its royal bed, its royal couch, the treasure of its palace, its palace women, its property, possessions, gods, and anything desirable in its palace, in countless quantities. Its captured warriors were rounded up (iv 35) like locusts into the army of my land. I razed, destroyed, (and) burned that city.
iv 37-45) Marduk-balāṭsu-iqbi, trusting in the mass of his army, mustered the lands Chaldea, Elam, Namri, and Aram, with his multitudinous troops (and) (iv 40) moved forward to wage battle and strife against me. He drew up the battle line of his troops by the River Daban in front of the city Dūr-Papsukkal. I fought with him (and) defeated him. I slaughtered 5,000 of his hordes (and) captured 2,000 alive. I took away from him 100 chariots, 200 cavalry, the pavilion, his royal tent, (and) his camp bed.

iv 2323

GIŠ.TUKUL-ia šam-ru-te e-peš -ia dan-ni ša mu--ḫa la TUK-ú

iv 2424

ip-la-ḫu-ma a-na URU.BÀD-dpap-sukal URU MAN-ti ša GIM ú-šal ÍD

iv 2525

ina ru-ub-bi A.MEŠ šak-nu-ú a-na qit-ru-ub um-ma-na-ti-a

iv 2626

la ṭa-bu a-di 4 ME 47 URU.MEŠ-ni ša ina ŠÀ e-ru-bu-ni

iv 2727

URU šú-a- ina mi-tàq-ti-ia lu-ú ak-šud 13 LIM

iv 2828

mu-un-daḫ-ḫi-ṣi-šú ina GIŠ.TUKUL ú-šam-qit ÚŠ.MEŠ-šú-nu

iv 2929

ki-ma A.MEŠ ÍD re-bit URU-šú-nu lu ú-šar-di šal-ma-ta

iv 3030

qu-ra-di-šú-nu a-na gu-ru-ni-it lu-ú ag-ru-un

iv 3131

3 LIM TI.MEŠ ina qa-<ti> ú-ṣab-bit GIŠ. MAN-ti-šú GIŠ.-mat MAN-ti-šú

iv 3232

ni-ṣir-ti É.GAL-šú MUNUS.ERIM.MEŠ É.GAL.MEŠ-ti-šú NÍG.GA-šú

iv 3333

NÍG.ŠU-šú DINGIR.MEŠ-šú ú mim-ma ḫi-ši-iḫ-ti É.GAL-šú a-na la ma-ni

iv 3434

- -reb URU šú-a- áš-lu-la šal-lat qu-ra-di-šú

iv 3535

ki-ma BURU₅.ḪI.A.MEŠ a-na um-ma-na-ti KUR-ia

iv 3636

lu-ú i-pa-du URU šú-a- ap-púl aq-qur ina IZI GÍBIL

iv 3737

mdAMAR.UTU-TI-su-iq-bi a-na gi-piš ERIM-ḪI.<A>.MEŠ-šú

iv 3838

it-ta-kil-ma KUR.kal-du KUR.e-lam-tum KUR.nam-[ri]

iv 3939

KUR.a-ru-mu it-ti ERIM.ḪI.A.MEŠ-šú ma--di a-na la [ma-ni]

iv 4040

id-ka-a a-na e-peš MURUB₄ ú ina GABA-ia it-[ba-a]

iv 4141

ina UGU ÍD.da-ban ina pu-ut URU.BÀD-dpap-sukal si-dir-ta

iv 4242

ša ERIM.ḪI.A.MEŠ-šú GAR-un it-ti-šú am-daḫ-ḫi-iṣ BAD₅.BAD₅-šú áš-kun

iv 4343

5 LIM gu-ni-šú ú-pel-liq 2 LIM TI.MEŠ ina ŠU-te ú-ṣab-bit

iv 4444

1 ME GIŠ.GIGIR.MEŠ-šú 2 ME pet-ḫal-lu-šú É-EDIN kúl-tar MAN-ti-šú GIŠ.

iv 4545

-ma-ni-šú e-kim-šú

Based on A. Kirk Grayson, Assyrian Rulers of the Early First Millennium BC II (858-745 BC) (RIMA 3), Toronto, 1996. Adapted by Jamie Novotny (2016) and lemmatized and updated by Nathan Morello (2016) for the Munich Open-access Cuneiform Corpus Initiative (MOCCI), a corpus-building initiative funded by LMU Munich and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (through the establishment of the Alexander von Humboldt Chair for Ancient History of the Near and Middle East) and based at the Historisches Seminar - Abteilung Alte Geschichte of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The annotated edition is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 3.0. Please cite this page as