The two texts published here are two cylinder seals carrying the name of Aminu, who is presumably the man of the same name mentioned in the Assyrian King List [] (no. 26) as one of the ancestral kings, and who was son of Ilā-kabkabī and, therefore the elder brother of Samsī-Addu I []. As pointed out by K. Veenhof (2008, 124), "the presence of Aminu in the Assyrian King List served to link the line of Samsī-Addu's ancestors (kings no. 26-17, listed in reverse order) with the rulers that preceded him on the throne of Aššur." Both texts belong not to Aminu himself, but to two people from his entourage: Rībam-ilī, a scribe, and Muqaddimum, whose profession is not specified.


Veenhof, K.R., Eidem J., Mesopotamia. The Old Assyrian Period (Annäherungen 5), Göttingen: Academic Press Friburg. Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht Göttingen, 2008.

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A seal in the Louvre Museum (Paris) once belonged to Rībam-ilī, a scribe and servant of Aminu.

A 360

A 360. © Delaporte 1923, A 360, p. 128 and pl. 80 no. 7.

Access the composite text [] of Aminu 2001.

Source: A 00360


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A second seal of a servant of Aminu is housed in the British Museum (London). The object belonged to a certain Muqaddimum (title not recorded).

Access the composite text [] of Aminu 2002.

Source: BM 089034 (1853-06-22, 0001)


1987 Grayson, RIMA 1 p. 11 A.0.26.2002 (edition)

Nathan Morello

Nathan Morello, 'Aminu', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2021 []

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