Šarma-Adad II

Šarma-Adad II, son of Šu-Ninua [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/belubanidynasty/shuninuaorkidinninua/index.html], reigned for three years according to the Assyrian King List [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/riao/kinglists/assyriankinglist/assyriankinglist/index.html#BelubaniDynasty] (AKL). No royal inscriptions are known from his reign. Reade 2001 suggests that Šarma-Adad II came from the city Ekallātum and that he may in fact be identical to Šarma-Adad I [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/belubanidynasty/sharmaadadi/index.html].


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Poppy Tushingham

Poppy Tushingham, 'Šarma-Adad II', The Royal Inscriptions of Assyria online (RIAo) Project, The RIAo Project, a sub-project of MOCCI, 2021 [http://oracc.museum.upenn.edu/riao/fromsamsiaddutomittanicilent18081364bc/belubanidynasty/sharmaadadii/]

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